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Demolition Lovers

Chapter One - A Loyal Friend

By Chlover

There were plenty of men in the same cell. Normally these men would be intimidating, but it was nothing new to the young man being shoved roughly inside. Not only was the cell quite familiar, but most of the men he was sure he had fought before. Some elements were quite different though. He was in for Arson and attempted manslaughter. He had never been accused of arson before. The closest thing to any form of vandalism that was on his criminal record was little misdemeanors for throwing too big of parties on weeknights.

Of course, the charge wasn’t that big of a deal, since he had dealt with being charged for physical harassment, sexual harassment, and breaking and entering. All of which he couldn’t possibly have been anymore guilty for. That was another thing that set this experience apart from the others. This time he was innocent.

Hwoarang smiled faintly to himself, finding a strange comfort in the fact that for once the system was wrong about him. The other men around him didn’t even glance at him. Even the ones he had never met before were aware of the respect that he was getting from some of the scariest men present.

One of the cops in charge of the case peered through the bars at the redhead, with an almost suggestive leer. “Are you going to make a statement now or would you like a lawyer?” The cop inquired in Japanese.

“I don’t need a lawyer and I don’t need to make a damn statement. It doesn’t matter what I say, unless somebody comes forth and confesses, this crap will be pinned on me, and you know it. But I guess this will make up for all the crimes I committed without being caught.”

The officer opened the door again, “Alright wise guy, come with me. You’re due for some questioning.”

“That’s a little rude, I mean, I just got here! I knew the Tokyo pig department wasn’t exactly hospitable, but this is ridiculous.”

“Mmm… Steve… What’s wrong? Can’t you sleep?”

Steve gazed down at the man lying beside him from his position sitting on the edge of the bed. He felt bad for taking credit for something he didn’t do. It was almost painful being the subject of someone’s praise when he knew he didn’t deserve it. When he knew that the person responsible for the heroic feat was being punished for a crime he didn’t commit. But he made a promise not to tell anyone that the blood talon actually saved the life of Jin Kazama. That redhead was so foolishly proud; it was almost attractive, but not quite.

Troubled by the lack of a response, Jin sat up and turned on the lamp beside the bed. Upon seeing the sad smile he was receiving, he wrapped his arms around Steve’s waist and rested his cheek on the side of his lover’s chest. As the terribly scarred arm draped protectively over his shoulders, he felt himself begin to doze off again. In an attempt to stop that from happening, he decided to offer, “You can talk to me about anything.”

“I know. It’s nothing.” Steve smiled, planting a reassuring kiss on Jin’s forehead. “I think I’m going to take a walk.”

“A walk? Well in that case, let me help you warm up,” Jin purred, reaching up to grab Steve by the back of the neck and pulling him into a teasingly deep kiss.

That little taste alone was enough to convince the Brit to allow his hormones to get the best of him. He eased the Japanese onto his back, continuing the kiss hungrily. They both squirmed to get into a better position on the bed, only to get their feet tangled in the blankets. They laughed and Steve kicked the blankets off the bed completely.

Once again, the kiss continued.

Jin pulled out of the kiss, panting, and looked up. He paused before asking quietly, “Steve, who really got me out of that building last night?”

“I… What are you talking about?”

As if satisfied with that, Jin smiled and gently pushed Steve onto his back. Drowning the Brit in his irresistible lust. After only a few teasing moments of fiery passion, Just enough to get Steve riled up, Jin retreated. He gazed up into his lover’s eyes with a daring smirk.

“Do you want me to continue?”

“Oh god yes!” Steve moaned, his eyes pleading with the Japanese. When the only response he got was a playful nip, he groaned and asked, “Ok, Jin… Tell me what you want… Please…”

The smirk broadened as Jin asked his own question, “Who got me out of that building? If you tell me now, I shall be much obliged…” He softened his voice seductively, “I will be in debt to you.”

Steve growled, and stood, pulling the Japanese up with him and slamming the man against a wall.

“You’re damn right you’ll be in debt to me. You’re making me break a promise here.” Steve spoke loudly, hoping the noise would somehow numb the pain he received from the teasing, “I don’t know how you saw through me being the hero, but I suppose you deserve an explanation for that.” He went quiet for a moment, and after a moment of thought, decided to continue, “It was Hwoarang.”

Jin didn’t seem to be bothered by the name said. He closed his eyes knowingly.

With a breathless voice he asked, “So… Who’s being charged?”


Jin’s eyes opened slightly just enough to show that he acknowledged the name. It was unexpected, but as if he were grateful, the Japanese pulled Steve into a heated, sensual kiss. Somehow, that man knew it wasn’t Steve’s idea to take all the credit. After all, a certain Korean’s pride was involved.

“You’re free to go, punk.”

