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Spring Fever

By Shi-chan

Jin stepped in to the bar, not expecting to see the person that he tried to keep away from, for reasons of his own safety and for the latter’s. Sitting solely on the bar with a glass of red wine in hand was the self proclaimed rival. The one and only Hwoarang. Jin was about to turn around and leave when he remembered that he too wanted to have a little drink. He was still standing by the glass door, debating whether to enter or leave when he found Hwoarang standing up and grabbing his leather jacket. Before Jin could hide himself, he was spotted. Hwoarang sneered at the sight of him and let out a growl when Jin stared back. Jin noticed that Hwoarang was slightly pale and seemed to be a lot thinner.

Everyone noticed the growing tension between Hwoarang and Jin and chose to be quiet. Jin dared not to move from his footing and waited for Hwoarang to budge. Hwoarang sneered again before pushing him in an attempt to make it hard but it ended up being a very, very light shove. The Korean muttered something in his native tongue before continuing down the pathway, his Harley nowhere in sight. Jin stared at the retreating figure before shrugging his doubts and going for the drink that he wanted. He lost his want for it after his second glass and decided that he should go visit the grave of his mother since the cemetery was quite close. He paid his drink and then left, jogging to the cemetery. Upon setting foot to the shadowy realm of the dead, he stopped. He was not alone, and he could feel a presence, but it was a rather weak one. Ignoring that, he headed for the grave of his mother, though there really was no body, he preferred to have something that can remind him of his mother. What was buried instead was her belongings, like her diary, her clothes and a picture of her. Toshin left nothing of her to burry. Jin closed his eyes as he knelt in front of the grave and clasped his hands in front of him and began to pray. He missed her a lot. Who wouldn’t miss the ever so gentle Jun Kazama?

Jin was in the middle of his prayer when lightning illuminated the sky and gave out a loud growl. It was then followed by drops of water that soon turned to a heavy downpour. Jin sighed and ended his prayer.

“I will come again mother.” Dipping his head in a polite bow he stood up and pulled the hood of his blue jacket on. He began jogging towards the exit when he saw a shaking figure leaning against a headstone. Jin narrowed his eyes, trying to get a clearer image. He could have sworn he saw something red. He walked towards the figure and immediately realized who it was.

“Hwoarang?” He called out. He only got a shocking answer. And that was when Hwoarang collapsed completely on the ground. Jin was startled. Out of his good nature, he knelt next to the unconscious boy and shook him. “Hey! Hwoarang! This is not place to be taking a nap! It’s freezing!” The temperature dropped a couple of degrees lower since the rain started and Jin himself was feeling rather cold. “Hwoarang!” He now yelled. He brushed the hair away from his face and noticed the boy’s flushed face. “My god, you’re burning! What an idiot you are to go out at a cold night like this!” He said out loud.

“Sensei?” Hwoarang’s eyes fluttered open, and they were blood shot.

“Hwoarang! Stay with me! I’ll get you to a warmer place.” Jin said in panic.

“Help me sensei.” Hwoarang’s eyes then dropped and he slumped in Jin’s arms.

“Oh lord!” Jin braced himself and carried Hwoarang in his arms. He was not that heavy and Jin found this rather disturbing. He ran out of the cemetery in an attempt to get someplace drier. He wanted to get Hwoarang to his home when he realized that he did not where the punk lived. He cursed and sighed. He saw a cab and yelled for it. He gave him the directions and in no time they were in front of Jin’s driveway. He generously paid the driver and carried Hwoarang in to his house.

Jin had a wonderful time trying to unlock his front door. He nearly dropped the body he was carrying. When he did manage to unlock the door, he kicked it wide open, causing the hinges to tremble and gently laid Hwoarang on the wooden floor. He stripped him off his wet clothes, leaving his boxers on and began to dry him with many large towels. He then carried him off to his room, and lay him on the bed. He grabbed a pair of his pajama bottoms and replaced the wet boxers that he had on. He then pulled the covers over him.

Jin sighed. He went to the bathroom and took a warm shower, and changed to cleaner and comfortable clothes. A pair of old loose black sweat pants and a white t-shirt kept him comfortable enough. He closed door of his room, leaving Hwoarang to rest in peace as he began to gather all the latter’s wet clothes and put them in to the wash. He waited for it to be washed and dried before ironing them himself and hanging them in a hanger in the closet. He was suddenly tired. He sat on the couch and closed his eyes for a moment. He then drifted to a peaceful slumber.

Jin woke up when he heard a groan from his room. He got up and headed for his room and cautiously opened the door. He then pushed it wide open as his eyes fell on Hwoarang. He flicked the lamp on and saw that the boy’s breathing had become rapid and also noted that he was covered in sweat and was flushed. Amber eyebrows knitted in pain and he was shivering.

