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Hands Clean

Chapter Six - Preparations for the Fireworks

By Saihitei Seishuku

Jin stared at the phone, 'I don't have Hana's or Hwoarang's numbers... I pretty sure Ling does...' As he picked up the phone, he felt a sudden nervousness. What if they didn't want to come and see him?

Brushing the thought aside, he dialed Ling's number. "Hello?" came her voice.

"Hey, Ling." He replied.

"Jin! How are you?" She asked quickly.

"I was wondering if you have Hwoarang's number." He paused for a second, "Or Hana's?"

Ling's soft laughing could be heard in their pause. Jin sighed, "Do you, Ling?"

"I only have Hwoarang's. But I can get in touch with Hana. Why?" She asked.

"There's a fireworks show tonight, and all of you to come with me." He replied.

"Alright, I'll talk to Hana for you." She said after a short pause.

"Thanks, Ling." He said after getting Hwoarang's number. After hanging up, he dialed the number.

"Talk to me." Was all Hwoarang said.

"Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to a fireworks show tonight. Ling and Steve are probably coming." Hwoarang laughed at Jin's statement.

"Me? Alright, I guess." Hwoarang said between laughs. "Oi, hold on. Someone's on the other line." He said quickly before switching lines.

Jin sat down, this might take a little while. "Hey, Jin?" Hwoarang's voice came from the other end.


"It was Ling. She said for me to tell you that Hana can't make it."

"Oh, that's alright. I'll come to get you around eight?" He asked quickly.

"Sure." Hwoarang replied.

Jin set the phone down on it's reciever and smiled. "At least he's coming."

Hwoarang smirked, Steve had come over earlier that day and was still sitting on his couch. "Steve, we're going to a fireworks show tonight. Jin's gonna pick us up." Steve nodded, he wasn't really paying attention to anything but the show he was watching.

Hwoarang shook his head and took his place next to the blonde. "Jin is picking us up? Shouldn't we go and get you ready?" Hwoarang shook his head.

"Nah, he invited the real me, this time." Steve smiled at his korean friend.

"That's good, mate." Steve said, turning back to his show.

"I'm gonna get some sleep. You better wake me up before seven." Hwoarang growled, getting into a comfortable posistion.


Hwoarang stepped into a dark room. He quickly felt around for the switch; soon the room had flooded with light. The walls were as pure as snow, as was the rug. He looked around for a moment, the bed had a light blue comforter with matching pillow cases.

Behind him was a book case, it was filled with many different types of books. They ranged from mysteries to romance novels. He smiled, they were interesting titles. "Hwoarang?" came a soft call from behind him. "Aren't you going to come to bed?"

He looked down and saw that he was only wearing a pair of loose fitting pajama pants. The owner of the voice was none other than Jin Kazama. He was draped in only a very revealing bloody coloured robe. He smiled and walked over to him.

Jin wrapped his arms around Hwoarang's neck. "Wha--ah?" was Hwoarang's only reply before Jin dragged him to the bed.

The Japanese teenager laughed, "Don't be silly, come on!" Jin pressed his lips to the Korean's. "I love you, Hwoarang." He said quickly, a slight blush crept onto his face.



Hwoarang jumped up to the sound of Steve's voice. "What?!" Steve laughed.

"Come on, get dressed. Jin just called; he's coming over now." Hwoarang stood and walked over to his closet. He sighed and grabbed something.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. "Coming!" He called as he pulled on his pants. Jin stood at the door, in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a t- shirt. He blinked a few times at Hwoarang's exposed chest. "Ah, come in. I'm still getting dressed."

Jin nodded and stepped around Hwoarang. But before he could get all the way inside, Hwoarang grabbed onto his shoulder, "Steve doesn't know about earlier. Let's keep it that way."

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