Author's Notes: I guess I forgot to mention it in the first chapter. This fic was inspired by a White Stripes song called, “You’ve Got Her In You’re Pocket.” I just thought it was only polite to mention the inspiration. Yes I listen to the White Stripes, and if anyone has anything to say about it… please don’t. I like my happy delusions.

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Stuck In My Ways

Chapter 2 - I am Human

By Chlover

Without so much as a second thought, Hwoarang launched the other man off of him, using his feet. What had gotten into Mishima-san? Was he purposely trying to cause trouble? Well if trouble was what he wanted, trouble was what he would get. No man gets away with pulling that shit. Not even a man that’s part devil!

Hwoarang sprang to his feet and fell into fighting stance. His whole body was covered in snow, and he was beginning to really feel it. The still air suddenly picked up a breeze, adding too the coolness. Kazuya stood and dusted the snow off the front of his trench coat, ignoring the Korean’s hostile glare. Kazuya appeared thoroughly amused as he stepped onto the cleared sidewalk, smirking.

What a wise guy. Hwoarang only resisted beating that guy’s ass because he thought it was probably bad luck to beat up a devil. “What was that about?”

“Testing your loyalties,” Kazuya smirked.

“Fuck that!” Hwoarang raged, kicking the snow, “I don’t need to be a loyal man to know to kick your ass for that! Just who do you think you are, pulling that shit on me? I don’t know where you got the idea that kissing me wouldn’t have serious consequences, but-” He watched Kazuya turn away, “Hey! Look at me when I’m talking to you, Mishima!”

Kazuya waved without turning back, “Until we meet again, Doo san. Farewell.” And walked away.

Hwoarang stared after the other man, still shocked and angry. He cursed under his breath and hopped back on his bike. Having a man’s lips touch his really made him want to prove that he was straight. The engine roared to life underneath him, and he sped off toward the hotel. It was time to apologize to Julia. It wasn’t right to leave her waiting like that.

The restaurant was fairly fancy. As fancy as possible for a small crappy town. Most of the customers were old couples ranging from 40’s – 70’s. Every now and then the odd young couple could be seen, or the odd child with their grandparents. Every single one of them looked rich and conceited.

Just about every head in the building stared as Hwoarang walked in with Julia and her friends. They had compromised. He agreed to come as long as he didn’t have to dress up. So there he was, amongst all the yuppies in formal wear with his white wife-beater, and faded jeans, torn at the knees. His fiery hair was slicked back, and topped off with his goggles. Sarah and Tom seemed a little uneasy around him, and it was confirmed when they both blushed at all the attention he was attracting.

The waiter seated the four near the back, probably trying not to scare off customers. Hwoarang sat down, leaning back in his seat, rudely balancing the chair on the back legs. Julia sat next to him. He watched with a quirked brow as Tom pulled out Sarah’s chair for her, and took his own seat directly across from Hwoarang. The menus were brought to them, and the waiter asked them if they would like anything to drink, though he aimed his question at everyone but the Korean.

Tom smiled, “A bottle of Pinot Noir, please.”

The waiter nodded and walked away. Hwoarang frowned and sat up, “Hey…”

“Hwoarang,” Julia whispered, “I don’t think this place serves beer anyway. Behave yourself.”

He rolled his eyes and leaned back once more. Sarah and tom looked at each other wearily, not entirely sure what to make of their friend’s love interest. They had met him before, but it was only a handshake and a ‘we should do something.’ Of course, the Korean dismissed them without responding to it, but they figured if Julia could see something in him, they might as well give it a shot.

Sarah looked back and forth between the two before leaning in to ask, “So where’d you two meet? Was it romantic?”

Hwoarang smirked, “I beat her up.”

“Must you?” Julia shook her head, “No. We met at the third Iron Fist Tournament. I told you about it. Of course neither of us got what we wanted out of the tournament, and we were too wrapped up in self pity to notice each other, but about a year later, when I went to Korea to do some research, I had to pry some information out of the military, and we bumped into each other.” Julia smiled and touched Hwoarang’s knee, “That’s when we got together.”

“Military?” Tom laughed, “I should have known. You miss it? You keep in touch with your army pals, eh?”

Hwoarang frowned at the ‘No Smoking’ sign before answering, “My army pals are currently hunting me down, My former superiors want me in there custody, dead or alive.”

Tom went pale, “Wha-Why? What did you do?”

“I went AWOL and beat up a few of their men when they came to fetch me. They’re just a little pissed off. They should get over it in a while.”

