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In the Skin of a Lion

Chapter Eleven

By Aaronica and Orfik

"I want you to drown."

Jin felt his hands truly didn't deserve to touch the monument of hard flesh, the perfection of form that shadows turned beautiful. One of Jin's hands whispered over Hwoarang's cheek, combing through satiny hair and sweeping it tenderly behind Hwoarang's ear with fingertips that continued their trail down the side of his neck. Jin tried to speak and found that his mouth had gone dry in all of his rapt staring, necessitating a swallow before he tried again.

"Only if I can take you with me,"the Japanese breathed solemnly with dark eyes that sought out Hwoarang's. Jin's braver hand continued down Hwoarang's side, the fingers counting each faint firmness of a rib.

After a pause he added, even more enraptured, "Joon-kun, I want to make love to you."

Those words baptize the air the Korean breathed, quiet as he reveled in Jin's caring touch along his bare skin. Hwoarang found himself rethinking the reality of the circumstances and wondering at the feeling that hardened him against Jin's warmth between his legs. As if attempting to ground himself, the Korean slid his palms around the Japanese's angular face, gently tempering out each plane of jaw and cheek and temple and wild brow with his fingertips. His thumbs culminated at either side of Jin's mouth, stroking before his lips displaced them. The kiss was an answer -- Hwoarang's moist, hot, assertive answer.

Jin fell into the kiss swiftly, his mouth a welcoming abode for Hwoarang. It was only partly a side effect of his attempts to again push himself further onto the bed that Jin's hips arched upward enough to press against Hwoarang's. The inches between their bodies were unbearable and Jin's gentle hands urged the Korean to lower against him.

Hwoarang placed his good hand under Jin's arm and tugged him upward on the wavy mattress. He smiled because Jin's attempts to be smooth were kawaii, and because it -- the sliding friction between them -- felt really nice. Stretching his long body over the solid one, the Korean broke the kiss to show Jin his faint smile, the rough surface of his hand cast slid along the Japanese's abdomen as Hwoarang nudged his shirt upward. He wondered why -- despite his smile -- he was still trembling inside. What was the difference between making love to Jin and getting laid? Between love and desire? Between ... love, and love.

Hwoarang came down for another kiss, brushing moving lips against quiet ones. "I love you."

Jin's mouth, then, seemed lost in his perilous decision to either kiss or respond.

"Joon-kun."It was simply breath formed into words, easy to be lost on the muted gurglings of the sea upon which they drifted. Jin's downy head settled against the mattress for one moment; another moment; and then he was lifting it again, kissing the side of Hwoarang's face and pulling undefeatable arms fully about the lithe man, impeding his attempts to undress Jin without his really thinking about the matter. Jin wanted to climb atop the warehouse and holler it across the world but knew his voice felt the occasion too solemn and overpowering to do such a thing. Being poised like this enabled him to speak it loud enough to be heard by the one person for whom it truly mattered.

"Joon-kun, I love you too."

Something warm and soothing, like a creeping finger of sunlight, settled invisibly onto the Japanese, starting with his eyes and fusing across his face until it reached his mouth. It smiled. And Jin shifted their weight to the side, holding Hwoarang tight as if to keep him from drowning while they rolled and were momentarily lost in the sea. When the waves settled, it was Jin who was now on top and still smiling something that could only be described as pure and true.

"I love you," he cooed again, to the face closely under his own. Maybe he would climb on that rooftop after all. A little later.

Hwoarang's hand squeezed the essence of their sentiments from Jin's naked waist while his tongue briefly sought the same from the Japanese's mouth, stabbing. The Korean brought that bothersome shirt off the pressing chest and cooing lips, his mouth grinning once they were face to face again. The person he loved, flushed and sincere above him, filled him with a sense of security he hadn't felt since he was a toddler, and security that had died with Baek Doo San.

This moment, still dreamlike, painted his expression with the same purity and truthfulness -- a reflection of Jin's face, strange on the hustler's. His knees rose like twin suns on either side of the Japanese, his thighs fastening on to the happiness.

Hwoarang had wanted to have a son at some point, but there was always adoption.

