Chapter Two: Down With the Sickness

By M.Mishima

The silver haired beauty shifted slightly as Kazuya spooned in against him, his strong arm wrapping along Chaolans bare flesh. Lowering his eyes with a flicker of his sable lashes, Kazuya brushed his lips along Lees angular shoulder, tracing the flesh with the tip of his tongue...barely able to breath from the overwhelming need rising from the darkness in his soul. I can not control myself when I am near you...you strip my power, my will...with your wanton beauty, from the very depth of my soul.

Lee shifted his body once more, pressing back along the strong, muscular form of his lover, his mind locked in the realm of blissful dreams...his soft whimpers in his sleep only igniting Kazuya with a new design on obscenity.

Kazuya felt the aching heat of his stiff length resting so perfectly against the warm slit of Chaolans firm hind. His fingertips danced along the bone curve of the silver beauty’s hip...fighting the urge to pull back on him...and pleasure himself to the hilt. Tracing the tip of his tongue up along the curve of Chaolans shoulder..toward his ear...this torture was nearly too much to take. The scent of Lees bare flesh filled his senses, eliciting a heated whimper from his velvet pink lips.

Rolling onto his back, Kazuya dripped his hand down beneath the silk purple sheet, wrapping around his width in a tight, beautiful tunnel as his forefinger teased his pleading cock head. Biting back his moan softly, Kazuya teased the swollen flesh with the brisk hard motions of his own ministrations...overloaded on the fantasies of his lover, playing through his mind.

His face flushed in the dark heat of bliss, Kazuya closed his eyes tightly. Bucking his hips with careless force into his own tunneling tight fingers. His gorgeous gaze was brought suddenly open by foreign fingers scratching against his thigh. Lee Chaolan, his eyes half slit between sleep and desire awoke with the force of the shifting bed beneath him...

"Miss me already?" Lee nearly purred as Kazuya hastily shifted to remove his hand from beneath the covers...embarrassed at having been caught in the act of self pleasure by his beautiful Chaolan. "Mmmm you are gorgeous when you are bashful. Though I do not mind telling you how delicious it was to be awakened by your soft whimpers...and the force of the bed shaking with the arch of your hips..."

"I do not whimper." Kazuya cleared his panting throat. "I might moan...or groan. But I do not whimper."

"Ohh I beg to differ..." Lee smiled deviously, pulling the covers back with a sudden motion to reveal his lovers bare, muscular form to his feasting eyes. Raising up onto his knees, Chaolan straddled himself atop Kazuya’s body...shifting his hips back...as he laid himself face down along his lovers body...in a 69 position.

Tracing his lips along his lovers aching pink tip, Lee could smell his overwhelming need...gasping with a sudden breath as Kazuya took the silver beauty’s glistening tip into his velvet hot mouth. "Ohhh god damn, Kazuya...you have never sucked me...god... how I have dreamed of you sucking me...."

Kazuya traced the tip of his tongue up against the underside of Chaolans beautifully veined shaft before sucking his mouth around him, entirely...forming a delicious seal of intense pressure as the silver haired beauty nearly gagged himself on the deep, beautiful length of his lover...

Kazuya bucked his hips up into Lees mouth...as his lover did the same...driving his length hard into his lovers hot mouth. Stifled groans emerged heatedly as Lee forced himself to fall to his side, dragging Kazuya’s body with him...setting them into a much better vantage for mutual pleasuring.

Kazuya went rigid as Lee pressed his hand along his hip, drawing his lover harder into his mouth...before drifting his hand closer to Kazuya’s hind...parting his firm cheeks to press along the sensitive pucker of his pink hole.

Kazuya rolled his eyes closed with a hard cry, releasing Chaolans cock from his capturing lips...as he groaned with overwhelming need. Sliding his hand between Lees thighs, Kazuya mimicked his actions...pressing a finger into Chaolans soft, pink fold.

Lee moved his lips faster, up and down Kazuya’s trembling shaft, prying his tongue into the precum slickened whole...as his fingers worked with long, quick thrusts...igniting his own desire to a new, fevered pitch.

Kazuya fucked Chaolan deep into his throat while fingering his tight asshole as a thin sheen of sweat dripped along his quivering body. Lees stifled cries came harder, more pitched...he was so close...so deliciously close to filling his lovers hot mouth with his thick, salty seed.

Lee broke his suck in a heated cry...rubbing the tip of Kazuya’s pink, swollen cock along his cheeks... "The tip...suck the tip...hard...up and down...just the tip..." He cried in a tortured moan as he sucked back a breath...devouring his lovers length and width with all his strength.

Kazuya did as Chaolan pleaded...feeling the silver haired beauty tremble...the incredible taste of his precum, salty...and yet sweeter than anything he had ever before tasted. Gasping suddenly in mid suck, Kazuya whimpered...Lee fingered his well fucked whole..harder...faster...his eager mouth devouring him with sudden animalistic ferocity.

Kazuya bucked his body forward...his eyes rolling shut. "Im...cuming..." he tried to cry against his cock filled mouth...feeling Chaolan tighten his intense suction at the moment of his blissfully painful arrival....flickers of blue tinged fatal lightning leapt Kazuyas aching form...

Lee let the heat of his lovers seed roll along his tongue, savoring the taste...refusing to let it sink into the seemingly endless depths of his throat. Kazuya tightened his own suction on Chaolan...reflexively as he came in his lovers mouth. Lee arched his hips, fucking himself into Kazuya’s lips at the delicious moment of his pitch.

The silver beauty cried out...his body exploding, sending a thick wave of his lust deep into Kazuya’s unrelenting mouth. Gasping..heaving...Chaolan withdrew himself from his lover...slithering up along his form to find his cum tainted lips.

Lee rolled his tongue along Kazuya’s gapping mouth...letting the taste of his lovers cum roll into Kazuya’s mouth...the delicious sensation of the intermingling of their thick seed, uniting in their fevered kiss.

Kazuya wanted to drown himself in Chaolans musky sweet taste...as the thick salt of his own seed dripping from Chaolans tongue mixed together with his own. The taste of each other, uniting from their blissful act was intimately erotic....

Kazuya swallowed the intermingling delicacy...holding Chaolan close to his heaving body as Lee raised his lashes slowly...intoxicated as the bare force of their bodies laying so closely together seemed overwhelming.

"Now, what was that you said about whimpering?" Lee licked his lips, sparking a cigarette to life as Kazuya seemed lifeless...his body ripe with the aftershocks of his intense pleasure.

Kazuya and Lee stood beneath the force of the 4-jet, Italian Marble shower...their mouths eagerly finding one another in the spraying water. Like disobedient teenagers, the lovers stole every moment...every kiss they could before the end of their intimate time together had passed, leaving them only with memories and fantasies, until the next time they could be..united.

