Author's Note: My one (and so far only) Tekken fic. A short and not very sweet piece of PWP. Or is it called a lemon? Whatever.

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Competition Time

By Romana

She ran and threw herself at him feet first as he regained his footing. She caught him between her legs, her momentum slamming him to the ground again. She wrapped her legs around his waist, shifted her weight and pulled on his leg. She heard and felt the satisfying graunch as she dislocated his hip. Letting go, she rolled to her feet. He hadn't moved. She slammed her foot into his ribs. He groaned.

"Nina Williams, wins!" The voice boomed out of the loudspeakers, echoing around the arena.

She was breathing heavily. King was fast, despite his size. He had got past her guard. She could feel her cheek swelling and her left shoulder and arm were throbbing. This was one bout that wouldn't end with her trademark 'walkover' handstand; it wouldn't do to collapse after winning. She waved her right hand and laughed derisively as the huge screens replayed her last move. She could feel Kazuya Mishima's eyes on her as she strutted out of the ring. Good. She had peaked his interest. She was wearing her new outfit for the first time today. The purple basque and stockings instead of the green camouflage jumpsuit. She was certain that he knew of the contract that she had accepted to terminate him, but had a feeling that he would not let that stop him if he liked what he saw.

She marched into the changing room, rubbing her shoulder and trying to get get it moving comfortably.

"Nice outfit." Michelle Chang stared at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Nice black eye," she replied as she sat and pulled off her stupidly high-heeled shoes. Ok, so they were impractical, but she was not going to be outglammed by her bitch of a sister and they did give her legs that extra shapeliness that just the right amount of heel can achieve. Michelle was watching her as she reached around to her back to untie her basque. She kept her face neutral. She would be fighting Chang tomorrow and it would not help to let her know that she was injured.

"You should get that shoulder seen to."

"You should mind your own business," she growled as she finished stripping and strode towards the showers.

She stood under the hot water, facing the flow, tilting her head back, eyes closed. Revelling in the feeling of the hot water on her tired, aching muscles. She ran her fingers through her hair. Then there were hands on her shoulders. Soapy, sliding on her skin. Massaging. Pain shot through her, even as the tension began to be released. She relaxed, biding her time as the hands slipped down her back. Spreading the warm water over her waist, pulling her back against the hard muscled body. Breasts, hard nipples, soapy, sliding against her back. The hands slid up her body. Caressed her breasts. Slipping in smaller circles until they caught her tightened nipples. She slid a hand behind her, between them, finding the younger woman's mound. Gently she slid a finger between her lips, spreading the thick moisture she found there. Pressing back against her and rubbing at her as her companion did the same for her. They moved together.

The blonde growled. She grabbed the wrists of the younger woman in a vice-like grip. Threw her companion back. Taken by surprise, she fell. Nina spun around and dropped over her. Seized her wrists and held her arms above her head. Took in the sight of the naked woman beneath her, long, wet hair spread out over the tiled floor of the communal shower stalls. Her eyes, heavy lidded spoke of her desire. Nina claimed her mouth roughly. Forcing her tongue into the younger woman's mouth as her thigh slipped between her legs. She moved down, biting at her neck. Taking what she wanted, proving her strength. She drew blood. Michelle moaned; half pain, half desire. She pressed herself against Nina's thigh, her wetness distinct from that of the warm water, rubbing herself against the hard, muscled thigh of the assassin.

Nina licked at her throat, as she moved with her. Their bodies writhing. She could feel the younger woman's movements grow faster, more urgent. She sucked on her throat, consuming her as she felt her stiffen beneath her. She cried out.

Nina leaned to her ear. "Today, the little death is the preparation for what you will receive from my hand tomorrow." She licked her lips, tasting the blood that she fully intended to spill.

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