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Chapter 9 - What a Mess

By Chlover

Not a movement or a sound came from the dark room since the previous day. Exhaustion weighed heavily on the occupant, putting him in a coma-like sleep. A demon perched on the end of the bed, watched over the sleeping mortal, guarding the young man against nothing and everything. Cold breaths caressed the mortal's flesh, the demon being too afraid to use its hands for fear of disturbing the catatonic sleep of its verboten love.

Familiar noises alerted the creature. Someone was approaching the hotel room. The footsteps sounded leisurely, posing no threat to the demon, so it retreated back inside its host, not wanting to draw unnecessary attention with its inhuman features. Someone, human as far as a mortal could tell, was left, waiting for the unknown guest to make their presence known with an all too simple knock on the door. Soon enough, it came. A rather musical knock was heard.

The lights flickered on independently, as Kazuya approached the door. Every few seconds the inner demon ordered him to glance back at the lifeless Korean, just to make sure nothing bad had befallen The boy when their back was turned. It was one of the many complications that came with sharing a body with 'devil', but a small one that was easily tolerated.

Kazuya opened the door as he glanced back at the redhead. When he finally paid the newcomer some of his divided attention, he nearly jumped out of his skin. Whether his reaction was shock or the demon's anger, didn't matter. Lee Chaolan stood before him, dressed in a blue and white casual suit. A sight for sore eyes… So much so, that Kazuya barely even noticed the enraged ramblings going on inside his head. Even the violent oaths being sworn against his adoptive brother were easily ignored.

"Come in, Chaolan."

Lee smiled, amused, as he stepped in. Insincere hurt creased his brow as he said, "We've lived under the same roof for years, dining together, training together, hating together, and even, on occasion, laughing together. Why do you insist on speaking to me with such formalities? You know I hate formalities."

Kazuya turned and walked back toward the occupied bed, speaking softly over his shoulder, "That is why I do it. I have already told you, we are still enemies. Your dislikes are priority because I love to see you object. Now please, do not speak too loudly. He needs to sleep without disturbances, and I'm not entirely sure how light a sleeper he is."

"So this is my compitition for your heart," Lee thought aloud as he approached the bed for a closer look at the boy, "I had never really paid this one much mind at the forth tournament, but I must admit, he is a pretty one. I don't really blame your other face for being defensive. I wonder, how is he in bed? I've never been with a Korean rocker half my age, so indulge me."

"I'm afraid you have nothing to worry about, competition wise. My personal demon and this boy have fallen into something along the lines of a corrupt love affair. As for in bed, you'd have to ask Zekkai. My experience with him were when he was merely a nice toy, so I didn't give him much of a chance to show off his skills… Or of course you could find out for yourself when he wakes."

Lee chuckled lightly, "No, no. That is quite all right." He looked over the Korean's body, as if considering, "If I remember that tournament correctly, I won't possibly be able to take five minutes of this boy when he is awake. How you've managed to stand him is completely beyond me. Though he is quite attractive, he is not my type nor am I his. Besides, I'd rather not parade on your demon's territory. Defying it by being here is one thing, but even I'm not crazy enough to try out its love interest."

Kazuya smirked and pulled Lee into a light kiss. It was nice knowing he wouldn't have to share someone with Zekkai or Hwoarang. Even the curiosity about how being here was an act of defiance, didn't matter. As he slowly deepened the kiss, he enjoyed the thought that Lee was his alone. Finally his. The demon had also calmed upon realizing that this new relationship could, in no way, affect his situation with the Korean, unless Hwoarang had more feelings for Kazuya then he knew about, in which case, it would be prepared to dispose of the problem at once.

Once the two broke away from each other, Kazuya looked down to see a pair of dark Korean eyes looking up at him, still half-lidded with sleep. The boy yawned, and lazily turned his gaze to Lee. A subtle look of annoyance was apparent, but he didn't look all that upset.

Hwoarang sat up and looked back at Kazuya. "Next time you want to swap spit with a pansy, please spare me the visual, or at least make it a good show. Why is it so fucking cold in here?"

"It's not cold in here. Zekkai's just been breathing on you for the past 21 hours. It's been worried about you."