Soft moans and delicate whimpers slid along the echo of the shower amidst the gentle teasing touches and wanton ministrations, until time forced the lovers to separate.

"You can be late...you own the damn company." Lee smiled as he sat along the edge of the bed, wrapped in the chenille warmth of one of Kazuya’s robes, which hung oversized on his more lithe form. Flicking his cigarette ashes onto the ashtray, between his legs on the floor, Lee leaned his elbows against his thighs...watching his lover beneath the dripping tendrils of his molten silver mane as Kazuya dressed himself in the finest of designer, hand tailored suits.

"I can’t be late and you know that." Kazuya half cocked a wry grin as his reflection stared back at Lee from the ornate dressing mirror before him. "Though, the sight of you in my robe is enough to make me second guess my designs for the day."

"Don’t be a tease, Kazuya." Lee smiled darkly, exhaling the light blue tinged vapor of smoke from between his aching, kiss swollen lips. Crushing his burnt down cylinder, Lee stood, towel drying his exquisite mane. "I am going to have to go home and get dressed, I can’t wear last nights clothes to work."

"We very well can’t ride in together to work either, so it is for the best. We don’t want any nasty rumors to spread through the office." Kazuya turned, resting a hand in the pocket of his pants as Lee buttoned his jeans.

"Yeah, just think of what it would do to your reputation. CEO fucks the Vice President of Public Relations at the Mishima Zaibatsu. Talk about a benefits program." Lee half smiled as Kazuya approached, brushing a hand back through his lovers gorgeous, thick obsidian mane. "How am I going to keep my hands off of you...." Chaolan moaned as Kazuya devoured his mouth, drinking the delicious taste of nicotine from his lovers lips.

"Come on, We have to go." Kazuya traced a finger down the length of Chaolans pale porcelain cheek, hesitantly withdrawing as he stepped out from the room.

Lee followed with a sigh as the Limo driver stood beside the door, awaiting the CEO. Walking toward his own hastily parked white Honda S2000 sports car, Lee lit another cigarette, watching the sleek black ride pull out from the extensive circular drive before the Mishima Compound. The scent of his lover was all over him...intoxicating him with an incessant need to rest in the bliss of his arms. For all the time they had been lovers, Kazuya never wanted Chaolan to stay through the night. Until now. And waking in the entanglement of arms made the morning seem that much brighter...

Kazuya shivered against Chaolan as his hands trailed down along his smooth hips. "I said what I said to you because I was scared. I was scared to tell you how I felt...how jealous you made me...how uncomfortable all these feelings were inside of me. But I am not scared any longer..." Kazuya held Chaolans eyes with his own. "..I love you."

"I love you too...." Lee smiled, roaring the engine to life, even a moment of separation from Kazuya was a moment...too long.

Lee stepped into the office, brushing a hand back through his molten silver mane, his eyes scanning the separating Corridor between their offices...stealing a glance to the double oak doors just beyond his reach. Nodding his good morning greeting to the secretary, Chaolan stepped into his office, closing the door behind him.

A mountain of paperwork awaited the silver haired beauty as Lee sat down, instantly intruded upon by a knock at the door. A sudden sense of fear rode like a shockwave through Chaolan, wondering for a moment if the knock was forced by the hand...of Drew Montigue.

The handle turned before Lee could dissuade the intruder. Taking a deep breath, Lee tried to hide his smile as Kazuya stepped into his office. "Good Morning, Chaolan..." The CEO stated, overly loud, wanting the secretary to hear the formality in his voice....just as a reassurance their relationship was nothing more than a working one.

"Good morning Dono Mishima, Can I help you?" Lee pursed his lips slightly, leaning back in his leather chair as he tapped the edge of his pen against his lower lip.

Kazuya closed the door behind him, approaching the desk as he lowered his voice to a subtle whisper. "I just wanted to see you for a moment and let you know that I will be taking lunch out of the office. Considering the fact neither of us returned from lunch last Friday, it might be a good idea if we did not take our break together."

Lee nodded, slightly dejected at the thought. "Alright..."

Kazuya leaned a hip along Chaolans desk, pushing aside his mountain of paperwork. "How about we have dinner at the compound tonight, I will dismiss the servents early and send them on their way, including the butler."

Lee could not take his eyes from his gorgeous lover. "That sounds great."

"I will see you about 7 then." Kazuya fought the urge to brush his fingertips along the beautiful face of his lover as he rose from his leaning along the desk. Though slightly marred from his struggle with Drew Montague, Lee was still breathtaking to behold.

"I am glad it was you at the door, I thought it might be an unsavory visitor...one I have no desire to see again..." Lee tapped the pen along his lower lip slowly.

"Don’t concern yourself with Drew Montague. I trust you will never hear from him again...." Kazuya hissed, wickedly as he turned to exit the office, leaving Chaolan with a cold chill running up along his spine at the subtle innuendo.

Lee Chaolan perfectly executed the most intimate of cleansings as he sat in his Jacuzzi style bathtub, his head tipping back against the cool smooth porcelain...flicking ashes into the awaiting receptacle at the base of the tub. The Silver Devils mind came alive with a retinue of fantasies...ripe with longing for even one more stolen moment with his dangerously intense, powerful lover.

Don’t concern yourself with Drew Montague. I trust you will never hear from him again....

Kazuya’s voice sent a chill up along Chaolans spine, despite the steaming hot, rose oil scented water threatening to spill over the rim of the Jacuzzi tub. The question remained, what had Kazuya Mishima done to Drew Montague....in the name of Lee Chaolan?

I can’t think about this now. I will think about it tomorrow. Chaolan bit the edge of his lip, taking the final drag from his nearly extinguished cigarette. Forever procrastinating, all Lee could focus on....was the bliss that awaited him...

Slipping out of the bathtub, steam rising off of Lees warm, rose scented pink flesh, the silver haired beauty towel dried himself off, glancing eagerly to the digital display on his art nouveau style wall clock. 6:15pm.

Selecting a pair of form fitting leather pants, Lee slid them on before pulling a black fishnet long sleeve shirt over his muscularly lithe, firm body. The netting clung to him like the dark eyes of his lover, comforting and yet...dangerous.

Brushing a hand back through his liquid silver mane, Lee smiled at his reflection in the mirror, blowing smoke at his image almost...erotically. Pressing his elongated pinky nail into the newly refilled brown vial he carried with him, Lee slid the white powdered tip of his nail along his lips, letting his tongue flicker against them to taste the sweet chemical as he lowered his lashes invitingly to the sensation. Beautiful. Chaolan spoke to his reflection. Beautiful does not even begin to hint to the perfection.

Sliding the brown vial into the pocket of his over emphasizing tight black leather pants, Lee Chaolan brushed his fingers back through his hair once more before blowing out the candles in the rose oil scented bathroom. Grasping his keys, Lee was ready for a night of bliss at the devious, dangerous ministrations of his lover, Kazuya Mishima.

