Author's Note: Okay, I written a little bit of fanfiction before, however, this is my first Tekken fanfic. I'm a big hentai, so yes this is a lemon. No it is not yaoi. Straight Jin lemons are hard as hell to find. So I'm writing one. TA DA! This fic has an original character named Tania Lei. She has black eyes, black hair, Asian, 25, and is a very good fighter.


By Deondra

Jin looked at his arch-nemesis. Ironically enough, his most challengeing rival was also the most beautiful woman he had ever met. As heir to the Mishima Empire, Jin was no stranger to women. But he had known Tania for six years. She had entered the tournament at the age of 19 and had humiliated him in their competition. She was an excellent fighter. But of course her physique clearly showed that. She was taller than most females her age. She came to his shoulder, and her arms were nicely toned from no doubt years of training. Her shapely legs were powerful enough to break any part of her poor victim. And they had many times. However, as Jin watched her, he could think of nothing other than that gorgeous body squirming under his own. He could tell from many observations of her that she would fit him perfectly. The perfect sheen of her wavy black hair fell down her back. Six damn years of want and need. It had gotten so bad as of late that he had screamed her name in the ear of another more than on one occasion. Six damn years, she had been an irritating thorn in his side. It was time to end this little dangerous sparring game they played with each other. Jin was more than determined to make her his. One way or another, she would be his tonight. All this and more raced through the handsome fighter's mind as he stared at his rival in front of him.

Tania stared challengingly at the arrogant bastard in front of her. Nevertheless, the arrogant bastard standing in front of her was beautiful. From his jet black eyes, to his glossy black hair he was the most gorgeous man she had ever laid eyes on. How many nights had she touched herself thinking about her forbidden enemy? And what made him her enemy? The fact that he stole her vengence away from her, when he knocked her unconscious in the tournament and killed Rathe himself. That's the lie she told herself. He was her enemy. Nothing else. He was arrogant, old, and selfish.

However, that didn't stop her from almost crying herself to sleep from need each and every night. Even at this very moment, she brutally suppressed the images of Jin's sweat soaked body thrusting inside her own. She shuddered and strengthened her resolve. What happened to those promises to herself, when she vowed never to want another man? Rape and pain, should have been enough to push her wants away. Men were all the same. Surely Jin would hurt her too. Besides she had seen some of the women Jin had been with frequently. They had all been beautiful beyond words. She was a fighter. Not some cultivated beauty. Furthermore, what experience did she have with men? She wouldn't even know how to please Jin. And so it remained. She was going to beat him. She had to didn't she?

"Once again, Tania, you are here bothering me. Damn it! Tell me you have something better to do than to get beat into the ground," Jin drawled.

"I will beat you," she said seething.

"This your last chance to beat me Tani," he said. All humor drained from his eyes. He played with her in all seriousness.

"What the hell are you talking about, Bastard?" she yelled.

"This is our last fight. If you beat me, then you kill me and walk away. But if I beat you Tania, you are mine. You will be my lover, my partner and anything else I decide."

"Fuck you!" she screamed. How did he invoke such anger in her?

"Perhaps after I beat you. You want a fight so bad, little one, then agree to my terms."

She saw nothing but an almost all consuming lust in his eyes, and she knew she was signing her own demise.

"So be it, Jin. You have my word."

"So be it, Tania. You are mine."

With that they both took fighting stance. She knew that she had a slim chance at victory. She could not allow any distractions.

Focus, Tania focus, she thought to herself.

Out of nowhere, Jin's punch landed in her face. She backed away dazed. How... when did he become so fast? She blocked his seemingly neverending katas and then kicked him hard in his side. He recovered quickly and came back with an uppercut.

Tania hurriedly dodged the attack and tried to catch him off guard. That was her first and last mistake. Jin caught her arm as she tried to punch him. He pulled her over his back and pushed her down on her knees. He stood behind her as she tried to crawl away. He pulled her to him and whispered in her ear,

"Surrender, little Tania. You gave your word."

"Kill me, Jin, you have proved your point." Tears of humiliation ran down her face. What had she come here hoping for?

"You have lost this battle, now honor your word. You are mine."

"I surrender."

With that Jin let her go.

"Come on Tania, we can make it home before night," he said. His held none of the taunting that had been present earlier. She followed him and they made their way back to his dojo.

When they arrived at Jin's home, the stars were peeking out in the sky. Tania went in and stood awkwardly in his huge home. It was beautiful. It's beauty was the fact that it was spacious, yet simple.

Jin looked at her. An ebony eyebrow rose.

"We both have a lot of scars. Come with me."

"Jin... I'm fine."

He gently touched her cheek where he had punched her. She winced painfully. "Yeah... You should be glad it's not swelling."

She glared at him and he pulled her up the steps and into his, no, their room.