Jin loved children. They could have many, many children, and teach them honor and ethics and the ways of their respective styles not for bloody tournaments, but personal strength, and carve out for themselves and those children the most flawless and happy lives possible. In this moment a spectator would have expected no less then a cloud of feathers to spring forth into the air about the couple.

White ones, even.

Jin paused above Hwoarang not out of reluctance, but to move his eyes over the Korean's every detail; to capture them and make them his own so that they would never be lost or missing again. Cradling the back Hwoarang's neck tenderly in his fingers Jin's mouth trickled over the Korean's jaw. Maybe it was Hwoarang's neck that Jin loved best ... it was almost impossible to decide, really.

Hwoarang arched into the trickle, his neck curved. His crooked knuckles teased over the dual nubs on Jin's chest, lightly working them until they hardened. When the Japanese's mouth made him gasp aloud, Hwoarang pinched both nipples between the pads of his fingers. The Korean loved touching Jin best so far.

When Jin figured out the little game easily enough it made his mouth smile against his lover's skin and his chest rock mildly with a withheld chuckle. He took a teasing nip at the flesh before stroking the luscious plane of Hwoarang's curved neck, below his chin, with first the tip of his nose and then a kiss that slid down its entire length to pool in the recess above his collarbone. Jin continued to ease his body down against the redhead's in a touch whose slowness was as graceful as it was erotic.

"Jin-kun .. "Hwoarang murmured, his lengthy legs parting, allowing Jin the space to descend; but his hands were unrelenting, moving from their place at the Japanese's warmed pecs to stitch over the skin stretched over his ribs, the skin touched with a bit of chill from the drafty mezzanine. Pursuing the path of fingers under the heated down of his armpits and along his relaxed shoulder, Hwoarang's eyes settled with a distant, love-lined reflection on the demonic insignia etched into the almond skin. He let his handicapped hand fuss over it, stroking with a sensual, sincere familiarity.

As if that year-old brand was a much more recent burn the muscle it plagued tensed sensitively, perhaps nervously, under the touch. Jin had been busy making a meal of Hwoarang's naked torso (and spreading the man's thighs with the help of his waist), but Jin detoured now to turn his head and softly catch those adventurous fingers in his own. Turning his face so that he could watch the Korean's expression Jin brought those fingers to his mouth, his lips kissing the tips of the two longest fingers before drawing them within up to their first knuckles. Not much more would be possible due to the cast but it was the thought that counts.

The reflection on Hwoarangs face was displaced by the only expression of pleasure that could come of having one's fingers sucked by a belovéd deity. The effect of Jin's attentive, dark eyes focused with heat and lust and love -- and perhaps something else -- rivaled that of the bed's surface. The netting drew him forward, torso curving to accommodate a series of parted, moist kisses set across Jin's forehead, temple and jaw.

"... love .. you."He whispered in between, a discrete mantra.

Exactly as Jin had hoped, for both men had forgotten about the mark. Jin next kissed the hand's palm -- currently of a coarse and manmade substance but nevertheless a part of Hwoarang and automatically rendered magnificent. The hand was put to rest with care once Hwoarang bent forward and Jin buckled under the pressure of surviving for so long without a true kiss. He did not need his eyes to see, to feel what was right, and they were closed as he tilted his chin up to catch Hwoarang's mouth once more. Jin's fingers massaged the insides of the Korean's thighs.

Better than touching, almost, Hwoarang thought -- his tongue lapping in and out of Jin's mouth, savoring its distinctly sharp, sweet taste. His hand creeped over Jin's nude back, dipping into the concavity there, and eventually molded over the rise of one cheek to shift and squeeze. Hwoarang's mouth pushed harder, the salacious sounds of oral exchange amplified.

When he came up to breathe, Hwoarang wasted more oxygen repeating himself. His fingers slid up to work themselves down again, under the Japanese's restricting waistband.

Between little grunts whose animalistic qualities would have surprised them had his own ears been bothering to catch them, Jin mumbled something lustily against the hustler's neck as he showered it with wet, eager affection. Yes, this was indeed his newest Favorite Piece of Hwoarang, and the Korean was going to have a handsome collection of hickies in the morning. Since Hwoarang's hands were in the clear Jin rubbed himself into Hwoarang a single slow, firm time, putting lust to lust and shocking himself momentarily breathless at the power of such a connection. But soon there were more hands between their bodies, only this time they belonged to Jin and had the distinct purpose of slipping open the belt of Hwoarang's chaps and then the buttons of his jeans; one by one, down the mile- long fly of them.

