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Obsidian Solace

Chapter Three - Peace making

By Chlover

Steve stood in behind a curtain in the Brazilian’s hospital room, waiting. He knew that hooded Japanese would be showing up soon, and he wanted to be there when the guy tried something. He wanted to catch the idiot in the act. He sat on the extra bed and looked around for something he could do quietly while he waited. There was only a T.V. that he couldn’t use because of the noise, and he didn’t want to use headphones because then he wouldn’t be able to hear when the guy came in.

He took a deep breath, but held it when he heard something. There was a rustling outside the window. Steve checked to make sure the crack in the dividing curtain was still there so he could spy and be ready to catch the guy. A dark figure climbed up into the room almost with no sound at all. The figure seemed a little hesitant about the window being left open. Steve cursed himself for making the scene so suspicious. The window was intended, but it being so obvious was not.

The man loomed over the girl’s bed, ignorantly facing Steve. A sharp intake of breath came from the unconscious Brazilian – whom of which Steve still didn’t know the name of – as the Mysterious Japanese placed a hand on her forehead.

The girl had just got out of surgery a couple hours before, and was extremely doped up. Steve knew that even if she woke up she’d never be able to defend herself while in her current state. The Japanese man leaned over a little bit and made a subtle gesture that Steve couldn’t make out. The man took a small knife out of his belt and made a small incision in his own finger. Steve watched carefully, too curious now to stop what the man was doing. An incision was made in the Brazilian’s thumb, and the man let a drop of his blood fall into hers. Immediately after, the man hopped back out the window, stumbling slightly, and making a little more noise then he had obviously intended.

As if she was splashed with cold water, the girl sat upright in the freakishly white hospital bed. She looked around and flicked on the lamp that sat on the bedside table. Steve snuck out of the room, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

Jin walked hastily across the street, wanting to get as far away from the hospital as possible. Hospitals made him paranoid. He was always sure there were some evil scientists lurking nearby ready to stick him with needles and take advantage of his devil gene. He wished they’d be able to remove it, but he had doubts about scientists ever being that selfless.

A soft cold breeze blew in. It was almost spooky. Jin shuddered, trying to shake the horrible feeling. It was like he was being watched ever since he got to the Hospital. Now he felt like he was being followed. Unless it was the feared evil scientists, he didn’t see who else would be following him. That Hwoarang guy was back in Korea so that was out of the question. It must have just been his nerves. Unless… Could Heihachi have found out about his being here? Could the Tekken Zaibatsu be on his tail? He ducked into a dark Alley, hoping he’d have the advantage in the dark.

Yes… Someone was definitely on his tail. He saw someone duck into the Alley after him. They weren’t very careful, getting silhouetted by the moon upon entrance. Jin watched for his chance to catch the person off guard. It wasn’t long before he noticed the guy following him, glancing around, a little confused. Jin took the opportunity and lunged at the guy, pinning him against a wall.

Up close he realized who it was. That Brit from earlier…  He narrowed his eyes at the guy, “Why are you following me?”

“Because I saw you in that Brazilian girl’s room,” The guy answered, not at all phased by the strong Japanese pinning him to a wall, “I wanted to ask you what you did to her. She woke up not seconds after you leaped out the bloody window!”

Jin considered what to tell the guy, “… I don’t have to explain myself to you. I’m the one with the power now.”

“Well I’ve already explained myself. It’s only polite to do so yourself,” Steve smirked.

“I have no desire to be polite to the likes of you.” Jin snapped, backing away from the Brit. He shook his head, and began walking away. He was hardly surprised when the Brit came up behind him, but he was expecting an attack, and turned around in his stance, ready to fight the guy off. When he turned around he wasn’t met with an attack but just the Brit coming up beside him. This couldn’t be normal. Was the Blonde working for Heihachi? No Heihachi wouldn’t put up with him.

A dog howled in the distance, beginning a chain of dog howls. Jin suddenly thought of his mother and was positive that the dogs were warning each other of something that perhaps only Jun would be able to figure out. He missed his mother greatly. Maybe he was just making a mountain out of a molehill. Maybe the dogs just heard a police siren and decided to sing along. He glanced at Steve, wondering why the guy was still in his presence. Not that he was conceited about it; he just didn’t understand why Steve would want to still be in his presence. The guy probably still expected him to tell exactly what he did to Christie.

Jin continued walking, ignoring the man walking beside him. He stepped back out into the crowded streets and looked around, assuming his position. He wasn’t very familiar with this area, but he had a general knowledge of the place. A small American pub sat to his left and a Geisha girl restaurant to his right. He ignored them both and kept walking.

“You have a real bad attitude for someone who looks as stuck-up as you do.”

Jin ignored the Brit and walked into a video store. He wasn’t interested in buying anything; he just had spotted one of Heihachi’s business partners, and didn’t want to be seen.  He looked around at isles in the back, trying his best to stay away from the window. It was probably only polite to buy something now that he was in here. Damn… He pulled out his wallet to see how much spare cash he had. More then enough for a simple film. Why was the Brit still with him? Can’t he take a hint?

