Dare Me Not

By Sapfarah

"It’s all a matter of control," Kazuya grunted as he forced Lee within his hold, compelling his struggling arms with his. Lee wrestled against him but it was all but worthless, since Kazuya was very much stronger than him, especially in close combat. As he looked upon his face, he recognised the strained smile of the conqueror and his arms, his ribs were nearly crushed in his embrace.

"I don’t fear the pain... but I will Never let you come inside of me!" Kazuya cruelly assured.

Lee had struggled some more, he managed to release one hand and successfully slapped Kazuya’s face, but unfortunately the blow didn’t get him well enough. Kazuya only growled in umbrage and got Lee into submission again.

"You’re not stopping me now!" he muttered as he pressed his body closer to his so Lee couldn’t move on his own will and thrust his face at his neck. He bit him hard.

"Aah!" Lee protested, bobbing his head as much as he could but the bite on his neck would not go away.

"Dammit, Kazuya, stop it!" Lee whined when Kazuya pulled away. So it was his idea but not like this. He had more skill, more experience and no will to play under. But Kazuya didn’t like being directed either. It turned into a struggle much too soon.

Kazuya swiftly unbuttoned his trousers and when Lee tried to stop him, he blew his hands away.

"I’ll give you something to remember Lee..." he said. "I’ll give us both something to remember," he declared and then he pulled down his trousers and underwear before he could think it over and forced himself among his legs.

Lee tried to fight him away but he couldn’t save himself. Kazuya pulled his knees up and penetrated him.

"Ngh... Stop it, you’re hurting me!" Lee complained, clenching his teeth so he wouldn’t cry before Kazuya. But Kazuya , grinned with utter satisfaction, his eyes glimmered insanely in the dark, as he bent over him, voraciously licking at his neck, as if he was a vampire and planned to feast on him.

It wasn’t at all pleasurable to Lee but soon the pain shaking him was slowly flavored with desire. He weakly held onto Kazuya, not knowing what else he was to do, closing his eyes, hoping it would stop but it wouldn’t. Kazuya’s strangely adept fingers run forcefully over his nakedness, skilfully sliding around his sex, stimulating him. It was neither too good or clearly despicable but he chose to like it, because Kazuya’s lips sought for his with burning desire. Soon Lee became used to the pain and even started liking it. He ultimately tied his hands around Kazuya’s neck, accepting whatever he would do afterwards as his hands were running along his thighs, kneading his flesh. That sure was good.

A little later, Kazuya laid by his side, spent and very much enclosed to himself like always.

"This is all about it, Lee... a matter of control..." he muttered, gazing on him.

"That was the last time. That was the last time, Mishima!" Lee zestfully said. "You’d better enjoyed it because you’re not gonna get it again!"

The somewhat unamused smirk that Lee recognised only too well on Kazuya came up, that which he only showed to him, the one which was clearly derisive and as if to remind him he was in debt somehow. As if Lee didn’t know in what need he was of his attention, how he craved for his love. Maybe he ought to remind him more often to whom the breaking up would cost more.

"It’s not like I’ll ask you," Kazuya said to supply his smirked statement. Lee furrowed in frustration. Oh surely he ought to remind him more often.

"Take me for granted and you have another thing coming, bastard!" he nearly shouted. Interest suddenly sparked in Kazuya’s eyes. He never bailed out of a well posed challenge.

"Say what, you bite as well?" he jested him.

Knowing better of these situations, Lee ensured he had a smile on his lips in return. Two could play that game.

"Next time, Mishima, I set the rules. And next time, I’ll get you for it." he stressed in a sneer.

"I’d like to see you trying..." Kazuya said and came as close as blinking his already narrowed eyes. But Lee smiled enigmatically in return.

"Don’t worry... You’ll never see it coming..." he said. And it dropped to that.

It didn’t take Lee too long to figure out his next move. In his mind, everything was set perfectly. All he needed now was the encouragement. All Kazuya had to do was to proclaim his need. Lee was surprised his plan would stumble to that, because he thought Kazuya couldn’t do without him for too long. He was however proven wrong, somehow.

