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Chapter 12 - Nailed

By Chlover

Noises came from behind the hotel door. Julia crept up to it, and pressed her ear against the wood, listening carefully for any hint that it may be her boyfriend in there. She had done an information search on the Internet, and eventually narrowed Kazuya's presence to that hotel room.

Once she heard more clearly, the muffled voices sometimes crying out, and other times grunting quietly, she knew what was happening. Julia felt a lump rise in her throat as she struggled to fight back tears. It was still so hard to believe. There was only one way to remove all doubt, and it wasn't a favourable idea. It was time to go in. Julia knew she had to see it with her own eyes if she was ever going to accept it.

The door flew open and she ran in, going immediately into the connecting room, and stopping mid-stride to see Kazuya on the bed with Lee underneath him. A thin covering of blankets fortunately covered exactly what she didn't want to see. His skin glistened in the poor lighting; sweat beading in the crevasses of his bare back. His rough thrusts were timed with a non-existent beat.

Even as Kazuya's gaze focused on her, the beat did not slow. His eyes were shinning and glossy as a smirk crossed his lips, spreading by the second. Julia spotted a flash of the demon inside him, hearing its unspoken plans for her. Lee was lost in his own little world of ecstasy. He didn't even seem to notice that the woman was there. It was possible that he just didn't care.

When she turned to leave, the door slammed shut in her face, and red eyes met her when she looked back to the two men on the bed. Lee was back in reality, his face clouded with annoyance at seeing that the demon had taken over. It almost looked like he was afraid, but he hid it well. He glanced briefly at Julia, as if she were just a plain fixture in the room. His face was still flushed from the time he had with Kazuya.

The demon flew out from under the covers, and slammed Julia against the door. "What were you expecting to find when you decided to push your way in here? Your beloved boyfriend in the midst of my internal abuse? Or perhaps you were hoping to find him in great pain, begging you to take him away from me. I am terribly sorry to disappoint you, Miss Chang, but you can't always get what you want. If we could, you would have been dead long ago."

"What are you going to do?" Julia asked in a whisper, no longer attempting to hide her own fear.

The creature laughed and shrugged, "Maybe I should show you what I frequently put that darling redhead through. Would you like to be in his shoes for a few hours? Would you like to understand what he likes so much about the pain I inflict upon him?"

A tear finally escaped her eye as she looked away from those blinding eyes. "All I want is to know that he's safe. I haven't heard from him… Why isn't he here? I've looked everywhere, his favourite bar, his apartment, and here… Would you please just tell me where he is? Tell me he's safe…"

"If I were him I'd be busy hiding from you," The demon sighed and slipped a robe over his body, finally covering itself up, not exactly sure why. It looked at the shattered window and remembered the earlier conversation with the boy. Somehow, it knew where he was. Even after Hwoarang said himself what a stupid idea it would be, he did it anyway. The eyes faded a little, but not completely, and Kazuya's upset voice came through, slightly tainted by the demon, "He went after my father… Now I have two choices. Save the boy, and hand over the devil gene to my father on a silver platter, or let the boy take care of the situation himself, and possibly spare millions of lives… A choice between strangers and one confused Korean." As if the choice was obvious, Kazuya rolled his eyes and quickly slipped pants on and disposed of the robe. He soon was headed out the door.

Eventually the painful visit ended. Hwoarang watched through one swollen eye as Heihachi left the room. A guard was sent in to watch him, even though he was chained to a chair. He was thankful that Heihachi didn't really want to see what it was that Jin and Kazuya liked about him, but there were some other people he wasn't afraid to show himself to, for a price, of course.

It was a good thing that he recognised the guard as a man that had been checking him out hours before. Although, it was a very risky situation. This man seemed to be one of Heihachi's most trusted, and most skilled. He studied the man for a while before finally deciding to risk it. There wasn't exactly much to lose. His own life was on the line no matter what route he chose to take; it was just a matter of which way he would prefer to go down. Why not go out with a bang?

The name sewn on the sleeve of the man's uniform was Danas. Well, the guy sure wasn't Asian, so English would probably be the best language to use. "Hey, Danas," Hwoarang said, surprising himself with the poor shape of his own voice, "I don't suppose you got any ciggies on you, huh?"