Lee frowned, "Why on earth does it have a name? When did this happen?"

"I named him," Hwoarang responded, stressing the 'him' as he glared at Lee, "Since nobody else was thoughtful enough to do it. No wonder he's known as 'devil'. I'd be a terror too if I spent most of my life without someone who cared enough to name me. And stop calling him an it. He currently has a dick, so that makes him a guy. Show him a little fucking respect, because if it wasn't for him, Kazuya would be dead, and you'd probably still be Heihachi's bitch."

The two adoptive brothers glanced at each other, and shrugged. It was strange for a young man like the Blood Talon to relate to a demon, and be so defensive about it. Kazuya found the relationship sad and unnatural. He wanted some way to convince the boy to leave the demon behind, but it was obvious that there would be endless resistance on both sides. Lessons would just have to be learned through experience.

/There is more possibilities you have failed to consider./

Kazuya looked to his reflection in the mirror, and crossed his arms at his hideous reflection. Having something in his mind was somewhat of an inconvenience, especially when that thing was the subject of his thoughts. Red angry eyes stared back at him that nobody else could see. The thoughts must not have made it very happy.

/You're jealous./

"Indeed," Kazuya sneered, rolling his eyes.

Hwoarang climbed out of bed and glanced at the clock. He frowned and spoke, "Please tell me that what happened yesterday was just a bad dream. I didn't really say those things, did I?"

"I'm sorry Hwoa-kun."

The Korean cursed and balled his hands into fists. It was all over. Talk about a screw up. He shook his head and walked to the door, "What am I going to do? She knows. Why do I always have to fuck things up?" He looked desperately to Kazuya, "Is Zekkai mad at me? Did I screw that up too? What about you, Mishima-sama?" The dark eyes drifted to Lee, "You look like shit in Dark Blue."

Lee quirked a brow, "Oh how adorable is that? The boy thinks he knows something about fashion. It's not dark blue. It's aquamarine. Now 'Mishima-sama', do tell us the answer to his inquiry."

Kazuya glanced at his reflection before answering, "I'm not sure it's possible for you to anger Zekkai, and I already told you… You did not lose me… Where are you going? You should be resting. If you want to go somewhere, I'll drive you."

"No man. I've had enough rest. I'm just going for a walk, maybe get some grub. You know, give you ladies some time alone? How long should I wait before heading back?" Hwoarang considered Lee for a moment, "Fifteen minutes, max."

Lee was correct about not being able to stand the boy. He glared at Hwoarang, trying to come up with where he could hide the body if it came to that. No. Kazuya would never forgive him. "Maybe you should grab a hotel room for the night. I wouldn't want you walking in on something that would make you uncomfortable. I'll cover the bill. I'd ask if you'd like to join us, but I doubt you'd be able to keep up."

"If that was a challenge, I'm going to have to take a rain check. I'm afraid snob might be one of those contagious STD type things. Kazuya, do me a favour and wear a mask." The Korean winked at Kazuya, "Later," and walked out the door.

Paintings and scrolls hung stylishly on the off-white walls. The habitant of the traditional Japanese home was long dead, and it had been turned into a tourist trap. Of course it was closed until the next big tourist season. Every now and then, a trusted volenteer would check up on the place to make sure things were working properly. Typically there was a bulb that needed to be replaced, or the furnace relit, otherwise, things around there tended to run rather smoothly.

It was Jin's turn to check up on things. The place was in good shape, as usual. No burnt out bulbs, the fuse box looked clean, and the furnace was doing its job, but there was something else on his mind, which almost caused him to pass a leaky faucet. Not a big deal, but he wasn't one to waste water, and the problem was fixed in about a minute. The task also served as a much-needed distraction from his troubled thoughts.

Once everything was secure, the young man wandered into a room that had been made into a shrine to buda. Jin smiled and sat in the centre of the room, facing the friendly-faced statue. To think the man who owned the place was thinking of getting rid of the shrine because it wasn't popular with the tourists. Everything was about popularity. People came to that place to see traditional Japanese culture, yet they tended to ignore the most traditional parts.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone entering the room. There was a pause in the footsteps, but they continued. Jin remained calm, listening intently to the footsteps, deciding to only pay the intruder any mind if it sounded like they were coming too close. They stopped again, a little farther then arms length as far as he could tell.

