Author's Note: I can't quite remember what brought this on, but here we are... I've been told this poem sounds better coming from a girl, so you can read it that way if you so wish.

Dead Fight

By Misato Ishida

The fist hits like a frozen claw
Raking through my skin and cutting deep into my bones
That surround my fragile heart
The one that waits for you
To return to yourself
Waiting, Praying, Yearning for you
Again, again the fist strikes
Breathless as I stare
Into your bitter eyes
Watching me struggle

Evil, Possessed
Possessing my heart
Killing it slowly

Hurt, Pain, Torture
I watch you fight your life away
A string of knotted memories
Slipping through your fingers
Bloodying your skin
My skin
My heart

I fall
Nowhere to run
No one to turn to
You're slipping away into a blur
Can't you stop?
See me?
Rescue me?
Save yourself from this evil which fights for your soul
How can I hope to win?

Leave me
Kill me
I don't care
Slip away into the void of your heart
I'm as good as dead to you
As the final kiss leaves you

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