Author's Note: I, Sapfarah am entirely responsible for this untitled thing. I won't blame those who inserted such harmful ideas in my mind, because they were there all the time and they merely helped me express them. You know who you are and I thank you. But otherwise, if you are offended, don't blame me, get out!

Plot? What Plot?

By Sapfarah

He slid down his balcony, smiling all the way. Lee was too smiling when he stepped on the ground. Kazuya tried to embrace him with one arm around the neck but Lee pulled him down and they started struggling for a while, stifling their panting laughter, lest anyone would hear them. after a while they stopped, locked together, looking at each other.

"Let’s go!" they both said and simultaneously they bolted ahead, running out of their mind.

They run to the end of the limits of the Mishima property and there they halted, panting, laughing out of breath. Kazuya clutched his ribs, looking at Lee, his lips opened to a smile. He didn’t have to hide it now that he knew Lee liked him too, now that he didn’t have to hide the longing for his image which he found to be painfully attractive... In fact, he was very close to certain that in some way Lee too found him beautiful and that alone aroused a certain flare within his chest.

Lee brushed his adept fingers through his silver locks, arranging them in his charming manner, then tossed a smirk to Kazuya, who struggled not to show insecurity to it.

"We’re here..." he said mildly.

Lee stared at him with a piercing, knowledgeable eye. Kazuya opposed to it for a little but those were Lee’s grounds, so he grouched his stare. Lee received the warning but he still smiled.

"Come on. Let’s go," he said and gestured for him to follow.

Lee embraced his knees as he sat on the ground, looking across at Kazuya, sitting down in a similar manner.

"Have you ever had a blow job?"


However firm his reply, it still echoed with mortification. He then looked down, avoiding to confront Lee’s studying stare any more. Then, after some silence, he turned his attention back at him.


Lee shrugged his shoulders, not answering but the knowing smirk said it all. That caused Kazuya to shift his stare back down.

"You’d like to have one?"

Kazuya turned his eyes on him, pressing down with excited curiosity.

"I could give you one..." Lee confirmed with audacity as his head lifted with a smile.

Kazuya held his laughter, threatening to choke him from excitement, from the flames of the prospect. He wanted it badly and the thought that it would be Lee giving it to him...

"...if you promise you’ll blow me first." Lee concluded, his smile brightening all of his face.

The eyes on Kazuya’s face drew back within their sockets and his brows were raised. Even his face had aggressive potency when he wanted to. A gleam of umbrage flashed in the insane corner of his eye as his smile drew dangerously.

"What!" he demanded.

Lee watched that change with excited interest. There was something really stimulating to see those indications of enormous sensations on his brother’s face, those that attested that no matter how subtly he acted before others, he was in truth full of impulse, seeking desperately for an outlet, such as could endure all the potential within him...

Lee very much wanted to dare becoming that outlet.

"It’s fair like that. You blow me, I blow you, we’re both happy"

Lee grinned widely as Kazuya feebly shook his head, feeling the heat on his cheeks he so well restrained.

"Forget it!" he said, turning away. Yet his smile was glowing on each side of his face.

"Why, too sissy for your macho style?" Lee teased him and he knew he had the desired stimulating effect on him.

"It’s not that," Kazuya promptly denied and his smile softened, obviously remembering how they had already surpassed the border of general agreement. There was no point in keeping up pretensions when what they knew as beings of flesh and desire proved that the rest of the world was wrong to, because unlike them, they weren’t afraid to reach for more when they could.

"Why me first?" he then asked, turning that tranquil face of his to his direction but the flush could still be detected by Lee’s eye, that had learned Kazuya’s face very well.

In return he smiled pleasantly, watching Kazuya absorbing his view. Kazuya liked him really much, he could tell that. He liked him for being a pretty item, not as a feminine substitute.

"You’re stronger than I, aren’t you? So as an act of courtesy, since you can ensure I will keep my promise... you go first." he smiled at him. His cheeks had flushed too by then.

