The Quality of the Sword (is Determined by the Wielder of the Flame)

Chapter Five - Properties of Steel

By M. Mishima

The Blood Talon lurked in the shadows of the Mishima estate, hell bent on his mission to find Jin. His bike hidden some distance away, he had managed to keep under the watchful eye of Heihachiís surveillance team. He had not told Jin at the time, but Hwoarang memorized the streets leading to the secured, gated home, had noticed the perimeters the suited men walked while he waited outside for Kazama to gather his things. Sure, he looked as though he had been busy, smoking a cigarette and admiring the landscape, but he had deeper purpose and tonight would be when it would come into play.

Hwoarang came over the wall, landing with leonine grace on the other side, slinking back to make his lithe form as flat as possible to avoid detection. He waited several moments for any sign of being caught in the act. Nothing.

With that, the Blood Talon proceeded, keeping low as he could, using the lay of the land to his advantage. Rock outcroppings became shelter from wary eyes, trees became his camouflage, in shadow. It was something nearly abhorrent, how one so flamboyant could be so stealthy, could stalk with such grace. But the Blood Talon had worn many masks in his day, and petty theft all the way to Grand Larceny was not below his stride.

Hwoarang slid into the acreage he knew would be relatively unprotected, a wilderness of sorts and a way to get along the back paths near the Ancestral Dojo he could spy some distance away. If he could make it that far, he could make it to the estate. From there, he was on a wing and a prayer to find the right room to break into. Jin had said something about the east wing. So, using a well honed tactical skill, the Blood Talon determined what direction he would need to move in order to find a weak point on the east wing and make his move.

The Korean youth came to a small clearing where several trees had fallen over. A meager fire pit was in the center of it, showing it had been used often if not recently. Darkness was thick about him, only moonlight shone in ribbons, dripping like milk through that clearing.

A twig, in the distance snapped and Hwoarang flattened himself against a lifeless tree. Its girth was enough to shield him for the moment, until the moon rose higher, then his cover would be blown. Sinking down onto his haunches, the Blood Talon steadied his breathing as he heard someone draw closer.

Jin stepped into the small clearing this night as he had every night he was at the Estate. His muscles were sore, his body aching from the extremes in training Heihachi had pushed him through. Grandfather insisted on perfection, harnessing Jins fatal lightning, setting scenarios that tested the very boundary of the Japanese youths endurance and limits. And the Elder Mishima did so, with a maniacal gleam in his eyes. Every drop of blood Jin spilled, every near sprain of his limbs or yelp of agony was a symphony to Heihachi. This was his punishment for disobedience, cleverly wrought beneath the exterior of training and preparation for the next round in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Jin ran his fingers through his hair, drawing himself down onto a dead log, laying like a couch across the floor of this patch of wilderness. His black slacks melded against his skin, the deep grey button down shirt he wore, he left untucked and only half buttoned as if asserting himself through dress, where he could not in his life.

The King of Iron Fist Tournament would begin again in two days. A one week sabbatical had been put in place to prepare the fighters that remained for the Quarterfinals. It would be grueling and there would be little rest until Heihachi himself would defend his title and this week was of importance to set the stage. Jin was as ready as he could be, his body strained to the limits in preparation. Heihachi had been kind enough to give him this night to himself, to mend as the Elder Mishima worked late hours in order to make his own, diabolical preparations. Some of which included the research that was classified as the Devil Gene Anamorphous.

Kazama Jins hand fell to the blackened flesh, the tattoo that bore into his upper left arm now clothed away from sight. He had not told his grandfather of the occurrence, afraid of what would be said of its arrival. Heihachi did not question why Jin had chosen to wear a black T with his Gi. Something so trivial mattered little to him. There had been no voices over the past several days, no odd situations that came to Jin as it had that night. But now, Kazama was in the sacred place, eager to see if another night would pass without word from the vapor that had marked him.

The Japanese youth sighed deeply in the night air, wondering how it was that he would manage to escape the shackles of his life. He wondered if Hwoarang had hated him now that it had been so many days since their last contact. Jin had nothing but time on his hands, time to think about what had transpired between he and the Blood Talon. And the Japanese carefully weighed it, counter balanced it against the odds of that particular set of hours being a fluke. Were his attractions truly so delicate that another male could stir his heat to boiling? Was there truly desire there, or had it been the novelty of awakening sexuality eager for what it could grasp?

