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Obsidian Solace

Chapter Eight - Comfortable

By Chlover

Ropes. Sheets. Pillows. Damn. Violet. Jerk. What happened? Shopping? Café. A double mocha and then what?

Christie sighed, trying to recall what happened the previous day. She blacked out in the middle of downing her coffee. How did she end up there? Where ever there was… Tied to a bed. Well. It could have been worse. At least it was comfortable. She could have been tied to a toilet again.

Last night her double mocha did taste a little odd. She had brushed it off, figuring they made them differently in Japan, or Violet ordered the wrong thing. Violet. He ordered. How could she let a man order for her? Christie cursed herself. The news was constantly filled with warnings for young women never to allow a man alone with their drink. But Violet was such a nice guy. Why would he drug her… and how did that explain getting tied to a bed? It’s not like he’d want anything from her. He was gay, wasn’t he?

“Good morning,” A rather cheerful voice interrupted Christie’s thoughts.

She glared at Violet as he stepped into the room. “What the hell is going on? Why am I tied up?”

Violet frowned, “Is that any way to talk to the man who saved you from Heihachi?” He paused and looked over the hostile Brazilian before him, “I didn’t rape you, if that’s what your all wound up about.”

“Why am I tied up?” Christie repeated in a whisper, barely able to control her anger.

“Because if you weren’t tied up, you’d attempt to escape. I haven’t the time to deal with such annoyances. Oh I’m sure your friends will be here for you soon enough, but by that time, you’ll be gone. You’ll probably be gone before they even figure out where I took you.”

As usual, things weren’t looking too promising. Christie yanked at the ropes and sighed loudly. Why did she always have to be saved? Why couldn’t she be the one to do the saving? The ‘hero’? “So what is it you want from me?” She asked, deciding there was no point to try and get out of the ropes. “You want Steve all to yourself?”

Violet chuckled, “Not at all. My interest lies within the business part of the situation. We all know that Heihachi wants the devil gene-”

“He does?” Christie cut him off.

“May I continue?”

She shrugged, “By all means.”

“As I was saying,” Violet continued with an annoyed glance at the restless Christie, “We all know Heihachi wants the devil gene, which means he wants Jin and Kazuya. He probably only needs one but he’s a Mishima, and why have one when you can have both? He attempted to kidnap you in order to lure Jin in. Before I realized why he had kidnapped you, I helped you escape. I imagine he’d pay good money for you back. I have a little invention, and could use a bit of spare cash to get the bugs cleaned out. It’s all that simple, really.”

Christie’s eyes widened, “You took me prisoner so you could sell me to an old man? YUCK!”

Violet smiled and sat on the side of the bed. His eyes quickly flitted over his Captive’s body. His arrogant gaze turned to something a little more thoughtful. Christie watched him as plans for escape began to form inside her mind. Perhaps, for once, she’d be able to save herself. All it would take was a little manipulation. Easy. But how she successfully build the situation up and tear it down?

Christie allowed her eyes to drift towards Violet’s lips. She was sure she’d be going to hell after this manoeuvre. Maybe if Jin and Steve weren’t so incompetent, she wouldn’t have to sell her soul in order for her not to be sold to an ancient Mishima. No pain. No gain.

Violet noticed her looking at him. She quickly averted her eyes and tried to appear angry again. It was bad acting, but that was the plan. Violet’s lip curled into a subtle smirk. Yes. Just bite the hook, little fish.

The room was silent besides the sound of breathing. What was the next step? Just wait? That wasn’t right. Christie stared at the corner of the room, defiantly. She was sure she should be making another obvious hint, but something made her feel like she should just wait it out. Maybe too much of a hint would be suspicious.

A cold gentle hand touched Christie’s bare arm. She gasped, startled and looked up at Violet, “You’re cold!” She shivered, and slightly blushed at the goose bumps decorating her skin, “Freezing…”

“Am I?” Violet inquired, playfully, catching the Brazilian’s eye.

