Author's Notes: All right, you asked for it, now you got it. That’s right, I went through all the chapters in the Desire saga and took nearly every word that consists of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. That’s right, Hwoarang, Jin, and Ling are no longer called those words, they’re called other colorful things. :D And I’m working on Obsession Innocence on the side, I’m revamping it a little bit, editing and deleting here and there. So, did any guesses for Neko’s song? Big brownie points.:D

The Chronicles of Obsession: Desire

Chapter 7 - Denial

By Jiji Kero

The glass bottle slipped out of his lifeless hands as his eyes went numb. The bottle shattered on impact, scattering the piercing shards at his feet as the alcohol splashed on anything within it’s reaching distance. The sound of splitting glass echoed through the man’s frozen mind. Pieces of glasses resonated as they tilted on their broken sides, feeling the emptiness of their once whole self. Hwoarang was suffering that same feeling, he has been, every since he came back to this place. With every memory that returned, he could feel himself falling apart the more he reminisced his past. This was the price to pay, for running from the truth and now was the time to face it, but… he couldn’t force himself to answer the question that was burning in his mind for two years.

Do I still… Hwoarang asked, feeling the tension in his face grow, biting his tongue as he clenched his teeth tight, forcing himself to finish the sentence, love Jin? The atmosphere grew silent the moment he finished those words. The wind thrust against the windows and the bitter air that swirled around empty room grew quiet. Time had stopped for Hwoarang and couldn’t hear a thing. He could see the motion of the wind floating along the ground, but the sound was gone. The beating of his heart and his heavy breathing were just as silent. His entire world had become still and he could only hear the thoughts that drifted through his mind. Words began to emerge from the depths of his soul, whispering softly as they danced around him. Memories overlapped one another, growing louder with the faint murmurs. Conversations joined the twirling whirlpool that lingered over Hwoarang’s mind as his breathing became harsh. Everything ranted out loud, yelling and screaming about the tortured soul, taunting him, begging him for an answer. Then… the tormenting beasts hushed their words the second they heard a single thought from their master. They wavered in silence, hoping for the answer that would let them rest in peace.



“A drive.” He stated plainly. “I just need to go for a drive.” They voices turned into howling screams as they shattered into pieces, returning their master, forcing them back into their isolated tombs of his mind.

“A drive.”



To Be Continued….   (Sorry!) ^^;;;

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