Lee knocked once along the large double doors to the Mishima Compound. He knew this house too well, having been raised within the confines of its walls from the time he was a boy. Kazuyas father, the deceased Heihachi Mishima, had brought the young Chaolan to his home in what seemed like a lifetime ago...to be a companion to his young son, a "brother" in only the legal sense of the word. The two were more rivals then ever were they friends...or brothers. As they had gotten older, Lee felt something more than rivalry to Kazuya...and as it seemed, the young Mishima felt the same.

That was more than a lifetime ago. Shit. Lee shook his head, flipping his keyring into the palm of his hand. That was before Kazuya killed Heihachi in the first King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Lee sighed softly, refusing to recall the anger and hatefulness his lover was capable of. Raising the key, Lee startled slightly to find the door was already unlocked. Stepping in, the main corridor in the large mansion was empty...with the exception of a trail of burning candles left along the floor.

Stepping in and locking the door behind him, Lee walked along the well placed trail. "Kazuya..." He called softly, glancing around the formal dining room at the end of the blazing candles. "Kazuya, are you here?"

"Right behind you, Chaolan." Kazuya hissed, emerging from the shadows some distance from the flickering dim light of the candles, a glass of Merlot gripped along his fingers.

Lee felt his breath catch against his lips as a flutter arose in his core. Turning, the silver beauty nearly swooned with the delicious melodrama created especially for him.

"I am feeling...dark tonight. Judging by your choice of flattering attire...the same could be said for you..." Kazuya traced the tip of his finger down the supple curve of Chaolans spine beneath the black form fitting mesh of his shirt, igniting a spark within Lee....as he moaned despite himself.

"The candles are a nice touch..." Lee shivered as he felt Kazuya’s hot breath along the back of his oil scented neck.

"They are not just for decoration...but you will understand that soon enough." Kazuya let his fingertip trace further than the small of Chaolans back...till the palm of his hand rested with delicious heat against his lovers leather clad hind. "I have been aching for this all day...." Kazuya’s wine tainted breath slid along the silver haired beauty as Lee softly pressed himself into the full strength of his lovers hand.

"As I have been..." Lee felt himself hiss as his lover drew toward the table, setting his drink down before his plate.

"Join me for dinner." Kazuya whispered darkly, resting his arms along the comfort of the Victorian style chairs in the lavish formal dining room, watching Chaolan like a hungry predator as the silver haired beauty slid into a seat across from his lover.

"This looks incredible...." Lee could not take his gaze from the firelit, dark eyes of his lover. Kazuya sat regally clad in black, accentuating the play of flame over his form.

"Enjoy it, Chaolan. You are the dessert."

Lee could barely muster the force to eat beneath the gaze of his gorgeous lover. Sipping his wine and only nibbling at his dinner, Lee opted instead to draw a powdery line of expensive, pure cocaine....sniffing back the thick chemical with practiced precision. "I had dinner...now, share a line with me...."

Chaolan tipped the edge of his pinky nail into the vial, withdrawing it with a abundance of powder...as he rose, standing beside Kazuya. "Do you know what it feels like to fuck on cocaine?" Lee hissed darkly as his lover leaned over, inhaling the chemical with his own sense of precision. The use of Cocaine was not something unknown to Kazuya Mishima, in his teenage days.

Lee began to withdraw his hand before feeling the tight grip of his lover on his wrist. Bringing Chaolans hand before him...Kazuya slipped his lips around Chaolans pinky finger...sucking and licking along the flesh almost...viciously as Lee moaned. "I need you so badly, Kazuya...."

Kazuya pulled Chaolan before him...looking him over as if to appraise a rare, priceless treasure. "I can see your need exceptionally well, hidden behind the softness of leather...I will strip you of your adornments soon enough." Drawing himself to a stand, Kazuya pressed Lee back against the table, his hand slipping behind the silver haired beauty’s neck...into the softness of his rose scented mane...drawing Lees lips just an inch from his own...till his lover could taste the wine on his breath tainted with the chemical slipping down his throat. "Watching you throughout the day has built an incessant tease that needs to be placated. It took all the force of my will to prevent my taking you at each available opportunity. So do not tell me about need, Chaolan. You know nothing of true desire...but you will." Kazuya pushed himself away from his lover, walking along the formal dining table as he stalked the silver haired beauty like a blood thirsty black panther.

Lee felt his lungs plead for air as his breaths came in shallow, heavy heaves. The combination of his desire and the scene his lover had set was almost dizzying.

"Join me upstairs, my beautiful Chaolan. Do watch your step, the walk in the dark is dangerous." With that Kazuya blew out the line of candles, slipping up the steps silently, leaving Lee to fumble in the dark...staggering through his memory to find the Master Bedroom.

The silver haired beauty, shaking with each step, pushed along the door to what he remembered as his lovers bedroom, his eyes useless within the confines of the blackened walls. "Kazuya?" He whispered, cautiously pressing deeper into the room as the door behind him suddenly slammed shut.

"Your not afraid of the dark, are you, Chaolan?" Kazuya laughed mockingly from somewhere within the room, forcing Lee to turn to locate the direction of the voice...all to no avail.

"No..." Lee sucked back a breath, his blood raging like fire beneath his skin. Each delicious moment the drama before him dragged forth...he found himself closer to a mental climax, unlike any sensation he had ever before known.

Chaolan cried out suddenly as he dropped down to his knees...his wrists gripped and crossed behind him at the force of his lovers familiar touch...replaced by something soft and supple...something like..restraints.

"Are you afraid of the dark now, Chaolan?" Kazuya hissed from behind him as Lee struggled to bring himself to his feet. "Need help standing, my beautiful lover?" With that, Kazuya tugged on the wrist restraints, helping Lee to his feet...before hooking the "O" ring on the each of the leather restraints to one of the two chains dangling in the center of the room.

Sparking a host of candles to life, Lee squinted his eyes to the sudden brightness. Once his sight was readjusted, the Silver Devil could not take his gaze from his lover...in awe and desperation for the vision of power and perfection before him. Kazuya was leaning against the far wall of the Master Bedroom in a pair of leather, form fitting pants..., his bare chest glistening in the candlelight...a small link chain style restraint connecting from one of his wrists to the other, permitting only so much movement...no more than one arms span in length for him to maneuver. Swinging the loose link chain between his wrists, Kazuya had his hair down...teasing the curve of his shoulders...a dangerous look in his eye. "Do you like it, Chaolan? It took a few well paid carpenters nearly all afternoon to secure this properly to my exact specifications."

Lee could not help but whimper with wanton desire...his arms suspended above him securely as he drank in the vision of his intoxicating lover.

"I asked you a question, Chaolan." Kazuya hissed deliciously, lunging forward toward the captive silver haired beauty...his hand wrapping firmly along his throat...feeling his lover shiver as their flesh connected.

