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Taking Care of Business

By Sapphire17

“This is a bunch of shit,” Hwoarang spat under his breath as he continued to make his way further towards a hotel; the hotel where none other than Jin Kazama was staying at.  The redhead had received a note from his rival earlier that day, and had a good feeling he knew what all this was for.

“Kazama probably just wants a fucking rematch,” the Korean once more cursed to himself, “Well there’s no way in hell he’s kicking my ass.”  Hwoarang had excluded the word ‘again’ from his previous statement, however.  Jin hadn’t won by much in final rounds of the fourth tournament, but he’d still won, and to Hwoarang there was no such thing as doing ‘okay’ or simply ‘good’ in anything.  Either you won, or you lost.  Simple as that.  This is what Hwoarang had been taught all of his life, and was what he’d come to learn.  Because of this simple factor, nothing was ever good enough for Hwoarang unless he won.

On his Harley, the discontented redhead continued to speed towards his destination, his eyes instantly widening when the hotel began to come into patent view.  Great.  Just great.  Hwoarang could already tell this place was rather fancy from just looking at it afar.  He could bet Kazama was surely going to do good in rubbing this aspect right in his face as well.  Hwoarang sighed as the whole picture began to set into mind.  Kazama was most likely going to: tell him how poor and worthless he was, attempt to kick his ass, and last, tell Hwoarang to leave him the hell alone. 

Well... Hwoarang supposed he really could understand that last part to some degree.  He had been bugging the shit out of Kazama for a rematch ever since the fourth tournament’s end.  Still, what the hell was this now?  Hwoarang demands a rematch from Kazama more than just a few times, and Kazama suddenly sends him this one little note and Hwoarang’s on his way just like that.  This was a bunch of crap.  So now Kazama had the idea he had everyone at his beck and call, and that he was some sort of rich bitch living the high life like the rest of his psychotic family.  Pah.

Hwoarang was actually so deep in thought about the whole matter, he didn’t at first notice that at his current pace he would crash right into the side of the hotel, but thankfully, Hwoarang’s reflexes were quick enough to save him from anything like this in time.  The redhead came to a rather screeching halt at the large hotel’s front, setting all eyes within range directly on him.

“Seiyo Ginza...” Hwoarang cursed.  This was one of the most acclaimed hotels in all of Tokyo.  Looking up at the sign’s bright illumination, Hwoarang didn’t even notice all of the looks he was receiving.  Rather rude looks, to be more precise.  Truth be told the Korean had no desire to be within thirty yards of these people, either.  He didn’t even know what the hell he was doing up here in the first place when Kazama had specifically stated the ‘back’ of the hotel, so without further inquiry, Hwoarang turned his Harley in an abrupt motion to head around the hotel’s side, but not before showing his gratitude to a few of his onlookers by giving them all the finger.

“Well, this is it,” the red-haired man once more sighed upon reaching a vacant space in the back of the lot.  Much to Hwoarang’s delight, it was much darker and less populated back here, though he was still rather uncomfortable.  This place was just too fancy for his liking.  Why couldn’t have Kazama just challenged him to a match in a vacant lot somewhere the way he did Kazama?  But no, he had to bring this stupid crap into the picture as well, didn’t he?

“Took you long enough...”

“Huh, who said that?” Hwoarang inquired allowed, rapidly observing his surroundings.

“Well who do you think?” came the same voice once more as a man stepped forward; ridding himself from the shadows he’d been standing in.  Hwoarang would know that flaming outfit getup anywhere...

“Ha.. ha..” Hwoarang sarcastically mocked. “Now tell me what the fuck this is all about, Kazama?”

“Excuse me?” the other man replied with annoyance clear in his voice, “Hmp, you’re the one who can’t seem leave me alone.”

“Yeah?  And what are you going to do about it?” Hwoarang quickly retorted.  Directly after this comment, the hooded man took another step forth from the shadows and looked up slightly to where half of his face was made visible in the light.  For some reason... that look sent up chill up Hwoarang’s spine.

“Follow me,” Jin simply stated before turning around.  Hwoarang just continued to stand next to his Harley, confused as hell.  Kazama was heading towards the door to what was most likely his hotel room, and that wasn’t the ideal place to kick ass in Hwoarang’s opinion.  Hwoarang couldn’t help but mouth out ‘what the fuck?’ to himself as Jin’s back receded.

