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Drive Me Nowhere But Crazy

Chapter 2

By Crimson Assassin

"No you stupid kid! How the hell can you be so stupid!? Don't go down there by yourself, you idiot!"

"Hwoarang, calm down."

"Something's gonna pop out and eat him, something's gonna pop out!"

"H-Hwoarang, I can't breathe, loosen up a bit."

Suddenly the Korean went still, arms locked securely but mercifully around Jin's neck as he stared wide-eyed and intently at the movie screen. Jin blushed as he looked around at all the glares he was receiving from the rest of the audience. He had to admit, his companion had been anything but quiet so far, cursing and condemning the characters and screaming when something jumped out. Then Jin heard the little boy scream. Then he heard Hwoarang scream. The arms tightened around Jin's neck as the red-head buried his face in the japanese youth's jacket.

"Stupid kid. Stupid kid."

Jin surrendered a smile and encircled Hwoarang's waist with his arm, using his free hand to gently smooth back the Korean's hair.

"You're such a girl. Look, you're missing part of the movie."

"S-shut up. I didn't want to see this anyway!"

"Wanna sit on my lap?"


Jin smirked at the innuendo but had every intention to remind the Korean of what he said later indeed. Hwoarang looked back up at the screen. The rest of the movie went by with similar precedings.

Jin parked the little white Alpha Romero in the apartment lot, Hwoarang waited in the car for Jin to come over to his side and open the door for him. Jin opened the door curiously.

"What are you-"

Hwoarang pounced him, gripping his arm and huddling close, glancing all around in a panic.

"Hurry, let's go!"

"Ha ha! You're scared?"

"Uh, like, duh. Can we just get a move on!"

Jin jumped back with a evil snicker and took off for their apartment, leaving the Korean standing in the dark lot alone and unprotected. Hwoarang yelped and was quick to follow after his cruel lover, cursing.

"I hate you, Jin Kazama! See if you get any tonight!"

A few faces poked out of opened windows, much to Jin's horror, as he stopped at their front door. Hwoarang soon caught up.

"Would you be quiet!?"

"No! How dare you leave me by myself, you jerk!"

Hwoarang punched Jin hard in the arm and grabbed the keys out of Jin's Jacket pocket, unlocking the lock and walking past the confused dark eyed fighter, shutting the door in his wake. Jin's eyes widened when he heard the lock clank back into place.


He tapped on the door.

"I was only joking, babe! C'mon, don't get mad!"

He was met with silence. His pounding got harder and louder as the realization of his situation hit him. Hwoarang wasn't planning on letting him back in. He sighed and leaned his back up against the cool wood.

"Well, this certainly sucks."

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