Lee tried desperately to free his hands, eliciting a soft chuckle from his lover with his effort. "Yes...." Lee managed, weakly as Kazuya release the hold on his throat...leaning forward to taste his lovers trembling lips.

Chaolan yielded against Kazuya’s mouth, his tongue dancing deep within the confines of his lips...moaning harshly for more as Kazuya pulled slowly back. "All the things I can do to you...will do to you...and you are unable stop me. Not that you would, even if you could." The gorgeous Kazuya hissed, mockingly.

Kazuya let his hands fall along Lees fishnet clad upper body...his fingertips pulling at the mesh teasingly before sliding down against his hips....unbuttoning Chaolans leather pants as he forcefully tugged them down to rest against his firm, muscular thighs. "This just leaves one more obstacle in our way...." Kazuya hissed, reaching along the bed to retrieve his favorite knife, the one he had used many times before, in his youth...to cut into the flesh of his own body....

Tracing the silver blade along Chaolans cheek, teasingly, Lee lowered his eyes with a shivering breath...the threat was intoxicating...though he knew his lover would never mark his beautiful face...the face he so lovingly caressed with steel, now. In a sudden motion, Kazuya took hold of his lovers mesh shirt, grasping it in his fist as he sliced downward with the knife blade...cutting the garment in half...to expose Chaolans toned, taut torso.

"Ohhh god...Kazuya..." Lee let his head drip backward with the rush of desire, tainted with fear, blazing a trail through his system.

"Yes, my silver beauty...you are beginning to understand the anguish of restraint...when you want nothing more than to touch...and taste..." Kazuya slid down along Chaolans body with the moist heat of his tongue, lapping feverishly along the deeply lined six-pack abs previously disguised by the mesh of Lees shirt. Brushing against his lovers aching stiffness as he descended, Kazuya lifted his eyes to Chaolans...a black taper candle gripped within his fingers as he rose to full, impressive height.

Before Lee could part his velvet lips to speak, the first splashing drops of black wax burned against his flesh...hardening after an agonizing moment of pain...giving Lee only the span of his breath before the next droplet caressed his tongue moistened skin.

"Shhhh...." Kazuya placed his finger before Chaolans quivering lips...wrapping his hand tightly around his lovers shaft...thrusting his lovers aching length into the thick tunnel of his fingers...watching as Lee nearly lost his balance to the bliss of sensation. Taking Chaolans mouth hard, Kazuya could barely control himself...intoxicated on his own power and the feeling of his lovers delicious pink cock riding the softness of his palm. Forcing himself to pull away, Kazuya scratched his nails along Chaolans torso..slipping around behind him as Lee frantically tried to turn his head...ripe with anguish and frustration.

Kazuya ran his fingers through his lovers silver silken mane...before suddenly slapping the force of his hand against Chaolans exposed hind. "The sight of you, trembling with need before me...makes me want you...so violently...so desperately. I can barely control myself, Lee...this is what you do to me...." Kazuya hissed as he slid his fingers into his mouth...before plunging them deeply into Chaolans pink, warm asshole.

Kazuya moaned harshly, wantonly as Lee bucked his hips forward with his invasion...before relaxing...and crying out in sheer torment. "Please...Kazuya...."

"Mmmm I love the sound of you begging, Chaolan. Though, don’t you see...I must prepare you for the fucking you are about to receive...."

The words were like a thousand spindly legged spiders crawling all over Chaolans naked flesh, igniting him to a near climactic pitch as he thrust his hips back further into Kazuyas fingers...impaling himself on their delicious combined thickness.

"Not yet..." Kazuya laughed mockingly withdrawing his fingers, cruelly. Lee was flushed, panting for breath...dangling so close to the edge of his own sanity and limitations...so close to culmination with barely more than scant touches from his tormenting lover.

Kazuya slid down onto his knees...spreading Chaolan open....as he lapped his tongue along the pink pucker between Lees firm cheeks. Burying his tongue deep into his lover, Kazuya nearly lost himself in the beautiful sensation of Lees quivering hole...pleading to be filled.

"I am so...close...ohh god, this is too much..." Lee whimpered, tears of frustration building within his dark almond eyes.

"Too much...not yet it isn’t..." Kazuya withdrew his mouth, blowing out the taper candle on the floor...before slipping the base between his lips. Sliding around to the front of Chaolan, Kazuya took the tip of his glistening precum stained shaft between his velvet lips...as he slid the base of the candle into Chaolans aching hole.

Lee bucked forward violently, crying out inaudibly as he fucked himself deeper into his lovers mouth. Thrusting the black saliva slickened candle in and out...faster...harder...his unyielding mouth claiming Chaolans length...Kazuya felt the threat of his lovers cum...ready to burst forth.

Releasing his mouth, Kazuya rose up along his lovers body...taking Lees mouth hard...as he withdrew the candle. Tracing his fingertip along the silver haired beautys flushed, tear stained face....Kazuya, panting to maintain his own control...whispered his hot breath along his lovers skin. "I am going to end your torment, my Beautiful Chaolan. I am going to give you what you need to make the pain go away..."

Lee shook his head amidst his shock of molten silver tendrils, barely able to breath from the frustration built within him. "Please...Kazuya...please..."

Kazuya slid behind Chaolan, tossing the chain between his own bonded wrists along his lovers shoulders...as his hands reached up to release the leather ceiling suspended restraints. Lees hands fell downward instantly as Kazuya bent him over from the waist...the small link chain pressing deep into his lover as he nearly collapsed...

Without warning, Kazuya slid himself between Chaolans firm cheeks...his cock driving itself deep into his lovers tight pink hole. Lee cried out in exquisite agony as he felt Kazuya thrust himself to the hilt...violently fucking his puckering hole...as Kazuya screamed with feral desire.

Lee wrapped his hand around his own aching shaft...each thrust of his lover driving his own cock harder into the tunnel of his shaking fingers. Chaolan lost his balance almost instantly, overwhelmed with sudden sensation as Kazuya sank onto the floor with him...on his knees...his hips unrelenting as the silver beauty fell to all fours...arching his own hips back violently in tumultuous sensation.

"Ohh god..." Lee cried out as tears of finally released frustration poured down his eyes...his release coming in hard gasps and violent convulsions...his moans wrapping around his lovers name as his thick, warm seed sprayed along the floor.

Kazuya, spurred by the spasms of Lees own climax...could take no more...pushed over the edge he screamed through half taken breaths. Kazuya’s body seized hard...emptying his hot, thick cum deep into his lovers body....

Kazuya slumped forward along Chaolans back...tangled within the chain of his own linked restraints. Gasping for breath....Kazuya withdrew his spent shaft from Lee, lifting Chaolan to a near sitting position onto Kazuya’s kneeling upper thighs..his back pressed against the gorgeous CEO’s chest. Wrapping his arms around Chaolans shivering shoulders...Kazuya held him there, panting on the floor...tight to his body.