Hwoarang looked up from the game of cards he was playing with a big Brute of a man. He frowned slightly, not trusting that perverted pig. The look on the pig’s face was one of disgust. Did the criminal turn himself in or something, because Hwoarang was sure he couldn’t be released on bail? But what kind of criminal so set on killing would suddenly have a change of heart and confess when nobody even died? It didn’t make sense. It had to be something else.

“Did you hear what I said? Get off your butt, and get the hell out of here.” The pig ordered, his pudgy eyebrows knitted in disgust and anger.

The Korean leisurely got up, tossing his hand of cards on the floor. “You sure you ain’t just taking me out to cop a feel again? Where am I free to go? Up your crapper, you crooked bakka?”

“We’ve got witnesses that claim that you were with them when the fire started, only one of which is credible, but it only takes one to free you for the time being. Don’t even think about leaving town.”

“Leave Tokyo? And lose any chance of running into you in the future? Don’t be ridiculous!” Hwoarang smiled, shoving his way past the growling officer.

Hwoarang paused as he opened the door to walk out of the building. Standing outside, leaning against a dark green Mazda 5dr, was Kazama himself, Hood pulled up over his head, and sunglasses hiding his eyes. His arms were folded patiently over his chest. It was hard to believe the Japanese expected to stay hidden with such a flashy sports diesel, but apparently, so far it had worked.

Once gathering his wits, he started descending the stone steps toward the motionless Japanese. He silently begged whatever forces there were, to not let Jin be the one who got him out of jail. How could he possibly deal with that? That would be an incredibly painful blow to his pride, as if that Japanese bastard hadn’t injured his pride enough. Fox boy must have squealed. There was no other explanation. Strange, Hwoarang was sure that Fox would be more then happy to take all the credit. Why would he rat him out? It didn’t make sense.

Jin finally moved. He unfolded his arms and reached down, opening the door behind him. “We have to talk. Get in.”

Hwoarang growled suddenly, lunging forward and throwing a sloppy punch that was caught easily. “Where the hell do you get off ordering me around like that? If I want to talk to you, it’ll be on my terms only, you got that?”

“If you don’t get in the car right now, Hwoarang, I’d tell the entire world that you saved me.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Hwoarang narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “You wouldn’t let the spotlight catch you like that. In order to say something like that to the world, you would have to step out of your beloved shadows.”

“You don’t think I’d risk that?” Jin asked, amused.

The Korean quirked a brow as he countered, “Why would you risk something like that just to talk to me? Don’t tell me you got a crush.”

Jin smiled, taking off his sunglasses. “Don’t flatter yourself. It’s not that big of a risk, since Heihachi is dead, and Kazuya intends to meet me at the fifth tournament. The only reason I still stay hidden is for… more personal reasons. Now please Hwoarang. The least I can do is drive you home. Please Hwoarang, It would mean a lot to me.”

Suddenly a mischievous smirk plastered itself on the Korean’s face as he nodded and got inside. Just as Jin reached down to shut the door, Hwoarang slammed it shut, nearly getting his rival’s fingers, and then watched the Japanese sigh and walk around to the driver’s side. Once inside, he fed the key into the ignition and twisted, causing the engine to roar to life, which by the sounds of it, was obviously tuned with flashy enhancements. It was strange. Jin didn’t seem like the type to bother spending much time and energy on big toys. As Jin took his hand off the key chain, Hwoarang spotted the mini British flag.

“One question, Kazama,” Hwoarang said, watching his rival pull down a seat belt and buckle up. He knew Jin wasn’t deaf, so it didn’t matter whether or not it looked like he was paying attention, but the Korean still waited for Jin to look directly at him before continuing. “Why are you driving Fox’s car? And why was he the only one who knew you lived there?”

Jin put the car into drive, and eased onto the street. Not normally one to be rude, He answered the question truthfully. “Steve is my boyfriend,” He said as the smile reappeared on his face. Glancing into the rear-view mirror, he noticed the redhead cringe slightly. Jin’s smile turned to a grin, for he would have expected no less, so he asked, “Does that bother you?”

“What the hell do you think? I used to think Fox was ok, but anyone who could date you has one hell of a lot of screws loose.”

That hadn’t been the response he had expected. “Doesn’t the idea of two men together bother you?” Jin asked, truly bewildered, and slightly insulted by the comment, but hiding that little fact.

“What kind of right-wing conservative do you think I am? Do I look like Julia to you?” Hwoarang turned to gaze out his window. This was not the situation that he had expected to fall into, 2 days after he returned to Japan. Already getting the attention of the law after just barely finishing his sentence with the Korean military.

Jin laughed and shook his head, “I apologize. Now… I wanted to thank you. You could have died going in there. I owe you my life.”