Jin heard a noise, faint as it was. It echoed behind him and he rose with incredible agility, despite the reprimand of overworked muscles. "Who is there?" He called out softly, hoping for the entity that had scarred him to have taken on presence and mind. Jin had no intention of alerting the patrol to his whereabouts, other than Heihachiís personal attendant within the Estate.

Hwoarang, realizing he had given himself away as he watched Jin from a mere few feet away, slowly rose and stepped out from behind the tree he had been using as cover. "Kazama." The Blood Talon whispered, holding Jins name with the same tenacity and possessiveness as the moonlight that cradled the Japanese youths flesh.

Jin felt his breath hitch against his lips, startled at the presence and surprised at who it revealed itself to be. A small smile crept over his lips as he beheld Hwoarang after so many days, burning the Korean youths beauty into his senses as though it was but an apparition that sought to reaffirm his desire. "Hwoarang?" Jin whispered in return, his lips going dry as they clung to the Blood Talons chosen name, savoring the way it left his mouth.

The Blood Talon leaned against the tree, one arm fully extended and melding into the dark bark. His lithe body was shifted in the most leonine, sensual way, one hip extended outward accentuating his long, deadly legs. "I figured since you werenít coming around, I would come to you."

Jin stood, frozen in place, his eyes awed to the sight before him. "I havenít been let out further than the estate. Heihachi does not trust me, he is weary that I will leave once more... and that this time, I will not be found."

"I find it hard to believe that gramps can keep you under thumb so easily." Hwoarang answered with a snicker in his voice. "Why didnít you put up a fight? Why did you leave with him?"

Jin shivered in the crisp spring nights air. His mind was flooded with a thousand excuses, a thousand words of praise and endearment. Hwoarangs very scent reached him and made his body respond, made all thoughts of carefulness leave him. "He said he would hurt you... he would have you injured... shipped back to Korea... "

Hwoarang sniggered aloud. "As if the olí bastard could." The excuse wasnít good enough. Jin had left his side and Jin was his.

"Hwoarang... I would not take the chance, I would not see you hurt if I could stop it." Jin said, realizing his words sounded like a plea. "I have thought of you every moment, till hearing your name spoken aloud was..painful." The Japanese beautysí eyes were giving that same plea for Hwoarang to believe him.

The Blood Talon paced for a moment, the moonlight glistening from his outline. He was angry. Angry that Jin had gone, angry that Kazama was more than likely telling the truth even now when he wanted to rage like a jilted boyfriend. How easily Jin ate away at his anger was alarming.

Hwoarang stopped pacing and drew closer to Jin, holding his hand outward. "Donít leave me like that again. It makes me crazy when you are not around." He whispered, a dangerous edge of obsession in his voice. All of this was as new to Hwoarang as it was to Jin. Never had the Blood Talon been so obsessed with a lover.

Jins hand met the Blood Talons, entwining fingers in a soft dance that brought every eager passion to his flesh. "I wont, if I can help it. Forgive me... "

The Blood Talon felt the heat rise around them the moment they were skin to skin. He drew Jin closer to him, his free hand instantly sliding into the wealth of his Japanese beautyís obsidian mane. Body to body, they drank heavy breaths between them, a tangle of hands braced at the center, against two nearly fused hearts. "Iíve missed you, baby." Hwoarang purred sensually, his breathing erratic now that he was pressed so tight to Jin.

The Japanese youth shuddered, his lips sliding against Hwoarangs with such lascivious intent it nearly shocked him. "I am glad your here... I donít want to miss you... anymore. It hurts... " Jin had no thought to his words, they rolled from his mouth as if another mind worked through him. The Blood Talon was intoxication to his senses and he was so quickly drowning in the heady libation.

Hwoarangs fingers curled around those upswept obsidian tendrils, drawing Jins mouth to his, sliding the hot slick muscle of his tongue into the welcoming heat of his lovers mouth. The Blood Talon drank down the moans Jin slowly pressed, tasting the heat in the Japaneseí mouth, the unspoken need that lingered so thick between them. As Jin wrapped his free hand around Hwoarangs waist, the Blood Talon pressed their aching hips together... surprised at the tenacity that forced Jin into a counter-rhythm to the clothed thrust. Kazamas body knew what it so deeply wanted... and slowly learned the law of natural instinct.

