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Well, ain't that quaint

Chapter 2 - Mou kagen ni shiro yo!

By Crimson Assassin

The cop flipped his silver zippo shut and pocketed it in a light beige trench coat. He seemed somewhat amused at the young Korean's mortified expression. They had never fought in the last tournament, but contenders had to seek what ever little information they could of the other fighters, and Bryan Fury was definitely one of those everyone knew about.

"Why do you think I'm here?"

Jin had caught wind of the other man's presence just little after exiting his plane, not seeing it necessary to get 'reacquainted' at that moment. However, the situation changed, and Bryan Fury had taken the initiative to make first contact himself, confronting Hwoarang straight out. Jin decided to intervene now rather than wait for the Korean to get himself into trouble.

"Hello, Mr. Fury."

Hwoarang stepped back as Jin practically walked between them, shielding his body with his own broader one. Bryan held his hand out in a gesture of Peace. Jin took it.

"Very good to see you again, Mr. Kazama."

They made small idle chitchat about their plans for the tournament where Bryan confessed that he wasn't even sure he'd get in and hadn't received an invitation. Jin went back to signaling the taxi when Hwoarang confessed he hadn't even known they gave invitations. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Jin mentioned for Hwoarang and they parted company with little words of farewell and good luck.

As the Cab driver placed there few belongings in the trunk, Jin winced at the stale smell of cheap perfume and tabacco. Hwoarang jumped right in.

The first few unpleasant minutes of the ride went by with absolutely no talking. Jin was still trying to cope with the fact that Hwoarang had cut his beautiful hair while Hwoarang was trying get his bearings about him. He couldn't remember anything about Japan to save his life!  

"I told the driver to take us to a Hotel right outside of Tokyo. I've stayed there a few times and it's pretty reliable."

Jin coughed and Hwoarang tore his vision away from the window.

"... Huh? Did you say something?"

Jin shook his head disapprovingly, but grinned while he did it.

"I said... when did you learn Japanese?" (lie)

Hwoarang looked down at his feet, trying to recall.

"I guess while I was learning tae kwan do from my master Baek. He used to tell me stories about the Tekken tournaments, telling me it'd be a good thing to know if I ever decided participate in one, considering he didn't speak a word of japanese when he was in it. I... guess it came in handy?"

He smiled. Jin smiled back.

"I guess so."

Silence. The cabby glanced at them in the rear view mirror. Hwoarang turned back to the window.

As the taxi pulled up to the curb of the hotel Hwoarang glanced uneasily at Jin. Jin noticed the pair of eyes on him and turned his attention to red head.

"What is it?"

Hwoarang tensed.

"Well... I... I kinda feel bad about... "

Jin pulled the hood off, smiling.

"Don't worry about it. I'll pay for everything."

He popped his door open and was about to get out when he felt the unfamiliar weight of a hand placed upon his thigh. Jin was a bit shocked at the ferocity of the hazel eyes that pinned him in his spot.

"Why... Why are you being so damned nice to me!? What have I ever done for you!?"

The last question saddened him. He placed a hand over Hwoarang's and shook his head again. When he looked up he noticed Hwoarang's eyes had softened a little, lonely and longing for companionship but not having any idea how to ask for it.

"Let's just say... we're starting over."

With that, he stood and exited, leaving Hwoarang sitting in confusion.

The man at the cluttered front desk pushed thick black rimmed glasses back up the bridge of his nose, looking disappointed at the two young men that just walked in.

"How may I help you two gentlemen?"

The muscled chest of the japanese youth prodded out even from beneath his thick hooded oversized navy sweatshirt.

"Do you have vacancy?"

The man looked him over, then over at the young red head that stood a bit separated from them.

"Well, sir... we do have a single vacancy... but it doesn't have two beds."

Hwoarang shot a questioning glare to Jin, deciding now a better time than any to try and bail but Jin's voice cut him off.

"We'll take it."

The man smiled, looking as if a heavy weight had just been lifted from his tiny shoulders.

"Yes sir."

Hwoarang could only stare at Jin as he went over the cost. This evening was just going too far! What on earth was going to happen NEXT!? Hwoarang didn't even want to think about it!

"Hwoarang, I said let's go."

Hwoarang coughed and followed Jin up to their room.

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