Author's Note: Just a warning. This is unrepentantly PWP, probably hugely OOC and just kind of perverted. Features sex with somewhat inanimate object and with adopted brothers.


By Pluto

It had to be a joke, of course, he'd never considered using one of his units for such a thing seriously. The old Combot unit, on its way to salvaging, had vanished -- Lee had not been pleased, suspecting corporate espionage.

He did not expect what he found when he later walked into his office: the old model Combot, shined up, and sporting a prominent, telescoping phallus between its legs.

A note hung from its wrist, a Christmas card that read simply, "Merry Christmas. Your mechanical man is now fully functional."

Lee threw the note away, scowling, and shook his head. He spent the better part of a morning trying to imagine what he could possibly do with the poor thing: scrap it, as the original plan had been, have an engineer remove the... extra unit and maybe salvage it for future parts (wouldn't that bring talk!), or, hell, he could have a truly interesting conversation piece in his office. After all, since he had taken it down in the Iron Fist Tournament, it was largely inoperative-- he'd had to destroy its command circuits to shut it down. Right now, it was reduced to an interesting objet d'art.

He eyed the gleaming phallus again. In the tradition of the ancient greeks, perhaps.

On a whim, because it amused him, he had it put in his private conference room, tastefully concealed from the "waist" down by a low table and a decorative plant. He occasionally wondered who had done such a thing to it, but suspected an engineer with a perverse sense of humor.

Men who sat at the right angle during meetings, however, could get an eyeful despite the cleverly arranged furniture around it, which only amused Lee further. They often blanched; the ones who didn't, he often regarded with a new interest.

While it became an interesting pickup device for businessmen who came to his meetings, as well as curious secretaries, he never expected to actually put it to use.

Then again, he never really expected to be left so high and dry that night; an attractive but disappointingly drunk salaryman who wanted to make love to him on his desk, then came all over his stomach before they had really even gotten started. The salaryman accused him of having too pretty a face, and Lee threw him out, white-lipped and striking the man's name out for future dealings. He had called some old partners, but it was New Year's and most of them had gone vacationing or home to their families; he even tried his current secretary, a beautiful thing with hourglass curves and a diminutive smile, but she was visiting her mother for the holiday.

Angry and frustrated, surprised at the intensity of his own libido, he took himself in hand, stroking feverishly. But it did not seem to be enough; he pressed fingers deep into his own body, dropped to his knees, bent down in front of the massive windows and thought of men watching him. Nothing seemed to work. Frustrated, he jerked up his suede pants, grabbed his coat and flipped through his private names book for the escort service he liked-- when through the open door to his conference room, he caught a glimpse of the modified Combot.

His flesh suddenly stiffened, and a strange thrill went through him. He tried to laugh it off, he couldn't possibly-- but it was late in the evening, New Year's Eve, who would know? There was no reason to expect anyone, and the conference room had no windows, and hell, he'd just been prepared to fuck a respected peer into his desk, in front of the killer view of Tokyo

Almost nervously, he crossed into the other room, stood in front of the Combot and its gleaming, giant phallus. The equipment wasn't realistically made, which Lee supposed was fitting; it was missile-shaped, smooth and silver, and could extend to a greater length -- it seemed to be an adapted vibrator.

It was definitely larger than the previous salaryman's "equipment." It would, likely stretch him nicely, fill him up, push deep into him...

He groaned, feeling the tightness of his pants, the heaviness of his balls. He needed some, needed some now, and if he couldn't be putting it into something tight and wet, a fist and something big inside of him sounded a reasonable alternative. Especially if somehow, the engineer who made it had wired it so the vibration still worked... Lee shoved a hand down the front of his pants, adjusted his trapped sex, licked the wet dribble of precum from his fingers.

Making his decision, he ripped open the lacings of his pants, shimmied out of them and kicked them out of his way. He took the metal protrusion in his hands, stroked it, warmed it with his mouth; then he stepped back, thinking. He couldn't mount it right standing, could he? Awkwardly, he lifted a leg and tried; but the Combot's erection was parallel to the floor, stiff and unbending, and he hissed his frustration through his teeth.

He should probably knock the thing on its back - shit, he couldn't believe he was going to all this effort for a glorified dildo - the Combot unit wasn't terribly heavy, probably only slightly heavier than a man of its size. Carefully, he picked it up, grunting at the weight -- it was more than he thought -- and laid it down.

It was entirely unattractive, he thought, a jumble of necessary metal parts. Perhaps next phase they should consider making it a more humanoid exterior...

He snorted, and frowned. This shouldn't be a repeat thing; he had a plenty good sex life, and Combot was meant for better things than as a sex toy. Still-- it could be a lucrative business--

He shook his head and knelt beside the robot, pulling out the pocket tube of lube he'd been hoping to get good use out of tonight, and slicked it over the cool metal of the vibrator. He stroked it for a few moments, hoping to warm it, sliding it between his fingers; suddenly he had the impulse to swallow it. Lee bent over, took it in his mouth, licked and sucked it like a living cock, wishing it was something he could elecit moans from. His sex ached between his legs, nearly as rigid as the metal itself. Biting on something that felt suspiciously like a whine, he applied more lubricant and then straddled the Combot.