"I want you beneath me... " Hwoarang moaned as his lips lingered a breath from Jins. "I want to make you mine."

Jin shivered, his hand curling tighter around the Blood Talons perfectly narrow waist. Those words awoke a burning sensation beneath his skin until he shivered so thickly, Hwoarang was forced to press his lover back against the strength of a still living tree. It frightened Jin how badly he wanted to be Hwoarangs, how desperately he wanted his awakening to complete... "Not here... not in the woods... too many ears around to hear us... "

Hwoarang smoothed his fingers through Jins mane. "Come back to my place with me. My bike is hidden down the road some distance and its not much but we can be alone and together... " Except for Saatchi and Han. Damn it. How would they manage to hide out from the Blood Talons best street demons?

"I..I cant leave here, they will know something is wrong if I donít return soon. They will come for me, find me with you... " Jin said, breathlessly, feeling how thickly his swollen length pressed between Hwoarangs hip and his own slacks. "The Estate. East Wing... my rooms. I can sneak you up there... and we can be alone..."

"What about Gramps?" Hwoarang said, his tongue sliding against Jins lower, trembling lip.

"He wont be home until late. He is working on the tournament schedule." Jin moaned softly, igniting another flame inside of the Blood Talon.

"Alright. Lets get there, as quick as possible." Hwoarang purred darkly, sliding back from Jins body.

Jin entered the East Wing, locking the doors to his rooms behind him with trembling hands. He was fearful of being caught, fearful of taking things this far with Hwoarang. But Jin was more fearful that there might never be another moment like this again. And those fears hurried his movements as he flipped on the lights in his rooms, opening the doors on his rooms private balcony. Looking down along the darkness, he strained to see if the Blood Talon was in position. There was nothing in his field of vision but the white light flooding out onto the lawn below.

Jin ran his fingers through his already taloused mane, walking away from the balcony and into the wealth of the opulent chambers, worried that his lingering there would draw attention from the Estates security force. He bit his lip, nervously and lifted the lighter next to his bed, sparking some candles to life before flipping on the stereo. He wanted to mask any and all sounds that would come from his rooms. That very thought sent his stomach to a thick, heavy knot. Was it going to hurt?

Jin took a deep breath as he knelt down to change stations on the radio, opting instead for a CD of some American Techno style music. The driving beats would drown out nearly anything, even if he did keep it on a lower volume, afraid to draw the attendants to his room demanding he lower his music.

Hwoarang slid over the rail of the balcony, dropping down with catlike grace to his haunches. Jin turned, coming to a stand as saw the Blood Talon make his way into the room, ducking quickly into the confines of Jins chamber. The Japanese beauty quickly closed and latched the balcony doors, pulling the heavy curtains over the panes of glass to avoid unsavory eyes looking in from the lawn.

"Nice room you have here." Hwoarang took a moment to look around, brushing a hand back through his coppery tresses. He wasnít showing it, but the opulence of the estate was not lost on him. Jins bedroom was the size of the entire suite he had been staying in before rudely tossed out. It was rich, lavish in neutral colors, beige with brass accents. A huge stereo played Techno in the background. The bed as four post, mahogany, littered with gold and burgundy pillows and a comforter that was heavy velvet in dark brown. It looked of something that had been featured in a magazine.

The Blood Talon could see there was a door leading to another room, from the opening he could see it was a living room of sorts, the end of a leather couch was visible and a host of track recessed lighting. So, this was what it felt like to be filthy rich?

"I have three rooms in the east wing. The rest are guest bedrooms. Two of them I can not get in, they are locked... and I have tried. One belonged to my father, the other to his adopted brother. I cant get anymore information out of Grandfather about either of them, or those rooms." Jin said, nervously as the Blood Talon closed the distance between them.

"I am not thinking about any room but this one, right now." Hwoarang purred dangerously, a smile pressed lasciviously over his velvet soft lips. The room was steeped in Jins scent, making the Korean beauty feel almost high as one arm drew around Jins waist, pulling his lover close to him.

Jin flushed, his hands rushing down the Blood Talons toned, mesh covered arms. "Neither am I."

Hwoarangs fingers slid beneath Jins deep grey shirt, tracing slowly along his exquisite, supple spine. Skin like silk shuddered beneath the Blood Talons touch and a slow moan drew Jins mouth closer, till Hwoarang could drink the Japanese beautys thick, shallow breaths. ""I am going to make you feel good, baby. Make you feel like you never have before."

