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Warning: Yes. There is Yaoi. Don’t worry, no Lemon or anything like that… not in this chapter anyway, LOL! There’s a lot of foul language…. Bad Hwoarang… And some parts are not acceptable for children because they discuss grown up matters like… uh… dare I say? Rape.

Christmas BS

Chapter Two - Poor, poor Hiro Shitako

By Chlover

“Welcome to the Christmas potluck, Hiro Shitako,” The old bald Chinese businessman said smiling, using Jin’s fake name, not knowing any better, “Where’s your date?”

Jin noted the old man’s attire, it being a very inappropriate Hentai tie, and a Navy blue business suit. It was bound to offend the ladies attending. Jin struggled to think up a good answer for the rude question, “Oh I…”

“Right here, Kazama, darling!”

Jin turned just in time to watch Hwoarang slip a slightly muscular arm over his shoulder. The Chinese man turned a subtle shade of red and waddled off. Jin felt himself become angered at the Chaotic Korean. “What the hell did you do that for? You could screw up my whole career with that one gesture! You idiot!”

“Nu uh! They can’t fire you because it would be considered discrimination! And you could sue.”

“I don’t know what country you think you’re in but it’s not that simple here! How did you get here?” Jin asked, suddenly confused, “How did you know to come here?”

Hwoarang smirked, obviously over the worst of the hang over. “You forgot your date book. I got bored so I came to ruin your night.”

Jin scowled, “Well you’ve just got here and you’ve already succeeded at that so you can go now.”

“Uh… No.”

“Oh come on!”


“Give me a break…”


Jin sighed in defeat and walked into the room, Hwoarang trailing behind. The young Japanese man every now and then had to smack Hwoarang’s hands away from touching expensive ornaments. He wanted to tell the Korean, ‘Don’t touch what’s worth more then you,’ but stopped himself knowing how rude and nasty that would have been of him.

Curious eyes followed them as Jin found a seat, and Hwoarang took one right beside him. It was irritating. What was this going to do to his career? How would it affect the respected name that he had built up for himself in the business world? Maybe he was exaggerating. Maybe that man took it as a joke and even if he didn’t, perhaps Jin could portray it as a joke. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too difficult while Hwoarang was present.

One of the men stood up holding up a glass of wine. “Merry Christmas everyone! I’m glad to see all my valued employees have made it! Now who was it that planned this potluck? Ah yes! Our dear Loans officer, Rita Hijaku! Thank you very much Rita, it was a wonderful idea, and I see you brought your husband. He’s a lucky man! Also I think a thank you is in order for our new assistant manager, Hiro Shitako. I’m sure everyone has heard about his success last month when he won over some very important clients for our beloved bank.”

The people sitting around the table applauded generously, smiling at Jin with admiration and envy. All except the bald Chinese man. Hwoarang grinned, joining in on the applauding. Jin cursed the Korean silently as he smiled and thanked the people for the applause. His employer did not mention who he was with, perhaps he did not see a woman and assumed Jin was alone and Hwoarang was with someone else.

Rita, who was seated across from Hwoarang, noticed the way Hwoarang was grinning at Jin. “Mr. Shitako… Who is your companion?”

Jin glanced coldly at Hwoarang and smiled at Rita, “This is my cousin, Bob… Bob, this is Miss. Hijaku.”

A sigh of relief escaped the old bald Chinese man who had obviously accepted that excuse even though Hwoarang was obviously Korean. Hwoarang stood and bowed politely at Rita, the arrogant smirk not leaving his lips for even a second.

The Dinner lasted longer then Hwoarang had hoped. He had made many attempts to piss Jin off, but somehow Jin was good at cover-ups and excuses. Wasn’t that convenient? Eventually Hwoarang couldn’t take those old perverted businessmen and left early.

He strolled lazily outside. It was snowing lightly but he didn’t mind. He sort of appreciated the cold, not entirely, but in a way. He stood on an overpass and looked down at the cars and people below. It was Christmas, and he was alone. It was the time of year when a person was normally with their sweetheart, not with a bottle of cheap liquor. Hwoarang took a deep breath, enjoying the night air. It was his first time in about a month being completely sober at night. He didn’t even touch the wine that was served. It may have been slightly refreshing but he still eyed the streets, searching for a liquor store.

