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Insult to Injury

By Phoenix-chan

Jin Kazama stood, towering over his beaten rival. He looked down at the unconscious redhead at his feet. It was two years since the last Tekken tournament. Jin had thought that he was never going to see Hwoarang again. He was wrong. The two had met in a bar, purely by chance, and had more or less ignored each other’s presence, and everything had been OK. Or at least it had until Hwoarang had had one too many drinks. This re-ignited the fiery hatred that he had for Jin. And so, he had walked up and hit Jin. The bar room brawl had been taken outside after quite a bit of property damage, and a few onlookers getting hurt. It ended in the alley about 10 minutes after it began, with Hwoarang lying at Jin’s feet.

"No matter how drunk you get, you’ll never have the skills to beat me," Jin spat, and then began to walk away.

He turned to see Hwoarang still lying there, and stopped. A smile crossed Jin’s features then. He knew the perfect way to make sure that his redheaded rival never bothered him again. He walked back over, picked Hwoarang up, and carried him off to his apartment.


Hwoarang’s consciousness returned slowly, and when it did, it brought a throbbing headache along with it. He groaned and opened his eyes, but what greeted him was a sparse bedroom instead of a dirty alley.

"Where am I?" Hwoarang asked, not expecting any real answer.

"You’re in my apartment. The least you could do is say thanks," a strong voice came from the other side of the room.

"Jin!" Hwoarang cried, trying to sit up when he recognized the voice, but only succeeding in rising several inches off the bed before the ropes that were restraining him pulled him back down.

"Aren’t you happy to see me?" Jin asked, his tone light, but his eyes holding something much darker.

"Why have you brought me here?!" Hwoarang demanded.

"Well, judging from the fact that I have you tied to my bed, I would think that the reason would be obvious. But since, you seem to be slow, as always, I suppose I’ll have to spell it out for you."

Jin walked over and cupped his hand around Hwoarang’s chin, and forced the redhead to look into his eyes. Hwoarang was scared by what he saw in Jin’s eyes, but he refused to show his longtime rival that.

"I brought you here," Jin began in a low, harsh whisper, "because I am sick of this rivalry of ours. Therefore, I’ve decided that there’s only one way to end it. And that’s to fuck the fight out of you once and for all."

Hwoarang’s dark brown eyes widened in shock, and he struggled against the ropes that held him. He’d been with men before, but never like this, and he definitely didn’t want Jin to have his way with him. Jin laughed, seeing the fear and indignation in Hwoarang’s eyes. He then leaned down, and forced his mouth onto Hwoarang’s, kissing the other man, and forcing his tongue to surrender to Jin’s will.

Hwoarang thrashed against the ropes, but it did no good, and he felt his mouth being violated by Jin’s kiss. He knew that if he didn’t do anything, a lot more than his mouth would be violated by the time this was all over.

"Relax," Jin crooned, pulling away from Hwoarang. "You might just like this if you do."

"Never!" Hwoarang cried, defiantly.

Jin shrugged. "Suit yourself, but this is going to happen whether you relax or not."

And with that he began to undo Hwoarang’s pants.

"Don’t you dare!!" Hwoarang cried, fighting against the ropes.

Jin smiled. "I’ll have you screaming my name by the end of tonight, whether you like it or not."

Then the color seemed to fade out of the world as Jin surrounded Hwoarang’s cock with his mouth. Hwoarang’s world erupted with pleasure. He felt Jin’s tongue sliding up and down his shaft. He started panting, thrusting up into Jin’s mouth. He hated himself for being so weak, but he couldn’t help it. The feeling was amazing, and he had to bite his lip to keep from screaming. His body had betrayed him, but he would make sure that his mind didn’t. At least he would try.

Jin felt Hwoarang thrusting into his mouth, and smiled around the other man’s erection. Hwoarang said he didn’t want this, but his body was far more honest. Jin continued to suck on Hwoarang’s cock, for a while longer, until he heard a moan escape Hwoarang’s mouth. He looked up at Hwoarang, and stopped sucking on him for a moment. When he stopped, Hwoarang groaned in disappointment.

"What was that?" Jin asked, looking up at Hwoarang.


"I think you’re enjoying this."

"No! I would never!"

"Well, then why are you thrusting into empty air? Is it because you want my mouth around your cock?"

Hwoarang shifted uneasily. He had been enjoying it. And Jin knew it. And Hwoarang’s throbbing erection was testimony to it.


"You want me, don’t you?"


"You want me to suck you until you come, isn’t that right, Hwoarang?"

Hwoarang didn’t answer. His lust was consuming his rational mind. He just wanted to be fucked.

