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Pairing Index

Summary of Archive: This section of the Chronicles Archive, organises all the stories from R-TEK according to the pairings featured in the story. Since some fics feature various pairings, those fics are listed in more than one sub-archive. Note that the majority of these pairings are yaoi or yuri.

Yaoi Pairing Index
  Jin X Hwoarang [U]   Lee X Kazuya   Paul X Kazuya
  Kazuya X Hwoarang   Lee X Combot   Paul X Forrest
  Steve X Hwoarang   Lee X Hwoarang   Paul X Lei
  Steve X Jin [U]   Bryan X Lei [U]   Kazuya X Lei New

Yuri Pairing Index
  Nina X Michelle   Julia X Xiaoyu   Anna X Nina
  Nina X Kunimitsu   Miharu X Xiaoyu   Michelle X Jun

Pairing Index
  Jin X Julia   Lei X Jun   Kazuya X Nina
  Jin X Christie   Steve X Christie   Hwoarang X Julia
  Xiaoyu X Jin    


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