“Hwoarang,” A voice said, sounding like it was right behind Hwoarang, and startled the Korean into whirling around, with fists up and ready to fight.

He laid eyes on buses going by and cars, but there were no pedestrians on the overpass anywhere near him. Something wasn’t right. He immediately thought of Jin. Perhaps he should go back and see if Jin was ok… Not that he cared whether that annoying stuck-up rich boy got hurt or not, it was just that he wanted to be the one to hurt Richie Rich, or so he wanted himself to think.

The walk back to the building where the potluck was being held was a little shorter. Most likely because Hwoarang wasn’t strolling lazily anymore, instead he was walking faster then usual. The doors were still open, but everyone was filing out, and making their ways to the bus stop or the train. Almost everyone… Hwoarang waiting by the doors for a few minutes, until he realized nobody else was coming. There were three people he didn’t see leave: the Chinese guy, Jin’s boss, and Jin. Maybe there were more missing, but Hwoarang didn’t care enough to remember anyone else.

He quietly stepped inside. After wandering the room the dinner was in, he found his way into a narrow hallway. Could these people have left through a back door? No. Jin’s car was parked out front still. Damn rich boy thinks he’s too good to use public transportation like the rest of his co-workers.

Suddenly, a crash sounded from a room ahead of Hwoarang. The Korean struggled to find the correct room, and was lucky to find a conveniently placed closet that opened from the hallway and from the room where the noise came from. Hwoarang entered and shut the door behind him quietly and found a comfortable place against the door where he could eavesdrop. He figured he’d just make sure it wasn’t Jin in there and then he’d continue his search elsewhere.

“… Do you think you’re going? HAHA! Aw, Faggot boy is scared!” A man’s voice said cruelly.

“I am not gay… sir.” It was Jin’s voice.

The man snorted, “Then who was that man you were with? You think I’m going to buy him being your cousin? You’re Japanese!”

“No. My uncle married a Korean woman. Bob is half Japanese.”

There was a pause, “Well that makes more sense, and I’d buy that if I hadn’t looked up your records, Hiro! You have no family! A bastard Faggot! How do you like that, Hitori?”

“Sad. Our own assistant manager!” It was the Chinese man’s voice. “Ok, Hiro, why don’t you get on your hands and knees and show us the side of you that Bob knows best!”

Hwoarang cringed. There was no way he could know when the best time was to intervene if he couldn’t see anything. He glanced around the closet and found another conveniently placed means of spying. A hole in the wall. This was way too convenient. He began to get a little paranoid, so he made sure he was completely hidden by brooms and mops and buckets before settling down before the hole.

Jin was cornered. It was a meeting room with a long table and a huge screen at the end of it. There was even a diagram of the bank in a corner. Three men, all of whom were bigger then Jin surrounded the young Japanese. Hwoarang was almost positive that these men couldn’t know how to fight. They were bankers for crying out loud! But there were three of them. The bald Japanese guy was just plain fat, while the other two looked like they had been bouncers in previous careers.

Jin refused to get on his hands and knees despite the cruel beckoning and taunting. He continued to hold his head up high with stubborn pride. Hwoarang imagined it was difficult considering the circumstances and Jin having to look up at two of the men, them being a couple inches taller, and definitely intimidating. How did Jin hold it together? It was his boss!

“You heard Hitori. Get on your damn hands and knees!” The other man said. Hwoarang did not recognise this man, but it made no difference. Once the chance came, that man would be choking back his own blood with his little gay-bashing friends of his.

Jin looked at the man, his brow lifted slightly in arrogant question. It almost made Hwoarang think Jin had a plan. The young Japanese shook his head, “I am not gay.”

“Prove it. We’ll stick something up your ass and if you get up, you’re gay. If you don’t, your fine.” Hitori giggled.

“That won’t be necessary. I should be leaving. I have an early morning tomorrow trying to find a new job,” Jin said confidently.