During the time he devised his plan to the detail, he had been distant to Kazuya, particularly to show his dislike of the last time as best as he could. He avoided eye contact, he avoided long talks, he avoided and even stroke away secret touches behind doors, under tables and the like. Despite his expectations, Kazuya didn’t answer with greater persistence but somehow seemed to play the same cards. Soon they were two ‘normal’ brothers, indifferent to one another, simply disliking at most antagonising each other. After a while, Kazuya too restricted everything to merely shooting a blazing smirk his way, only for a moment, simply to annoy him. It worked but Lee had better things in mind. Soon he would be the one smiling.

Lee’s anticipated turning of time was meant to come and it came just about when he was giving up hope and thought of starting to hint of a lure to make Kazuya make his move. The encouragement wasn’t needed though because, the evening when a feast was held at the Mishima house, Kazuya made his move on his own initiative.

Lee could tell he was bored all the while, he didn’t like gatherings either, even he didn’t find much of fancy to that feast. It was all but a dull social meeting of the like Heihachi held but all the same, it was rather amusing to observe Kazuya maintaining his cool politeness and understanding the anger sparking in his eyes when he met his stare, sarcastically laughing at knowing how distraught he was of the effort he had to put.

Somewhere towards late in the midnight, when everyone else was too absorbed to notice Kazuya’s absence, it was Lee to detect him as he was found by him. He was too staying far from the main bulk of people, tired of pointlessly laughing among them, when, as he watched from far and somewhat unobserved, he felt Kazuya’s arms slipping around his waist as he pulled him into a firm hold and pushed his hips suggestively onto his. Somewhat startled, he grew stiff and thought of attempting a violent break but realising that would only draw attention, he thought better of it. Besides, the feeling wasn’t unwelcome and on top of it, he knew he had missed it all this while...

"What are you doing, are you crazy?" he whispered instead as his hands gripped onto Kazuya’s in the pretence of wanting to remove them when all he did was just getting a firm hold of his wrists.

Kazuya said nothing, only bent to breathe on his neck. The feeling of his body clung all along his and the warmth of his head boring into the bower of his neck made Lee lose all will to strengthen himself even to the point of maintaining himself standing. He resisted a chuckle as he pressed his head even closer to Kazuya’s.

"I want you," Kazuya muttered sturdily and his words fell like moisture on his skin.

"What if they see us?" Lee whispered playfully, trying to knock some sense into him, as he was seriously worried. The embrace didn’t loosen however.

"Mmm, suddenly it bothers you?" Kazuya crooned.

"Yes!" Lee said firmly and looked back. Kazuya was calm. Ever so calm as always.

"Can’t do anything about it, can you?" he hintfully reminded him. Lee felt the wrath at the memory of his rape simmering up and at the same time, desire for that violent invasion, to which he would admit if it wasn’t for his persistence.

"Get your hands off!" he demanded.

"Get them off," Kazuya said and Lee didn’t even try. He knew there was no way of removing his infuriated grip.

"It’s never gonna happen again," he said coldly. Kazuya’s eyes snared momentarily in one blaring remark.

"I don’t think so," he said.

Lee seriously thought of elbowing him, even at the cost of a scene but then Kazuya pulled away out of his own initiative. When Lee took a look on his face, he saw an assertive mien.

"Tonight even... I’ll fuck you," he declared.

Lee received this with annoyance. It had sounded strange coming from Kazuya. For him to speak such words it meant he felt having complete control over him. Lee didn’t bare being thought of as close to trash. It greatly angered him, especially knowing that Kazuya sustained such desire for him as it should render him the weak end of the relationship.

"You think," he said narrowing his eyes.

Kazuya didn’t show any emotions, in that way that pissed Lee off more than anything.

"I know," he said, as if it was granted and Lee chose to let him walk away, satisfied with his presumed victory. Oh no. This wasn’t going to happen.

A nasty smile appeared on his lips and his eyes glinted with the idea that was worked into his mind lately when the last details flashed before him.

"You got another thing coming!" Lee mumbled under his breath as he turned away. Suddenly the prospect was too much to take.

When later at night the guests were retiring in whole, Lee wisely had too made his way out of the mansion. He went for the garage and there took his bike, walking it away, ready to leave. He sniggered at the thought of Kazuya looking for him and getting infuriated at not finding him, as he went on the first step of his plan. He walked the bike under Kazuya’s room and patiently waited.

Good thing Lee knew to wait for what he wanted. He had a smoke before he saw light into Kazuya’s window. The curtains were before but still he saw a shadow passing by, stopping for a moment then moving on... Laughing he mounted the bike, turned lights and engine on as he pressed on the pedal once.