Jin rushed to get some towels and wiped the sweat off. He then took a bowl of cool water and poured some rubbing alcohol in to it before wiping Hwoarang’s entire torso with it. He remembered that his mother did this to him when he got a fever once and that it also did a good job of lowering the fever. Hwoarang’s fever did slightly go down, but it rose again in the span of an hour.

Jin had to keep wiping the perspiration away and had to replace the damp towel on Hwoarang’s forehead. He left him for a while to look at his medicines. Finding some aspirins and antibiotics, he crushed them and dissolved them in water. Carrying the tiny cup in his hands, and glass and pitcher in the other, he headed for his room. One look at Hwoarang was enough to make anyone turn away. Never in Jin’s mind did he imagine seeing the boy suffer like this.

Holding up his head, he brought the liquid medicine close to the Korean’s lips and coaxed him to drink it. “Come on Hwoarang. It’s bitter but it will make you feel better.”

Reflex did the job well. Hwoarang swallowed the medicine but winced as it slithered down his throat. Jin gave him a bit of water before replacing the damp towel on his forehead that felt quite dry. Jin kept on doing this for what seemed like forever until the first rays of dawn crept above the horizon. Only then did Hwoarang finally laid in peace.

Luck was really on Jin’s side. Hwoarang’s fever returned that evening and did not go till five nights went by. Jin was tired, hungry and really sleepy. But for some unknown reason, he stayed up and remained strong for the sick boy that now seemed to be asleep. Soft red hair framed those masculine, yet delicate features of the sleeping figure. Jin watched him sleep for a long, long time before he unconsciously brushed a lock of the red hair away. He gently touched Hwoarang’s cheek, trailing a finger down to his lips and chin before planting a kiss there.

Jin blinked at what he just did. “What the hell?” He whispered in shock. But it felt right, like it was meant to happen. He smiled slowly and gently pulled the covers higher, covering Hwoarang’s bare shoulders before padding towards the kitchen and getting himself a snack. In the middle of eating his sandwich, his head lolled and fell on the kitchen table.

Poor Jin maybe tough. But six days without sleeping was getting to him. So he fell asleep sandwich in hand.

Hwoarang opened his eyes which felt like lead. He blinked several times before his vision cleared. He sighed and noticed that his surroundings were not familiar to him. He sat up immediately and soon regretted doing that. He winced as he head began to swim. He shook the feeling away and got to his shaky feet. He knew that he should just stay in bed, but because he did not where he was, he needed to quench his curiosity. He opened the door and headed outside the room he was in. It was a nice house. The wooden floors where shiny and the walls were in a light shade of blue. The living room had two couches in navy blue and there was a plush carpet in the middle. There was a TV, a DVD system and a stereo. The curtains were a shade of golden yellow with blue patterns and there several books in a shelf in the corner. On the coffee table was a closed laptop and an empty coffee mug.

Hwoarang’s eyebrows knitted together. He decided to explore more. He saw the bathroom and then headed for the kitchen. It was raining outside and it was nine in the evening. Upon stepping in to the kitchen he grabbed on the door frame. He was very dizzy now, and he knew if he took one more step, he’d end up on the golden kitchen tiles. He raised his head and saw the cutest sight – wait! Did he just think cute? Jin Kazama, his all time rival lay asleep on one arm, the other holding a sandwich which seems to have consisted of peanut butter and marmalade in his other. His long fringe fell on his face and he currently looked like a little lost boy.

Hwoarang felt a smile crawl to his lips. So he was the one? The one who took care of him? The last thing Hwoarang remembered was feeling ill when he entered he bar for a drink. He felt even sicker later on and he still went to the cemetery to pay respects to Baek’s grave. Then there was the rain. Then he did not remember what happened after that.

Hwoarang took a step forward when his knees buckled. He collapsed on the tiles and moaned in pain as his muscles were still weak from the fever as were his bones.

The thud and moan woke Jin up. He opened his eyes and blinked. He eyed the sandwich in his hand and heard his stomach growl. “Thanks mom! You and your magic do come in handy!” He forgot that he fell asleep while eating the sandwich he mead himself. He began to eat it again when another gasp made his head snap up in attention. Sandwich dangling from his mouth, he turned to the source of the sound. He found a crumpled Hwoarang on the floor and his jaw dropped, the sandwich falling out as well.

“Hwoarang!” He yelped and rushed to his side. “What the hell? You should be getting rest not waltzing about!” He carried Hwoarang to the couch and flopped him gently on it.

“What do you think you’re doing Kazama?” Hwoarang demanded weakly.

“You can fight me later, you idiot! Get well first!” Jin snapped. They glared at each other in silence when suddenly Hwoarang’s stomach growled. The poor boy blushed so read that it rivaled his hair big time. Jin smiled at this and began to giggle.

“What are you laughing at?” Hwoarang snapped, blushing even more.