"You already do." Jin moaned, his trembling lips seeking reassurance as they slid against Hwoarangs. He groaned when he felt that familiar, hot muscle slick against his own, making the kiss more feral, more wantonly beautiful.

Hwoarangs fingers trailed around Jins waist, nimble between them as the belt Jin wore came undone. Kazama shuddered softly, his lips lingering along his lovers, eyes tightly closed as he felt the belt and his slacks slowly melting away from his hips. The Blood Talons hot hand tunneled along the length of his thick, slickening shaft and Jin gasped softly, his nails pressuring into the mesh that covered Hwoarangs arms.

"I know it feels good, baby... " Hwoarang moaned, Jins length riding his palm with slow, practiced ease. The Blood Talons free hand dipped into his lovers slacks, forcing them down as his warm palm cupped Jins firm backside. "... but not as good as you feel under my hands."

Jin moaned, his forehead pressing against Hwoarangs as he felt his body tense with the firm cupping against his backside. "Hwoa-kun... " He whispered the heated term of endearment with such startling innocence the Blood Talon felt his desire flare. No one had ever called him that.

The Korean beauty shivered, his hand sliding up from Jins perfect backside to brace against the small of his spine, positioning Jin closer to the bed. Hwoarang used his strength to back Jin up slowly, until Kazama fell back on the bed, startled and flushed with desire. The Blood Talon followed, sliding his shirt off, tossing it to the floor. Slowly, he drew against Jin, his knee bent between his lovers thighs. "Take your shirt off." The Blood Talon whispered, sliding his lips along the achingly soft velvet of his lovers.

With trembling fingers, Jin unbuttoned his shirt, his eyes softly closed for fear this was a dream... a very realistic dream. Hwoarangs fingers slid along his Japanese beautys chest, tracing the musculature before sliding his obedient touch to his lovers shoulders, stripping Jin of the shirt.

"Now, baby, unbutton my jeans... its time for you to see me the way you have always wanted to."

Jin shivered as Hwoarang lowered his lips to his throat, placing slow whet traces of his tongue against his Adams apple... in a line to his collar bone. He could not help but moan as he fumbled with the button and fly, Jins eager hands sliding the tight denim down the Blood Talons hips.

Hwoarang moaned deeply, his teeth grazing the heated jugular vein that pulsed beneath Jins skin, pressuring his lover to slide further back onto the bed. The Blood Talon leaned upward, stepping out of his jeans and exposing the full lilt of his lithe, muscular form to Jins feasting eyes. The Japanese beauty was breathless as he absorbed the length and width of the Blood Talons perfect length, thick and long, proud and eager. The rosy crown was already glistening with slick. " beautiful... is that going to... fit?"

Hwoarang purred, sliding his weight against Jin, forcing his lover onto his back before he lifted once more, his fingers tucked around the belt loop of Jins black slacks. Without a thought, Jin lifted his hips slightly, giving the Blood Talon all the edge he needed to remove and toss the wadded up slacks to the ground. "Donít worry baby, it fits... "

Jin shivered as Hwoarang covered over his naked form, blanketing the Japanese beauty with hot Korean skin. Bodies fused together, the Blood Talon slowly pressed his own aching shaft into Jins, making his lover groan with the sudden, strict contact. He lingered there, applying burning pressure as he rubbed himself into Jins equal hard desire.

Jin shivered, his fingers pressing into Hwoarangs shoulders. The sensation was numbingly hot, blinding the Japanese beauty as hot streaks of light filled in behind his closed eyes. "Ahh, Hwoa-kun... " Jin moaned louder as his lover encircled two eager, glistening shafts with one hand, stroking them in perfect unison.

"You like that, baby?" Hwoarang purred thickly, feeling the sticky pre-lust between them coating his fingers. Jin felt so fucking good beneath him, it was torture.

"Yes... " Jin murmured against the intense sound of his own heart beating in his ears. He felt his lover slowly trace a slick tongue along the nape of his neck, down to the firm muscle of his chest... swirling with sudden heated desire along an already taut bud of his right nipple... and then the left. The pressure was intense and building in the pit of Jins stomach. There was nothing in this world, if not his Hwoa-kun.

