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Lei x Jun

Last Update 13.09.2001

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Ashes of the Phoenix
by Victar

[Summary] A crossover epic between Tekken and Mortal Kombat and a dash of Soul Calibur... A pact between Kazuya Mishima and the Shao Kahn has dire consequences for the Earth realm. Battling divisions and paranoia within their own ranks, the few surviving chosen are all that is left to fight for the salvation of the human race and its mother realm.
[Pairing] Lei X Jun
[Notes] Prequel to Phoenix Reborn. Currently hosted off-site at Victar's homepage.
[Warning] R AU Crossover Deathfic | Spoilers, violence, angst, language, alcohol use
[Added] 13 September 2001

Chapter 1 - The Hour of Apocalypse

Chapter 2 - Encounters

Chapter 3 - Broken Glass

Chapter 4 - The Right Thing

Interlude I & Chapter 5 - Veneer

Chapter 6 - Open Invitation

Chapter 7 - Sanctuary

Chapter 8 - Nature Walk

Chapter 9 - Broken Promises

Chapter 10 - Serpent in the Garden

Chapter 11 - Due Process

Interlude II & Chapter 12 - Revelations

Chapter 13 - Blood Atonement

Chapter 14 - Super Police

Interlude III & Chapter 15 - Invasion

Chapter 16 - Mourning

Chapter 17 - Soul-Searching

Chapter 18 - Bait for the Trap

Chapter 19 - Captured

Chapter 20 - Monsters

Interlude IV & Chapter 21 - Voices

Chapter 22 - The Dragon and the Unicorn

Interlude V & Chapter 23 - Ends and Means

Chapter 24 - The Greatest Power

Chapter 25 - Phoenix Rising

Dramatis Personae

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