It seemed like an eternity before Kazuya or Lee had the will to stand. Stumbling forward, Lee crawled onto the bed...his body wracked with the sweet feeling of afterglow. Never had Kazuya taken him so forcefully, so completely and possessively...the feeling was so intense, his lithe form could not release itself from the spasms of intense physical sensation still lingering with him.

Kazuya laid back on the bed, his eyes falling over the beautiful form of his silver haired lover with a sense of completion and spellbinding adoration. "I don’t know how much more of this I can take. It is sheer torture to see you and not be able to touch you..." Kazuya moaned softly as Lee brushed errant tangles of his thick obsidian hair from the path of his eyes.

Leaning slightly above him, Chaolan pressed down...slipping his tongue deep into the sweet depths of his lovers beautiful mouth. "I want you...each moment I glimpse you, even across the corridor as you slip into the confines of your office. This is hell on the both of us..."

The silver haired beauty lifted his lashes, studying the strength of his lovers face as his hand traced along the rock hard muscle of Kazuya’s chest. "What are we going to do about this, Kazuya..."

"Their is nothing we can do...therein lies the torment." Kazuya leaned onto his arm, grasping Chaolans naked body against his own, moaning from the intense heat and need that arose the moment his lovers flesh brushed against his own.

"I want to be yours...and fuck what the world says...." Lee lowered his lashes as his hand trailed along his lovers hip...burning with desire to feel him deep inside his lithe body and never be let go.

"But we can’t. There is too much on the line, too much to lose if the world ever found out." Kazuya tilted his head, his lips trailing hungrily over Chaolans shoulder...to his neck...as Lee leaned in to the heat of his mouth.

"I know...." Lee sighed softly, lowering his lashes as his molten silver tendrils shielded the hurt in his eyes. Did the couples in this world know how lucky they were to be granted the gift of walking hand in hand with their lovers, unafraid to show their feelings for each other...approved by the society around them? It wasn’t fair...to love and be unable to show it for fear of what a relationship against the normal standards would reap to those unable to accept?

"I know it hurts, my beautiful Chaolan...." Kazuya slipped his fingers along his lovers molten silver mane, holding his gaze. "The world is outside these doors...and at this moment, the world is shut out." With the palm of his hand, Kazuya pressed Chaolan down onto his back, on the bed...leaning over to taste the flesh of his lovers smooth chest with the heat of his mouth. Lee moaned despite himself, raising a hand into his hair..his elbow pointing toward the ceiling as his body arched rhythmically...rising and falling with the feel of Kazuya against him.

"Tell me you love me, Kazuya...." Lee whispered softly as his lover looked up, his hot tongue ceasing its ministrations along Chaolans abdomen.

Kazuya slid his hand along the silver beauty’s stiffening length as Lee moaned gently. "I love you Lee Chaolan." Kazuya whispered.

Lee tightened his grip on his silver mane as Kazuya teased his shaft to the point of maddening desire, once again...brought to a new pitch of release at the pleasuring mouth of his gorgeous lover.

Lee stayed awake most of the night, occasionally dripping his legs over the side of the bed to stretch and taint his mouth with the sweet taste of his menthol cigarettes. Kazuya slept peacefully, gorgeous in the pale wash of moonlight...far away from the fears and doubts Chaolan wrestled with.

Wrapping himself around his lover once more, Lee nestled against his naked back, smoothing a hand through Kazuya’s tangled mane of thick obsidian hair as if to memorize each errant strand to his touch. Why does this hurt so bad? Is this not everything I have ever wanted? Lee chided himself, placing gentle kisses along his lovers shoulder. Why now do I suddenly want more? More than he can give me...more than the world we live in will let him give me? This is not his fault. He is a powerful executive of a globally dominant Corporation...his image is paramount. What would his colleagues say...what would the elite aristocratic society he belongs to, think...if they knew Kazuya Mishima’s lover...was another man?

Anguished to the point of tears, Lee turned away from his lover, gazing out along the floor to ceiling windows in the Master Bedroom. Forcing himself to close his eyes...forcing himself to sleep and forget for just a moment the agony his heart was gripped with.

Kazuya sighed inaudibly as he felt Chaolan pull away, feigning his own sleep for fear of facing the demons that haunted his beautiful silver haired lover. In his mind, Kazuya knew what Lee was wrestling with...the same things he had wrestled with in the few days he was without him, knowing Lee was in the arms of another. What could he do, short of risking everything for a forbidden love that would be viewed as a sickness by the world around him? A love that had been viewed as a sickness even by his own mind...until he realized the only sickness was the feeling of being without his beautiful Lee Chaolan. The path will reveal itself, it always does. Will I be ready for it, when it comes?

Kazuya rose before the alarm, shutting it off to allow Lee more time to rest. Showering and dressing, Kazuya paused a moment to behold the exquisite visage of his lover amidst a cascade of silver tendrils...sleeping angelically, entangled within the sheets of his bed. Their bed. Our Bed.

Turning slowly, Kazuya closed the door behind him and prepared himself for another day at his beloved Zaibatsu.

Lee Chaolan awoke sometime after 10am, his hand rushing to his aching forehead as he sat up too quickly...glancing around the empty Master bedroom at the Mishima Compound. For a moment Lee was not sure of where he was. Lifting a cigarette from his nearly empty pack, the Silver Devil sparked a menthol cylinder to life..inhaling deeply as he stripped away the silk sheet draped loosely along his naked form. His body ached deliciously from Kazuya’s intense love making...brought to the most exquisite release time and again at his lovers ministrations. But Kazuya was not here this morning...there was no sweet exchange, as there had been the morning prior.

Did I say something wrong? Did I please him last night? Why did he leave me here to wake up...alone?

Letting his cigarette drip between his velvet soft lips, Lee leaned over to retrieve his hastily forsworn leather pants...and tattered shirt from last evening. Slipping his long, Ninjitsu toned legs into the supple leather, Lee rose..buttoning them before stepping toward Kazuya’s expansive closet of various expensive designer clothes. Removing a white oxford button down shirt from the hanger, the Silver beauty slipped it on. A bit too large for him, he tucked it in to his accentuating, form fitting leather pants...rolling the sleeves up to his elbows neatly and unbuttoning the first two buttons on the shirt. Brushing his hand through his hair, Lee slid his boots on before stepping out of the Master bedroom, toward his awaiting white Honda S2000.

The servents gave him an odd look as he emerged from the Kazuya Mishima’s private chambers, though they dared say nothing. Their glances only enraged Lee further and yet reminded him of the fears he fell asleep to, roaming through the depths of his mind. In his lovers own home, he was already the subject of hidden glances and ridicule.

"What?" Lee growled as he walked toward the stairs. The servents busied themselves instantly. Chaolan shook his head and walked down to the main fore, slamming the door behind him.