“Well, you coming or what?” Kazama stated in a serious tone of voice, yet with undertones of mockery all too clear.  Fine.  Fine then.  If Kazama wanted to get his ass kicked in a hotel room, then it was his priority.  At least this is what Hwoarang told himself in assurance that he himself would be the one kicking ass, and not the other way around.

“Yeah, I’m coming alright...” Hwoarang smirked.

“I’ll hold that to you,” Jin grinned slightly to himself while facing the door.

Without anymore word for the time being, Jin unlocked the door by quickly sliding a small-sized card in and out of the metal slot just above the doorknob, then opening it to step inside. 

“You know, you still haven’t told me what the hell this is all about,” Hwoarang said in a clearly flustered tone of voice upon his entry into the hotel room, which shown a navy couch in the far right next to the elegant window, and a rather large bed in about the room’s center.  To the left was the door to the bathroom, or so it appeared.  Still, this place was fucking huge.

“Not much room to kick ass in here, is there, Hwoarang?” Jin stated rather sarcastically, heading over to take a seat on the small, navy couch.

This was starting to get weird...  And Hwoarang was getting rather pissed at Kazama’s repeated voice of sarcasm at that.  This was it.

“Alright, I wanna know exactly what the fuck this is all about, and I wanna know now!” Hwoarang demanded with authority and a few gestures of the hand.

“Don’t you ever get sick of this fighting crap, Hwoarang?” Jin sighed while shaking his head slightly. “Hell, I know I do.”

“You’re just begging for me to kick yer ass right now, you know that?”

“You know what I’ve come to realize lately, Hwoarang?” Jin began in the voice that was pissing the redhead off so much. “That it seems your whole life as you know it clearly revolves around ‘kicking my ass’, or just plain me to be more precise.”

Fuck.  Fuck, fuck, fuck.  Hwoarang didn’t exactly have a retort for this...  But what Hwoarang did know is that Kazama was starting to get smart with him, and he definitely didn’t like this.

“Yeah, well a lot you know then,” Hwoarang spurted off the top of his head.

It was at this moment Jin Kazama stood up from his seat on the leather couch, slowly beginning to walk forward towards the aggravated Korean, who didn’t recoil whatsoever.

“You didn’t come here to Japan to win the tournament; you came here to win against me,” Jin said in a low voice, continuing to close the distance between he and Hwoarang. “You didn’t come here to kick everyone’s ass; you came here to kick my ass.” Another step. “You didn’t even come here for revenge against Heihachi or Ogre or anyone else; you came here for revenge against me.

Hwoarang actually did take a step back at this point.

“Face it, Hwoarang,” Jin stated, walking closer still to the redhead until he saw Hwoarang’s back had clearly hit the wall, “You came here for me, and just me alone.  It’s as if your very life revolves around my existence.”

Still getting weirder... Kazama now stood a mere foot in front of the Tae Kwon Do fighter, and Hwoarang was starting to feel a little uneasy from the tone in Jin’s voice and the look in his eyes.  He didn’t look mad, or cocky, or pissed; he looked serious, as if he was trying to prove some point to Hwoarang that he didn’t already know for himself.  The truth was, every single statement Kazama had made rang all too true in Hwoarang’s mind... Of course, this only served to anger him more.

“You’re fucking insane,” Hwoarang growled, pushing Jin backwards with the palms of his hands, causing Kazama to fall back a few steps. “I thought you had me come here to fight, not listen to your poetic crap.”

“I won the tournament, you know.” Jin grinned slightly with a smirk.

“Well isn’t that just fucking peachy?” Hwoarang spat rather loudly.  It was becoming too clear to him.  He’d been right; Kazama just wanted to rub it all in his face, perhaps try to hurt him more mentally than physically.  No way.  Hwoarang wasn’t going to let this crap get to him...

“You sure seem to like the word fucking a lot, don’t you Hwoarang?”

“Well fuck you, Kazama,” Hwoarang spat in a voice full of anger, “I didn’t have you bring me here to try to break my pride, because it’s not gonna happen.”

“Oh I didn’t come here to break your pride...” The Japanese whispered rather darkly, yet again retracing his steps towards the angered redhead. “I brought you here to break your denial.”

Directly after this statement, Jin quickly pushed Hwoarang backwards against the opposing wall, giving him a rather hard kiss to the mouth.

Hold up.

