Author's Notes: This is very short and pointless. Hwoarang and Jin act like guys-unlike the last story I posted.

Disclaimer: Tekken and the people involved in it are not mine. Kinda too bad, really. There are a couple of them I would take home with me if I didn't think they would raid my 'fridge.

It's My Turn

By Link621

Hwoarang was bored off his ass. He tapped his pencil against his desk, then twirled it, then aimed carefully, and threw it so that it hit Jin Kazama pretty squarely in the back of the head. The other boy didn't turn. Hwoarang was willing to bet Jin didn't have to turn to know who threw the pencil at him. Xiaoyu Ling, who had witnessed the whole incident, stuck her tongue out at Hwoarang. He blew her a sarcastic kiss and searched for another pencil. Once he found one, he drummed it against the desk, twirled it, aimed...

Next period was lunch for the boys and Ling. Hwoarang, who had run out of pencils halfway through Physics, was collecting them from the floor at Jin's feet. The boy was ignoring Hwoarang and packing his bag while Ling looked on.

"You are so mean, Hwoarang. I can't believe you spent the whole period throwing pencils at Jin. AAAAAAAAND, you got away with it!" Her usually cute features, distorted by frustration, were a little scary.

The Physics teacher, Ms. Deere was a new teacher and only twenty-four years old. She ambled out the door only pausing to say, "I will see you tonight, Hwoarang."

"Eight o'clock, right?" Hwoarang waited for her to leave before facing his companions again. Ling was gaping at him and Jin had an amused smile on his face.

"Straight - A student?"

"Now you know why I didn't take AP Government." Hwoarang grinned his usual predatory grin that meant he was thinking thoughts that no one else would want to know. He actually met Jin's eyes and the two-eyed each other with respect. That is, until Hwoarang added, "I don't like to bang old farts on the weekends." Then, Jin was laughing too hard to look at his would-be rival. Ling was truly lost.

At lunch, Ling was sitting with her girlfriends who were all insisting that she and Jin should get together. They all decided to nominate the two of them for Homecoming king and queen in hopes to get them together. Ling was so excited; she promptly went over the boys' table where Hwoarang and Jin ate alone, while their friends studied. There was a certain feeling of opposites between Jin's well mannered eating habits and, uh, Hwoarang...

Ling bounded up to Jin, glomping him from behind. She didn't notice the sudden choke from the boy under her, or the fact he was slowly turning purple. That is, until Hwoarang suddenly stood and punched Jin as hard as he could under the solar plexes. Jin coughed up something and remained heaving, doubled over, with a worried Ling hovering by him.

"Hwoarang! Why did you punch him?"

Hwoarang didn't answer; he just went back to eating. The whole dining room was looking at them.

Jin muttered, "Thanks, man. I owe you one."

Hwoarang chuckled. "I hope not. I still have a scar from you last attempt to make something up to me." The auburn-haired boy took a bite out of an apple.

"I said I was sorry."

"I know."

"What the hell is wrong with you two?!" Ling was fuming, looking in-between the two boys. "You are both totally crazy!" She stormed away from the scene.

"Gonna go get your lady?" Asked Hwoarang around another bite of apple.

"I thought she was your responsibility today."

"No, I did the dishes, you have to keep her in line this week."

"Damn it."

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