Demons of the Past

Author's note - End credits

By Sapfarah

...and justice for all.

Yeah yeah and with this the story ends... So now you know why I get bad grades, how I burn my cooking and spill my coffee, or, in case you wondered, why I get no sleep? Why, what a smartie you are!
Heh, don't mind that... I bet you knew I'm insane, right? No matter. Now, how about some reasoning and revealing the sources of my inspiration?
Most of you will find no reason to read this part, but I'd like to make known that there were a few people, who were there all the way and their help was significant in the completion of this story... meaning if you didn't like it, they take some of the blame, if you liked it, your smile goes to them as well J

If you liked it, I'm only glad, I just did that story from leftovers of 'The Lightning strikes twice' that I didn't find it in my heart to just let resting in my hard drive. Many more came up in the way and here you've got 'Demons of the Past'...

And now for the thankies...

Great big thanks goes to Kitana for patiently helping me out with some foreign to me names and especially suggesting Chin Hsien Fei's name (see? I've learned it in the right order!), to mention but a few but mostly for the support and for being the cheerful person she is and hope she'll always be, as I hope she'll get time to go back into her own writing soon.
Alike, I'd like to credit David deGraw, although he doesn't know, because thanks to him I finally understood what Eddy's uniform read: Faisca, meaning 'spark' in Brazilia.
And one for the webmaster of Bruce's online Shakespeare's page for the Shakespeare abstract used at Chapter 2. And of course for Shakespeare who wrote it... if that really was him.
Thanks goes out to Ada Wong, because she was so lucky to see the Tekken3 demo before me and supplied me with some more precious info... ;)
Along, thanks to Nobuo Uematzu for composing the awesome music for Final Fantasy VII especially the one for the final fight with Sephiroth and Impresario for having the tracks up... along with the lyrics. It pulled me through the last two toilsome chapters!
Lastly I want to thank someone(s) I will probably never meet and learn who they are and these are the creator(s) of the fabulous Jin Kazama. But for him this story would have never taken place and I hope they'll make more pictures of him for my viewing pleasure if nothing else! Speaking of which, anyone who came as far and knows of a picture I haven't seen yet... Let me know, Please!!!

The idea for Chin Hsien Fei, Lei's fiancee originated when I saw Namco's calendar having Lei wearing a ring in his fourth finger. So I freely reasoned he has a wife or a fiancee or something.
I don't really like Julia and Jin together, but in his world perhaps Jin isn't aware of his extraordinary looks and he might even fall in love with her and be happy with her. I believe he would need someone by his side but somehow Julia doesn't fit for me... Oh well, it's too late now, let's just move on.

For any comments, suggestions or ideas, complaints or challenges, the name is Sapfarah, the e-mail... well, click on my name J

Farewell for now...

Crap, I can't think of a farewell quote... Oh well, all's well when it ends well :) (tired smile)

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