"Yeah," Danas glanced uneasily at the door before walking over and sitting beside Hwoarang. He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his breast pocket, and slipped one into the Korean's mouth. After a short search for his lighter, he put the tiny flame to the tip of the cigarette, and looked the prisoner over. There was nothing subtle about this guy. Nothing hiding behind those confident eyes. He even wore his fears of his boss on his sleeve.

Hwoarang looked around the room, a pain shooting through his spine every time he moved his head, but that was easy to ignore. "Are there any cameras in here?"

The question seemed to leave the man amused. He smiled and nodded, " Heihachi isn't dumb enough to leave his son's young lover alone in a room without taking appropriate security measures. I know what you're thinking," A playful glimmer shone in the man's eyes as he brushed Hwoarang's cheek with the tips of his fingers, "That maybe I'm your ticket out of here. That maybe, if you play your cards right you can somehow convince me to betray my boss. Well let me tell you something, Blood Talon." He grinned, "It takes more than a pretty face to master my game."

"Right now my face ain't all that pretty, so naturally if that was the only thing I had going for me, I wouldn't bother." Hwoarang's lip curled into a smirk as his eyes wandered the body before him. "Now I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The more it hurts, the more I like it." His voice went down to a whisper, "You can hurt me, can't you?"

"I never really liked that old man, anyway," The man walked around to the back of Hwoarang's chair and leaned over to kiss the Korean's neck. "And those bruises on your face look good on you."

Hwoarang's brow furrowed with concern, "Uh, Danas, What about the cameras?"

The grin on the other man's face turned into something more along the lines of the look he got from Zekkai all those evenings ago on the roof of that building. The cold-blooded, hungry, almost psychotic gaze. It was not a good sign. But his question was answered quickly. "A couple buddies of mine are in the control room. There's absolutely nothing to worry about in that area. Your concern should be about me. You see; I've got secrets of my own. Ones not even Heihachi knows about, and…" He paused as a knock came at the door, "When someone has to convince me of something, they have to convince my brothers. Oh, and call me Eryx."

'Eryx' Walked over and opened the door, letting in two larger guys, one more of Jin's build, the other much more muscular, and much larger in every other area that could be seen. Hwoarang swore under his breath as he took in what had to be his biggest mistake yet. He was already in horrible shape from Heihachi's meaningless beatings and now he had to handle whatever these guys had planned. He thrived on pain, but three guys just seemed like too much. It made him nauseas just thinking about what he was in for.

"Would you like me to introduce them?"

Hwoarang shook his head, faking a playful smirk, "Don't bother, I only need one name to scream."

The two nameless guys slapped Danas on the back, teasing him in a strange language that Hwoarang guessed was Greek. Eryx ignored them, his eyes fixed on the Korean with intense curiosity. He had expected the prisoner to be afraid once seeing his brothers, but this guy appeared to be looking forward to the experience. Before, he had absolutely no intention of helping the kid out, but he was beginning to like this guy.

"Who's first?" Hwoarang asked, as if it were a dare.

The two newcomers stepped forward, and one unlocked the Korean's chains, but he wasn't free. They removed a plank in the floor and locked the chains around something beneath it. Hwoarang wasn't able to see what it was, but he didn't care. There was much more slack in the chains, and he decided that if things got too heavy, he could always strangle one of them. Though, more slack was good for more then that reason, he was actually able to move around more, which would give him a bit of control in whatever situation would unfold.

Hwoarang winked at Eryx and nodded at the floor beside him, "Why don't you come and take a seat. I really don't like to wait."

Eryx complied, accepting the Korean lips on his, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. But the prisoner didn't seem like one to beat around the bush, and in confirmation of that, Eryx soon found his uniform in a bundle on the floor next to him, and the red hair scaling down his body in a concatenation of light kisses. The boy meant business, and it was almost upsetting merely being a business trip to the fiery redhead. A path to that all-important promotion. But as those warm Korean lips closed around his length, all those upsetting thoughts languished.