But this was Kazama we were talking about here.  Hwoarang’s ultimate rival and adversary, though come to think of it, the rivalry had always been rather one-sided...

Despite himself and the sudden situation he was in, Hwoarang couldn’t help but moan into Jin’s mouth as he subconsciously returned the kiss.  In that very moment, he realized this had perhaps been what he’d really wanted to do to Kazama all along.  But fuck, still...

“Nnn... what the hell are you doing?!!” Hwoarang exclaimed upon punching the other man directly in the chest with his right fist.

Jin hunched over in the slight pain of the blow, but soon fully stood to once more face the angered Hwoarang with a matching look on his own face. “If I’m not mistaken, you were kissing me back.”

“Ugh!  That’s disgusting, I was not!” Hwoarang declared in rage.

“Hmp, you were too,” Jin retorted with a glare in his eyes.

“I did not!”

Yes, you did,” Kazama said upon once more stepping forward towards the angered Korean yet again, though this time Hwoarang was stepping towards Jin too.  Next thing they knew, Jin and Hwoarang were right in front of each other’s faces...

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

Then, just like that, Jin and Hwoarang both made the simultaneous motion of leaning forward to capture one another’s mouths with their own, a reaction that was purely impulsive on both parts.

Somewhere in the back of his bewildered mind, Hwoarang couldn’t help but feel this was sheer insanity, and just plain wrong.  But more importantly, something else was telling him this was right.  Hell, rather the answer was in his heart or his pants – he really didn’t give a damn at this precise moment.

“You’ve messed with the wrong guy, Kazama,” Hwoarang said in a low tone of voice upon breaking the kiss, directly before he did well is pushing Jin backwards as hard as he could.

Unprepared for this assail, Jin did exactly as Hwoarang had intended, and fell stumbling backwards to land right atop the king-sized bed, before Hwoarang followed to top off Kazama.  Before Jin could so much as make a retorting statement, Hwoarang’s lips were once again pressed against his while a set of arms were on either side of his body.  Surprisingly, Jin succumbed to Hwoarang’s actions, allowing him to continue, for now at least.  He had his own plans in store.

Jin reached his arms upwards and further down, grabbing at the base to the redhead’s tank in order to slide it upwards, and over his head, causing them to break from the tongue-tangling kiss.

“My turn,” Hwoarang grinned before rapidly working Jin’s flamed jacket open, as Kazama raised himself up slightly to allow Hwoarang the vantage of freeing the jacket off of him.  Directly after this motion, Jin sat up further in order to slide the white tank over his own head, revealing his strong chest and tightly-packed muscles to view.  Now even more eager than ever, the Korean swiftly undid the knot to Jin’s gi belt, before snaring his pants at the waistline.  In an attempt to free Kazama of both his pants and boxers in one movement, Hwoarang quickly gave an abrupt jerk to Jin’s clothing, which actually came off rather easily at that.  Because of this, the redhead essentially made a fluent motion to where he fell backwards, right off of the bed itself.  Well, at least he’d succeeded in one thing, which was freeing the Japanese of his full attire.

Jin of course couldn’t help but laugh at the scene present before him.

“Hey hey, watch it there,” Hwoarang scolded, though Jin also noted the way the other man seemed to be laughing slightly himself as well. “That’s the first time I’ve seen you laugh in longtime,” Hwoarang added on to his previous statement.

“Oh, so that means you’ve seen me laugh before?”

“Only around Ling Xiaoyu...” the redhead spat under his breath while facing the bed’s base at his feet.

Jin shook his head slightly with a grin in tune to this statement. “I always could tell you were jealous whenever I talked to her.”

“Well that doesn’t matter, because tonight, she’s outta the picture,” Hwoarang declared with a nod before reaching his hand down to swiftly undo the fly to his denim jeans, yet again reacting in a laugh from Jin.

“It’s stuck?” Jin inquired.

“Damnit...” Hwoarang growled to himself.  Of course.  This was the prime time for this to happen... “Fuck!”

“Do you need help with that?”

“I’m no weakling,” the Korean remarked with a classic ‘hmp’ along with it, still struggling to get his damn zipper open.  So flustered at the moment, Hwoarang didn’t even notice when Jin’s hands suddenly took the place of his own on either side of the clasp to his jeans.  On his first attempt, Jin’s quick motion of the hands ripped the faded blue denims right down the center, causing an angered smirk to resurface on the redhead’s face.