"You're disgusting. What does my human see in you?" The intruder spat, "I should hope it's merely a physical attraction, for the sight of you graveling at your god's feet is pathetic. It doesn't matter anymore anyway. This is your end, boy. I hope you've enjoyed your life."

That creature just wouldn't give up. Jin got to his feet and glanced over his shoulder at the purple skin, "I assume you hope all of Hwoarang's relations were merely physical, with you as the exception. In my case, I assure you, there's nothing to worry about. Unless you kill me. I don't imagine he will be very thrilled about that."

Devil smirked and stepped forward, putting itself directly in its prey's line of sight, "He will never know. Even if he does find out; I've forgiven him for getting so close to you after our original plan failed, so he'll forgive me for killing you. Any last words? I'd like to end this conversation quickly. Your father's growing restless."

"One thing… Did Kazuya… rape Hwoarang?"

"Aside from the other day at your apartment? Since you were there, I assume your referring to the other times," The demon shook his head regretfully, "No. After the failure to seduce you in that warehouse, it was I who punished him. Not your father."

Was it serious? Jin stared at it in disbelief. "And he loves you? I don't believe it. Why would he love something that could do something like that to him?"

Devil sighed and walked over to the statue. "We have resolved our differences since then. Now that's quite enough talk. Let's get straight to business."

Nobody was answering the door. Hwoarang cursed and knocked again. In any other situation he would have assumed they were still going at it, but it had been a few hours and he had left his wallet in there. He couldn't do anything but wander about aimlessly if he didn't have his wallet, and after awhile, that got tiring.

Finally the door opened and an exhausted silver-haired Asian tilted his head at the Korean, as if confused about something, "You're still alive? What a pity. C'est la vie. Well then, how can I help you?"

"Where's Kazuya?"

Lee sighed and turned to walk over to the small table by the window, leaving the door open in a silent invitation. He sat down, and lit a cigarette. Hwoarang entered, closing the door behind him quietly, and approached Lee, sitting on the table and grabbing the cigarette right out of the older man's mouth. He took a long drag and then gave it back, smirking smugly at the annoyed glance he received.

Lee looked out the window and replied, "That demon your so worked up about took over and set out after its… 'his' other half. I imagine he'll be back shortly."

"What?" Hwoarang jumped up, shocked but hardly surprised, "He's going to kill Jin! I guess if I don't stop him, no one else will. I'll need some wheels. Did he take the Honda? Where did he say he was going?"

"He didn't. Devil isn't entirely fond of me, so naturally he tends to not confide in me very often, nor do I wish he would. As for a ride, I suppose I could help you out there, but I'm driving, assuming you have some idea of where to go."

Hwoarang thought for a moment. All he had to do was find Jin, and everything would be fine. So how could he possibly find him? His eyes drifted to the phone on the table next to where he was standing. He picked up the receiver and dialled. After two rings there was an answer.

"Julia, don't hang up," He said quickly, "… No I'm fine. I'm not calling you because of me… No… Jin… Devil went after him. I need to find him so I can stop Zekkai… I'm not lying, I swear… What reason would I have to lie?… Do you know where he is? … Look I'm sorry about what I did and what I said, but this isn't about us, someone's life is in fucking danger, so will you please just help me? … Ok… Thank you." The Korean hung up and glanced at Lee, smiling nervously. "Let's go."

Lee got up and slung his aquamarine coat over his shoulder, and headed out the door with the redhead following close behind.

They hopped into a white convertible, and glanced at each other before getting into drive. A person would think there would be tension between the two since they had clashed since they first met, yet there was none, and it baffled them both. They knew they didn't like each other, but then why were they so comfortable? It was a mystery, but neither was willing to bring it up.

The first few moments were in silence as the men tried to figure out whether or not the other had noticed the lack of tension. Two pairs of Asian eyes stared blankly out the windshield, trying to decide how to bring up the subject. When they stopped at a red light, finally something was said.

Lee, being the older of the two, figured it was his job to speak up, "You don't think there's any chance we… Is there?"