“You see this is why I didn’t want Fox to tell you. I knew you’d get all emotional, but then again, I hadn’t counted on you being his ‘boyfriend’. I had no idea you had the power to fuck it out of him!”

They stopped at a red light and Jin frowned at the steering wheel. The typical behaviour of that specific Korean wasn’t much of a surprise, but what bothered him was that the debt was unwanted. Normally people liked it when they were owed, but something was different here. It was as if the idea of Jin Kazama owing him was troubling. That just didn’t make sense.

When the light finally turned back, they drove in silence for a few minutes. Both of them having trouble sorting out their thoughts, one in a bubble of self-pity, while the other in a cloud of insult. Once the more reasonable of the two realized how silly he was being, he decided to try and think up something to restart their conversation.

“Still I would really like to make it up to you somehow. How about dinner?” Jin asked hopefully.

Hwoarang sneered and glared at his rival, “Are you insane? Look, Liberachi, Don’t take what I did to mean that we’ll be buddies now. I still hate your guts, and I still plan on beating your ass down! You know how you can make it up to me? Forget it even happened.”

Jin frowned, glancing warily at the redhead. Before responding, he pulled into a back street, and stopped off to the side, hidden by a dumpster and a bunch of discarded crates. He took off his seatbelt and twisted to face the other man, who didn’t seem worried in the least. “I don’t expect you to like me, but I just can’t forget about it. Please, let me do something for you. Anything at all as long as it’s something. If I don’t pay you back now, I will never shake the feeling that I am in debt to you. I couldn’t possibly live with that… Please? It would mean so much to me.”

“There’s nothing you have that I want.”

“You’re lying,” Jin stated, matter-of-factly.

The Korean scowled at his rival, unsure of what was meant by that. He absently considered it, watching the other man as he searched his thoughts for something that he could possibly want. It was as if he believed that assessing the Japanese would somehow assist him in his search. He watched as the other man turned to gaze out the windshield, patiently awaiting a revelation of sorts. Suddenly, it occurred to Hwoarang, It became so obvious what this man thought he wanted. But did he?

Instead of voicing his discovery, Hwoarang shrugged as if he didn’t come up with anything, and asked, “What makes you think I’m lying?”

“The way you hate me. The way you look at me,” Jin answered, glancing back at the redhead with a completely serious expression. “You’ve dedicated your life to me. Perhaps I did injure your reputation by not being defeated by you, but let’s face it, pride will only take a person so far. That is what leads me to believe that there’s more to this obsession of yours than just the outcome of that one fight.”

Hwoarang held in a gasp, not wanting to sound taken aback by that even though, on some level, it was expected. He looked away, in a manner that he hoped was casual, and said, “I think you’d better start driving before you end up embarrassing yourself anymore.”

“Oh I’m not embarrassed,” Jin smiled, reassuringly, “But there’s only one way to prove that I’m wrong.” He paused for a moment, waiting for some sort of inquiry. When none came, he continued on anyway, “If you let me kiss you, and by kiss I don’t mean peck. If, by when I finish, you don’t want more, then that means I was wrong all along, and I’ll leave you alone.”

Ready to refuse, Hwoarang stopped himself with a sigh. His lip curled in a resentful sneer as he asked, “One kiss and we’re even?”

Instead of replying with a ‘yes’, Jin leaned over, and pressed his lips against Hwoarang’s. It was light and innocent at first, but slowly the danger level began to rise as Jin somehow gained access to the inside of the Korean’s mouth. He was beginning to grow disappointed after a few seconds, it being no more Mutual then it had been at the start. Of course, this strategy was not something he tried often. It was simply the way Steve had coaxed him into the world of the Taboo. Thinking about it, he realized that it wasn’t much of a surprise that he couldn’t pull it off.

Slowly, as all his thoughts began to disappear, Hwoarang started to kiss back. It wasn’t the expertise and arrogant kiss that would have been expected from someone like Hwoarang, but rather, a confused, amateurish surrender. The idea of being the aggressor was exciting and new to Jin. He couldn’t help but grin against his rival’s mouth, and reach down, gently, but firmly, stroking the material covering that all important part between the redhead’s legs.

Tensing up, Hwoarang retreated just barely enough to accuse, “That’s cheating!”

“Just a little,” Jin agreed, moving to capture the kiss once more.

“Get the fuck off me, you fucking pansy-assed pervert!” Hwoarang growled, shoving the Japanese away, and opening the car door.

Jin grabbed Hwoarang’s arm, lowering his eyes in a solemn apology, “I got carried away. Let me drive you home.”

“Fuck you, Kazama. We’re even now, so stay the fuck away from me,” The redhead ordered, jerking his arm away, getting out and slamming the door shut as he walked away.