Like he expected, he heard a window open. Looking over his shoulder, up at Kazuya’s wide opened window, he recognised his frame obstructing the light. He had fully developed into a man by then and Lee found it funny to think that men with less sensitivities and straight perception would envy his masculinity, even he found it enviable at times. He laughed in his thoughts and in response to the smart smile that he knew it existed on Kazuya’s lips right now, as he perched over the brim, staring down at him, acknowledging his defeat. The first of the night.

‘Hold your hair a little longer, Rapunzel!’ he thought as he levelled the throttle and drove out of the garden, out of the fence, past the guard and into the night.

He rode a while, taking a familiar road he never took by night and saw it under a different eye. It looked spooky but few did Lee observe the sight. The wind blew in his face and the faster he drove, the higher he felt. He was wild and free. But he was alone. He knew he wanted someone to share those feelings with him, he knew whom he wanted to be that someone. But he had to take a little time, so he wouldn’t trade his heart for free. After that, he would have many chances to take him to those places...

As he reached a seemingly intrespassible part of the forest, he slowed down and made his way among the bushes and the trees. He managed to cross that barrier through the path he knew and found himself in an open space, right at a lakeshore and there he stopped.

Locking his bike, he stepped down, leaning on one handle for a while, absorbing the sight presented. In a palette of mauve and dark, encircled by shadowy trees, the lake was so beautiful at this time of the night... a piece of perfect black marble, glassy and reflective. The far rim was laced with a fine silver sash from the moonlight, right where it met the opposite bank, where he and Kazuya had so many times strolled, talked on stuff, tried to study in the peacefulness to end up rolling in passionate embraces, kissing madly, saying things that made no real sense but said them anyway...

Memories... so many memories in this place. Their place. Where they hid and shared everything together. There was where Lee tried to teach Kazuya to ride the bike, instead of skipping stones all the time. There was when once Kazuya had lost a pen and wouldn’t go until he found it, the stingy fool, getting especially persistent at realising it angered Lee... Lee had once tried to sketch there with the view of the lake and it actually turned out good and Kazuya had fallen asleep in the meanwhile, at times he smoked while Kazuya tried to sing, he had a beautiful voice but somehow was clumsy with it, then he joined him and they laughed to themselves, Kazuya tasted his cigarettes and Lee was excited knowing it wasn’t because he liked the smoking, and once it softly rained and as they sat on the ground, he held Kazuya’s head into his lap, covering him with his body while Kazuya had unbuttoned his shirt and kissed him on the stomach... so many fond memories and it seemed like there was no draining to their longing for each other.

But now it was night and the darkness made things look very much different than what they were in the afternoon hours they used to visit. The same place felt alien and Lee walked with hesitance, uncertain of his steps. But that fear of the unknown was very much welcomed and so merry...

The softly humid atmosphere of the night, when the air was fresh and pure, clear from every noise but so full of silence and lurking possibilities exhilarated him. He felt crazy urges overcoming him, vibrating inside him, wanting to expel him in doing spasmodic stupidities, like dancing, yelling, jumping, somersaulting but not wanting to let it out and lose it he kept it, focusing on the lake ahead of him as it beckoned with its absolute glazed serenity. He walked closer to it. It had a blackest clarity that enthralled him... Kazuya’s eyes were something like that at times, if he could catch him unaware. Nearly impossible but worth it when it happened.

Lowering among his knees he sat gazing ahead, under the moonlight. The night wasn’t dark. It was somewhat illuminated, at least enough to see around. A new thought passed him, of taking all his clothes off and diving into the beautiful water, swimming all naked and the cold water soothing his skin. The thought of that sensation, as the water would envelop him in its coolness and balminess nearly beat his equivocations and this time only premonition restrained him. Fear of, if not possible watersnakes or unknown fish, piranha even, then of the Tenchu and the water spirits that drowned people and they were never found again but in the legends and the haunts of the trees, both thoughts very unsettling for Lee to enjoy.

Voicelessly he laughed in the face of the possible dangers before him. He wouldn’t go tonight. Still he dipped his fingers in the cool water and liked the sensation of it. It was so cold that it felt pure, paining his fingers as it froze them. He then removed his leather glove and let his entire hand immerse in the lake. The feeling aroused him in a way he couldn’t explain, yet he felt wobbly, especially down his body. He let his eyes close and his head swing in tune with his emotions. It was beautiful.