The cool, smooth head brushed between his legs, and his cock electrified. He heard himself moan, animal, surprising himself, and his knees melted, dropping him down to the hilt of the mechanical erection. Sparks went off behind his eyes, at his fingertips, curled his toes. "Shit..." he gasped, "Shit."

He lifted himself nearly up off the smooth metal phallus; then sank down onto it forcefully, letting it impale him, moaning like a whore. He took himself in hand and began to stroke, quickly he found a rhythm, rocking his hips, pumping at his sex.

His head jerked up as a buzzing started between his legs. The vibrator had come to life, sending him nearly over the edge. He bit his lips until they bled, trying to not to scream, not to come yet. Trembling, he forced himself to stop, wrapped his fingers in a tight ring at the base of his cock. The constant sensation of the vibrator buried deep inside him made him gasp and sweat with the effort not to let himself go. He struggled for control; he didn't like to lose it, but goddamn, he was going to, any more and he was going to--

His flesh chilled as he noticed the eyes of the Combot had come to life. He froze, afraid to move in case the unit was about to go berserk again while buried inside him; but suddenly the Combot's new equipment was slammed inside him, suddenly the robot went into motion, fucking up into him, bucking him wildly. He made an inarticulate noise, driven hard and fast, desperately bracing his hands behind him on the floor and arching to let the machine drive most deeply inside of him. The metal joint-and-motor hips pistoned into him, faster, a blur of motion; unable to stop it he screamed, his hand trying to match the inhuman rhythm on his cock, the crazy thumping of metal alerting him to Combot mimicking his motion.

He came incoherently, fucking himself down on the stiff metal as it fucked up into him, streaming sweat and lube and cum down over the welded point where vibrator fused to the body of the machine, shuddering and collapsing as the Combot continue to try to impale him.

When he tried to roll off, he felt a distinctly human hand pressing him down, and laughter in his ear.

"Merry Christmas, Chaolan."

Familiar voice. He froze, then cried out as the Combot continued its torment, pounding up into him as he was trapped on top of it.

"Stop," he begged, shaking violently, the ebbing pleasure quickly giving way to the sharper sensations of pain and fear. "Kazuya... stop it..."

Kazuya kept his hand heavy on Lee's shoulder; his body was liquid and weak, betraying him in the wake of ecstasy, and he couldn't shake his hated brother off.

"Too much," he gasped. "Please, it's too much."

Combot seemed to thrust harder, deeper; inside him the metal cock seemed to grow to a painful size.

"You looked so beautiful engaged in this perverse little distraction you seem to have found. I wanted some of it for myself."

"You sent this." Lee looked up as his brother came to stand in front of him, still pressing him down.

"I wanted to remind you of me. You're enjoying it, aren't you?" Kazuya gestured down; Lee's erection was slowly coming to life again, laying half-hard against polished metal. "You always were a little sex fiend."

Lee couldn't speak as the Combot slowed, rotated deeper, struck his sweet spot. He almost fell forward, clutching at Kazuya's pant leg as pleasure coursed through him, so much he thought he might somehow explode. "You always... were.. jealous," he said through gritted teeth.

"I didn't have to be. I could have you whenever I wanted."

Lee had resorted to leaning fully against Kazuya's leg as the torment below continued relentlessly. His cock twitched against his stomach, now so hard it was painful. "Not now..."

"No?" He heard a zipper go down; the fabric of Kazuya's pant leg in his hand suddenly came loose and he fell forward into Kazuya's crotch. "I've let you have what you wanted -- the Zaibatsu, your precious robot, Heihachi, this -- now you give me what I want."

Lee moaned, knowing he didn't want to say no, knowing he wanted Kazuya to pump deep into his mouth even as his own creation invaded him from below. He kissed his brother's inner thigh, felt a hand cup his cheek, slide into his hair, grip him by the bangs. Hot, hard flesh pressed insistently against his lips and he opened his mouth, spread his legs wider too, tried to let both real and synthetic as deep into him as possible.

Kazuya tasted good, but he barely had time to register it, because his brother was thrusting into him and growling, lips drawn back in a smile that was more like a grimace. Kazuya's dark eyes wandered from his mouth wrapped tight to the point where metal pounded into him. His hand gripped tighter in Lee's hair, forced involuntary tears to sting his eyes. Lee wanted to make noise, wanted to scream his brother's name, wanted to beg for it harder, faster, more, but his throat was filled up and his body was filled up and god, he wanted, oh god, he was trying to scream, convulsing, coming all over his stomach and the Combot's metal barrel chest and Kazuya's legs. Kazuya gave a strangled shout of surprise, and released deep down Lee's throat, clutching Lee's face into his groin, moaning.

Combot alone kept going, mindlessly pumping, and Lee struggled to get off; Kazuya merely smiled, entirely too self-satisfied, and pulled out a remote from his pocket. The unit stilled beneath Lee, collapsing down and sliding out of him.

He was surprised to find he almost felt sorry for it.

He struggled to his feet when Kazuya released him, fetched his clothes and looked back. Kazuya had pulled up his pants, was standing contemplatively over the now-stilled robot.

"Thank you..." Lee murmured, and Kazuya's head jerked up in surprise, his jagged brows lifted high. Then a slow, fearsome smile slid over his face.

"Enjoy it, little brother," he said with a casual gesture, stepping over the robot and not looking back. "Perhaps in the near future, you'll need assistance testing other units, as well."

Lee quirked a corner of his mouth. "Perhaps."

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