She opened her mouth to say something but no words came. Damn that man. Well, at least she didn’t have to worry about acting. He may have been old but he was damn attractive, and not having to bluff couldn’t hurt, as long as she remained in control of the situation.

Christie shifted slowly, letting her body steal Violet’s attention back from her eyes. It seemed too easy. Were all men this easy to control? Wasn’t he supposed to be gay? She pushed that thought aside. It didn’t matter. As long as her plan was working, there was no need to worry about the details.

Men were such simple creatures in the bedroom. Even men as complicated as Violet had a specific weakness, and it was always the same thing. Seduction. Two delicate hands eased the purple tube top off Christie. Every few seconds, Violet would pause and catch Christie’s eye, allowing room for rejection. She could tell he wasn’t the type of man to take a woman sexually without consent. No. But he’d kidnap.

Suddenly the anger was back, but along with it was desire. There was something comforting about Violet. Christie almost laughed out loud. He kidnapped her and she found him comforting! She found him next to irresistible and he was her father’s age! It was unnerving, but still, even with that in mind, she couldn’t shake the fact that she wanted him. She wanted him? No. It was just part of the plan.

Soft lips met hers. His lips weren’t cold, but his kiss was chilling. An almost painful shiver hit Christie in the small of her back. There was no denying it now. She wanted him. Badly. Things were moving too slowly. His cold hand ran up the side of her torso, lingering near the top, as if he couldn’t decide on something. Christie grinned. “What’s the problem?” She asked, “Too classy for me?”

The older man straddled Christie. Not at all phased by her teasing. His eyes assessed her as if he were mapping her out. Was he on to her plan? Did he know? It didn’t matter. She’d deal with that when the problem… arose.

Christie wiggled her hips, purposely rubbing against the man’s inner thigh, “These shorts aren’t going to remove themselves.”

“Looks like we’re cutting right to the chase,” Violet sighed with a smile.

They locked eyes again for a few moments of lustful silence. Christie knew he was teasing her, and she couldn’t do anything about it. How aggravating… yet… it worked. If only he was a virgin. That would make it a whole lot easier. But a 45-year-old virgin wouldn’t be very reassuring. Christie found herself eyeing his pants, wondering if she had anything to worry about.

She could only tolerate being teased for so long. Christie rubbed her hips against Violet a little more. The message was sent. In seconds, her shorts were hitting the floor. It was at that point when she felt at her most powerful. Christie was just a g-string away from being completely exposed, and the possibilities were enough to glue Violets eyes to her body. He bit the hook. Now it was time to reel him in.

Christie looked up at him in desperation. She licked her lips and arched her back as she felt his lips caress her exposed breast. Amazing. So little from that man could do so much. So much that Christie’s whole plan was almost washed out of her mind. He was experienced, all right. But so was Christie, and she wasn’t ready to surrender just yet. Violet ran his tongue softly along the crevice of her chest and up to her neck. Ok. Maybe surrender wasn’t such a bad idea.

No! She couldn’t let him sell her to Heihachi. It had to work. The plan had to fall through… or did it? YES IT DID!

Christie noticeably eyed violets pants again as she rubbed her hips against the plastic fabric. She tried to reach for it as if she forgot she was tied up, and frowned when the ropes denied her such a privilege. Violet was too absorbed in the possibilities to think clearly. He was obviously too sure of himself. He absently reached up, and untied the lustful woman.

Now to weigh in the catch. Christie, having already won the battle, just had to know. She unzipped Violet’s pants, still playing her game, and slipped her hand beneath the boxers. Impressive. She ran her hand along the confined length, feeling it harden within her grasp. How could she throw that back into the water?

The phone rang.

“Fuck,” Violet hissed. He watched as Christie retrieved her hand with regret. “Ignore it,” He suggested, “If it’s important, they’ll call back.”

“What if it’s Heihachi?” Christie asked venomously.