In fear he removed his hand next and tossed off the droplets. He then fell back, leaning on his elbow, one leg straight up with the knee bent, the other loosely stretched ahead. The night wasn’t dark, in fact, outside it was almost bright, with the gentle light from the moon and the stars. Lee breathed out in sweet grief as he absorbed the view he beheld. The thought of swimming was slowly dwindling but not the wish for it. If he was not on his own... if someone else was there with him, a certain other...

Lee closed his eyes, taking them back to look into his thoughts. Why did he feel so confident around Kazuya? If he was with him, he could do anything, he could defy all laws of possibility he would just forget it all and get swept by his energy. Although it hadn’t always been so, since Lee knew more of the world than Kazuya did, once Kazuya got the grip, he instantly came on top. He was deft like a right hand; knowledge seemed to lay dormant inside him, awaiting to be called forth. He was really bright and what he lacked in experience, he made up with sharp perception. Whether it was because he never had the choice of failure under his father’s instruction or that he was voracious for everything new, once he learned something, he was able to master it very soon...

Lee smiled to himself at reminders of such proofs behind his thoughts. Things like Kazuya’s lips breathing on his lean body while he endeavoured him in smooth, wet kisses, once he had gone over the perplexity, drawing inside small portions of his flesh, so as to pleasantly irritate him while his long, slim fingers moulded his slabs, all the way from the cambers of his shoulders, down on his thorax, then to the boneless hardness of his abdominal region, lower to his more sexually sensitive regions... Truly there was NO place Kazuya hadn’t passed with his sparse yet so expert lips.

Time passed idly by and Lee spent it in his thoughts and trying to invent things to do. When thinking wasn’t good enough, he smoked a cigarette. After a while, clenching the glove he had taken off, he flopped it nervously from the hand dawdling upon his bent knee. He snapped his wrist to his face to look at his watch. Enough time had passed. Kazuya had better fallen asleep!

He stood up and went back to his bike in a smile. Although he was very much in a hurry, he didn’t rush his actions.

He had taken his time to return and the house was very silent by the time he reached it. His entrance passed unattended, like he had wanted. Tiptoeing he went up the stairs and reached for Kazuya’s bedroom. He stopped there, silencing even his breath and eavesdropped. No sound.

In utmost precaution he grabbed the handle and turned it so slowly it didn’t make any sound.

Kazuya had a very light sleep as he had many times found out. Yet he was so skilled in sneaking, it took more than someone irritable to detect him. He pushed the door enough to step into the bedroom and immediately his eyes detected Kazuya’s lying body onto the bed. His breath was that of a sleeping, his face was the calmest it could ever get but still Lee felt a rush of fear pouring down through his chest. With Kazuya, he couldn’t know where he was standing. And still, he was delighted to find him like he had hoped to...

He softly closed the door behind him, adjusting to the darkness.

"God, you’re asleep..." he muttered his thought as he took off his gloves and threw them on Kazuya’s favourite armchair. Excitement flew with his blood, making him move swiftly. One by one he removed his clothes, quietly but fast, studying the sleeping figure on the bed. He dumped all of them on the same armchair in a messy bundle. Kazuya never threw his clothes like that. He neatly slid them off him and always had some precaution in the way he tossed them. It was all this extreme dedication to such detail that made Lee find impossible the thought of Kazuya doing anything out of pure rush and made his storminess even harder to explain.

Naked, he slid towards his bed, holding tightly a scarf made of fine red silk in one hand. He carefully took the rim of the sheet and peeled it off. Kazuya didn’t wake up and to Lee’s marvelling eyes, he laid naked underneath the covers, his body glowing as if it was made of alabaster and Lee bit himself to resist the urge to start exploring him.

"Have been waiting for me, haven’t you?" he mumbled and ire almost came over him but he held it back. For a little more.

Moving as slowly as he could, he climbed on the bed, above the sleeping body. Softly he lowered over him, not believing he was still asleep. Quickly he slid the silky scarf around Kazuya’s neck like a rein and held both ends, to subdue him in the event he woke and attempted to resist. But he didn’t and Lee swallowed hard as he settled properly upon him. He closed his eyes in sweet lassitude as he found his way into him and entered him.

He didn’t stir, he didn’t tighten, he was all properly asleep, warm and all loose, pliable to his command. Without haste, he slid deeper within him, as the ecstasy of the awareness that he was the first into that liquefied his limbs which trembled as they cuddled his motionless beautiful body. Yes, he was beautiful when he didn’t stir to aggress but Lee suddenly thought he would have liked him to wake and sigh in response. He wanted to see how he would react to his body being conquered.