Slowly, the feeling of Hwoarangs mouth against his tender nipples resided, the hot slick muscle trailing further down Jins abdomen until the Japanese beauty could feel his lovers breath against his throbbing length.

Hwoarang savored the rich, salty sweet taste of Jins heat, his hot tongue making a firm lap at the underside, feeling how Jin shuddered and groaned with increased intensity. He wanted to give his beauty every feeling, every sensation that would make him starve for another caress, another moment alone with the fiery Korean. He wanted Jin to be his, alone...

Jin gasped as the Blood Talon suckled his throbbing sack into that hot mouth. He squirmed, wanting to arch into... and away from the intense pressure. He swore he could not breath, swore he would die in this moment and never feel another touch.

The Blood Talon teased his lover to a heated pitch, reaching up with one long arm to grasp the scattered gold and burgundy pillows, sliding them beneath Jins writhing hips during a throbbing upward thrust of his beautys hips. Jin groaned, realizing something was beneath him and stilled his breath for that single moment. "What..what are you..doing... "

Hwoarang let his tongue lap along the inside of Jins thighs as he spread his lovers legs further, his beautys hips tilted upward now with the pillows piled beneath. "Preparing you, baby... " The Blood Talon closed his eyes, drinking in the hot musky scent of Jins core before lowering his mouth along such a tight slit, grazing against the guarding ring of muscle... the entry to the bliss Hwoarang sought.

Jins arms came behind him, helping him to sit up as the sudden sensation ripped through him. It was intense and overpowering, the feel of Hwoarangs tongue slick and hot against the gateway of his body. "Hwoa-kun!"

The Blood Talon slowly lifted his fiery copper head upward. "Lay yourself to me... " He purred with a commanding tone that made Jin shiver. A worried look fell over Jins features to realize where Hwoarangs mouth was going to linger and yet, it filled him with equal portions of desire to mingle with that rising fear.

"Good." Hwoarang purred, his hands winding around Jins thighs as his mouth returned, slick tongue lapping at the puckered entrance, drowning in the hot musky taste. He could have released himself then and there, from the very intimate taste of Jin alone... but he calmed himself, steeled his resolve and let his tongue circle the guarding ring, feeling the muscle ease as Jin drank in his praise. And the moment Jin was relaxed and gasping at the heated feelings, the Blood Talon pressured the slick muscle past the gateway and heard the cry that issued from his lovers mouth. It was the most incredible heat that built in Hwoarangs body, he swore those flames of need would consume him if he did not prepare Jin faster than this...

Hwoarang thrust his tongue as deep into Jins core as he could, his teeth braced at the entranceway, adding a heated sense of danger as he suddenly, thickly suckled over the puckered whole. Jin spasmed, arching his hips as Hwoarang held tight to him. He had to be sure Jin would be slick enough to take him, he had not brought lubrication with him... the Blood Talon did not think the night would go like this...

"Ahh... Hwoa-kun!" Jin squirmed, his hand braced in his hair as he shivered as though his body was on the verge of hypothermia. It was so intense, every sensation of Hwoarangs tongue buried inside of him was more than he could take.

The Blood Talon lifted his mouth, licking over his lips, satisfied that Jin would be prepared enough. He was covered in his lovers essence... and he loved the way it felt. Hwoarang slowly leaned back, his fingertip replacing his tongue at the entranceway into Jins body. He felt his lover gasp, felt Jin to tense and rigid once more. "I have to stretch you open baby... "

"I..I donít think I can take it... " Jin cried out in heated agony, feeling Hwoarangs fingertip pressure against his gateway.

"I cant make you mine..if you donít let me open you... " Hwoarang purred in a teasingly hot voice that shot up Jins spine like a flare. "Relax your body and let me into you... "

Jin groaned, his fingers wadded in the velvet comforter. He was afraid. Afraid of the pain he would feel... afraid of the awakening that was overtaking his body, the lusty need to feel Hwoarang inside of him.

"Good, baby." Hwoarang purred as he felt Jins opening untense, even if slightly. It would be enough.

The Blood Talon pressured his finger in with extreme patience, which was no easy feat, not as heated as he was feeling. Hot, eager walls surrounded Hwoarangs finger, squeezing and milking the digit until it was buried inside of his beautys depths.

"Ohh... God... " Jin cried out at the invasion, biting down on his lip. The pressure was intense... the pain was felt..different... foreign... his body invaded by his lovers slender finger.