"I care for what is mine, Tania."

"Why? Jin, I've seen the women, you've been with. They're beautiful. Why would you even consider me, Jin? Why?"


"What are you talking about?"

"You have challenged me in every possible way. Fight after fight I wanted to beat you. You are the only rival that I never truly defeated, Tania. Now, I have the chance for revenge. Are we not enemies, Tania?"

Inside, she despaired. How could she have ever hoped that he would want her for any other reason?

"Revenge," she said bitterly.

He nodded his head and pulled her to him hungrily. He gently sucked her earlobe as he whispered, "Revenge can be honey sweet."

He guided her towards the shower and took her clothes off. Tania knew she was doomed. She would never escape. Even worse, she didn't want to. She had loved him for six years, and she knew she would stay with him. Even if he hated her and wanted only to humiliate her. Even if staying with him meant that she had to look upon him every day and know that he would never love her. Tears formed in her eyes.

"Jin, I was raped. I am another man's trash. Are you sure you want something someone else has thrown away?"

He turned the shower on and faced her again. He saw her tears and he ached to show her. He wiped her tears away and then she cried even harder. He pulled her into the shower, and savoringly ran his hands all over her perfect body.

"Tania, you are perfect and beautiful, nothing could ever change that. I've craved you for so long. Dear God the things I want to do to you."

He captured her mouth with his own. His Tania, was so damned passionate. She moaned into the kiss as her tears mingled with the water from the shower.

He savored the taste of her mouth and slid his tongue in and out of her mouth, giving her a sultry illustration of what was yet to come.

His hands ran all over her body and stopped at her breasts. He gently rubbed his thumb over her nipple and it hardened as she moaned in pleasure. He turned her around so that her hips were in perfect position to his manhood. Never had he been tried to this limit.

He caressed her body and his hands went downward until, he slipped one finger in her to test her wetness. She was dripping wet. He pushed his finger inside further and added another finger. He wanted her in every damn position possible.

"Honey... sweet revenge, little Tania," he said emphasizing each word his two fingers thrusting inside of her.

The sensation of his fingers inside of her along with is thumb flicking over her wet clit was torture enough. This agony, coupled with his sexy voice in her ear sent her over the edge. She could only silently gasp his name as almost painfully sweet pleasure drowned her. She clung to him with a need so great that she was almost in tears.

Jin took her out of the shower and dried her off. He lovingly and tenderly kissed her.


"Please what, Tania?" His handsome mouth was pulled back into a seductive smirk. He savored the raw need in her eyes. The same need that had mirror in his own soul for six long years. He kissed her desperately and laid her down on his bed. She kissed with everything in her and he gave her explicit directions.

"Open your legs, Tania," he commanded, his voice hoarse with need.

She obeyed and he slowly went inside of her.

"Wrap them around me."

She tensed and relaxed when she realized that her expectations of pain were misguided. Jin did not hurt her. She looked at him and he kissed her forehead and her eyes. He slowly began to thrust at an aching rhythm. He had waited six years to make her his. He knew patience and he was going to savor every second of this. He wanted to teach her everything about pleasure.

He continued the slow rhythm and pushed harder into her tightness. He whispered into her ear, how good and wet she felt. He had never wanted someone this much in his life. He could feel her on the verge of an orgasm and he pulled out of her. He turned her over on her hands and knees and thrusted into her from the sensitive new angle.

She was even tighter from this position. Tania, was too caught up in their lovemaking to protest. This pleasure was too much for her. He pulled her hips to meet his own urgently. In and out again and again. He brought her up off the bed and against his chest. He then pushed her against the wall, while he was still inside of her. He whispered in her ear,

"Tell me you are mine, Tania."

She screamed desperately, "I'm yours."

"Again, little one...."

"I'm yours," she screamed.

Finally the sexual tension thinned until her body came in a wonderful orgasm. It threaded to every part of her body as he spilled his seed into her. He rested his head on top of hers for a minute and held her.

He reluctantly pulled out of her, and turned her around. Tania sobbed into his arms. He pulled her down into the bed with him and he gently comforted his lover.

"Shhhhhhh..." he said to her, stroking her hair. "Don't cry little one, I'm here."

"I love you," she said. "It hurts to love someone this much, Jin."

"I love you too, Tania. I have loved you forever. My mate, my little rival, I love you so much. I could never let you go."

He kissed her face sweetly and gently found her mouth. He kissed her one last time, before he pulled her possessively to his body.

"Jin...let's skip sparring in the morning..." she said.

He laughed deeply. "Bargain struck, Tania. Sleep well, my love."

With that Jin fell asleep to the beating of Tania's heart. His last thought was of his wonderful paradox of rivalry and love which laid in his arms. It had taken the two stubborn fools six years to find the love that had been vivid as day the entire time.

May they never part...........

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