Hwoarang could feel the stern Japanese eyes watching him descend into the shadows. He wondered if Jin could tell that he had no idea where he was, or how to get home from there. It was not the usual route he took from the police station. Typically he would take a short cut, since he was always too proud to ask any of his friends for a ride, and they were all too proud to offer, he would always be stuck getting home by foot.

As soon as he turned out of the other man’s sight, he ducked into the nearest shop, having heard the car door open. If Jin was going to go after him, he was going to make it as impossible as he could. After a moment of silently explaining to himself exactly how pissed off he was at his rival for daring to be so bold as to kiss him, he finally decided to look around. Unfortunately, what he saw was not something he had anticipated. In fact, it was quite different from anything he would have expected to run into accidentally.

Before him were shelves and shelves of various sex toys, lubricants, condoms, creams, ornaments, and some unidentified objects. The walls were lined with racks full of erotic clothing, collars, leashes, whips, bondage masks, chains, silk rope, paddles, magazines, videos, and more flogging weapons. A huge statue sat in the centre of the large store of dominatrix brandishing a cat ‘o nine tails. Most sex shops were a lot smaller then this around where he lived, which meant that Kazama had probably taken a detour. A little bigger, and it could have been considered a warehouse! There were stairs leading up to another floor. According to the sign, that was where the bigger objects could be found. On the sign it listed swings, pillows, specialty beds, poles, bondage racks, padded ‘horses’, and suspension bars.

A couple of the listed items sounded somewhat intriguing, and Hwoarang found himself heading in that direction. Perhaps if Jin decided to check the nearby shops for him, the guy wouldn’t think to check upstairs, right? Or at least that was a good enough excuse for his desire to explore the place. That destination seemed to be a common thing at the moment, for he was not the only customer headed up the stairs, and there were plenty of people already up there.

Hwoarang walked leisurely down an isle of swings toward a large X-shaped wooden rack that was leaning against a wall in the back, and decorated with shackles on each end. It was nothing fancy. The wood was unfinished, and splintering on some places, and the shackles were dull and warped. It stuck out among the other racks. They were all chrome, padded with leather, vinyl or satin in various places. All restraints were either black leather straps, or shiny polished silver shackles.

“Does the X-frame interest you?”

He spun around suddenly, falling into stance, only to be met by the face of a stranger. A sigh escaped him as he straightened up, laughing lightly at his own foolishness. He couldn’t believe how paranoid he was. That Goody-goody Kazama wouldn’t ever step foot in a place like that. He knew he had nothing to worry about, so why was he so tense?

The Korean looked to the rack, and then back at the man. Long, thick wavy black hair spilled past the man’s shoulders. Mesmerizing emerald green eyes returned the questionable look with a hint of a playful gaze. The stranger wore what looked like a black straight jacket, without the arms bound, and silver PCV pants with straps hanging from D-rings everywhere. He definitely looked right at home near the racks. But this guy couldn’t be staff… All the staff wore a large glossy black ticket on a chain around their necks with the store logo. All this guy wore around his neck was a silver ‘Anarchy’ collar.

“You some kind of pervert who scouts local sex shops for young men to violate? If so, it seems the two of us will get along just fine because, you see, I just happen to be some kind of pervert who scouts local sex shops to be violated by 30-year-old men,” Hwoarang joked, attempting to scare off the man, in the most casual way possible. Of course after all was said, he realized that such words probably wouldn’t be considered as bold and crude in a place like that.

“Well, you’re right about two things. I am a pervert, and I do like to violate young men, but I don’t need to scout, since I own this shop, and live two floors up, and I’m not 30. I’m 27.”

Hwoarang grinned. He couldn’t help but appreciate the humour of a foreign man in fetish clothing who owned a large sex shop in the middle of Tokyo. “My mistake…” He considered the man for a moment before smirking and holding out his hand, “Hey, I’m -”

“Hwoarang. I know.”

“How did you -?”

The man acquired the smirk that the redhead had suddenly lost, and answered, “I’m a big fan of yours.” He grabbed the Korean’s hand in a firm but friendly shake, and said, “I’m Loyal Gaudet. I’d love to show you around our private collection that we typically only allow VIP’s to view. Perhaps I’m being an unprofessional business man, but I like the way you look.”

“You weren’t fucking kidding about being a pervert.”

“Your friend is headed towards the staircase, looking for you.”

Hwoarang looked past the swings, trying to catch a glimpse of the stairs. “I’d ask how you’d know something like the fact that I’m hiding from someone and who I’m hiding from, but I’ve wasted enough time. You may be a creepy pervert, but that’s Kazama, so please, Hide me!”

Loyal smiled and nodded, leading the redhead into another room nearby. “I suspect you will be quite impressed by my display. It happens to be dungeon specific, and has plenty of very interesting bondage and torture toys. Perhaps you will be interested in trying some of them out?”

“Keep dreaming, pervert.”



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