"God damn, Jin... .your making me want to rip you open... " Hwoarang groaned, holding onto his sanity with record patience. He was hard and throbbing... eager to take possession of what was his. The Blood Talon slid his finger outward, adding a second with a thick, hard thrust inward.

"Hwoa-kun... " Jin groaned, shaking when he felt a thicker thrust inward. The dull ache of pain was close. The Korean beautys words were stinging him, stoking is flames... melting him down into pure, base steel.

Hwoarang thrust his fingers in with slow, practiced ease. When he felt the hot tremble slowly recede, he began scissoring his digits within Jins body..stretching the walls to break down the resistance. This was it, the moment he could claim Jin... his lover was ready...

Jin cried out as the fingers were slid from his body, finally releasing his teeth from his lower lip, tasting the rich copper tang of blood where they had gnashed too deeply. He felt Hwoarang climb up along his body, feeling his rock hard desire press along the Blood Talons taut torso. He could not bring his eyes to open. It felt empty without Hwoarangs fingers inside of him... it was an ache he needed...

Hwoarang positioned himself between Jins spread thighs, the crown of his desire resting against the guarding ring of muscle. The Blood Talon straightened his arms, palms flat on either side of Jins head as he let his crown circle the target, the gateway into Jins core. Hwoarang leaned forward, taking Jins lips, letting his lover eagerly taste the awaiting mouth... taste his own heat in the depths of the Blood Talons mouth.

"Taste that baby? Thatís you... sweet... sugary sweet." Hwoarang moaned, his length eager to bury itself to the hilt inside of his lover. Jin was his prize... Jin was his treasure... and he would lose his mind now if he did not claim him.

"Hwoa-kun... " Jin moaned like a mantra, his hands sliding up to grasp his lovers wrists before interjecting his fingers beneath Hwoarangs grip. Their fingers entwined as the Blood Talon pressured Jin down like a captive into the mattress. "I... I "

"I know baby... " Hwoarang groaned, closing his eyes for a single moment to savor the feeling of Jin in this prone, perfect position. He wanted to tear his lover open, break him into pieces with lust only to rebuild him. "Open your eyes, Jin-kun... "

Jins lashes fluttered, breath catching against his bleeding lip. Hwoarangs mouth was red with the blood that welled from the gnash..

"Keep your eyes open..I need your eyes... " Hwoarang groaned, pressuring past the tight ring of muscle, his crown entering into Jins body as his lover choked back his desire to scream with the sudden invasion, the thick head breaking through.

Jin tensed hard, his nails ripping into Hwoarangs knuckles, their fingers entwined. He did not break eye contact... enraptured in those amber orbs. "Ohh... God... "

Hwoarang held tight to those fingers, hissing as he felt the skin break at his knuckles. It awoke the sadism he kept beneath the surface and he fought to keep it at bay. "Yes baby, I am your god... "

Jin tried to squirm beneath the pressure, shaking as Hwoarang slowly thrust his crown into tight, unused walls. It was intense... it was too intense.

Hwoarang could not take anymore, could not keep his desire at bay. With one thick, hard thrust, the Blood Talon joined them to the hilt and Jin bit down on his lip to avoid screaming from the agony, the hot thick pain. Tears welled in his eyes, glistening like ice. It hurts... God... it hurts...

The Blood Talon kept still, his body shaking with the intense pressure. "God damn baby... so fucking tight... " He groaned, holding Jins eyes. Jins tears fell, streaming down the sides of his face. Never had the Blood Talon seen anything so pure, so beautiful.

"Hurts... .Hwoa-kun... you hurt... ." Jin gasped, his body trying with all its might to pressure the thick invasion from his core. It was too intense, too much.

"I know baby... let it pass. Breath for me... breath... let me in... " Hwoarang hissed through gritted teeth. Jins core was milking him, spasming all around velvet gagging on his length.

"Too much... " Jin tried to squirm, tried to alleviate the pressure.

"Donít fight it... Jin-kun... trust me... trust us... " Hwoarang groaned with husky desire.

Jin felt the tears continue to flow, his teeth digging into the fresh open wound on his lip. He forced himself to focus, forced himself to believe, to trust. Hwoarang did not move, kept himself completely still despite the instinct to thrust, deep and fast. "I do... I "

Jin breathed deep ragged breaths, feeling the agony slowly beginning to subside. It was turning into something different... something hot and thick... the pain was... good. It was slowly sinking in to his body. It felt..good.