Violet sat back, away from her. He didn’t seem surprised, just annoyed as he took in the tone of her voice, “Fuck.”

Christie lunged at him, pinning him awkwardly over the edge of the bed. The pain the position caused to his back was obvious, but she used it to her advantage, making it easier to maintain the power. She did feel sorry for him though. He was still hard. That had to really suck.

The older man sighed, “What do you plan to do now? I assume you’ve thought that far ahead.”

“Yeah. I’ll… Call a cab.”

Violet smirked and in two swift movements, he was on his feet, holding Christie’s tube top. “Go out there topless?”

“Give it to me.”

He took out his lighter, “You’re in no position to make demands, darling.”

“… Please.”

“Uh… no.” Violet laughed cruelly and lit the fabric on fire, letting it fall to the ground. He flashed Christie a bitter smile and started out of the room, “The phone is in my room. Which is impossible to get into unless you’re me, and you can’t leave the two main rooms unless you have the key. If you can figure your way out of this one, I won’t stop you. Have fun.”

Christie pouted, hugging herself self-consciously. She looked at Violet as he stepped out into the next room, “Where are you going?”

He glanced over his shoulder, “I’m going to get laid.”

The door shut loudly, leaving the Brazilian to her thoughts. She only had less then a minute to think before the door opened again and Violet tumbled in to her feet. Well that was weird. He scrambled to his feet and fell into fighting stance, facing the open door. After a few moments of wonder, and subtle fear, Christie finally saw someone emerge from the other room. The person’s hair was in a perfect spike. Not one loose lock. It was an older, more arrogant, eviler looking Jin. What the hell…

“Chaolan,” The mystery man stated in a deep voice.

Christie hugged her knees to her chest, suddenly feeling more exposed then she cared to be at that moment. This guy was obviously Violet’s age, but equally attractive, only in a complete opposite kind of way.

Violet cursed in a barely audible voice and then spoke louder to the other man, “There is no reason for you to be here.”

“Who is he?” Christie asked.

“Shut up, Monteiro,” He snapped, not taking his eyes off the other man for a second, “Why are you here?”

The stranger sneered at Christie, “She knows where my son is.”

Violet straightened up, suddenly deciding that no fight was going to take place, “Yeah well unless you got the cash, you ain’t getting her.”

“You’re Jin’s dad?” Christie asked, “No wonder you’re so hot! But I got to tell you, you’re son is an asshole! He lies! One minute he’s leading me on, and the next, he’s freaking out over a guy! I mean, what the hell is with that! He can’t even decide whether he’s straight or not. He calls it Bisexual but I call it lazy!”

Violet and the man stared at her for a moment. Finally Violet spoke, “I think maybe I’ll lower the price for her.”

“Why is she naked?”

“Because she’s a bitch.”

Jin’s father blinked in confusion.

“What do we do?”

“Find her.”

“How do we do that?”

Jin walked across the room and slipped a hooded jacket on. He turned back to face Steve and shrugged, “Let’s check his hotel room.”

Steve laughed, “I thought you were supposed to be the smart one.”

“There may be some sort of hint as to where he might have went with her. Right now, we have no other leads.”

“Do you really think he’d be dumb enough to leave a hint in his hotel room?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never really met him besides that time in the forest.” Jin shrugged and started for the door.

It was 5 minutes from noon. The pressure was on. They had less then three days to find the girl before the tournament started, and so far, they had no way of figuring out how to find out where she was. If Violet’s room proved to be a waste of time, they’d have nowhere else to turn. Jin sighed. He didn’t remember the third tournament being anything like this. Then again, Christie, Steve, or even violet weren’t there.

Steve coughed, “You sure acted like you knew him!”

“I know who he is. I don’t know him personally,” Jin clarified, waiting for Steve to follow.

“So how do you know he’s 45?”

Jin leaned against the doorframe, patiently, “I don’t. I guessed. Are there any other misunderstandings that you would like me to clear up before we start looking for Christie?”