Kazuya’s lips were stretched to his smart smirk and his eyes narrowed, gleaming in pleasure at the forward flattering. He nodded once, making an agreeing ‘hmm!’ and after that, waited for Lee’s initiative.

Lee stood up, holding his excitement the best he could.

"Come on," he said, stretching his open hand towards him. Kazuya took it and stood up, serious in the face, wanting to follow him. ‘Funny...’ Lee thought. ‘He’s taller, bigger than me and he’s gonna blow me... oh he will!’

The gleam that went by Lee’s eyes had a strange impact on Kazuya who for a little seemed to have turned to stone and followed Lee’s lead without a word.

Lee lead him among the trees of the garden, going deep and far from any possible encounters. He held the hand securely, shaking at the sensation of the touch and the longing for yet more touches, wanting this hand to smooth on his body and him exploring the chest where the hand belonged to. Kazuya confidently followed his leading hand until Lee couldn’t take it much more and deciding they had distanced enough from the house, he stopped at a tree of his convenience and fell back leaning against it. Kazuya stopped now that nothing directed him, obviously perplexed, staring at him with wide, expectant eyes.

"It helps if I’m standing..." Lee smiled. Kazuya stood not knowing what he was to do, even though the look in Lee’s eyes was more than a reminder.

"Lee..." he forced through his shaking lips.

Lee reached out his fingers, looking at him through dazed eyes. He tipped upon his lips, to verify they were trembling, then, as he begun lightly tracing their shape, Kazuya closed his eyes, breathing with frightened joy. His trembling was certain and his breath faint upon his fingers as he closed his eyes to Lee’s inspection, gently reaching for the rim of their wet surface. When his hand moved down, as if to relieve him from his torment and rested to feel his heart, he clutched at it, trying to wrap around it, bending his head over it.

Lee watched his reactions and sensed the mixture of thrill and fear beating in his heart. His free hand reached for his cheek and fingering his way to his temple, he made him look up again. The anxiety written on his face was so sweet to behold...

"If you are to be so scared, maybe you shouldn’t do it..." he suggested.

The eyes fell down and the clutch on his hand tightened for a second.

"I don’t know what to do..." he confessed in a deep voice.

Lee couldn’t but smile.

"Don’t worry... you were not supposed to..."

Kazuya’s face looked up with a distant sign of hope but Lee smiled mischievously. He wasn’t letting him off that easily.

"It’ll all come to you naturally... you don’t have to worry about that."

Kazuya lowered his head again, this time trying to smile.

"It’s that..." he tried, "If I mess up... you’ll be angry at me..."

Lee stared with consideration at his face. There was something very special about him being uncertain.

"Don’t worry... I’ll try not to go mad if you blow it..." he said, having carefully chosen his words and Kazuya broke off in a small laughter in response.

Once more he looked into his eyes with a faint smile and the signs of excitement evident. Lee said nothing, for he eagerly expected Kazuya’s lips on him. But he touched him with his body first, coming upon him and pressing him on the tree. Once more it came obvious to Lee how smaller he was and how frailer compared to Kazuya and yet his thighs, as they rested on either side of his were weak from the fire burning them. His shoulders stretched a few further than his but they were still offered for his hands to rest upon. He was sweet as he slowly worked the buttons of his shirt, focused on the skin it revealed.

"Is it okay if I start from here?" he muttered. Lee felt the same numbing that kept his voice to a barely understood murmur.

"Yeah, yeah," he muttered and finished in a gasp as Kazuya’s lips already touched right under the shallow pit on the base of his throat.

Closing his eyes he drew his lower lip among his teeth. Kazuya slid down on his chest in soft, nearly fleeting touches with his lips, following his careful fingers titillating him as they flickered on his buttons, lower and lower, until his shirt lay open and Kazuya was on his knees, working on his belt that opened with a series of clinks at his strong yet trembling hands.

