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Chapter 6 - Just No Good

By Chlover

Trees surrounded the area, shielding the entire property from the sun. Everything was under a cloak of shadows, making it look like something out of a horror movie. Memories of the past came with the sight, for they went hand in hand. The beatings, the lies, the fear, the blame… Blame was always there, at the base of everything that ever happened in that house. A woman died 49 years ago, and it was her son who was blamed.

The large windows stared down at Kazuya, beckoning to him. He wouldn’t go inside. He was there only to reflect, in order to use his past to gain strength. Use the anger. Use the hate. Use everything he knew his father was to make him angrier. Fuel his resolve.

Kazuya crossed his arms as he stared back at those dark windows. One of them had been his bedroom, once upon a time. The smallest bedroom in the entire building. He always had the least of everything, with the exception of his father’s anger. Anger made the old man sloppy. Kazuya was sure his father had no intention of making him stronger. Hardening his shell. But that’s what happened.

“Lovely day, isn’t it?”

The Japanese man turned around, ready to fight. He half expected to see a guard or two, but expectations never did him any good. It wasn’t anyone like a guard. It was worse. “Chaolan,” He spat, disgusted.

Lee smiled, and looked up at the estate, “As terrifying as ever, I see.”

“What would you know about terrifying?” Kazuya growled at his adoptive brother, “Your life there was great up until you chose to betray him. He spoiled you rotten.”

Something near to undetectable flashed in Lee’s eye, but as soon as it was there, it was gone. It almost looked like some sort of melancholic emotion, but that couldn’t be. Lee rolled his eyes as he pulled a cigarette out of his breast pocket, and lit it up. “Being a man’s favourite comes with its cost. You think I just sided with my jealous brother out of boredom?”

“Jealous?” Kazuya laughed for a moment, before the other man’s words finally sunk in, “What kind of cost?”

Lee looked at Kazuya, and shrugged, “Secrets. One hell of a lot of secrets.” He took a long drag, and looked away again, “I know perfectly well how much you hate me, dear brother, and of course I hated you too, but I do miss having you around.”

Kazuya turned to walk away, “If its money your after, I don’t have any.”

“Your yen would do me no good in the Bahamas,” Lee laughed, “Can’t a man tell his brother that he misses him without wanting something in return?”

“You are not my brother,” Kazuya snapped, spinning back around, and grabbing the Silver haired man by the throat, “You are my enemy. I hate you. I’ve always hated you, and I always will. If I never see you again, it will be too soon. I’d be wise to snap your annoying little neck right this minute.”

Lee stifled a cough, and grabbed Kazuya’s hand, trying to pry the strong fingers off his throat, but not bothering to let go of his cigarette. He spoke, with a raspy strangled voice, “You’re right. We are not brothers. And it probably would be wise to snap my neck, but I would rather you didn’t. I’ve got plans for the future, and that would really screw them up.”

Kazuya let the man go, and turned back to walk away. There was no need to get the authorities after him for murder quite yet. That charge would be saved for his father. Once he felt the hand grasp his arm to stop him, he balled his hand into fists, and spun around, blue strings of electricity coursing over his arms. What he was met with was more or less what he expected. A pair of soft lips met his. Even softer then the Blood Talons, but not quite as sweet. Immediately, his fists relaxed, as he fell into the kiss.

/What do you think you’re doing?\

Of course Kazuya wouldn’t reply unless he was alone, so instead he took his childhood enemy into a tighter embrace, partly to spite the demon, and partly to deepen the kiss.

/This one is a conniving little brat. He would never make a good toy.\

Lee spread the kiss down the jaw and to the bigger man’s neck. His tongue expertly grazed the man’s skin as they stumbled back into the trees. Dainty hands unbuttoned and unzipped the business suit pants and slipped his hand down under the boxer briefs, not bothering to remove any clothing in fear of having to make a quick escape. It was unknown to the Japanese where the cigarette had been lost.