They searched the room for a little over and hour before collapsing onto the couch in defeat. They both felt responsible for her abduction, and had no idea how to help her. It was a horrible feeling. Helplessness.

Both of them just lay there, searching their minds for an idea, any idea, as to where to start next. Nothing. No ideas formed. They didn’t know enough about this guy to know where to look or how to look, or what to look for. How could one guy be so hard to find? Jin considered getting the police involved. No. Only as a last resort. So how would they know when it was a last resort? What if he was planning to kill her? No. Not even Heihachi would do that… Ok. Maybe Heihachi would do that.

Jin turned to the exhausted Brit beside him. It didn’t look like he was having any luck thinking of a plan either. Steve cracked his knuckles and yawned, his brow knitted in thought. After a few moments, he noticed the dark eyes watching him. Steve shifted his weight so that he was partly facing Jin, and asked, “Well? Where do we go from here?”

“We wait.”

Something in Jin’s tone was off. Steve studied the larger man’s face in confusion. What was going on in that devilish mind of his? “Wait?”

Jin nodded, “Wait,” He paused, amused by Steve’s innocent reaction. “He left some of his things here, so he’s probably planning on returning some time. Right now, we have nothing better to go on.”

Steve frowned, not liking the idea one bit, “So just sit here while he does who knows what with her? What the hell are we going to do to pass the time, aye? Play cards?”

There was no reaction for a minute or so. Jin leaned back and laughed lightly, “I can hardly believe that cards is all you can think to do. That coming from the guy who tackled me down town… Have you already forgotten last night?”

Every word seemed to come as a shock to the Brit. This wasn’t like Jin at all. What happened? Was he drunk? High? No. That would be too weird. Maybe it was a look-a-like that Heihachi hired to seduce and capture Steve. Seduce and capture? That didn’t sound like such a bad idea. Steve snickered to himself at the thought, finally bringing confusion to the other man. It was about time.

“I don’t know what you’re on, Kazama, but whatever it is, take more.”

Jin smiled, taking that as a positive sign. He felt almost giddy with control. It was his turn to be the aggressor. He kissed Steve feverishly. Neither of them hesitated before entwining their lust driven tongues. Their shirts were removed within seconds, their lips not parting once.

Jin pulled back, suddenly self-conscious. He couldn’t believe he did that… He couldn’t believe he said that! What had gotten into him? Jun would surely be turning in her grave… Or where ever she was. But he wanted it so bad. Last night was too bland. Steve did all the work. It should have been different this time, but… What would Jun say if she knew her only son was in love with two people? One of them a man.

Love? When had it been about love? Jin pushed Steve’s troubled hand away as he tried to sort out his thoughts. How could he love a man? He didn’t even know he loved Christie, but if he didn’t love them, then… there was no other possibility. He wasn’t the type to screw with people. What was going on?

“Are you ok?” Steve asked quietly, almost fearfully.

Jin stood and walked over to the window. He could see a couple familiar faces from the third tournament enter the hotel. How was he supposed to respond to Fox? What would Jun do? She’d tell the truth… “I’m in love with you.”

Steve was quiet for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, he spoke, “That hardly explains why you stopped.”

Some people just don’t get it. Jin turned his head, but refused to look at his companion. Why didn’t he get it? Did he think it was a joke? “Are you deaf? I’m fucking in love with you, Fox!”

“So? That’s no reason to flip out.”

“You’re a man!” Jin finally turned and looked Steve straight in the eye.

Steve raised his brow, “Well that’s news to me.”