Stepping into his car, Lee slid his black rayban sunglasses to his sleep tired eyes, roaring the engine to life. Friday was more of a casual day at the Zaibatsu, a custom his lover found intriguing from his visits to the United States and implemented in his Corporation.

I want answers. Lee hissed to himself as he peeled his tires out of the long circular drive from the Mishima Compound. I want to know why he left me here to wake up alone, while he left for work...without so much as a word.

Lee Chaolan stormed into the Compound after hastily parking his sports car in the main lot. Hell bent for answers, his own indignation and clouded emotion seizing hold of his senses till all he could see was red.

"Excuse me, Dono Chaolan...you can not go in there...Dono Mishima is..." The secretary outside of the CEO office rose from behind her desk as Lee snickered, pushing the double doors wide open with a thrust from his hip.

"Kazuya, we need to..." Lee nearly growled as he ripped the Raybans from his face, unsheathing his dark almond eyes. As quickly as he spoke was as quickly as he stopped cold in his tracks, several paces inside the CEO office.

Kazuya rose from behind the desk, his gorgeous dark eyes cast diabolically at Chaolan. Another gentlemen was seated just before his lover. He turned, his long thick Que. of black hair held neatly in a pony tail, a smile flashed along his face as his hand raised his badge. "I am Detective Lei Wulong with the Hong Kong International Police."

The Silver haired beauty cast his glance from the Chinese operative to the eyes of his lover. The name was exceptionally familiar to him...where did Chaolan know it from? Kazuya broke the silence in the room. "Detective, this is Lee Chaolan, Vice President of Public Relations here at the Zaibatsu. He is also my adopted brother."

Lee bowed respectfully to the Hong Kong Detective, flicking his gaze worriedly to the two men. "Forgive me for interrupting, Mishima-sama, Wulong-san. I had something I needed to speak to you about, though it is not important enough for the moment. I will be in my office."

"Why don’t you join us, Dono Chaolan. I believe I may have a few questions for you regarding this investigation." Lei Wulong commanded a sense of authority, yet the smile never left his face.

"As you wish..." Lee took a seat next to the Detective, his head downcast like an insolent child beneath his lovers disapproving eyes.

Lei Wulong turned his focus to Chaolan. "I knew your name was familiar, Dono Chaolan. Your name was one of the signatures on my invite to the King of Iron Fist Tournament. A shame to meet you under such conditions."

"I could say the same, Detective. Is that why you are here from Hong Kong?" Lee ran a hand back through his mane, trying to halt his shaken senses.

"One of many. However, this is not about me. I am here in reference to a missing persons report on one Drew Montague, Vice President of the Sugachi Corporation based in Hong Kong with a newly acquired branch here in Tokyo. He was transferred here at his request several weeks ago and now has seemed to disappear." Lei paused as Chaolans face seemed to say...he knew something.

Chaolans eyes went wide at the name, stumbling for an answer. Flicking a quick gaze to Kazuya....his almond glance seemed to scream...Offer Nothing. "The name is familiar, but then again, as businessmen we all seem to run in similar circles."

Wulong lifted his pen to his leather note pad. "I see." The detective lifted the paper from the notepad, producing a picture, holding it out to Chaolan.

Lee stared back at the eyes of his ravishing former lover with a twinge of guilt in throbbing through his mind. What have you done, Kazuya? "No, I am sorry this picture is not terribly familiar."

Lei slid the photo back where it came from. "Well, gentlemen, thank you for your time. That is all the questions I have for either of you at this time. If you have any additional information, please contact me at this number." Wulong offered Chaolan and Kazuya his business card as he rose from the comfort of his chair. "If I have any further questions, I will be in contact. I assume neither of you are leaving the area anytime soon, considering the Tournament is only a short time away. However, if you do, please contact me."

"Are you implying we are suspects in this case, Detective?" Kazuya arched a brow, pocketing the business card.

"No, Dono Mishima. However, your assistance in this investigation would greatly assist the International Police. I will see myself out."

The CEO nodded, draping his hand along his rosewood desk as Chaolan rose. Once the double doors to the office was closed, Lee let his visible shaking come to fruition. "What is going on here, Kazuya?"

"I do not know what you mean, Chaolan." Kazuya answered coldly.

"There was just an Interpol detective in here questioning you. Is there something I need to know?" Lee watched him, feeling the cold front wash over him.

"Would you have not barged into this office with such haste, we could have discussed this, privately. For now, the less you know, the better." Kazuya turned, grasping his wrists behind his back as his gaze traveled out along the expansive floor to ceiling windows. "Now, if you will excuse me, I have a good deal of work to catch up on. Should you need to speak with me, I will be in the dojo upstairs this afternoon in preparation for the King of Iron Fist."

Lee nodded, errant tendrils of his silver mane flooding over his face..tickling against his smooth porcelain cheeks. He felt like a fool for rushing into all of this headlong. And now, it was as if he were being punished. Turning, Chaolan stepped out of the office, closing the doors behind him.

The silver devil paced along the confines of his office, coked out of his mind as a host of insidious images plastered itself against his imagination. Over and over again, Lee replayed the images of that infamous night...searching for any clue...any idea as to what Kazuya Mishima could have done...to Drew Montague.

Having gotten no work done, Chaolan was surprised to find so much time had passed. 3pm. Brushing a hand beneath his nose, Lee shook his head. Blood. Blood stained his finger from an overly abused nostril, raw from incessant use of his beloved cocaine. He had consumed nearly a gram of the powder in just under a few hours and his body was feeling the weight of the drug.

Unprepared with his gi bag, Lee knew he could not spar...but he had to see Kazuya...to apologize for his hasty interruption of this serious situation. Stepping out of his office, Lee took the steps leading to the dojo above...two at a time.

Kazuya was flushed, sweating and heaving as his body worked through the ancestral Katas of Mishima Style Karate that had been lifeblood to him all these years. He moved like a dancer in the throes of his most beloved passion, executing each flawless motion with precision and grace. Kazuya was a sight to behold...the strongest and most skilled martial artist in the world today. The most deadly adversary any opponent at the Tournament would ever face...and live to tell the tale.

Lee leaned along the entrance to the dojo, his shoulder braced against the torch lined wall...awe struck at the beauty of his exquisite lover. The pangs of his desire, once more flaring...as his skin tingled with remembrance from the night before. Lee waited until Kazuya had executed the last motion of the Kata he had seen 1000 times, before speaking his name.

"Kazuya..." Lee stepped in, his boots left behind as practiced habit for treading within the sacred training space.

Kazuya looked up beneath errant tendrils of thick obsidian hair dripping down along his flushed skin.

Lee pressed his fingers into the pockets of his form fitting leather pants as he approached. "Kazuya, I am so sorry about this morning. I..I just woke up and found you had left...and I wanted to know why or if I had done something to upset you. I stormed into the office to find you and instead, walked headfirst into the entire situation. I am a fool..."