His hand touched his neck, following the motion of a forced gulp, sliding down on his barren chest, where Kazuya’s lips had felt, reaching down to his head, undoubtedly dazed as he removed his trousers away. He thrust his trembling fingers through his dense, coarse hair, searching the line of the scull below. The sensation of his short cut hair which, like everything about Kazuya, had a strangely arousing sharp feeling in them, sent a shivering up his chest, which died, when he realised Kazuya was about to strip him of his underwear.

The mesmerising trance evaporated as he looked down at the head in a considering distance from his nearly inflamed part.

"Work slowly..." he struggled to muster. "I won’t let go..." he promised next. "Don’t bite..."

He expected Kazuya would look up at him but he didn’t. As if knowing that his staring at him complicated him, he leaned his head back, closing his eyes, so that the picture he could take in the dark and through his daze was very much inaccurate, yet definite. No, he was going to enjoy this.

What he felt afterwards was so very rapid and exciting he nearly gasped aloud from pleasure. He felt being undressed and next, all at once his member was plunged into Kazuya’s soft, warm mouth.

He gritted his teeth instead and filled his fist with the hair of Kazuya’s peak at his reach. He had taken it down all the way, inexperienced as he was, apprehensive and so beyond his eagerness... good thing he didn’t choke...

"Baka..." he uttered as he loosened his grip on his head, while the tongue inside that mouth rubbed him and the cheeks enfolded smooth around him. Two strong arms wrapped his thighs, clenching at his buttocks, massaging there. Lee had forgotten to that instant how sensitive that area was and welcomed it when that embrace made sure his hips and his face moved as one.

"God, you’re a killer!" he deliriously whispered, holding with both his hands at the head among his thighs. No shame, no remorse, only eagerness and devotion. He was burning all the way up to his chest, blind as the world started spinning around him. Kazuya had better held him firm.

And although he promised, he had no voice, even if he wanted to, to warn him of his coming and instead, he worked pushing deeper down his throat, careful not to push down on his tongue, as in one last tension, he let it all go down in his neck. He didn’t choke and instead of pulling back, he tightened his grip, gulping down fast, until there was no more to swallow and both being spent, they pulled away.

He opened his eyes, still spinning in that pleasurable dizziness he had been thrown into. Feeling his member dripping wet he looked down at Kazuya regarding him. His face wasn’t in a better shape, flushed red and wet all around the mouth from his own slobber and what he had so dutifully sucked. Lee watched him sweeping his lower face with his palm trembling from a mixture of excitement of the achievement and disbelief. Big mistake he hadn’t brought some tissues with him, so he followed his example, using his hand to dry himself.

Kazuya looked up at him with his hand before his flustered face. He stared at him as if to ask how he went. Lee chortled once and they started laughing, as quietly as they could. Kazuya fell back and rested on his knees, looking at him almost disciplined and Lee couldn’t but smile. He was alike tired and spent as he was as he closed his eyes and allowed his head to weight back, as if to help any residues roll down his throat. Lee felt tempted to ask him if it was as good for him as it was to him but thought better than doing that.

In steady movements, he pulled up his clothes. The damp warmth was secured inside his pants when he looked at Kazuya again. This time, he was still sitting on his knees, in a way very much similar to the way he sat in the karate training but he smiled at him. The sky was getting a brighter hue as the strongest of the night was gone. Lee gazed at the smile that said very many things without voice...

He was about to move as he started buttoning his shirt when Kazuya’s hand reached and caught his leg from behind the knee.

"Your turn," he said. The look on his face looked like a smile, even though it wasn’t. But Lee smiled at it.

"I won’t go back on my promise... but give me some time..."

Kazuya nodded. He too needed some recovery for, however Lee found it hard to believe, he had enjoyed it as well...

"Can you walk?" he asked and Kazuya, so as not to show weakness, stood up on his feet, even though, Lee could guess, it hadn’t been easy for him. Once again he stood taller than him and yet

Lee embraced him around the ribs and pulled him to a kiss.