“I’m a man!” Jin frowned, becoming more panicked then angry. When Steve didn’t seem to be following, he continued, “I was raised by traditions. Man on man is NOT a traditional way to live. I’m sure if my grandfather didn’t already want me dead, he sure would now… My mother… when I was little she used to muse about the woman I’d marry one day, and the kids I’d have… She must be so disappointed…”

Steve sighed as he walked over to the Japanese. He pulled Jin into a sympathetic hug, knowing how hard acceptance could be. Jin was trembling slightly, struggling to keep the tears contained. He wouldn’t cry. His eyes closed tight as he rested his head on Steve’s shoulder. It was embarrassing to spill his heart like that, but despite all that had happened, Steve was comforting.

“Damn,” Steve frowned, “How come Violet gets the good view?”

Jin smiled, tears escaping his eyes, and straightened up just enough to resume their kiss.

The door swung open, causing the men to jump away from each other and stare at the oncoming threat. Oh shit. Heihachi. Jin and Steve glanced at each other wearily. Jin frowned. He wasn’t with Christie. Why’d they get interrupted? It was Christie he always got interrupted with, not Fox. Damnit. Jin groaned, annoyed and leaned against the wall, “Could you come back in a few minutes? We’re not ready for you yet.”

Heihachi Looked down at the two shirts by the couch. His eyes drifted up at the two men standing topless by the window, “You two better have been preparing to fight.”

“No we were preparing to fuck,” Steve smirked.

Jin choked on Steve’s words, and smacked Steve on the back of the head, “What the hell! Don’t tell people stuff like that!”

“What?” Steve rubbed his head, “He already wants you dead, remember?”

Heihachi laughed and stepped forward, “It doesn’t matter,” He rolled his eyes as Steve took a step back, landing himself against the wall beside Jin, “Please don’t resist. Your capture is inevitable. Jin. Perhaps I won’t have to kill your friend, if you obey.”

Jin sighed and stepped forward, taking no time to even consider. Steve shook his head and proceeded to leaping over the couch and tackling Heihachi to the ground. He looked back at Jin as he punched Heihachi in the face, “What are you waiting for? RUN!”

“WHERE? You’re in the door!”

“Out the window!”

Jin looked at the window, “It doesn’t open wide enough!”

Steve hopped to his feet, getting angry, “Well when has that ever stopped you in the past? Just grow wings and smash through the bloody wall! Don’t be dumb like that Monteiro broad and make my efforts in vain! I’m not bloody risking my life for you to get caught as well!”

Heihachi got to his feet as well. It was obvious the fuming Boxer failed to notice, for only shock made itself apparent on his face when Heihachi brought his palms together forcefully into Steve’s back. Steve flew forward, toppling over the couch. They were screwed. Jin didn’t understand why he couldn’t just sprout wings then and there, but that was that. Heihachi stepped forward, shaking his head in disgust. He spit on Steve, causing the Blonde man to spring into action, hitting Heihachi in the gut with his shoulder.

How could so many good moments go wrong within seconds? It wasn’t fair. Jin had confessed his love and suddenly his grandfather shows up! It was too much. Jin growled at the situation. Steve hit the wall by the bed. The air hissed out of his lungs on impact. Asshole. Damn old man was nothing but an asshole with too much money. Jin’s head lowered as he could see the lights dimming. He was changing, but he was able to stay in control, since he wasn’t as angry as he could have been. Laughing. The old man had the nerve to laugh. Jin flew at his grandfather, barely touching the ground with his feet once. Before he could lay a hand on the man, gunshots rang, and Jin fell to a heap on the floor. Laughing… Stop laughing… Darkness…

Kazuya pulled Christie by the wrist, rushing her down the spiralling staircase. ‘Violet’ had taken off 15 minutes ago, leaving Kazuya time enough to ruin the whole business. Christie stumbled, coming near to tumbling down the stairs if Kazuya hadn’t caught her. He sighed loudly in obvious annoyance as he picked her up and decided to carry her, rather then put up with her clumsiness.

There was still no sign of Violet returning. Kazuya kicked open the large door and tossed the girl into the back of a blue truck. She cursed at him for a bruise on her wrist, only to be ignored. They had no time for such squabbles. He jumped into the drivers seat and pulled into gear.