"Fools tread where even angels would not dare..." Kazuya spoke through shallow breaths, grasping Chaolan with a half smile...before pressing him back against one of the wooden support beams within the center of the dojo. Cornering him, Kazuya pinned his knee into the silver haired beauty’s...brushing his red leather gloved hand into Chaolans exquisite silken mane.

Lee could feel the heat rising from his lovers body as he stood, pressed between Kazuya and the support beam. His lashes flickered closed as he felt the gentle grinding pulse of his lovers pressuring hip...against his own.

"You look so exquisite in my button down shirt, Chaolan. Something makes me feel exceptionally possessive to see you in it...the ends tucked so perfectly into those deliciously tight pants. I know you aren’t wearing anything beneath them. I can still smell myself on you from last night..mixed with the strong scent of leather..." Kazuya hissed his hot breath along Chaolans throat, his teeth sinking deep into the flesh of his silver haired lovers shoulder.

Lee dug his nails into Kazuya’s sweat drenched flesh, biting back the echo of his moan. "The smell of your skin, whet with the exertion of your Katas...is making me so incredibly hard. I want to lick you clean with my aching mouth...just to bring you to a fever...all over again...."

"Is that so..." Kazuya growled, releasing Chaolans bite tender shoulder...his arm extending fully as his hand fell to rest against the beam..on the side of Lees head...as his free hand slipped between their grinding bodies to unzip Chaolans leather pants.

Lee undid Kazuya’s black belt...tossing it to the dojo floor as he slid his lovers gi pants down around below the curve of his supple hind. Kazuya took full advantage of the skin to skin contact...sliding his hard length...along Chaolans, taking his hand to wrap partly around them both. The difference in circumference made up...by the silver devils own delicate, porcelain hand.

Interlacing their fingers...thumbs touching atop their combined shafts, resting side by side...Kazuya dripped his head back, moaning as together they moved their interlocked hands in unison...masturbating themselves...and one another at the same time.

Lee cried out, instantly silenced by the force of his lovers mouth as the combined hands moved with faster precision. The sensation was erotic...both lovers pressed tightly to one another, hips arching in perfect counter rhythm...shivering from the intensity of their thick, swollen cocks rubbing against one another...driven by the force of their interlaced fingers.

"Sweet Jesus..." Chaolan cried out, his face flushed in sweet anguish as he bucked his hips faster, driving there united hands faster along their combined, throbbing shafts. "Ohhh Kazuya...."

Kazuya slid a hand into Chaolans gleaming silver mane, tugging harshly...possessively on the molten tendrils. "Your getting close too quickly, I think I might have to starve you..just so you feel the true meaning of need...." Kazuya hissed as beads of tormenting sweat dripped down his errant tangles of thick obsidian hair, gasping from the incredible sensation.

"Hello??? Dono Chaolan?" Came an odd voice echoing through the dojo, forcing Kazuya to whip his head up. Sliding back slowly, Kazuya released Chaolan, readjusting his pants, shielded by the thick support beams.

Lee quickly readjusted himself, wiping a hand across his brow as his lover pulled away.

"Oh, Dono Mishima. Forgive my interruption, I thought I heard another voice. Is Dono Chaolan with you, by chance."

"He is, however we are sparring, Detective Wulong. I trust this is important enough to interrupt our training for the Iron Fist?" Kazuya was cool under pressure, his voice tainted with an icy edge as only the callous CEO could muster.

"I need to speak with Dono Chaolan." Lei Wulong waited just outside the dojo confines, his hands folded before his chest..unyeilding.

Lee stepped out from behind the support of the thick beam, brushing his hand back through his hair, his clothing readjusted. "I am here, Detective." Shooting Kazuya a side glance, Chaolan stepped toward the awaiting Interpol Operative.

"Forgive Dono Mishima, Detective. He does not look kindly on being interrupted during training." Lee leaned back against the wall, looking toward his lover as he paced the dojo floor like a stalking jungle cat.

"His ethics are strong on training, though it is rather odd that you are not prepared with the required comfortable sparring clothing." Lei arched a brow slightly, suspiciously.

"I..I was not expecting to spar, however, when I am required I make do." Lee nodded to himself. Shit. He is suspicious. I can feel it.

"Well, irregardless, Thank you for taking a moment to speak with me. I am back earlier than expected due to some rather interesting revelations. Would you care to tell me about your relationship to Drew Montague, Dono Chaolan?" Lei Wulong half smiled, watching as Lee squirmed ever so subtly beneath his gaze.

"I do not know what you mean, Detective." Lee feigned a charming sense of naivete.

"I do not have time to waste, Dono Chaolan. Not when a high level executive has gone missing, so I will get right to the point. Evidence was found in Drew Montagues uptown Tokyo apartment connecting you to him in a rather personal, intimate way. Would you care to clarify or do you still wish to refute the truth?" Wulong tapped his foot impatiently as he withdrew his leather bound notebook, flipping errantly through pages till he found what he was looking for.

Lee Chaolan fell completely silent.

"I see. Well, Dono Chaolan, allow me to quote something in Drew Montagues personal log from his apartment, dated just a week before his disappearance." The Interpol operative cleared his throat before beginning to read from his notebook. "Last night, spent with Lee, reminded me of all those years ago. My body has never felt such pleasure but my heart has never been in such pain. I know he has been with others, one more important to him than the rest. I don’t think he has let go of his former lover and I just don’t know what to do..."

Lee felt his body tremble uncontrollably as the words, a last will and testament from the hand and mind of Drew Montague spoke to him from beyond whatever fate Kazuya Mishima had inflicted upon the possessive American.

"Now, Dono Chaolan. Do you have anything you would like to say?" Lei watched Lee closely.

"Well, Detective, I suppose you leave me no choice but to reveal myself. Drew Montague and I were...involved in an intimate relationship several years ago during our college days. We ran into one another again over a week ago and..rekindled that old relationship for a brief time. He disappeared shortly after and I have not heard from him since. I...I am not Gay, Detective, though his words might paint me in another light. I am more Bi sexual, but I will not deny that I have found pleasure in another mans arms, from time to time." Lee felt his face flush hot with a sense of embarrassment and fear for his reputation.

"Frankly, Dono Chaolan, I could care less what your sexual preference is. My only concern is finding the Missing Drew Montague." Lei was stern, unmovable beneath his suspects questioning gaze. "However, this personal log made mention of Dono Montagues belief that you had not fully relinquished your intimate relationship with another...lover. A Crime of Passion is a strong motivation. I will need the name of your former...liaison, the one mentioned here."

"There was no one else, Detective. Drew was extremely possessive. When I would not confess to another relationship, he simply...disappeared." Lee tried to make himself appear...earnest, beneath the detectives scrutinizing gaze.

