Author's Note: Short fic I wrote rather hurriedly. It was supposed to be longer but is still unfinished. Hopefully someone would offer to finish it for me...

Disclaimer: All Tekken characters belong to Namco; all blame for crap story telling belongs to me.

Thin Line Between Love and Hate

By j.y.l.

Hwoarang Doo San tried his best to smile, really he did. But for him there was nothing to smile about - except for maybe the irony of the situation he found himself in.

Seriously, how is it that someone who he once so despised could make him feel the way he did right now?

Was there really a thin line between love and hate?

When he thought about it for a bit he realised that what he had first felt wasn’t outright hatred, more like severely wounded pride and anger at himself.

But then how did the sickened sensation that was roused in his stomach by hurt pride change into an entirely different kind of sensation?

It must have been gradual. For a long time Hwoarang couldn’t even admit it to himself that he harbored such forbidden sensations.

What’s wrong with you Hwoa? Are you bloody fucking out of your mind? He would think in disgust.

It ain't normal, dammit.

Then again having an argument with himself, out loud no less, wasn’t exactly what you would call normal neither. But besides all those questions on his sanity, Hwoarang knew he was circumnavigating the real issue.

For only the second time in his life, the first being Baek’s death, he felt fear. Fear of the painfully sweet, forbidden feelings that would leave him breathless and warm in his most private places, of what or who had caused these sensations in the first place, and overwhelming fear of...

Being rejected?

It’s fucking stupid you even feel this way, Hwoarang chastised himself mentally when he finally admitted that the feelings weren’t going to just go away no matter how much he wanted them to. He’d never felt them with before with anyone and it frustrated him that he couldn’t act on them.

It’s even stupider that you know you’ll just get hurt, and yet still you want the impossible.

And now as he sat silently watching and pretending that everything was A-okay, Hwoarang was experiencing a new sensation. No, not an angry twist of his stomach like before, but a bittersweet constriction deep within his chest that hurt a hell of a lot more than injured pride.

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