/He moves fast. Do you really want a quickie with a man you hate?\

Kazuya moaned quietly as the man handled him. Lee met Kazuya’s lips once more before lowering himself over his enemy’s package, and releasing it.

/Don’t let him.\

The demon’s order was only in vain, for Kazuya had no intention of paying it any mind. He licked his lips, as he felt the soft mouth close over his length.

/You fool! Do not ignore me!\

Lee teased the tip with his tongue, smiling at his companion’s pleasured sigh.

/Are you forgetting about our toy?\

Kazuya thrust himself desperately into Lee’s mouth. Despite there past differences, he was having no problems enjoying that moment. Even if the voice in his head wouldn’t shut up. He wanted so much to talk back to it, but didn’t dare.

A wind rustled through the trees, and caressed Kazuya’s heated face soothingly. When Lee took him in almost completely to the hilt, he moaned a little louder, having trouble controlling himself. He smirked as Lee almost choked, but of course he was too caught up in the moment to mock the smaller man. It was no longer a matter of pride, so cruel words were no longer needed.

/Oh I see. You’re angry with the beautiful human and me for last night. I apologize, Mishima. If only we didn’t share a body, we could have shared him.\

The anger grew inside Kazuya. That demon knew exactly what buttons to push to get its way. It was rather irritating, if nothing else.

But Lee sensed something was wrong, and took that opportunity to suck harder, ridding his adoptive brother of any murderous thoughts. It worked for a number of minutes as Kazuya dug his nails into the bark of the tree behind him, and caught himself almost speaking the Korean redhead’s name. Instead he replaced the word on his tongue with a quiet, “Lee…”

The demon was thoroughly amused, and it’s taunting laughs shook the forest, though Chaolan didn’t seem to have noticed anything.

/All he did was kiss you and you were putty in his hands. Are you that desperate to get back at our toy?\

What did it matter to that creature? Kazuya was suddenly confused. Wouldn’t Devil be the first one to take a chance like that? The first one to leap headfirst in anything that could possible hurt anyone? Why was it so concerned about Hwoarang?

/Do not bother with those silly suspicions. You have bigger things to worry about. Someone’s coming.\

“What?” Kazuya almost shouted, leaping up and pushing the startled silver-haired devil away, “Someone’s coming.”

Lee’s brow furrowed as he wiped his mouth with his sleeve, “How do you know?”

Kazuya did up his pants and glanced around, “You know exactly how I know… Wait. I don’t hear anybody. You bastard. Are you trying to trick me?”

“Oh yeah. That thing,” Lee sighed, lighting another cigarette.

/I am not trying to trick you. If I were, I would have done so sooner. Some of your father’s men will be coming around the corner in less then a minute. I suggest you run.\

“Come on,” Kazuya grabbed his adoptive brother by the arm, and took off into the trees, dragging the perplexed man behind him. Just as his inner demon had said, two trucks filled with Tekkenshu came around the bend. Kazuya froze, not wanting to attract any attention from his movement, and whispered a question to his demon, “Where are they going?”

/Just because my hearing is better then yours doesn’t mean I’m psychic. Your guess is as good as mine.\

He scowled and turned to Lee, “I… Goodbye.”

“Wait,” Lee looked around, and bit his lip, “Can I have a number, or are we still on ‘I-never-want-to-see-hear-or-speak-of-you-again terms?”

/Don’t give it to him.\

“We are still enemies,” Kazuya said, taking a step forward, realizing that he was in great pain from the neglect of finishing what they started. “But,” he cringed, and gave the other man a slip of paper he fished out of his pocket, “I do not know the number of the hotel, but I know the address. When you’re in the mood for a little sparring, don’t hesitate to come by.”

/You moron.\

Kazuya walked deeper into the trees, heading back to the city. He smirked to himself, enjoying his demon’s anger. “Shut up ‘Zekkai’.”

“He did what??”