The taste in his mouth was funny, but he knew his wasn’t any better, since he smoked too much. Still the response was splendid and Lee kept wondering where he might have learned to kiss like that, since he was certain he hadn’t had many chances to practice. His tongue brushed his in perfect response and his lips effortlessly padded along his, pressing and sucking in right intervals, drawing breath right on time, not letting any of his taste slip through. He surely had some secret talent somewhere.

"You know... next time I’ll let you work more on me..." Lee muttered once the kiss was broken, still very close to his face. Upon his forehead rested his.

"I want to work more on you..." his sonorous voice promised and Lee closed his eyes envisioning his tongue drawing on his chest. He didn’t know why it was that he permitted this to himself but he wrapped his arms around his chest and hid his head in the comfort of his shoulder. Kazuya’s head came over his, resting and at the same time covering him protectively, as his arms wrapped him, making wells of pleasure erupt on his back where his palms felt him. A little more of this and he would break.

Gently he shifted his head, so that his lips faced his neck. The daze threatened to come again at the sight of his skin before his lips. He brought his palms between them, feeling the padded embossment of his chest below his shirt, warm with longing and remembered his end of the deal.

"I owe you something, Kaz," he whispered, happy at the pet name he had come up with. It sounded more intimate to have a different way of addressing him, which he could use and remind him of... so many things...

The embrace around him responded in a slight tightening.

"Let’s go find another place..." Lee muttered and, not wanting to leave his warm embrace, he pulled him along with him. Kazuya followed, half leaning his weight on him.

They reached among some trees and there they stopped. Lee pulled away and looked at Kazuya, straight into the eyes. His eyes narrowed, like those of a cat and a mysterious face appeared on his lips. Kazuya lowered his eyes before it.

"Sit down," he urged and to make him comply, he lowered along with him on the ground. He never thought Kazuya would be as shy in stripping himself for being served as he should be. That sense of superiority flowered in a bright smile across his lips.

He gazed down into his eyes to absorb the surrender as he led him to lie back on his elbows patting on his shoulder to ensure he was compelled.

Kazuya didn’t take any initiative. He was complied as he laid him down to rest his weight among his elbows, directing his legs slightly apart. He followed him with his eyes as he came round to settle among his slightly bent knees and his hands slid along his legs, climbing from shins to the top of his thighs. He blinked once slowly as his hands here rubbing down, manipulating him skilfully, reaching for the buttons of his trousers. As they were removed, he closed his eyes surrendering to the beguiling sensation and the prospects.

"You can learn some of this..." Lee promised and Kazuya chuckled nervously in return. Then, shrewdly he brought his lips on the tip of his member and started teasing him, flickering his lips about it, sucking it only as far as it covered the top and then letting it out.

Tying his legs with his arms, bringing his shoulders below them, he played a little more on him, working sideways and lower but other than the hardening, he got no reactions. The body in his hands felt stiff and depressed, instead of the complete looseness he expected. He looked up and found that Kazuya was struggling against it, either biting hard on his hands or clenching his fists on his clothes, or his face. The look on his face, when he met his eyes was one desperate.

"Relax!" Lee urged him, surprised. "It’s not gonna hurt!"

"Hurts already..." Kazuya muttered, struggling against a smile.

Lee pulled a smile too. He found his persistence to hold it charming, especially knowing how swept he was of all those brand new sensations.

He went back to what he did, sucking in more persistently this turn, moving his mouth up and down along his length. Kazuya had taken his advice as it seemed, because he had a response from his hips, allowing to be guided to the stimulation. A pant escaped occasionally, especially as he had found his own rhythm. Then it was Lee following the pushing up his mouth, trying to press those powerful hips under his control.

‘I can’t take it anymore!’ he thought and yet, he wouldn’t stop it. He had yet to reach the summit of his ecstasy and his.