"I love you,"he sounded quietly again although much clearer this time with lips that continued to tickle that wonderful neck.

Jin found himself now in the dilemma of having to pull away from his Joon-kun's kiss. He postponed it at first and when its moment finally came it was laden with hesitation and second guesses. His dark, sloe- eyed stare was heavy and soft as he nuzzled the side of Hwoarang's jaw with his nose, easing his form south again and to the side. The gesture made also an excellent excuse for a sensual press of bodies while Jin levied a string of kisses down Hwoarang's torso; chaste so as not to waste any precious moisture. The heat of his lips probably would have even surprised Jin himself. Inevitably chained to his love he rode the mild ocean with care as he progressed, smoothing his hands, roughly fleshed and delicately wielded, over Hwoarang's thighs.

Laying gentle claim to the back of Jin's descending head with his right palm, Hwoarang's fingers were struggling for self-control as moved through the silky, stiffly set strands. Placing his injured hand to a place above the pillow, the Korean shifted his face so he could watch his koi, the hard line of his cheek and jaw lying on his stretched arm. When the provocation of voyeurism became too much to keep Hwoarang prone he closed his eyes for a few seconds, venting his physical urgency through breathing.

Inversely, Jin seemed only by urgency to accomplish the smallest gestures, so great was the temptation to allow his mouth to linger on certain parts. There was nothing to eschew on the Korean's body, and everything to adore. The travel's of Jin's mouth lead it in a daintily stepped line down Hwoarang's most sensitive and most urgent of regions for Jin to assure him that they were not forgotten, would never be.

And then there was only one last and short highway before the Japanese reached his destination, framing it at a distance with his hands. Unaware that he had ever closed his eyes Jin opened them now; they watched Hwoarang's face as he pressed his lips to the uncharted passage. His tongue, somehow withheld for all of those temptations, was finally freed here, meeting the opening with care and then growing lust and pressure.

The gasp of surprise occurred almost simultaneously with the virginal clench of that puckered, tender orifice. If before Hwoarang's eyes were open, regarding Jin with climbing anticipation, they now squeezed shut, the Korean's long body spasmed by sensation into a soft arch. He couldn't begin to describe such a strange feeling. Hwoarang had never been probed in such an intimate way, and the mental image of Jin exploring him -- producing this novel feeling -- nearly sent the rogue into a premature climax. Hwoarang's organ was a sturdy, engorged thing that leaked with premonition, vulnerable in the heated air around them; he'd driven both his arms upward, trapping the pillow in a wanton squeeze.

Ever anxious of causing unknown pain Jin soothed the insides of Hwoarang's endless thighs with his hands in the guise of strokes and fleeting squeezes. Jin's body was fast becoming an invigorated knot whose ends were, with each moment spent on this current exploration, being pulled ever tighter. Simultaneously, however, he sought Hwoarang's comfort and especially his relaxation. Jin's breath on the barrier was warm and humid and laced with the faintest thread of voice. He withdrew his pressure to renew his moisture and was soon urging the strong, slick muscle forward again, seeping inside with the intent of seeing how deeply it could be done. That would be best in the end.

"Jin-kun .. !"parted lips ejected in an amalgamation of groan and whisper. Hwoarang's tensed, flexible legs parted further in trust, inviting the length of tongue to be kneaded by the pulsing ring of muscle inside him. It was with sudden acceptance that his touch was perched on one of the hands his thighs were held with, encapsulating the clutching fingers in another demanding set. Amazing as the erotic attention was, he still found his desires writhing for some missing element, and only from the dregs of lust could the Korean began to formulate what that filling element was.

Jin responded so acutely to Hwoarang's soaring reactions that when he withdrew from the biker's body a second time, he was drawing great, urgent draughts of air through his nose. He paused and swallowed while his pulse steadied and then, parting his lips for one task, they disregarded that mission in order to smile. Amidst the aquatic grumbling of the myriad waves caused by his movements on the waterbed, Jin rescaled the peak of the redhead's body and was still grinning as he kissed the man's graceful neck, slipping a large- knuckled digit into his mouth long enough to wet it. The tip of this is what tested Hwoarang's limits now and tenderly divulged the password for the chance of admittance. He kissed Hwoarang's neck again.

