Author's Notes: I'm a firm believer that if two people fight for a long time it will lead to sex. I haven't proved it true, but am working on it. Feedback is welcomed, and saved onto my hard-drive.

Nice to See you Again

By Kali Exorin

I haven't seen him in years, and now he's in front of me, preparing to fight, like old times. Black pants are tied loosely with a drawstring, balancing on his hips, threatening to slide just a little further down with every perfect move he makes. Our eyes are locked in the same battle we've been fighting since the first tournament, fighting with fire and overwhelming passion stored deep within both of us, passion attempting to consume us every time our fists meet with heated flesh. I feel the crack in my jaw as his clenched fist makes contact once again, my head snaps sideways, blood streaming down from the corners of my mouth. Instinctively my fingers reach, tangling in his raven black hair, pulling his face down, my knee lifting and making solid contact with his nose. Blood seeps through my jeans but I can't tell if it's his or mine, probably his though because his nose is stained red and flowing blood down his face. He stumbles back for a moment and I bounce up and down on my heels ready to attack again,

"What's the matter Kazama, had enough?"

He glances up at me with narrowed chestnut eyes, fists clenching by his sides, cracking with built up pressure. His hand hits the ground, leg swinging around and taking my own out from underneath me. I lean forward catching his shoulders and flipping him beneath me, stradling his waist as my fists come down against his face. His stomach is vibrating slightly, sending growls out from his throat, his upper lip changing into a snarl. His fingers dig into my shoulders as he switches positions with me; he lands on my hips, inadvertently grinding his against mine. He smirks slightly while his fists make contact with my face, snapping my head from side to side with each separate, painful, punch. And I can't stop myself from getting off on it, hardening beneath him as his hips slide against mine with consuming tension, he looks down at me, knowing smirk firmly in place, his fists have stopped smashing against my face.

"Get off," I growl under my breath, arching upwards and trying to disturb his balance, to no avail.

He leans down a little shifting slightly, purposely, until our faces are inches apart, "Make me."

His hands move along my shoulders and down to my wrists and squeeze, pulling my arms and effectively pinning them above my head, leaving me very open, very vulnerable, and very hard. His lips brush against mine gently, asking for permission even though he's the one in control now. He's just hovering there, frozen between kissing me and pulling away, his warm breath is streaming into my parted mouth and mine into his.

"Jin." Our lips scratch against each other as I speak his name in only a whisper, the lower half of my body arching up to meet his, rolling forward over and over again. And still he's hovering about to kiss me, I can feel his lips tug into a smirk against mine, "I won't beg."

"Your body begs for you Hwoarang, and you know it."

I do know it, my hips are pressing upwards even as he speaks, seeking some sort of contact, while my breath flows into his mouth in sharp panting gasps. I try to tilt my head up a little, but he pulls away, just enough so that his lips are just like feathers against mine. Soft and frustrating. I feel him switching hands above my head, pinning me down with only one hand and his body weight, while his newly freed hand passes by our faces, brushes against my exposed neck and downwards, his fingers tracing my muscles and making me squirm beneath him. And still, even as his slender fingers work the button and zipper of my denim pants open and down, his lips are still just above my own, still hot and moist, still where I can't get to him. I know I could put up a fight, but this is just so incredible, it's Jin Kazama and I'm trapped beneath him, I don't want to fight back incase he changes his mind.

His hand slides inside of my pants, down the front of my boxers, rubbing against me while I thrust up into his hand. My eyes close instinctively, top teeth biting into my lower lip even though I know he's watching me. I feel something warm against my mouth and force my eyes open to see Jin's tongue wetting my lips for me. His chestnut eyes are still open, still looking deep into mine as he tugs my lower lip into his mouth with his teeth, sucking gently while his hand presses down against my aching arousal. A groan escapes me from the back of my throat, primal want. And just like that he pulls his hand and mouth away, sliding up on my body to straddle my stomach, he leans back inching my jeans down slowly, dragging my boxers with them. Once off he slides back down a little, bringing his talented fingers to the drawstring on his black pants and pulling the longer string. Jin spreads his legs further open so that he's barely touching me and works his pants off without using his other hand and conveniently he's not wearing boxers.

I wonder if he ever wears anything under those pants. After returning to his previous position he leans down again, torturing me with the scratching sensation of his lips above mine, his now naked body grinding against mine, but I can't help but watch his lips, so close.

"Shit." I hear myself groan, my lower body rocking against his, his hand sliding back up my body until I can feel fingers wedged between our mouths, tracing along the line in between my lips.

"Suck." A feral growl escapes his slightly parted lips as I take his fingers into my mouth, covering each slender digit with saliva, sliding my tongue between them while my eyes look up to meet with his again. He withdraws his fingers and presses his lips gently against mine for less then a second before returning to his hover-mode. Jin slides his knee in between my legs and parts them, kneeling between, "Bend your knees." He commands, his lips brushing against mine once again. My legs bend on either side of him, one wrapping around his waist while he lifts the other over his shoulder. It's a little uncomfortable for a moment but I adjust quickly. His cold, wet, finger slides between my cheeks, and at the first sign of intrusion, while I flinch, his lips crash against mine, open and warm and so very distracting. His tongue slides against mine, searching, soothing as his fingers move inside of me, scissoring and probing. I feel the circulation return to my hands as his fingers release my wrist only to become tangled in my hair, pulling me closer and tighter against him while his mouth devourers mine. Instantly my arms wrap around his neck, my hands moving up and down his back, body arching against his body which is pulled so tightly against my own.

The fingers inside me hit something that makes my vision momentarily go white, shocks of pleasure racing through me, a gasp into his mouth and he pulls away, smug little smirk still in place. He pulls his fingers away and I can hear myself moan in disapproval, feeling unbelievably empty. Jin moves slightly, lifting me a little and positioning himself at my entrance. His hands search for mine for a moment and when he finds them his fingers link with mine, pinning my arms down on either side of my head again.

"Hwoarang." He growls my name once before pushing himself into me, filling me again with something much larger then three of his fingers. The world spins and blur's a little for a minute. He hasn't moved, his lips hovering above mine, his body hot and frozen inside of me. Then the friction begins as he pulls out for a moment before thrusting back in, his mouth open against mine, swallowing my moans, drowning out his. His hips roll forward, pressing deeper and deeper into me, driving into me with precision, skill and perfect timing.

"God, Jin." I gasp against his mouth as once again my world goes white, his thrusts brushing against something that makes me shake and scream and come all at once. My entire body clenches, I can see the effect it's having on him, his head tilts back, teeth biting into his lower lip, his thrusts loosing their perfection.

"Hwo." He groans collapsing down onto me, warm liquid filling me as he pulls out slowly. Our legs tangle together, hands still pinned above my head, fingers still entwined. His breath is warm and erratic against my neck, his lips against my ear, whispering, "Nice to see you again."

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