“Show off...” Hwoarang muttered. “And now my jeans are ruined!”

“Would you have rather stayed in them?” Jin smirked. “Maybe I should be putting my own pants back on then, if that’s the case.”

“Don’t get smart with me, Kazama,” Hwoarang firmly stated before pressing his jeans down to where he could kick them off.  Jin could tell the redhead would soon make an attempt to advance upon him.

“Oh no, Hwoarang.  Maybe you’re the one who shouldn’t get smart with me...” Jin commented in an almost evilly toned voice, directly before grabbing Hwoarang by the full waist and turning, throwing the rather startled Hwoarang down to the bed.  Directly after this abrupt movement, Jin wasted no time in pressing his lips to Hwoarang’s, though he could tell the redhead was obviously trying to turn them over, to where he would once again be on top.

“I don’t think so,” Jin wetly whispered into Hwoarang’s left ear, pinning him down.

“Damn you, Kazama...” Hwoarang sighed under his breath, face to face with the Japanese. “You had this planned out all along, didn’t you?”

“Is it really that obvious?” the Karate fighter once more grinned before extending his left arm over to the hardwood nightstand that neighbored the upper corner of the bed.  What he then removed from the top drawer appeared to be none other than a small bottle of lubricant.

“It is now...” Hwoarang scowled, noting Jin’s sincere smile. “Isn’t this the part where you’re supposed to say ‘look, you don’t really have to go through with this if you don’t want to?’”

Kazama’s expression changed a bit then. “Hmm, let me think for a second.  No,” Jin remarked before once more pressing his lips down to meet Hwoarang’s own, anticipating ones once again.  The red haired man returned the kiss wholeheartedly, grasping his left hand around the back of Jin’s neck to press him down harder.  Jin fondled a bit with the small bottle he held in his left grasp, working the top off one-handedly. 

“Do you need help with that?” Hwoarang deviously grinned, snatching the lube straight from Jin’s hold in what seemed like a reflexively lighting-fast motion, the kind Hwoarang was well known for making.  Kazama watched as the Tae Kwon Do fighter doused his hand in the lubricant’s shining essence, then reaching his glistening digits downwards to encircle his grasp around Jin’s hardening member.  Jin couldn’t hold back a gasp in reaction, slightly moaning when he felt Hwoarang’s hand as in began to move up and down his shaft. 

In the back of his mind, Jin still couldn’t quite believe this was all actually happening, actually becoming a reality.  He’d never imagined it, but at the same time, did...  Kazama found himself wondering if Hwoarang had too at some time before this night, though he somehow felt the answer was yes.

Hwoarang looked up to face Jin through half-lidded eyes, apparently urging for him to proceed with the way he seemed to be pushing Kazama downwards with a hand at the small of his back, not really wanting any stretching.  Jin took this as his queue and positioned himself below to enter Hwoarang.  Hwoarang was actually slightly nervous about this, but of course he wouldn’t admit it, and try his hardest not to show it.  Pride was his middle name.  Yes indeed.

“You know I don’t want to hurt you, Hwoarang,” Jin once more sincerely smiled.

“Yeah right!” Hwoarang shot out in reply to Jin’s previous declaration, “You know you’d love to kick my ass!”

“Trust me; I’d say it’s rather obvious I’m not thinking about kickingyour ass right now.”

“Oh yeah?  Then prove it!” the redhead once demanded before pulling Jin back down temporarily to meet him another fiery kiss.

Full of determination, Jin slowly began to push into the redhead, the Karate fighter moaning at the feeling of the sheer tightness around him.

“Oh fuck, Jin!” Hwoarang gasped.

“What, d-does it really hurt that bad?”

“Are you kidding me?” the Tae Kwon Do fighter remarked in the ‘duh!’ voice, causing an apologetic look to appear on the other man’s face.  At first. “It feels good!”

Jin sighed in relief.  This was actually the first of many situations in which he’d much rather have Hwoarang crying out in pleasure as opposed to pain.  Sure, Jin could be pretty damn evil at times, but he wasn’t quite that twisted.  There were enough of those guys in the Tekken tournaments as it was...

“So you’re sure you’re okay?” Kazama questioned.

“Yes, Jin, I’m not a little kid.”

“So you’re sure?



“Fuck me.”