"If you want it, you have to tell me how much you want it," Jin crooned.

Hwoarang looked defiantly at Jin. Without his mind entangled in pleasure, it made it easier for him to see that this was his old enemy. He would not give in. He would not scream his lust for Jin. That’s what he told himself until Jin ran his tongue up the side of his cock.

"If you don’t want it, I can always just leave you here..." Jin said, beginning to get up from the bed.

"No!" Hwoarang cried, his mouth giving into his lust.

"What was that?"

"I want... I want you to finish."


"It feels so good..." Hwoarang muttered.

"That will do... for now..." Jin said, and started sucking Hwoarang’s dick again.

"Oh gods! Jin! Jin! Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!" Hwoarang cried after a few more minutes of Jin’s treatment. Upon the last moan of Jin’s name, Hwoarang exploded into the other man’s mouth.

Jin swallowed it all and then looked up at Hwoarang.

"You’re making this far too easy. Do you want me to fuck you?"

Hwoarang didn’t respond. His rational mind still knew that Jin was his rival, but his rational mind was out on a coffee break at the moment. He did want Jin to fuck him, but he had enough sense left to know not to say so.

"Do you?"

Hwoarang didn’t respond.

"Don’t worry. You will."

Jin got on the bed and knelt between Hwoarang’s legs, and spread the cheeks of Hwoarang’s very sexy ass. Hwoarang looked up in a panic. He thought Jin was just going to pound straight into him, until he felt a smaller pain laced with exquisite pleasure shoot through him. He craned his neck and saw that Jin had a finger up inside of him.

Jin looked up and saw Hwoarang’s gaze and laughed. "I could make this bad for you and just plunge right in. All the better for me. But I want to make sure that you enjoy this. I want you to be able to tell the world that you were fucked by your greatest rival, and not only did you enjoy it, but also that you were screaming in pleasure the whole time. And in order for that, I need to prepare you."

"You can’t be that big," Hwoarang managed.

Jin laughed. "Wait and see," and with that he put another finger up inside of the redhead beneath him.

Hwoarang arched into the touch, trying to take more of Jin’s fingers up inside of him. He hated himself for doing this, but he could feel what was left of his reason slipping away. He could feel himself becoming a slave to his desire. But that was what he wanted at the moment. He wanted to let go of it all, and just let Jin Kazama fuck his brains out.

"More," Hwoarang growled, when he felt another finger be slipped inside of him.

"What was that?"

"I said I want more!"

Jin smiled, and pulled his fingers out of Hwoarang. Then he got some massage oil, which he had lying around, and rubbed it on his fingers, and some on his cock as well. He then plunged his fingers back into Hwoarang, causing the redhead to moan in pleasure and groan in disappointment at not being filled by something bigger both at the same time. However, this time, Jin had slammed his fingers into that spot inside of Hwoarang that drove the redhead wild. At that, Hwoarang snapped. All reason left him. He was all desire now. He wanted the black-haired boy inside of him, and he wanted him there now.

"Fuck me, Jin!"


"I want you to fuck me! I want you inside me!"

Jin smiled. He had the redhead right where he wanted him.

"As you wish."

Jin withdrew his fingers, and positioned himself between the cheeks of Hwoarang’s very cute ass, so that the head of his cock was touching the redhead’s tight entrance. Hwoarang groaned in anticipation, and tried to thrust himself against Jin’s member, but the black-haired man resisted with amazing self-control. How long that self-control would last once he was pistoning in and out of the redhead was anyone’s guess.

Jin slowly slid into Hwoarang, and the redhead moaned as he was filled. Jin then slowly began to rock in and out of Hwoarang, establishing the rhythm, and smiled as Hwoarang developed a counter-rhythm to Jin’s long, slow strokes. Hwoarang for his part, was moaning rather steadily at this point, and was enjoying the sensation of Jin inside of him.

This continued for what seemed like an eternity for both men. Jin, enjoying the tightness of Hwoarang, and Hwoarang enjoying the feel of being dominated by Jin. Finally, Hwoarang’s breathing picked up, and he began moaning Jin’s name like a litany. Finally, it ended for Hwoarang by screaming Jin’s name out. As for Jin, seeing his rival like that, begging for him, calling out for him, it drove him over the edge. Jin came a few seconds after Hwoarang, spilling his essence inside the redhead.

Jin pulled out, to see that Hwoarang was already asleep. Jin sighed and laid down next to the redhead, and curled up in his arms. He had always been attracted to the redhead, and now he had made him his. And even though Hwoarang would probably hate him in the morning, all he could do now was wait and see what would happen when the morning came.



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