Had the other two not been there, Hwoarang was sure his job would have been a lot easier. He could feel cold hands struggle with removing his pants. The hands belonged to one of the larger men, and soon that man was astride him. Déjà vu set in, and Hwoarang couldn't help but remember the evening that Kazuya violated him in front of Jin. The humiliating memory was pushed aside with some difficulty, but he still didn't allow it to bother him. He had completed the main part of his plan. When he removed Eryx's uniform, he had taken the keys and now held them tightly in his hand, trying to think of a way to get the other two out of there so he could start with the escaping part.

Hwoarang caught the eye of Eryx, and held it even as he felt himself penetrated by one of the other men. The man behind him was nothing compared to what he was used to, and he found himself wishing for his Zekkai. Even as the man continued to thrust, Hwoarang was annoyed by the lack of force, power, and authority that he was typically assailed with. The nameless man didn't even seem to have any confidence, despite his lame attempts at faking it.

"You gotta be kidding," Hwoarang whispered to Eryx, "To think I was worried about this guy. He doesn't have what it takes to handle me. This intimidation endeavour would probably be a bit more successful if your brothers were a bit more experienced at this kind of thing." He kissed the tip of the length in front of him, "I'm sure you could do much better."

"How far are you willing to go to get out of here?"

"Wherever you want to take me," Hwoarang replied with a smirk.

Eryx nodded at his brothers, and soon they were grudgingly heading out the door. He looked down at the Korean and thought for a moment, "Unlock yourself." Upon seeing the confused look, he clarified, "I know you took the keys, they always do. Now unlock yourself." Once his order was obeyed, he slowly instructed, "Amaze me."

It was rare that a prisoner got that far, but when they did, they never got much farther, typically not having much of an imagination. He wasn't even sure what to do if this guy succeeded at this stage of the game. It had never happened before in all his Four years of working for the Mishima Zaibatsu. Of course it wasn't all that often that a prisoner decided to try their luck at convincing him to help them escape. His mind was already reeling to find a plan for the next stage of the party. Though his thoughts were far from apparent on his face.

Hwoarang grinned and moved his way back up the firm Greek body. As he took the other man's mouth in his, he reached up with his hands, and carefully slipped the chains onto Eryx's wrists, and locked them into place. Though Eryx wasn't worried. That had happened before, and his brothers were waiting right outside the room, prepared for such a thing. The weird thing was, this guy didn't try to make a break for it. Instead, the redhead pushed the nicely tanned legs apart, and licked his fingers, confusing Eryx to an almost troubled point. Hwoarang reached down, and gingerly delved one of his fingers into the man. Eryx gasped, never having been in the situation before.

Their eyes locked again and the Korean added another finger, gently working the muscles looser. He ran his tongue up Eryx's neck, to the lobe of his ear.

The door swung open, banging on the wall, and one of the nameless men ran in, "Heihachi's back! He's on his way down. You have about two minutes to get dressed, if even!" He looked at the chains constricting his Eryx's wrists and shook his head, "Oh you're in deep shit, dude."

Eryx looked at Hwoarang, curious to see how he'd handle it, but Hwoarang didn't worry. He simply unlocked Eryx and snatched his own pants up off the floor, casually pulling them on, and then sitting back on the chair, "I'm cursed. Something always interrupts me. We'll finish this later." He winked at his captor.

The nameless man proceeded to chain the Korean back up as Eryx clumsily got back into his uniform. As if on cue, Heihachi stepped through the door the moment Eryx finished doing up his last button. The nameless man glanced at Heihachi and grinned, expertly hiding the panic he just experienced. Hwoarang glared up at the old man, not having to pretend to be pissed. It was angering enough that his time with the guard was interrupted.

"Have my men been hospitable?" Heihachi asked coyly.

"Are you going to kill me anyway after you get your offspring?"

Heihachi smiled and shrugged, "I guess it all depends on what kind of mood I'm in." He paused and eyed Eryx, "You look a little red, Danas. Has our boy here been shooting his mouth off to you?"

Hwoarang looked over at the flushed man, and noticed he was holding his hat low in his hands, as if trying to hide something. The Korean had to struggle to keep from grinning. It would have been a miracle if Heihachi didn't notice. In a desperate attempt at a cover up, that even surprised himself, Hwoarang laughed loudly, "How the fuck can I bark at him if he left me with his meathead friends? I think was entertaining some chick while he was supposed to be working. He's been a really bad boy. I think you should punish him… Can I watch?"

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