“I understand why you’re hungry. Who wouldn’t be after having a fever for six nights straight?” Jin smiled even more; little crinkles appeared at the corner of his eyes. He meant that smile and he meant it for Hwoarang only. “Not to worry. I’ll get you something to eat.”

Before Hwoarang could say a thing, Jin was in the kitchen preparing Hwoarang something to eat. Half an hour later, Jin held a bowl of steaming beef noodles with vegetables in them in front of Hwoarang. “What is it?” Hwoarang asked.

“I did not put poison! Damn you’re so dense! Just eat it!” Jin handed him a spoon and a fork.. Hwoarang shakily took them but kept dropping them at his every attempt of scooping something in to his fork or spoon. He cursed in his language and gave out a growl, glaring at the eating utensils his hands held.

“Here.” Jin took the spoon and scooped something in to it, holding the warm soup close to Hwoarang’s mouth. “Open up.” Hwoarang gave him a glare before accepting it, blushing hard. “Now that wasn’t very hard! Come on!” Jin gave him another spoonful. Jin was enjoying the fact that he was feeding Hwoarang and the fact that the blush would not leave the boy’s face. In no time, the bowl was emptied and Hwoarang still had the scowl on his face. “Wait here.”

Jin disappeared in to his room. He came out a few minutes later and towered over Hwoarang. “What?” Hwoarang shyly and rather annoyingly asked Jin.

“Go back to bed.” Jin said, jerking a thumb at his room’s direction. “You’ll need rest. When you’re alive and jumping about like the monkey that you are most of the time, you can beat me up then. Okay?” Hwoarang sneered and got to his feet. He was shivering for some odd reason and soon he felt himself falling forward. Hwoarang waited for his face to smack against the plush carpet, but nothing came. He got a whiff of cool mint and musk hypnotize him for a moment. He opened his eyes and found that Jin caught him. Hwoarang blushed hard at the sight.

“Are you all right?” He asked in a very concerned voice.

“I can’t stand straight.” Hwoarang admitted. He felt himself being lifted in to air. “What the -?” Jin had him in his arms. “Jin Kazama, put me down this instant! I was born with two feet and I intend to put them in to use!”

“Oh shut it!” Jin said and carried him to the room. Hwoarang remained beet root the whole time. Jin gently lay him on the bed and pulled the blue comforter over him. “Rest okay? I’ll be right here if you need anything.”

Hwoarang’s eyes suddenly went empty. Jin’s words – they struck something inside him. A memory that he chose to hide.


Baek carried an eight year old Hwoarang in to his room and tucked him in to bed. “You are a good student and son, Hwoarang. I’m very proud of you.”

Hwoarang gave him a grin, one teeth missing and hair in a wild mess. “And I love you sensei! You’re the coolest and strongest sensei in the whole world! You’re – You’re my papa!”

Baek smiled at this and gently ran his fingers through Hwoarang’s messy hair. “And I love you my child.” He placed a kiss on the boy’s forehead. “Rest okay? I’ll be right here if you need anything.”

**End Flashback**

Hwoarang felt his vision cloud. He saw Jin look slightly alarmed in front of him. Yet he did not move. “Sensei.” He mumbled before closing his eyes and turning to his side, tears rolling down. Baek Do San was the only father figure he had and he treasured him like life itself. The memory of him in the past never failed to make Hwoarang cry.

“Hwoarang? Are you all right?” Jin asked, sitting beside him and cupping Hwoarang’s face in his hands. “Did I say something?” Hazel eyes met dark brown ones. “What did I say to make you cry?”

“Sensei. He – He said the same thing to me. Always did, before I went to sleep.” Hwoarang said before breaking down in front of his rival’s face. All the years of suffering loneliness has finally shown. “Now he’s gone! My – My papa is gone.” Hwoarang never really accepted Baek’s disappearance. He knew he sounded like a kid, but he did not care anymore.

Jin wrapped both arms around Hwoarang. “You know, I miss my mom too.” He said, and made his chin rest on Hwoarang’s head. “But I know she’s watching over me as your papa watches over you.” He pulled away and wiped the tears away. “I do not wish to see you sad Hwoarang. Funny as it may sound, but I care. Ever since the night in the rain in the cemetery, I could not help but feel warm. I always want to see you safe and happy.” He watched as surprise registered in Hwoarang’s eyes. “Don’t cry. I’m here and I always will be.”

Jin brushed his hair away. “Jin.” Hwoarang mumbled. Jin smiled gently and placed a chaste kiss on Hwoarang’s lips. He then pulled away and lay him on the bed pulling himself next to him and sheltering both their bodies with the comforter. “Don’t leave me ok?” Jin nodded. “Promise?”

Jin gathered him in his arms and held him tight, placing a kiss on his lips once again. “I promise Hwoarang.” He watched as Hwoarang’s eyes closed and held him even tighter. “I promise.” He whispered once more time.


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