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Warnings: Eventual lemon parts, language & violence.

Impending Fury


By Aaronica and Orfik

The bell rang to end fourth period and Jin glanced at the clock, forgetting whatever it was that he had been thinking about.

"Remember, your first drafts are due on Thursday," Professor Nitado was telling them.

"You should be well into your papers by now. Talk to me if you're still having problems. Dismissed." Shutting his notebook Jin unhurriedly joined in the bustle of the students gathering their things to leave the class, as though every moment of the seven-minute break between periods was a vital commodity.

"Hey Jin, hang on!"

Turning his face as he rose from the desk, Jin watched the approach of the classmate who had hailed him. Ayame was one of the handful of girls who ever braved talking to the polite but solitary grandson of the man who had founded their school in order to discuss something other than a missed homework assignment or the possibility of a relationship. Her boyfriend despised Jin because of this.

"Kagari-san. Hi, what's going on?"

Crossing her arms behind her back, she aimed her cheerful smile up at Jin.

"You know that redheaded guy-- ... or it was kinda orange actually, I think. I don't remember. Anyway, the guy who came and talked to you by the gate during break a few days ago?"

He nodded, shouldering his backpack and smoothing his thumb down the underside of the strap.

"Are you guys going out?"

Jin's eyes darted over the classroom. The flow of students had mostly emptied into the hall, but there were still plenty in earshot. Returning his attention to the always-smiling girl, he swallowed.


"I was talking to Shisa and she said she saw you guys out like eating downtown or something. She said it was a while ago. So I wanted to ask. Are you?"

"I--" Jin began, before resuming quietly, "...I just know him through the tournament. We're friends."

"See!" she beamed genuinely. "I mean like someone like you would do that anyway. I told her she was crazy. I gotta head to--"

"Someone like me?" Before she could move away, Jin's question and the weight of his curious gaze pulled Ayame's speed-of-sound dialogue to a stop.

"You know; a Mishima... and a major hunk!" She squeezed his hard shoulder before trotting towards the door. "Bye Jin! Good luck on your paper!"

Jin waved, mustering a smile and watching until she had vanished into the hall. Rubbing a hand over his forehead before dropping it heavily to his side, he followed.

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