Hwoarang leaned his lips down, tongue eager to lap the hot font of blood that colored his lovers lips. The coppery tang was exquisite, quenching and igniting his thirst for more. Jins body was yielding, submitting to the pressure, the agony. And the Blood Talon thrust, slow at first... slow and shallow, his head rolling back as he kept Jin tightly pinned beneath him.

Jin moaned thickly, his core stretched enough to accommodate Hwoarangs length in slow, shallow thrusts. It was mind numbing, the sensations were overtaking him... calling up instincts he never knew he possessed. And in that instant, he found himself counter thrusting against Hwoarang in silent pleading for more.

The Blood Talon felt the shift in his lovers desire, holding Jins eyes as he thrust now with deeper, faster strokes. "God Damn Jin... .God Damn you feel so good... we fit together... were made to fit together... "

Jin cried out with heated whimpers of mingled pain and pleasure. Hwoarangs thrust was achingly hot and his body formed eagerly around his lovers width, strong legs bracing against the Blood Talons waist. As the thrusts shifted to something more predatory, Jin felt his length riding Hwoarangs taut torso, making him shiver and bite back the screams building in his throat. "Hwoa-kun... more... more of you... "

Hwoarang melted into the hot lava surrounding him, Jins words..his pleas like hot fingers down his spine. His thrust became less controlled, letting desire guide his motion, tempt his ardor as he dove headlong into Jins core, feeling how perfectly his lover squeezed around him. "Your mine, baby... tell me... say it... "

Jin could not form words, his body striking counter rhythm to his lovers length..feeling every slide in and out of his core as sharp as a dagger through his chest. He could barely breath... so ready to find release... too intense..too much...

Hwoarang pulled out of Jins core, his crown braced at the ring of muscle. His body was glistening with a thin sheen of sweat, his arms shaking even as his fingers kept Jins entwined and captured against the bed. "Tell me... "

Jin shivered at the sudden, aching absence of his lovers length within him, teetering already at the edge of release... "Yours... Hwoa-kun... please... "

Hwoarang felt he satisfaction of Jins wanton words. "Thatís right baby..mine... my Jin-kun... and now..I will give us both..what we need... " The Blood Talon shivered, driving himself to the root inside of Jins eager body. The wave spasmed against his spine, just as Jins core milked and pleaded for more.

Jin cried out, his head arching upward against the bed, body seeking that counter rhythm as Hwoarang drove deep and hard into him. Uniting them. The way they were meant to be. This is how they were meant to be.

Hwoarang thrust at fevered pace, aching as he felt every hot wave. His crown pressed tight to Jins pleasure nub, the prostate buried deep like treasure.

That released the fatal lightning as Jin choked back his cries, shaking as his length rubbed thick against Hwoarangs taut torso. The burn was heated pleasure, charring the Blood Talons skin as Jin pressed headlong toward release. So fucking tight...

The Blood Talons strength, ardor was enough to break Jin open..and the scent of blood and musk mingled in the room. It drove Hwoarang to the edge of his sanity, he could not take it anymore... his baby wanted the pain and the pleasure... and he would give it... give all Jin could take.

Jin arched, thrusting into his lovers abdomen, shaking... pleading with his hoarse cries. Each stroke was exquisite pain, perfect pleasure. He could not take it... he could not take it anymore. The Japanese beautysí eyes closed tightly as he wavered on the edge of release.

"Cum for me Jin-kun... let it go... " The Blood talon barely managed, shaking and spiraling toward his own end.

His words were like gold. Jin could not take it... and with a hot groan..Jins fatal lighting shifted, dissipated... black markings forming over his forehead is if the Blood Talon released an ancient ancient power. "Hwoa..rang... ." He gasped as the sudden tense and clenching of his body forced a spill of thick hot ribbons of seed..coating two bodies in the wealth of life force. Jin writhed, groaning and shifting like a captured beast... the black markings on his face slowly fading...

Hwoarang rode the spasms, thrusting hard and deep into his lovers heat, feeling the splashes of sticky release coat his torso and chest. He could not take anymore, he could not hold it back... his body heaving forward in a rapid flurry of desire, spilling hot lava into Jins core...

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