Hard question to answer. Hwoarang assessed Lee for a moment, "I can't tell. Well, should we test it, you know, just to be sure?"

Lee nodded, assessing back in turn. The first move was made in unison as the two men leaned toward each other and pressed their lips together. It was an awkward kiss, and stiff. After a second they pulled back and spit over either side of the car, completely disgusted.

The house was fairly large. Stunning from their parking space along the street. Obviously the family who had once resided in it were well off. The silver-haired devil didn't look impressed but the place was a palace compared to the slums the blood talon had called home. Neatly kept shrubs and flowers decorated the front lawn, adding a friendly atmosphere to the museum. It looked like such an innocent place , and Hwoarang felt like he was committing a crime just looking at it.

It was apparent that devil had already arrived, judging by the front door swinging open, moving with the wind. Both men climbed out of the car at the same time, and made their way to the museum, hesitating only for a brief moment before stepping over the threshold. Were they too late? How long had it been since the demon graced the building with its presence, tainting the innocent atmosphere with its intrusiveness.

Hwoarang led the way down the hall, peaking into each room on the way, wondering why Chaolan was following. Probably to enjoy the show, he figured. Each room was void of any life down that hallway. The next hallway only had two sliding doors, one of which had a light on. Noises came through the thin paper walls. Shuffling, struggling, and heavy breathing, and finally someone cried out.

The two men rushed in only to see devil pinning a struggling Jin to a solid outside wall, right next to a small shrine.

"Zekkai…" Hwoarang whispered, stepping forward.

The devil spotted the blood talon, and suddenly released its captive as if it forgot it was even holding someone. It quickly closed the distance between it and Hwoarang, slipping its hands into the red silky hair, "My love."

Lee was the one to rush to Jin's side to check the young man's condition. The boy was still conscious, but exhausted from the struggle. His eyes were bloodshot, and his body trembled from the strain of devil's power.

Hwoarang looked to his rival and sighed. "Zekkai, do I have to keep you on a fucking leash? I leave for a few hours to give Kazuya the chance to get busy with his 'non-brother' and you end up taking off to kill my rival, and Kazuya's son. I can't leave you alone! You're turning me into a fucking nag."

"I suppose I got sloppy this time," Devil admitted, gazing at its young lover, "But something good came out of it. You're here. This is a pleasant interference, although I do not understand why you brought Chaolan along. Was I wrong to believe you two hated each other?"

"No. I still hate him," Lee announced as he helped Jin to his feet, "But my hate for you, 'Zekkai', surpasses any other, so I helped him in hopes that I'd put a cramp in some aspect of your life. Now I see that I did you more of a favour, and I am quite disappointed with myself."

Devil smirked and spoke to Hwoarang, "Just looking at you drives me insane, my beautiful human." It lightly kissed the Korean lips, and continued, "I hope you aren't angry with me. Or must I make it up to you? Is there something you would like specifically or shall I be creative?" It enforced the question with another, more insistent kiss."

The Korean laughed as he broke away from the demon. He could feel himself blush from the tone in his lover's voice. Having two other men in the room – three if you include Kazuya- hearing the exchange, was a bit embarrassing. Lee's brow was quirked in amusement, but Jin didn't seem to be paying any attention to the scene. Was he hurt badly? He didn't look it. Hwoarang stepped toward the statue and bit his lip nervously.

"You're little boy is shy," Lee pointed out, "I wish I had a camera."

"Little boy?" Hwoarang laughed sarcastically, "Just because your years are catching up to you doesn't mean that I am little."

A hand hooked under the hem of the Korean's Jeans, and pulled him backwards into the awaiting embrace of his demon. Soft lips danced down to the nape of his neck, sending familiar chills down his spine, as a strong hand moved down his chest and abs. It was tempting to allow it to continue, but there were still others in the room, so he grabbed the demons hand and turned around to face those red eyes. They weren't there. It was Kazuya.

Lee noticed and rolled his eyes, "Oh please. What kind of spell did he put on you people… and things?"

Kazuya brushed the confused Korean's cheek, ignoring the other man, and then turned to leave. Before he could make it through the door, the paper walls caved in, and troops crowded in, surrounding the four men.

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