Christie knocked on the back window, looking a little distressed. Kazuya opened it, finding no reason why he shouldn’t, “What is it?”

“Can you,” She squeaked mid-sentence as they drove over a pothole, “please slow down!”

Kazuya shook his head, glancing at her in the rear view mirror, “I saved you, now let me drive how I wish to drive. Besides… That purple-haired fruitcake may drive back using any street, so I want to get out of this area quickly.”

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of him?”

He glared straight ahead at the red light as he slowed to a stop, “No, but I’m afraid I may be tempted to throw you back at him. Now, would you mind shutting the hell up?”

A black limo pulled up beside the truck. Kazuya and Christie both stared at it as if it were a bomb. After a few moments of desperately willing the stoplight to turn green, Heihachi stepped out of the limo. Kazuya cursed several obscenities before stepping out of the truck, growing bluish, purple featherless wings and taking off into the sky.

Christie watched a couple armed troops step out of the limo and head toward her. She pouted and crossed her arms, “Like father like son!”    

“Jin! Jin, wake up!”

A moan came in response. The larger man rolled onto his side, eyes still too lazy to open. Black hair decorated the white pillow as if it belonged there. Steve admired the work of art that was Jin Kazama. It was hard to tell when he’d get the chance again. How could one man hold such beauty?

Two dark eyes drifted open, and blinked against the morning light. Jin’s mouth curled into a subtle smile as he laid eyes on Steve, “Please,” He slurred, his voice affected by sleep, “Don’t tell me any bad news for at least an hour.”

“I don’t know where we are.”

“It’s no use worrying about something you don’t know,” Jin shrugged off as he pulled his relaxed body to a sitting position. “Maybe we’re dead. What would we have to worry about then? If that were the case, you’d only be wasting your energy worrying.”

“I don’t think the dead have to worry about wasting energy,” Steve frowned, “I don’t know how long we’ve been unconscious. What if the tournament’s over?”

Jin’s eyes widened, “No worries for an hour.”


“I’m not listening.”

A sound came from the other side of the room. They both turned to see Violet standing there with a short cigarette hanging from his lips. He raised an eyebrow at them and put out the smoke in a nearby flowerpot. Thing’s were looking up. Steve glared at the older man. Perhaps Jin’s idea to wait in the fairy’s hotel room wasn’t such a useless idea after all.

Jin, suddenly appearing wide awake, leaped off the bed, wrapping his fingers around Violet’s neck, “Where the hell is she?”

Violet punched Jin in the stomach and kicked him in the leg, causing Jin to fall to the floor. Steve rushed over to his friend, and Violet answered, “She’s not here. I don’t have her anymore, and I’m not very happy about it either. Not that I was enjoying her presence, in fact that couldn’t be farther from the truth… Do you always attempt to kill the people who save you?”

“What do you mean ‘I don’t have her anymore’?” Steve asked, feeling his face heat up with rage. His eyes searched the room for some sort of weapon.

Jin glared up at violet, enforcing his companion’s question with silent demands.

Violet rolled his eyes and sighed, “She was stolen from me. I can’t even use you two instead because now Heihachi’s after my hide as well. All that work for absolutely nothing! It’s enough to make a man snap! I do not wish to be involved in this game of yours any longer. My creation will just have to suffice with the minor bugs. Please leave as soon as you are able.”

Before the older man could walk away, Steve grabbed his arm, “Who has her?”

“Who knows,” Violet jerked his arm away and straightened the sleeve to make sure no damage was done, “I’m sure Kazuya would have gotten fed up with her by now and ditched her somewhere. Maybe she’s back at the hotel, or perhaps she found herself in another tight squeeze she’ll need to be rescued from. Please. Go save her. Do whatever.” Violet lit another cigarette and walked out of the room.




A/N: I’m sorry if the writing in this chapter was a little awkward. And No. Nobody is going to get their groove on with Kazuya.

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