It was 7 pm. Jin had left hours ago to meet up with a friend from work, and Julia hadn’t come home yet. Of course, it was nice to have some time alone, but Hwoarang kept worrying about them never coming back. But his Zekkai came back, and that’s what was important.

The devil nodded, confirming his news, “Pathetic, isn’t it?”

Hwoarang sneered in disgust, “You fucked your brother, Kazuya, you sick bastard.”

Devil shrugged and touched the redhead’s cheek, “It’s a pity. He has no self-respect. I believe he did it out of jealousy. He didn’t much like our encounter last night.”

Hwoarang shook his head and shuddered, “He could have got back at us without fucking his brother! Chaolan is not the only attractive man in Japan!” He laughed bitterly and spread his arms to make room for suggestion, “Hell, since he’s such a family man, he can come with me tomorrow and we’ll both have a go at his son… Goddamn it! I may be a slut but even I find that shit disturbing!”

In seconds, the red eyes faded and Kazuya lunged at the Korean, slamming him against the wall, knocking the breath right out of him. He practically snarled at the lippy Korean punk. It was more defensive then offensive, but he still tried to make it painful for he boy. Nobody spoke about him that way. Nobody.

He backhanded Hwoarang. “Now listen you little twerp,” He said in a low venomous voice, “He is not my brother. Father didn’t adopt him until he was 12. And furthermore, I did not fuck him, nor was it the other way around. If anyone here is a sick bastard, it’s you. Your little Zekkai isn’t even human! And he sure as hell doesn’t give a shit about you. None of the fools you go to give a shit about you and so we shouldn’t, you sick fuck.”

Hwoarang kneed the older man in the stomach, and sidestepped once released, He grabbed Kazuya’s arm and lifted his leg, placing his boot against Kazuya’s face, “Make a move and it will be your last, asshole.”

“You can’t stay on one leg forever.”

“Karate isn’t the only art that teaches balance.”

Kazuya rolled his eyes, “Don’t tell me you’re a ballerina too.”

The door opened and in walked Julia. The distraction wasn’t enough to bother the Korean. He remained focused on his captive, even through his girlfriend’s surprised gasp. Kazuya smirked and opened his mouth to say something to the newcomer, but Hwoarang pulled his foot back and kicked the man in the back of the head, hard enough to knock the man out, and possible cause whiplash. But not enough to hurt him any further.

Julia watched as Kazuya’s body slumped to the floor like a discarded rag doll. It wasn’t the type of situation she had expected to come home to, but at least her boyfriend wasn’t hurt. She rushed to the Korean’s side, and frowned, not knowing what to ask without angering him.

“Are you alright?”

Hwoarang looked down at the body and nodded, afraid that his voice would crack if he attempted to speak, the cruel words of his former lover replayed over and over in his head. He wished Kazuya had beat him into the ground instead of saying those things. It hurt. And he knew exactly what the man was going to tell Julia. Yet another lesson learned. Do not trust anyone, no matter how good they are in bed, especially if they have dirt on you.

She could see the tears in his eyes, but didn’t say anything about it, not wanting to hurt his pride any more then it must have been. Whatever happened would be discussed only if he chose to bring it up because she had no desire to initiate an argument when the reason she came back was to apologise for their previous one. Julia rubbed his back, waiting patiently for him to say something. It was hard to see him like that, but she knew she couldn’t just leave him alone without knowing how he was really feeling.

Hwoarang put his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders, and squeezed her gently. He sighed and finally forced himself to speak, “I want you to stay at a hotel for a few days. I’m going to keep him here so I can get that information for you. What do you want me to ask him?”

“… That’s not safe. He’ll hurt you.”

The Korean kissed her forehead and laughed lightly, “I can handle his neglected, abused ass. It will be my pleasure to knock some info out of a Mishima for a good cause.”