Lei turned his focus a moment to Kazuya Mishima, pacing along the dojo floor, his eyes fixated upon the Detective and Lee Chaolan almost, angrily. "What about your adopted brother and CEO of this corporation, Kazuya Mishima? Is Dono Mishima aware of your...alternative lifestyle?"

Lee stammered a moment, glancing back to his lover almost longingly. "We have never discussed such things. Our relationship is not...open. In truth, we share little common interest outside of the Zaibatsu."

"I see. Is there anything else you wish to come forth with, Dono Chaolan?" Lei turned his attention back to Kazuya, studying him warily.

"I have been as honest as I possibly could be." Lee stated heartily, finding comforting truth in vagueness. "I only make one request of you, Detective. My reputation and social standing are of vital importance. I would not want any of the information as to my Lifestyle, as you have put it, to be splattered across the tabloids."

"I can assure you our discussion is confidential, unless of course something unsavory should turn up. In which case the freedom of press takes precedence, no matter how the Interpol might attempt to shield your reputation."

Lee nodded in understanding.

"Please inform Dono Mishima I have some additional questions for him. I will be awaiting him here to accompany him to his office." Lei Wulong half smiled once more, flipping his notebook closed. His demands to see Kazuya Mishima would not permit Lee Chaolan a moment to prep the CEO should something unsavory be hidden somewhere in the midst.

Lee stepped some distance away from the Detective, closing in the distance between himself and his anxious lover. "Kazuya, The Detective would like you to accompany him to your office." He lowered his voice. "He knows about me. You don’t." With that, Lee turned once more and exited the dojo for the slight comfort of his office. A million scenarios played through his mind as he jumped...hearing the CEO office doors slam shut with a sudden start.

Kazuya Mishima dried his sweat drenched body with his towel as the Detective closed the doors behind them. Shielded by the opulence and safety of his office, Kazuya quieted his mind and turned to face his Inquisitor.

"Thank you once again Dono Mishima for your cooperation. I have come to ask you if you have any information on the relationship of Lee Chaolan to the missing Drew Montague."

"I am not sure what you mean by relationship, Detective." Kazuya stated flatly, taking a seat behind his desk.

Lei nodded, resting in the chair the CEO offered to him. "Dono Chaolan and Drew Montague knew one another quite intimately well. Can you tell me anything about this?"

"Your asking me if Dono Chaolan was intimate with Drew Montague? I am afraid Dono Chaolan and I are not your typical pair of adopted siblings. We do not discuss our personal lives with one another. Though I can not confirm what it is you seek, I can only attest to the fact that I have had my suspicions."

"What exactly do you mean, Dono Mishima?" Lei scribbled notes in his leather-bound pad, never breaking eye contact with the CEO.

Kazuya leaned back in his chair, bridging his fingers before his chin. "Sometime ago, roughly over a week or so, Dono Chaolan and I had a celebration lunch for our latest corporate merger when Drew Montague surprised Lee. Dono Chaolan informed me they had been friends in College. I could sense a rather intense feeling from them, though nothing tangible."

Lei tapped his pen against his lower lip. "And if they happened to be lovers, Dono Mishima, how would that make you feel?"

"Truly, it is none of my business, Detective. Dono Chaolans sexuality neither warrants my care nor my concern." Kazuya placed a visibly icy edge to his voice.

"I have noticed you do not refer to Dono Chaolan as your brother. Adopted or not, by legal rights you are both related." Lei half smiled, believing he had cornered the evasive CEO.

"As I have already stated, Detective Wulong, we are not your typical siblings. We do not discuss our personal lives with one another." Kazuya nodded, ending his thought on the matter. "Is there anything else?"

"Yes, Dono Mishima, there is one last thing. When was the last time you had a..female companion?" Wulong studied Kazuya intently.

The CEO’s eyes seemed to brim over with hellfire at the indignatio of the personal question asked of him. "In this position within my company, I do not have time for girlfriends, Detective. If you are making reference to my sexual preference, you may feel free to call my last companion of roughly a week ago. My Secretary will give you Miss Hitsamatsue’s phone number."

Wulong smiled almost brilliantly. "Well, with that, I think I have what I currently need from you. Should I have additional questions I will be in touch. Thank you once again for your time."

"Of course. A pleasure, Detective." Kazuya rose, bowing respectfully to the Interpol operative as he saw himself out.

This is getting dangerous. The Detective is trying to piece something together and he may be stumbling onto the right path. We will have to cool down a bit, else get caught in the process. Survival must come before pleasure...lust or even love.

Kazuya tapped his fingertip over the intercom, rousing the voice of his secretary as he barked into the device. "Get me Chaolan."

Lee stepped into the CEO office, his head downcast as blood tears stained a trail from his chemically abused nostril to his lush velvet pink lips. "Kazuya...what are we going to do?"

Kazuya walked toward the silver haired beauty, drinking in the very sight of him. The CEO pinned Chaolan against the strength of the double oak doors, his body pressing deliciously, firmly against his lovers. Tracing the porcelain smooth flesh of Chaolans cheek, Kazuya took hold of Lees exquiste almond eyes with his own diabolical dark depths.

"Listen to me." Kazuya whispered, his breath tantalizingly hot. "We must be careful. I am going to find a business related reason for us both to take a short haitus and come up with a plan to beat Detective Wulong and his godless judicial system. Give me time to work out the details...my beautiful Chaolan." With that, Kazuya pressed his gleaming, muscular half naked body against his lovers, dripping his head down to taste the achingly hot nectar of the silver beauty’s mouth.

Chaolan tilted his head to recieve Kazuya’s lips, moaning against the probing intensity of his lovers passionate kiss. Locked together in a blissful eternity, the kiss grew first softer and then harder, spilling over to the teasing force of roaming hands, eliciting a cacophany of aching little whimpers through panting breaths...pleading for more.

Finally Kazuya stepped back, wiping his forearm across his tainted mouth. HIs body was raging, wrought through the fires of his need. Lee quivered, dizzy from the erotic intensity...overwhelmed on the feast of his lover. Flushed, panting...the Silver beauty fought to regain his breath "When can we..."

Kazuya silenced the ravishing beauty, aching with weakness and desire. "Not tonight as we will most likely be closely watched. No doubt our phone lines could be tapped, depending on how voracious an appetite this Detective Wulong has to solve this case. I will see you here at the Zaibatsu, tomorrow morning..."

"If I can survive that long." Lee half smiled, his body still trembling with the agony of his denied, straining need.

"Just remember not to scream my name too loud when you fuck yourself with those exquiste hands...pleading that they were mine. Do not waste a drop of that delicious seed. When next I see you, I certainly won’t." Kazuya grinned wickedly as Lee attempted to readjust the swollen intensity of his length, visible through too tight leather pants.

Lee Chaolan stepped out from the office, nearly doubled over from the anguish of unfulfilled pleasure. It was going to be a long... hard night.

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