As Jin attempted to push past the men, the unknown man twisted his arm and pushed him face first against the wall, pinning him there with the threat of a broken arm. The boss also got behind Jin and started to undo the buckle of his belt. The young Japanese fighter, started to struggle, and almost succeeded at escaping, but Hitori joined in on holding him against a wall.

Hwoarang got out of his hiding spot. He had to stop it before Mr. Boss man went any further. The Korean felt entirely responsible for this whole mess and he was obliged to stop it. A few more words were spoken between Jin and the other men, but they were speaking quieter, so their voices weren’t comprehensible to Hwoarang.

He kicked the door open; just to add effect and possibly even scare the men out of their act, giving Jin a chance to get away, but it also startled Jin, who got his arm even more twisted. The men did jump, but their grip didn’t give and their positions remained. Hwoarang went for the boss first, assuming him he most important target.

The other two men were at a loss of what to do. They knew that if they helped their boss fight the Korean, they’d have to release Jin and make it 3 against two, instead of one against one, so they whispered to each other, and Hitori moved to help his beloved boss.

It didn’t take much. A simple ten-hit-combo and Hitori was unconscious. The boss took a little more. Hwoarang started with a hunting hawk, leaping into the air and kicking his way down on the boss man. He tried his Kangaroo kick, landing behind Boss man and kicking the asshole in the back of the head. Boss man fell forwards, but sprang back to his feet and to action, fighting back with a series of slaps and kicks, all of which were easily blocked. Hwoarang finally gave up and used Nina’s cheap shot that she liked to call, ‘Bad habit’ and kicked the Boss man right in the groin.

One man remained. Mr. Unknown. Hwoarang approached the man with a smirk. The man looked around in a panic, not knowing what to do. If he let go it would be two against him, but he couldn’t fight back if he held Jin and he’d lose anyway. Hwoarang grinned, and simply grabbed the guy’s head and with one swift movement, snapped the neck.

Jin turned and stared down at the corpse at his feet. “You killed him…”

Hwoarang nodded, shrugging, “Yeah, well, probably saved a lot of gay boys like you from future gay-bashing attacks.”

“I’m not gay. You’re the one that made them think I was gay. If anyone here is gay, it’s you.” Jin countered.

Hwoarang shrugged again, “Whatever. Speaking of fags…” He took a pack of cigarettes out of his coat pocket and lit up.

“You’re not allowed to smoke in here. It’s a government building.”

“Don’t nag. It’s not very becoming of you.”

Jin rolled his eyes, “I’m not nagging. It’s a law.”

Hwoarang rolled his eyes in turn, “Yeah well just because it’s a law doesn’t mean you weren’t nagging. Hey I just saved your cute little behind! What ever happened to a good old fashioned thank you?”

“Forgive me, but you don’t get a damn thank you because it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t shown up!”

“Well I wouldn’t have shown up if you hadn’t taken me to your place last night like the good little Boy Scout you are! See what happens when you do a good deed? Things like this happen.”

Jin glared at Hwoarang, “Only when you’re involved, Blood Talon.”

“Oh I’m sorry,” Hwoarang, said sarcastically, “I’ll try to be more stuck-up and conservative next time. How do you do it? Do you imagine that you’ve got one big stick stuck up your ass 24/7?”

“Thank you for almost getting me raped and then killing a co-worker of mine and making me loose my job. Now I must be going home. See you next tournament.” Jin bowed sarcastically and started out the door.

Hwoarang stepped in the doorway, blocking Jin’s way, “Wait.”

“I don’t have time for this, Hwoarang. I’m very tired.”

“Jin, I’m sorry, man. I had no idea your boss was such an asshole. I guess I shouldn’t have come in the first place. I’m sorry.”

Jin raised an eyebrow, “You? Sorry? What’s the catch?”

“I’m bored.”


The two young fighters walked into the club. Jin immediately covered his ears, in an attempt to protect them from the horrible music. Hwoarang laughed and pulled Jin in and to the bar, “Two… Oh what the hell, let’s try that German beer! Two of those big bastards!”

