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Teaser: Jin walks in on Xiaoyu and Miharu ''doing stuff''. How, I wonder, will our favourite Tekken bishie boi react? ^.~

Indecent Exposure

By Fever

''You just saw Xiaoyu and Miharu doing *what*?!''

Hwoarang looked at him from the doorway to his apartment, arms folded absent-mindedly across his chest. He raised an eyebrow at Jin, and leant against the wall, clenching his jaw in an attempt to stifle an amused smile.

The Japanese boy continued to splutter incoherently at him, his face having now gone a rather fetching shade of white- which, decided Hwoarang, as well as being very, very funny indeed, was also surprisingly cute. Allowing the corners of his mouth to flicker upwards very slightly, he placed one hand on Jin's shoulder to steady him.

''Jin- Jin, calm down for a second. '' He took a deep breath. ''Start from the beginning. What exactly did you see Xiaoyu and Miharu doing? ''

Jin bit his lip. ''I was…. I just went to, er, pick up the video camera from Xiaoyu's place, and she didn’t answer the door… and, and the door was open… and I walked in… and then she and Miharu were… on the sofa…''

The redhead blinked.


''And… and they were… *kissing* each other! '' hissed Jin, his eyes widening slightly. At the resulting silence, he waved his hands exasperatedly, and continued; ''With tongues! ''

Another blink. Hwoarang looked nonchalantly at him. ''And then…?''

''You don’t understand! '' Jin, it seemed, was getting more and more flustered by the second. ''They were… doing stuff! You know… like… like in those videos Heihachi-san watches when he thinks no-one's around…''

The Korean stared at him for a moment, then smirked, and rolled his eyes. ''Don’t tell me that shocked you, Jin? Baka. '' He turned, and gestured for the boy to follow him in. ''Here, gimme the camera. ''

Jin handed it over numbly. ''What’s it for, anyway? '' he asked as he walked into Hwoarang's apartment, taking care not to step on any of the discarded bottles or pizza boxes that the redhead had oh-so-attractively adorned the floor with.

''Just stuff. Make yourself at home, '' replied Hwoarang. Giving a dismissive wave of his hand, he disappeared into the bedroom, remaining there for a few moments before he emerged again, sans camera, carrying instead a few bottles of beer. He plonked himself down on the sofa besides Jin, and handed one to him.

''You mean you didn't already know Miharu and Xiaoyu were fucking each other? ''

Jin went bright red. Hwoarang laughed.

''What, you don't have a problem with it or anything, do you? '' He looked questioningly at Jin, opened bottle now hanging limply from one hand. Jin looked down.

''It's not… well… n- not really, '' he admitted, ''But I thought Xiaoyu… er…''

''You thought she liked you? '' Hwoarang snorted amusedly, and took a gulp of his drink. However, his companion's sudden change of expression did not go unnoticed for long, and he frowned slightly, pausing.

''Aw, come on, Jin. It’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything. Lighten up, will ya? ''

Jin looked down. ''I thought she really liked me…'' he said quietly.

The Korean sighed. ''Look, at it's not because she doesn't like you. Well… actually, it is, but then Xiaoyu just doesn't like guys in general. ''

He put a hand on the boy's arm, and hesitated a moment before continuing. ''If it's any consolation, I think you're okay. ''

''…What? '' Jin glanced up at him.

''I mean it. And you're not bad-looking either. If I was a girl…'' he trailed off, and gave a playful grin. The Japanese boy blushed wildly again. Hwoarang set his drink down, and lifted one hand to trail his slender fingers across Jin's darkened cheek.

''…I wouldn’t think twice before…''

Jin tensed up, glancing uneasily at Hwoarang out of the corner of his eye. He did not pull away, however, and the redhead took this opportunity to extend his touch, cupping the dark-haired fighter's pale chin in his slender hand.

''…taking your mind off Xiaoyu…'' he whispered, bringing his face close to the other's. The boy was quivering beneath his touch- Hwoarang could feel it- and he smirked, releasing his chin suddenly and trailing his fingers teasingly down the smooth skin of Jin’s neck, hooking them suggestively through his collar.

''Admit it…'' he breathed, ''You've been wanting me to do this for a long time…''

This was all it took to break him. Suddenly, Jin grabbed him by the shoulders, and seized his lips in a violent, passionate kiss. At some point, the two migrated into the bedroom, and Hwoarang's drink was left, spilt and discarded, on his living room floor.

They lay there for a while before getting up. Brushing Jin's sweaty bangs out of his eyes, the redhead grinned, and pulled him close for a second as he sat up beside him. ''You can have the shower first, Jin-kun, '' he murmured into his hair. Jin kissed him lightly before untangling himself from the covers and making his exit.

Hwoarang was in the process of pulling his jeans back on when Miharu arrived. She poked her head through his bedroom door, and smiled mischievously, glancing around to make sure Jin wasn't there before coming in.

''Well how’d it go? The plan work out? '' she asked coyly, lowering her voice slightly so they couldn't be heard from the shower. Hwoarang grinned at her.

''Perfectly, thanks, '' he replied, giving Miharu a meaningful look. He pulled his shirt over his head. ''How about you? ''

She shrugged. ''It took me a while, but eventually I got Xiaoyu drunk enough. Just in time too, a few more minutes and the whole thing would have been ruined. '' She flashed a toothy grin at Hwoarang, who smirked triumphantly back at her.

''Good to hear…'' he said, trailing off. There was silence for a moment. Miharu tilted her head to one side, and cleared her throat.

''And what about *your* part of the bargain? '' she prompted.

''Fine. '' The Korean boy rolled his eyes, and stood up, pulling a half-hidden video camera off a nearby shelf. He handed it to the girl with only a hint of reluctance in his expression. Hey, who cares, Jin was *definitely* worth it.

Giggling delightedly, Miharu took it from him, and bowed.

''Pleasure doing business with you…'' she cooed.




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