By chance, one hand of his laid nearby and Lee grabbed it. He was grabbed right back and they clutched their fingers together, holding onto each other with all strength their hands had. Lee felt his palm squeezed in his as he desperately tried to hold onto him for strength. Pushing with his other hand against his thigh, he went on working him and, like he did for him, he sucked it all down when he came. His hand was gripped tightly and he heard a suppressed whine. Then everything he held upon fell pliable before him and in his hands.

"Is it over?" he caught himself muttering.

Kazuya did not reply. He might have died for all Lee knew.

Forcing himself up, he found it wasn’t so. Kazuya lay back, flat on the ground, as if he had lost all means of support in his body, gazing at the sky, out of breath.


Carefully, he pulled his clothes back in place, devotedly dressing him. A trembling hand reached for his as he buttoned his trousers, unable to do more than caress his, and that weakly too. He looked down at Kazuya, lying on the ground. His eyes were closed, he looked like dreaming. The smile on his lips was one peaceful and Lee heard it thanking him as his closed eyes beckoned him.

"Hey Kaz?" he tried again, smiling, climbing over him. Kazuya opened his eyes, receiving him in his arms as he lied over him.

"How are you feeling," he begun to say but halfway Kazuya tipped his own nose with his finger, signing silence at him and his words died progressively. The eyes closed back again, the lips fluttered in a voiceless utterance that most certainly wasn’t a word, only a meaning and Lee allowed the hands around him to pull him down and make him lie on his body. He rested his head on his shoulder and embraced him in return. If he fell asleep he didn’t know but he surely felt the mirth of the sweetest dream.

"Come on!" he teased him by shaking him from the shoulders as he was bent over his lying figure. Kazuya didn’t seem to hurry.

"No wait... a little longer..."

Lee pinched at his loins once again but either Kazuya had lost all his sensitivity at the moment or he was too tired to stir any more than he did.

"It’s almost dawn..."

"Not really..."

"We need the sleep, don’t we?"

Kazuya looked up fondly at him, absorbing his view.

"No... we need to stare into each other now..." he said with an echo of longing that Lee couldn’t but let it weaken him. Kazuya was the first lover he had who showed him such slight displays of affection at every occasion, giving him that feeling of being continuously thought of...

"We’ll never be able to wake up tomorrow..." he said seriously. Kazuya’s eyes pleaded with despair.

Lee scoffed silently as he turned around and lied next to him, bringing his hands under his head.

The breaking of dawn was coming over the sky. The velvet of the night was diluting to a mellow rosy violet. The stars seemed to be turning off for the day, like sensible bar owners closing down until the next time, waving at them a conspiratorially friendly adieu.

"What would you want now?" Lee asked him. Kazuya had a tendency to say weird things at such occasions that either were hurtfully sweet or distantly sad but Lee, even though he rarely made sense, enjoyed listening to what he would say.

"I wish it would rain..." Kazuya said. His voice almost had the pleasant sensation of gentle raindrops upon them.

"And then... I would make love to you... under the rain... in the soil..."

Lee turned his head urged by the assertiveness of his voice, to find his, looking at him. He smiled widely and removed his hand closer to him from under his head, to reach for him. Kazuya making love to him... after his performance, he found it hard to believe he would dare. But as he thrust his hand under his head, as if he expected that incitement, Kazuya turned over and pulled him to his body, embracing him as he lead him to a kiss, bringing his leg among his, playing with his.

Lee accepted the kiss gladly, nearly pulling Kazuya’s body over his. But they were both tired and if not just from the sleepiness, what they had done before took a lot out of both. Still, Lee knew that they had enough energy for some more, yet he thought that perhaps Kazuya had gone far beyond himself that day, so he deserved some rest. Besides, he wanted to look forward in teaching him new stuff... for a reasonable exchange. After tonight, maybe he should let him cool down a little, before insinuating anything new.

It would have to wait a little before Kazuya would make love to him, and of course, Lee making love to Kazuya. But still, they embraced each other, exchanging tender kisses with care and, as if an invisible granter of desires heard them, since they didn’t make love, it was ensured it would at least rain.

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