“What’s your name again?” Jin asked.

“Steve Fox.” The Brit answered, assessing Jin carefully, “What’s yours?”

Jin thought about that. He wasn’t about to tell ‘Steve’ his real name, but he thought it would be rather rude of him not to give a name when he so rudely asked for Steve’s. “Hiro Mitoryu.”

Steve raised an eyebrow, cynically, “Well, I guess a lie is better then nothing. So, ‘Hiro’, what we doing in here?”

“I have no idea what you’re doing in here, but I’m getting something to watch,” Jin answered, getting a little annoyed.

The video store clerk walked toward them as if on a mission. She seemed a little too suspicious for Jin’s liking. Everyone was suspicious that night. He decided he had to get back to his hotel room as quickly as possible, before he had a mental breakdown. Without wasting a second, Jin was out the door, ditching the video store and hoping to ditch Fox too. He rushed over towards a taxi waiting for a fare.

Steve ran up behind Jin and tackled him to the ground. Jin looked up at his assailant in surprise. Why did things always wait until he wasn’t prepared for them to happen? Damn it! He sighed and waited for Steve to beat the crap out of him or talk the crap out of him. Whichever it was to be, Jin hoped it would be quick so he can get back to the damn hotel.

Of course what he expected least was what happened. Steve leaned forward. Jin half expected Steve to whisper some threats or demands or whatever, but the blonde Brit said nothing. Instead he brushed his lips lightly against Jin’s, startling, shocking, and confusing the young Japanese all at the same time.  Before Steve could do anymore, Jin panicked, somehow managing to flip over so he was on top. He pinned Steve’s arms with his knees, wiped his mouth with his hand, adjusted his hood tighter, and shuddered. “What was that about? You trying to screw me over?”

Steve smirked, “Depends on what you mean by that.”

Jin shook his head in disbelief, “You’re going to get me caught! That’s what I mean by that. If I get caught, I get killed, or worse. Why’d you have to go and attract all this attention?”

“Would you prefer I kiss you in private?”

“No! What the hell is wrong with you?” Jin asked, hopelessly. He didn’t wait for an answer, instead he got up and broke into a run, ignoring the curious eyes following him, and leaving Fox sitting on the pavement.

Three days left until the tournament. Christie stepped out of the hospital, feeling especially energetic. It was weird, even the doctors couldn’t explain why Christie was suddenly completely healed. They wanted to keep her another night, just to make sure she was really ok, but she took off. She didn’t like hospitals in the first place. The only reason she went was because she wanted to be able to go to the Tournament, and now she could. Why question these things?

She scanned the streets for a free cab, and groaned when she laid eyes on Steve Fox, as if she heard a bad pun. He winked at her and motioned for her to come. She complied, wearily, wishing it were Eddy instead so she could completely forget about this whole trip and go back to her country and her snake.

It was a warm day, even more crowded then before. Christie made her way to him, despite him being an irritating murderer. He smiled at her. It was more a pleasant smile then an arrogant grin that would be expected from a man like Steve. Christie smiled back, a little relieved that it was just a pleasant smile. “Hello, Steve.”

“Good day, Mademoiselle,” Steve said, “You need a ride? The only currency you need is your name.”

Christie grinned, “Alright. I’m game.”

He opened the car door for her and then went around to the other side, got in, and put the car in gear, “So. What’s your name?”

“… Shouldn’t we begin with where I’m going?”

“I assume you’re going to the hotel where most of the Iron Fist Participants are staying.”

“How do you know which hotel it is?”

Steve glanced at her quickly, “Why else would a ignorant British boxer like me be in Asia then to compete in a tournament?”

“Damn. I have to fight you?”

“Not necessarily…  Who was that bloke with the wings? Do you know his name?”

Christie nodded, staring out the window, “Why?”

“Because he wouldn’t tell me.”

She turns to Steve, eyes wide. “You talked to him? Don’t you understand he’s dangerous? What were you thinking??”

“He was in your Hospital room last night,” Steve replied calmly, “He did something to you and then you were fine. I was trying to figure out how he healed you so quickly. It was instant! So I asked him.”

Christie considered that, “What were you doing in my hospital room?”

“… That’s not the point.”

“It is now.”

Steve rolled his eyes, “Ok I talked to him before that and he asked which hospital you were in. I didn’t tell him, but I gathered he’d be able to guess pretty easily so when he took off, I went to the hospital so I could be there to take him down if he tried something.”

Christie was silent for a moment, “… Is that the truth?”

“Cross my heart.”

“Stop the car,” Christie demanded quietly, her face expressionless. Steve glanced at her but she wouldn’t return his look. He sighed and pulled over, shifting the stick to park.

The British boxer turned to face Christie. She knew he expected her to get out in a huff, but she did quite the opposite. She turned to him, grabbed the collar of his brightly colored T-shirt, pulled him in and kissed him passionately.



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