Chapter 14 - Fire

By Kazuya-sama

It was in a dark, secluded corner, deep within a dimly lit café that she finally found him. And at first, she didn’t even recognise him; it was purely by chance that she found her Kazuya Mishima hiding in the corner, in mufti.

He looked decidedly teen-ish, too, what with the black hood pulled over his face, the overly baggy trousers, and the black tank-top. The sneakers and youthful looks didn’t help much either. But she did find him. He didn’t look too enthusiastic about anything; his hood was pulled down quite a way over his face, his head was tilted down, and he looked like he might fall asleep, slouched across the couch like that.

Since there was a sofa opposite him, she sat down where she could see his face. He hadn’t even noticed her arrival. And then she got cold feet. How to start a conversation, especially after last night? It seemed like an impossible task.

“How’s it going?” His dark eyes snapped open when he heard her quiet question, looking up at her in surprise, but deep within them, she saw the confusion and pain, too.

He shrugged. “Alright.”

Suddenly, she felt terribly unwelcome. “Not very talkative, huh?”

He sighed, and slumped down a little further. “I dunno, Nina. I’m sorry.”

Somehow, she knew that he was still feeling like everything was his fault, and his fault alone. She had to rectify that. She took a deep breath, trying to find the words to release with it, trying to remember everything Jin had said; his deep, soft voice was soothing enough to calm her burning nerves. “I spoke to Jin a few hours ago…”

Those words obviously made him worried, since it reflected in his eyes. But she continued, nevertheless. “He’s a smart boy. He talked to me about last night…”

Last night…shit…he thought to himself. He’ll hate me for the rest of eternity. “Really? What did he say?” God, I don’t want to know. Please don’t let him hate me…don’t let him hate me…

What the hell did he say? He said that he thinks they should get together. Now how do you tell that to a stubborn prick like Kazuya who wouldn’t even believe it from the boy’s mouth himself? “I can’t really remember everything he said, but he doesn’t hate you. Apparently, he doesn’t hate me either.” She thought about her words for a moment, her eyes keeping well away from Kazuya’s for fear of choking on her words…she, of all women, hated to the nth degree, being choked with emotion. “He was awake when we were out in the hall. He heard everything. And he feels guilty for holding you back…he knows that I can’t replace Jun, and the both of us know it too…no one could replace her…but the fact is, he’s realised our feelings, and he doesn’t blame us. He wants you to stop being so lonely, Kazuya. And even…even if you do find someone else, then at least you won’t be on your own. After all, you have the rest of eternity ahead of you, anyway…” She knew at this point she was babbling, but she couldn’t find the off switch. “…A thousand, two thousand years…it’ll never end…you’re really only human inside…and he doesn’t want you to…mmph!”

She was cut off. Because she’d been facing away, and concentrating on her words, she hadn’t seen or heard him move. It was his lips, actually, that stopped her talking. The words of forgiveness, passed on second-hand from him to his son, were enough to kill the pain of guilt and regret in his aching heart, and his growing love for the Irish beauty was allowed to blossom. Silently, he’d leaned over her, and placed his lips over hers, deliberately cutting her off in mid sentence.

She didn’t know how to take it at first, of course. Those deliciously soft lips of his pressed against hers, the pointed tip of his tongue brushing against her, begging for permission, begging for silence. It was the first time he’d ever made a move; before this, it’d always been her bringing them together. He was such an enigma – he was beyond mystery, beyond confusing. His darkness, his coldness, his silence; what lay beyond it had never been revealed to human eyes, other to one angelic figure…and now, at just the tip of the iceberg, Nina. When she felt his tongue against her lips, she parted them, allowing him to do as he pleased with her. At this point, she didn’t care whether he simply left it at that, or if he groped her in the middle of the café, or even if he raped her then and there. She just wanted him…all of him. As much as he would give her, then twice as much again.

For once, her invitation was too much for him, and he couldn’t resist…what was different, was the fact that he took the initiative to act. As he placed one knee down on the couch, half-straddling her, he closed his eyes, tilted his head to the side, and kissed her, again, deeper than before, and with a restrained, hinted, innocent passion. One cooled hand lightly brushed her jawbone as he explored deeper within her mouth, and a low moan erupted from her throat against her will at his delightful outburst of affection. She knew it would be a rare, rare moment. His kiss was returned with her fiery passion, without hesitation. Her arms, against her orders, found themselves draped around his shoulders, drawing him closer.

For at least half a minute, they shared a secret, silent passion, hidden within the convenient hood of his jacket. It was he, of course, that eventually broke the kiss. As he did, his eyes slowly parted, his lips falling shut again. Nina found herself longing for more, but obeyed, and looked up at him. What she saw was an expression she never thought she’d see on him; though at first glance he looked as emotionless as usual, she saw deep within his ebony eyes a tenderness she’d never imagined seeing in him of all people. Yes, he definitely loved her. And she loved him even more. What started as a lust for his God-like body had blossomed into outright adoration and idolisation.

He broke the stare, too, and nuzzled the curve of her neck with an almost freaky level of grace. Either vampires were all unusually smooth and graceful in their movements, or hew as truly a rare find. As she moaned with the incredible feeling, he drew back again, and looked up at her.

“It’s starting to get late…shall we go back to the hotel?” Inadvertently, his voice sounded deeper and more breathy than normal, and somewhat husky, inviting.

She smirked. “Why not…”

Again, there they were, standing outside their respective rooms. This time, however, they kissed each other without reservation.

Nina reached down, and tugged on his wrist playfully. “Do you want my second room card now?” The smirk on her face was so suggestive it would make any red-blooded male’s heart explode with desire.

Yet, he shook his head and smiled as innocently as ever. “No.”

That wasn’t the answer she was expecting. “…No?”

He nodded. “Too early for that.”

Oh, how she hated those innocent types. Please, both of them had children to prove their lack of virginity. Was it necessary to play this coy game of purity? “Says who?” She pouted, and put her hands on her hips.

Again, he tempted fate and her anger. “Me.” He lowered his lips, and lightly nipped at her neck with his front teeth, before heading for his own room. “Maybe some time in the future.”

She rolled her eyes, and watched him fumble with his door card. As she watched on, she lowly eased the top of her singlet down, which was exposed since she had removed her turtleneck. Slowly, more of her cleavage was exposed. “You sure?”

When he looked around, his entire body chilled, and everything below his waist tingled. He smirked cheekily, then leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. “Yes.” Then, he disappeared inside his own room.

Damn his playfulness! Damn him… she thought, pulling her singlet back up after the door opposite her had closed. Damn him to Hell. After cursing damnation upon him, she smiled, and went back to her room.

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