Hissing as that digit entered him, the Korean's gaze glazed over.

"Please .. "The entreaty was accompanied by a strong thrust upward of his pelvis. ".. please, Jin-kun .. "

The cursed man raised himself and moved his heavy body with slow, weightless grace so that he was above his angel. Downy fingers of hair breezed ticklingly over Hwoarang's neck as Jin bowed his head, situating his hips behind the source of long, spraddled limbs as he tried to dig his toes into the mattress in search of footing. Jin guided himself by hand -- painfully erect, shivering with anticipation at every tap of his pulse -- to the point of this new territory. Once contact was made he froze his breath, cupping Hwoarang's shoulders in his hands and arching his body down against Hwoarang at the same speed as the careful but forceful push forward of his hips.

".. more .. "Hwoarang rasped against the pain. And that was all there was: pain, blighting out the pleasure, but doing nothing to dispel his crested lust for the being above him. His mouth against Jin's chin, Hwoarang found that spreading his thighs more lessened the searing stretch; his toes were clenched just beside Jin's upper thighs, his knees at jutting angles on either side of the other teenager. As he placed a hand between Jin's shoulderblades, bruising with the pressure of blunt nails, the Korean took the Japanese's full lower lip in his mouth, savoring even as he focused on muting his sensuous agony.

Nothing in Jin's tiny sphere of experience had prepared him for such a sensation; a surprised, animalistic grunt was tossed from his mouth like a tiny stone and he did not even notice its falling. Hwoarang's hands would prove excellent sensors against Jin's back, able to feel every knock of his heart, every shivering breath, every skeletal twitch of his pleasure. That was all there was, here; holding his Joon, being wrapped in his Joon, losing himself ever deeper inside his Joon with every passing moment. Upon the sudden presence of a hindrance to his progress Jin realized through the haze that it was his own limitations; his hips had met the other set and there was nothing left for him to enter. Frozen there, he was able to divert his attentions to the dawning kiss and strove to create a union there as well.

Hwoarang's mouth returned the unifying attempt with energized fervor as his trembling, tight walls worked to accommodate Jin; the last accommodation between them -- this physical fusion of spirits already joined by love. A brief spark of ecstasy issued from an untapped place within him that Jin had seemed to have plucked like a cord, lessening Hwoarang's pain with something else. As he mimicked the invasion beneath them with offensive thrusts of his tongue, Hwoarang's labored breathing filled Jin's mouth with throaty moans. He wrapped his lover up in those encompassing legs, crossing them at the Japanese's resting waist, and took the man's neck in his arms.

Jin only vaguely noticed how their sweat mingled when they brushed foreheads, how the gurgles of the waterbed were lost in an otherwise still warehouse, and how his heart threatened to burst at one more occasion because he forgot to breathe or alternately sucked in his breaths too hastily. Even now, there was only Hwoarang. With the extra help of their dewy flesh Jin's arms slithered behind Hwoarang's shoulders and hooked them there. Jin was quickly learning how to maneuver his hips and arch his back in order to, with the most efficiency, half-retract himself with no other intentions than returning to the hold of the other man's body soon after. Feasting on the Korean's mouth Jin soundlessly bellowed his adoration and lust and pleasure and desire never to be anywhere but in the grip of the redhead's limbs.

".. God .. !"Hwoarang dubbed Jin, his yelled whisper echoing in the capacious chamber. The plight of Hwoarang's glistening organ between the grind of both their hardened bellies dashed any possibility of his silence. The Korean was as vocal as he was ardent, predicating all his harmonic eruptions with rough latches of his lips on Jin's mouth and neck, adding the spice of teeth when a notably fiery streak of pain cut through his passion. Their pauses soon came less and less in between, giving way to the spasmodic, wrenching demands Hwoarang's walls began to make on the Japanese's sex.

It seemed to Jin and Hwoarang both that in the next moment, they obliterated each other. All that remained was one heaving, glowing body.

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