The bartender grinned and pulled two bottles out of a fridge like thing. “Hwoarang! Glad to see you back! You left in horrible shape last night, I was almost certain you’d have gone to the hospital and been kept there or something. Although that lady you were with was not impressed.”

“Lady?” Hwoarang asked, “So I was with someone! She escaped! HAHA! I love making girlies run. They’re so fucking predictable! You get drunk, walk in the wrong direction of where she thinks your going, and rant about everything you can possibly think off, and she’s gone the second you turn your back!”

“Why do you keep doing it then?” Asked the bartender.

Hwoarang shrugged. Jin saw something in his face despite the horrible lighting, but what he saw was gone just as fast as it had appeared. Hwoarang was hiding something. But the Korean found an excuse, “I do stupid things on a regular basis. I don’t even want a one night stand with a girl who would just run away.”

Jin glanced around the club, uncomfortable with the conversation. Soon enough, the bartender noticed him, “Hey, Hwoarang, who’s your friend,” the bartender asked.

“This is… Hiro Shitface.”

“Shitako,” Jin corrected.

The bartender smiled, “Pleased to meet you, Shitako, Hiro. I’m Kado, Michio.”

Jin formally bowed his head, and then turned to continue scanning the club for nothing in particular. He noted some young women looking at him and giggling. He thought about going over there to them, and leaving Hwoarang behind, but after seeing that look on Hwoarang’s face, he got the idea that there was more to Hwoarang then he would have them believe.

The young Japanese fighter realised he would probably have to get a new identity. His former boss may make a bad name for Hiro in the business world. He looked at Hwoarang with anger, and once again considered going over to the ladies.

Hwoarang must have noticed the distaste on Jin’s face. He turned to his Japanese companion and frowned, “You should sue ‘em.”

Jin sighed audibly, “Oh yeah, and bring my face out in the open where my grandfather could find me, and come out in the open saying I’m gay just so I can get a bunch of money that I don’t even need! If everyone thinks I’m gay, I’ll never get a job! And I don’t exactly want the same thing to happen with the judge after the trail!”

“Loosen up, man! Not everyone wants to rape you. You’re not that attractive,” Hwoarang smirked, suddenly acquiring a frown when he saw the glare coming from Jin, “Not everyone is a gay-basher.”

“Maybe not in your little Occult world, but out there, in the real world, it’s different. Not everyone is so understanding.”

Hwoarang scoffed, “So you’re just going to let that asshole get away with that? Who knows how man gays he’s bashed and raped?”

“I don’t know, I don’t care! I have too much on the line!” Jin got up and stormed out the door. Considering what names he could change his name to. That Bartender’s name was nice. Michio.

The door swung closed and then back open again as Hwoarang came out after him. Jin sighed, wishing the Korean would just go away and get out of his life. What was that guy’s problem anyway? Didn’t Hwoarang hate Jin with a passion? So why wouldn’t he let him go?

Hwoarang grabbed Jin by the shoulders and slammed him against a wall out of anger, “You fucking rich assed mother fucker! What was that bastards name?”

“Who… whose name?” Jin stammered in shock and confusion.

“That fat cat gay basher! Who else?”

Jin thought for a moment, “Why?”

The Korean smirked, answering Jin’s question without words. “What’s his name? Don’t worry; I won’t put you on the line. You won’t even be involved or mentioned. Nobody will even know you knew him.”

“… Rinji Gunma.”

Hwoarang grinned and leaned in so that Jin could smell the Korean’s shampoo. Unexpectedly, Hwoarang roughly pressed his soft lips against Jin’s. After a couple seconds, he pulled back, winked at the young Japanese boy and took off down the street.

Jin stood there against the wall of the club in a paralysing state of confusion. He DID NOT just get kissed by another man. No. He did. If he hadn’t that would mean he imagined it and that would have been much worse. Hwoarang was probably jus trying to make him angry. It was nothing… So if it was nothing… Why do I feel like I want more? He asked himself.

After a moment or two of standing there, attempting to shake the thought out of his mind, Jin began to jog in the direction Hwoarang left.

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