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Chapter 12 - Behold

By Kazuya-sama

Early the next morning, Jin was, once again, the first to wake up. With a soft yawn, he sat up and stretched, glancing sleepily over at his dozing father on the other bed. At least he’d decided to leave his shorts on today, since he’d obviously had a restless night. His pillow was on the floor again, along with most of his blankets, though what was still tucked into the end of the bed had managed to entangle his ankles and feet. One arm hung over the side of the bed, the knuckles resting on the ground below. Yep…restless night.

Today, he remembered not to throw the curtains open and scare the living…nightlights…out of the poor man. Instead, he got up and opened the fridge. He figured he’d be in this place at least another week, so he’d re-stocked the tiny fridge beneath the television with things to eat at breakfast and supper. Grabbing a small box of cereal from the counter above, a bowl from the table next to the television, and a drink-size tetra-pak of milk, he prepared for a nice easy breakfast in front of the TV in bed.

After a few minutes of crunching sounds from Jin and the constant static of the muted TV, Kazuya finally awoke. He was only half awake when he noticed his pillow was gone (by accidentally knocking the back of his head against the wooden board at the head of the bed), which of course brought him back out of his sleepiness and into the land of the living. Groggily, he reached down and retrieved the seeming decoration for the bed - since it seemed to serve no purpose during the night – and put it back where it belonged; the sheets over the top of him, and the pillow behind his head.

Then he noticed the TV blathering on about nothing, and Jin eating his breakfast. Hm, he must’ve slept in again. Slowly, the previous night’s events returned to his mind with a painful sting; why did all this have to happen to him? He would have been content with having a family – one love, bringing up their children together. Before the second tournament, if he’d have heard that, he’d think he was insane. But the loss of a love he’d taken for granted was enough to change his mind over the past twenty years. Now, he was left with a son he never knew he had, and a woman trying to replace the love he lost. It wasn’t working for him, somehow. He’d always liked Nina for some reason, but for some reason, he just couldn’t bring himself to allow himself to submit to his only true weakness; love.

He saw that very reason slopping cornflakes down his naked chest and swearing at the sudden cold.

“I’m sure your mother would have told you to be more careful, so I won’t even bother reminding you…” Kazuya gave the boy a mischievous grin.

Jin rolled his eyes and smiled, whilst wiping himself with a tissue. “I’m gonna have a shower after this anyway, and steal some of your clothes. Mom would have said I ought to wear a baby’s bib under my chin, by the way…” He chuckled, and continued eating, watching the TV with little enthusiasm.

The mention of her, even though he inadvertently brought up the topic, brought pain along with it. Just like last night. But after a few hours of stewing on it, he felt it was all alright. Even so, it sobered his mood, and he sank back down so he was lying beneath the covers.

Jin glanced at him as he put his bowl down on the bedside table. “Something wrong, Otousan?”

Mildly surprised, Kazuya glanced over at the boy, one brow perked. “No…why?”

He shrugged. “I dunno, it just seemed like you were worried about something, or something like that.”

Of course he was, but he couldn’t share with Jin of all people; no, he would keep it to himself. No one else needed to know. Besides, that was his way; keep all his pain to himself so no one would know, think he was fine, and get on with their lives, letting him get on with his. Until Jun came along…  “No…what makes you say that?” He forced a small smile.

“I dunno. You just looked it. I get funny ideas about things sometimes.”

Kazuya let the topic drop at that point. He yawned and kicked the covers off, stretched, and stood up. The suitcase he brought back from his apartment was open and lying, still packed, on the floor, ready to be rummaged through. From it he pulled out a white singlet, a pair of khaki trousers (with ample legroom and pockets, of course) and a hoodie with a zip on the front. He tossed them at Jin, along with a pair of satin boxers, since that seemed to be what Jin liked wearing. “You might need that…”

Jin chuckled and caught the incoming clothes. Kazuya, in the meantime, dug around to see if he could find anything for himself to wear that was slightly more casual than usual. Ah yes; a black, tight singlet; dark blue jeans, of the baggy variety; and another hooded jacket. Along with it, underwear of course, a pair of grey socks, and sneakers, which he set aside for later. He grabbed a toiletry bag and headed for the bathroom.

While Kazuya was having a shower, Jin turned off the mute on the TV. After all, the news was always worth listening to.

Apparently, particularly today.

He’d caught the tail end of news about the King of Iron Fist Tournament; apparently, a re-match was being organised between all four involved in the semi-finals; and Steve Fox had decided to drop out of the fight completely. The Mafia organization had, after all, stopped hounding him after being caught by the police; and he wanted to go back home. The one to go to the finals, the fight before the battle with Heihachi, was Craig Marduk. The other two contestants were obviously Kazuya, and Jin himself.

And now, what was the point of continuing the battle? He knew he couldn’t beat the old man, but Kazuya could. Originally, he wanted to destroy the entire Mishima line, but with Kazuya now on his side, what was the point? He’d let his father continue on through the tournament. Besides, he of all people deserved the Zaibatsu. May no one get in his way, the boy thought to himself.

Ten minutes of watching the news was interrupted when Kazuya stepped out of the bathroom, fully dressed. He sat down on the bed and pulled on his shoes. Jin couldn’t help but notice how much younger he looked when out of the formality of a business suit. The two of them might as well have been twin brothers.

“Jin, I have to tidy up a few things again today. You’ll be alright, right?”

Jin shrugged. “Yeah, I’m going to try and find something to do. Namely organise getting back into Japan permanently.” He thought he might as well continue, however. “Oh, and about the tournament…you’ll be fighting Craig Marduk.”

Kazuya perked a brow. “What about you?”

The mahogany eyes cast themselves away. “My reasons for entering were purely selfish. I don’t want to continue any further. Steve dropped out too, you and Marduk are the only two contestants left.” He shrugged. “You deserve the Zaibatsu more than anyone else anyway. And you’re the only one with a prayer of beating Heihachi.”

The older Mishima’s face was unreadable, until he smiled. “If you insist. Don’t worry, I’ll probably need your help tidying up the Zaibatsu together…and I’ll leave you a few scraps of Heihachi to beat around some after the tournament.”

As he walked out the door, he smiled back at his son. “Thanks, Jin.”

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