“If you insist,” Julia put her cheek to her boyfriend’s shoulder, “He knows where a disc is that I need. Ask him about a green disc. He’ll know what you are talking about if he knows you’re involved with me. I’ll be at the Imperial hotel. Call me whenever you get the chance, because I’ve already begun worrying about you being alone with that monster. Maybe you should call someone who will have your back… I’m sure Jin would be glad to help.”

Hwoarang cringed, but didn’t react angrily like he normally would have. She always brought up her beloved Kazama. It was insulting. He took a deep breath and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. “I’ll be fine. Take this money for clothes and shit. I don’t think there’s time to pack. He should be waking up soon.”

She took the money reluctantly, and kissed him on the cheek, “Be careful. I love you.”

The body stirred.

Hwoarang walked Julia to the door and opened it for her. As she stepped out, he pinched her ass, and smirked when she spun around in shock. He winked at her and said, “Catch you later, toots.”

As soon as the door was closed, the eyes opened, glowing. Devil sat up and rubbed the back of its head. When it seen the cold glare it was receiving, it frowned. “I apologise for what he said, my Beautiful human. He didn’t mean it.” It stood. “He’s just angry.”

“Is he awake?”

“No. He’s out cold.”

Hwoarang lifted his leg high above his head and shuffled forward, building up force, bringing his heel crashing down on the low quality sofa. He watched it cave in before turning back to the demon. “I’ve said enough things out of anger to know that it’s the best time to get the truth out of someone. He was fucking right! Nobody gives a shit about anyone but themselves. I was stupid to believe otherwise! I mean, come on! A devil actually caring about someone? A conservative activist liking a Korean street punk hustler? Kazuya caring about some twerp more then 20 years younger then him? What the fuck was I thinking? I’d be better off with that preteen whore I seen yesterday!”

The devil smiled, “The more upset you get, the more I want you. Kazuya knows nothing of what I care for, but I do.”

Panic flashed in the Korean’s eyes as he shakily lit a joint. He inhaled and closed his eyes as he spoke, “You’re not human.”

“For the first time, I wish I were. ‘Demons’, as you call us, are ‘evil’, not heartless. I did not care for you when we first met, in fact, I couldn’t have possibly hated you more, but when I watched you fight at that bar, something came over me…”

Hwoarang rolled his eyes, “Are we going for some kind of award for this touching speech, or is there an actual fucking point?”

“I am aware that you are not a fan of words of love, so I will conclude my speech here.” The devil tilted its head quizzically, “Do you wish to accompany me to fetch that woman’s disc, or shall I go alone. You do want it, don’t you? Or would you prefer to just rough me up?”

Words of love? Hwoarang sat down on his broken couch, and sighed. What could he say? Reply to the reasonable questions, or comment on the statement? Honestly, what did he have to lose? He’d only regret not commenting, but would he regret doing so? Was that a risk he was willing to take? He sucked the joint, sighing the smoked back out after he felt it fill his lungs. Just relax…

The Korean looked over into the red eyes, and smirked, “Love. People are always throwing that word around as if they were tossing candies at a fucking parade. Even if they meant it, it only makes them vulnerable. Why take that risk? Why do that to yourself?”

“Because I love you.”

Hwoarang felt an unwelcome chill as he let the words sink in. “You barely know me,” He snapped, getting somewhat defensive.

Devil nodded, “I love what I know. In all my existence, I have never met anyone so perfect. Perhaps it’s because I’m a ‘devil’, but I’ve been wanting to cut off that woman’s limbs and feed them to her while she’s still alive for trying to change you.”

The joint wasn’t working. The Korean was trembling harder, the more the demon spoke. He put out the joint, and hid his hands behind his back, not wanting the shaking to be noticed. He didn’t understand. Someone, or rather something, was going from all he ever feared to all he ever wanted, but it wasn’t human. It was evil, so how could he tell that it wasn’t lying.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything.” Devil bowed its head, and walked over to the window, “I’ll be back tomorrow with the disc. You don’t have to wait for me. I will find you.” With that said, it opened the window, and leapt out.


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