Author's Note: I guess Kazuya and Lee are my favourite couple and I can't stop writing about them... One more piece during their youth.

Healing the Wound

By Sapfarah

The water poured down on him, streaming upon his skin, sweeping sweat and dust, dried up fragments of blood but not the sorrow. Neither the tears. There were no tears in his eyes. Those were rolling inside his heart, eating him up like acid.

He didn’t see where from Lee came into view. He stood there, looking at him, wearing nothing and there was concern in his eyes... What for?

He looked at him. In the dim light, it seemed like his body glowed with light of its own. Lee was really fair skinned... and he was truly beautiful, he had to admit. Even though he was a man, he couldn’t but admit that Lee was perhaps extraordinarily beautiful, certainly one of the most beautiful people he had ever seen. And there he stood naked before him with hesitation and there was something in his eyes. He knew what it was. It made his lips shake and if he permitted it to himself, it would cause his to quiver alike.

He stood up, knowing why, and waited. Lee walked to him and when before him, he stared into his eyes. He didn’t even have to blink to confirm his approval.

It wasn’t a submission on Lee’s part when his hands caught on his elbows, looking at him as he traced his arms. Staring at him, a few inches lower than him, he didn’t as much as move and even withheld that fervid urge to lug him in his arms.

Lee’s hands slid over his shoulders around him and he pressed his body upon him while he directed his face to the wounded side of his head. His lids fell over his eyes and he closed an embrace around him when his lips kissed his wound. It was awfully pleasant to stop it...

For the first time he was overwhelmed in his very sorrow, so much he thought he could finally let his tears pour... Could he really have found comfort in Lee’s embrace? Was that the shelter he had been longing for, where harm couldn’t reach...

In fear he tightened his hold over Lee, as if he could hide him in his arms or maybe hide himself even but the thoughts pursued him too strong.

‘If He finds out...’

Lee seemed a little surprised and tried to find his face but he responded similarly. He held closer upon him and rested his head upon his shoulder. Kazuya caught his breath as he covered his head with his hand, trembling from fear and desire.

‘I can’t let Him know...’ he decided with agony.

The thought of Lee having to suffer ate him. As did the craving to smooth down on his beautiful body.

What would his old friends think if they knew? He remembered one particular occasion, when a gay was discovered in his previous neighbourhood... Hadn’t he too hooted him and cast stones on him? And Kazuya... didn’t he know? didn’t he care?

Many questions roamed his mind as he rested his head upon Kazuya’s shoulder... damn, it looked like a fine shoulder and he longed to get a mouthful of it... Kazuya’s fingers wandered in his hair, mesmerising him as they moved along his scull. His cheek rubbed on top of his head and he let his hand slide down along his side to rest confidently on his butt. Now he really needed to bite.

He opened his eyes when Kazuya’s hand slid from his head down on his back, applying the water that had been rolling on him upon his skin, down unto his waist. The sensation was thrilling and nothing short of it. In response he tightened his embrace around his shoulders, wondering. Was it right to feel so hot about him... like he did?

What was in his mind? They couldn’t get closer than that... As their embrace was as strong as it could be, before either would lose their patience and do something they wouldn’t know where it may lead, slowly to rub his skin along the way, he dragged his head away from the comfortable haven he had found, to seek Kazuya’s eyes... Could they really get closer than that, when the fire endeavouring them was so great and yet, they kept restricting themselves?

Their eyes never met as they both bent close to one another, avoiding to face the truth of it. Slowly they approached to the distance of one breath, they indeed breathed the same breath, they were one... He pressed his nose closer upon his face and he knew that, had Kazuya not been so shy, or maybe inexperienced, he would certainly have kissed him already now... Or did he intend to keep that tension which was arguably far more preferable? He had believed they couldn’t embrace one another stronger than that... He was wrong.

As he moved his face alongside his, they slipped naturally to touching their lips and held it there for a while, knowing both how in truth they wished to let it drag them to insanity. He had almost planted his lips upon his brother’s with his mind raging and he would have forced that kiss inside his mouth, had it not been for his firm oppression. Still, his parted lips touched his and drawing a soft breath, their lips met, pressing upon each other in an indefinite kiss, fluttering slowly together, sharing their breath with eyes almost sealed.

Not much closer. Right there. Where nothing could come in between, so close, reasonably far, as was sexually dangerous, where they could still fool themselves that nothing went on.

Where they could still break that kiss, before there would be no turning back.

Their eyes met and this time they locked looking each at the other with whom they had grown up since childhood and never thought to see this way that could never be. He wouldn’t accept it, he wouldn’t admit to it. How many things they had said staring at each other is impossible to grasp and even if it would be attempted, there would be no way to say everything at once, like these two did, staring in each other’s eyes, intensely, so much that their heads went afire, just like their bodies and for that eternity they commuted with no words in total earnestness and completeness and the intensity of the stare was such that tears almost surged into their eyes.

Lee was thrilled just to be looking at him. In this house, where silence reigned he had learned that, compared to the eyes, the words of the mouth were a poor act of communication. He had to learn that different way of talking and now, he was ready. He could stare at the eyes of his brother, equally equipped to the task, just as steadfastly as he did. It was more than a meaningful stare. He had to prove to be a worthy participant to this mystical act.

But it was Kazuya to lose it first.

Lee had never expected it not from him who never lowered his eyes to anyone. Yet, a hesitant yet definite smile stretched Kazuya’s lips and his breath came out as though he was nervously laughing. He was.

With that, it was over. All of it. Lee permitted a smile in his face and liberated the trickles in his eyes. He laughed and so was Kazuya, almost embarrassed for it.

"I’m sorry..." he said and his head drooped, resting upon his. He whispered his smiling apology once again and by this time, Lee was too in a laughing fit.

"It’s all right..." he said, his hands climbed up on his face. "It’s all right..." he said fingering his smiling cheeks.

Laughing softly between themselves, they brought their faces closer, without looking into each other, preserving their embrace to the intensity and warmth.

"It’s all right..." he assured once more, both of them this time.

It felt like Kazuya kissed him.

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