A couple more questions were fired at him, but something else caught Hwoarang’s attention. A man walked through the doors. Kazuya Mishima. Kazuya was wearing a business suit, sunglasses, trench coat, and a black godfather hat, hiding his hair. It was dangerous for the man to be there, even with the subtle disguise. Julia and her friends were after him, and were bound to notice his presence eventually.

Kazuya was seated three tables away. He glanced leisurely in Hwoarang’s direction, but with the glasses there, the Korean could see no hint of a care. Julia nudged her boyfriend with her elbow, trying to get his attention. Hwoarang rubbed his side where he was nudged, and attempted to form a plan to get Kazuya out of there. Not only for the devil’s safety, but for Hwoarang’s sanity. He couldn’t stand these people. Any excuse to leave would be a much-needed one.

Yes! An idea! Hwoarang put his arm on the back of Julia’s chair and turned to her, “Do you mind if I go outside for a smoke?”

She frowned, worriedly, “You didn’t bring your jacket, Hwoarang. It’s cold out there.”

“Please,” He pouted, trying to look as pitiful as possible.

Julia grinned, trying not to giggle, “Fine. But don’t get into any trouble.”

Hwoarang kissed her lightly on the lips before standing up and smirking devilishly, “Let’s not get too demanding, toots,” and walked across the room. He glanced back at Kazuya, trying to send a subtle hint to follow before walking out the door.

The Korean leaned against the wall, away from any doors, not wanting to get in trouble for scaring people away. He lit a cigarette, and waited. Luckily, it wasn’t a long wait. The restaurant door opened smoothly, and the man in the godfather hat stepped out, and up to Hwoarang.

Kazuya leaned against the wall next to the younger man, and gazed around the area. He shook his head, refusing a cigarette Hwoarang offered. “Quite the people you’re with, Doo san. What did it take for her to talk you into this outing?”

Hwoarang sneered, his eyes on the sidewalk in front of him, “We had a fight and I figured that agreeing to do this shit would make it up to her. Fuck this. I don’t know why she insists. Nobody wants me here, and I don’t want to be here.” He shivered and took another drag in hopes that it would warm him.


“What do you think?” Hwoarang snapped, “Anyway, I didn’t just come out here to chat with you. I wanted to tell you that you shouldn’t be here. The whole reason Julia and her yuppie tree-hugger team are in Nebraska is to get to you. Something about reforestation. I have no idea what they think you can do to help, but they do, and they’re a fucking spoiled bunch, so if they don’t get their way with you, they’re planning on forcing you.” He grinned, “Raped by Radicals.”

Kazuya quirked a brow, “Forcing me to help them? How do they plan on doing this?”

“Pffft. They’re in the process of studying you by doing some investigating of the G-corp lab ruins. I have no idea how much they’ve found or if they’ve found anything, but better safe then sorry.”

“You don’t want them to catch me?” Kazuya asked, seemingly amused, “Don’t you care about your girlfriend’s plans for reforestation?”

Hwoarang glanced at the door, “Of course I do. I just think she’s taking this whole thing a little too far. I mean, going after a devil? All this money she’s spending searching for you probably could have got her what she’s wanted in the first place. It’s all just a waste of money.” He hesitated, “And I’m warning you because, despite popular belief, I am human, and I wouldn’t wish being tortured by a bunch of yuppies upon even my worst enemy.”

A strange silence followed his admittance. Hwoarang looked at Kazuya to see the older man pull off the glasses, revealing ageless eyes. Kazuya straightened up and stepped closer to his son’s rival. This time Hwoarang made no move to fight. He only flicked ashes off his cigarette, and watched Kazuya.

“Doo San,” Kazuya smirked, “Your fear is gone.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed… I’m going back inside. It’s fucking cold out here.”

Kazuya grabbed hold of Hwoarang’s shoulders and paused, expecting some form of attack, or at least a obscene threat, but neither came. In truth, Hwoarang found the older man to be strangely attractive and appalling, both at the same time. It was difficult to decide whether to crush him or kiss him, so he allowed Mishima to decide.

Their lips met. After a moment or two, Hwoarang placed his hands on the older man’s hips, dropping the cigarette into the snow, and pulled him closer. Kazuya ran his fingers through the fiery hair, carefully avoiding knocking the goggles off. It was unbelievable that such a situation was actually happening, but that wasn’t the most important thing on the Korean’s mind at the moment.

Suddenly, Kazuya broke away, winking at Hwoarang, “Until next time…” Before Hwoarang could protest, the older man was already running down the street, his coat flying wildly behind.



A/N: A little short? I know, it’s not like me to do something so short, but I figured it was time to end the chapter. Sorry if there are any yuppies reading this. I meant no offence… Really…

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