His shaking hand tightened the grip on the silky scarf, drawing him closer to his hungry mouth. Wrapping his arm around his tight stomach, he pulled him onto him and gave all his strength at pushing it all right into him in one violent shove. He couldn’t withhold the moan in his lounges anymore as he went ecstatic over him, the strength flowing with desire through him, churning him to the point he thought he would fall apart.

It was somewhere there that the unaware body stirred in his hold as Kazuya was waking up into the confusion but Lee, even as he was delirious, lost no time to choke him with the scarf.

"Don’t try anything stupid!" he grunted and taking both ends of the lace in his one hand, he pulled it back and went down to endeavour his jaw.

There was no struggle or response, from which Lee assumed that Kazuya was still under the shock, wondering whether it was all a dream but soon he was surely awake and aware and then, he surprised Lee once again. He started laughing.

For a moment Lee halted it, the sweat all over him beginning to grow cold. Kazuya was laughing in amused surprise under his body...

"What?" Lee demanded angrily and yet he was near to laughing himself.

Kazuya held back his laughter restoring the control into his grated voice.

"I accede, Chaolan... you got me..."

Lee smiled, holding the scarf firmly in his hand and Kazuya under his control.

"Sure gotcha, Mishima..." he whispered to his ear, between nibbling him. "And never forget that! Never dare me, you hear?"

Kazuya slid from his pinching lips and turned to face him from really close. His face had flustered with passion and sweat, his eyes were hazed and yet very deep and very compact as ever when he looked at him. It was a loving stare, proud at him and yet, like each time, somehow frightful. Lee could never truly look into Kazuya’s eyes and shun that sudden impact which never failed to jolt him. Whether or not Kazuya knew he had that effect on him, as well as to everyone else who would look into his eyes, he still smiled to him, softly this time and said "boo!" as if to scare him. Lee laughed freely and then so did Kazuya who somehow always seemed to await for Lee to initiate his laughter which never was very loud when he shared it with him. Then, Lee lowered his lids as did Kazuya and with no further word, they kissed, his arms wrapped around his chest and Kazuya reached his own hands back to embrace him.

To the rest of the night, Lee made love to Kazuya with passion and ever growing desire. Kazuya obediently sighed and moaned, like Lee had wanted and soon the scarf was tied around his neck, so that Lee could have one more hand free to his leisure. There was no struggle other than that of the lovemaking and Lee finally got the chance to indulge into the tender approaches he had skipped before starting, to avoid waking him.

It was almost dawn when they both sat up on the bed, leaning onto each other. Kazuya undid the scarf from his neck and tried to tie a bandanna on Lee who shook his head free, then, since it was a big scarf, he bundled Lee’s entire head into it and shook it, finally he tied it around his neck again, but this time more like a tie and in a fashionable way, the same way he would be wearing it later in his life.

"So how did you like it?" Lee asked him. He didn’t reply, just emerged an unbalanced smile and when Lee laughed in triumph, he playfully slapped his face.

"I’ll get you for it," he said.

"Fuck me, you liked it!" Lee said laughing and sheltered his head against a pillow.

"You did," Lee insisted, pressing his voice to make it sound deeper. Kazuya snared his eyes.

"Next is my own..." he promised and Lee was ready to leap up immediately if necessary. Kazuya didn’t seem ready to attack however, but deep in thought, having his sidelong stare, as when he got one of his ideas.

"You know that chain oyagi has for the bear? It is twice the size of your neck..." he muttered.

Lee shivered in worry at the thought of waking up under him wearing that thing.

"Giving me ideas, huh?" he said jokingly but Kazuya only nodded with his chin.

"I’ll make you beg," he said self-certainly.

The same anger and frustration came over Lee as he returned his eyeing with his sharpest glare.

"Like I said... dare me not." Lee ordered.

But Kazuya lifted one corner of his lips to that sarcastic even smirk of his and nearly blinked an eye. Lee narrowed his own in return, relishing the look in Kazuya’s eye. Kazuya bent over and kissed him appreciatively. When he pulled back, he faced him with a nearly indiscernible yet definite smile.

Lee smiled similarly and nodded once in a welcoming way. It sure was good to be thought of.

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