They both laughed for a split-second at this before Jin proceeded to push himself further into Hwoarang, both men moaning in unison.  Once he’d gotten as far as he could, Jin slowly pulled out nearly all the way, before pushing back in, a little harder this time.

“Umm... Jin,” Hwoarang moaned in pleasure, running his hands along Jin’s sweaty back.

It wasn’t until this precise moment Jin realized the Korean had been referring to him as ‘Jin’ rather than ‘Kazama’ for a considerable amount of time.  Not that he’d really given the issue much thought, but still, this simple factor brought a smile to his face.

“God, harder Jin!”

Jin obeyed with pleasure, quickening his thrusts into the man beneath him.  A few moments later, Hwoarang once more grabbed the back of Jin’s neck with his hand and pulled him down for a tongue-tangling kiss.  Yet again, Kazama was more than pleased to abide Hwoarang, though mentally cursing himself with the sarcastically sullen thought:

Even though I’m technically the dom in this case, I still feel like Hwoarang’s the one in charge!  Oh, fuck it.

“God, Hwoarang...” Jin now moaned for himself. “You feel so good.”

The redhead smiled slightly, groaning higher when Jin’s thrusts began hitting that spot deep inside that drove him wild with pleasure.  In definite approval of Jin’s new angle, Hwoarang began thrusting his hips upwards off the sheets to meet with Jin’s own.

“Fuck, Jin... I don’t think I’m gonna... hold back much longer,” Hwoarang stated, noting the conniving look in Jin’s chocolate eyes.  This was right before Kazama took a swift hold of Hwoarang’s hard member between their bodies, beginning to move his hand up and down in sync with his quickening thrusts.  The redhead’s eyes widened when a sudden burst of incredible pleasure jolted through his entire body, as Jin began to reach the edge of pleasure himself, going over.

“Oh, Hwoarang!!!” Jin loudly exclaimed, knowing he more than likely had just awakened anyone sleeping in a hotel room bordering his own.  Probably the ones lining those rooms, as well.

Hwoarang felt himself being filled with Jin’s gracious release – helping to send him into a state of pure bliss beyond belief.  Hell, what he’d done in the past at anytime was surely forgotten at just plain inept this moment.  Now this was sex.

“JIN!!!” Hwoarang cried out after a few more muffled moans, topping Jin’s previous exclamation of Hwoarang’s name.  Neither of them gave the noise level a second thought, though.  Let the whole damn hotel wake up for all they cared.

Jin felt as his hand was filled with Hwoarang’s hot essence, coating his fingers with the delicious cum.  Kazama’s thrusts steadily came to a halt, both he and Hwoarang staying frozen like gasping statues for a brief amount of time.

“Ji-Jin?” Hwoarang panted.


“That was fucking incredible.”

“I know I am,” Jin sarcastically sighed with a grin.

“Well screw you too then, pompous bastard,” Hwoarang shot back, trying to sound serious, though both he and Jin knew it wasn’t.  Most likely due to way they both erupted into a temporary fit of laughter following this accusation.

A few more seconds later, the black-haired man slowly pulled himself from Hwoarang’s luscious body, then doing something else.  Jin brought his right hand up to his face, making sure Hwoarang’s glance was fixated on it before lustfully lapping away at the salty essence staining his hand and fingers, not once breaking eye-contact with the other man.

“God, you look hot doing that,” Hwoarang said beneath the frozen stare of his half-lowered eyes. “Are you trying to make me go all hard on you again?”

“You never know, Hwoarang,” Jin replied, settling himself down in the bed beside Hwoarang, “I’m a hard man to predict.”

“Either that, or you’re just a hard man,” Hwoarang smirked, and Jin gave a big, goofy grin.  Now this was a Kodak moment.

Throwing his left arm over Jin’s still sweaty body, Hwoarang laid his head down to rest upon the Karate fighter’s chest. “Damnit, Kazama.  How many times am I going to let you take care of my ass?!”

“Really.  You’ve obsessed with me in wanting to take care of mine forever now, yet I always come out on topevery time.”

“Like thaff isff soff truff,” Hwoarang imitated, making Jin laugh like hell again. “Nah, don’t worry,” the redhead then continued in a now serious tone of voice, “I’ll take care of your ass soon enough...”

“I’m sure you will, Hwoarang,” Jin smiled before kissing the other man’s red hair, encircling his arms around him. “I’m sure you will.”

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