Author's Notes: I came up with this while listening to the song "It's Gonna Rain!" (Rorouni Kenshin End Theme) on repeat. I have bought all of the Tekken games and the movie and yet it is still not mine, so don't sue me. The story has some strange ideas and couples, but I think it should be sweet.

Caught in the Rain

By Link621

"I love you, Hwoarang." Even as the words were uttered, Ling began to cry. She hadn't expected the words to come out of her mouth. "I know we are from to totally different worlds... And this will never work, but let me be with you now...?" The small girl hid her face in Hwoarang's shirt and cried.

Hwoarang smiled sadly and embraced Ling. "Please, don't cry, Ling." He kissed the top of her head. "For today, we can be together." They stood on the dock under some shelter from the pouring rain that was pounding on the wooden dock. Hwoarang loved the rain. It always triggered that good feeling inside of him that felt like home. It had rained often at Baek's dojo where he grew up.


"Yes." Hwoarang held Ling to him a little tighter, his smile getting broader. It felt good just to have someone in his arms. He was a bit of a punk, but even Hwoarang had a soft side when it came to certain things and people. "On one condition."

"What is that, Hwoarang?" The girl squeezed a little to acknowledge the presence of her loved one. She seemed to be perfectly content to hide from the rain, safe within Hwoarang's arms.

"We stand in the rain, not in the shelter."

"Why would we want to do that?"

Hwoarang pushed away from Ling, surprising the girl. "That is why we would never work. I would always leave the sunshine for the rain." With that, Hwoarang turned his back on Ling and walked out into the rain with a grin on his face. He threw one last teasing look over his shoulder before half-walking half-dancing out of Ling's life.

Lee entered his private suit at the hotel to a surprise. Lee shook the snow out of his hair and looked at Nina and Anna Williams in turn. Nina looked like a predator with her blonde hair back in a ponytail, drawing attention to her sharp features and nice curves. She wore her usual black jeans, red vest, and high heels combo. Anna looked like prey with her brunette hair framing her face in a way that screamed innocence. She wore a business suit with a skirt that showed off quite a bit of leg. Lee raised an eyebrow at the two of them. "Why are you here?"

"We came to make you chose between the two of us." Nina stepped forward a little. "My little sister wanted you to herself like a toy she isn't willing to share, so she forced this upon me." Nina threw a sly smile in Anna's direction.

Anna frowned. "Why don't you just tell her what you really think, Lee?"

Lee smiled and asked, "Where is your dream vacation with me?" He explained to the two of them, "This is how I will make my decision."

Anna looked excited almost instantly. "I would like a vacation to the beach somewhere. We could lay in the sun and enjoy the ocean. Then, spend the nights dancing or seeing shows." Anna got a twinkle in her eyes.

"And you?" Lee looked at Nina.

"I would say a ski resort where we could enjoy the snow and cold weather. Then, spend the nights warming up again with cocoa, a fire, and... Other things." Nina met Lee's eyes with a blue fire that he had grown to adore.

Lee held out his hand to Nina, and she took it with a grin. To Anna's confused gasp, Lee explained, "I would always leave sunshine for the snow." Then Lee and Nina walked out the door together like a nice, happy, insane, psycho-killer couple that they were without a second glance in Anna's direction.

Julia smiled at Jin devilishly. "So, are we on for tonight then, Hon'?" She laced her fingers with Jin's, trying to get his full attention. Jin was looking out the window of his family mansion longingly. "Hey, Jin, are you with me or out the window?"

Jin slowly turned and looked at Julia again. Around them, the sound of hail beating on the roof was both soothing and discomforting at the same time. Jin replied, "Where else would I be, Julia?"

"Outside, maybe?" Julia looked outside. "It isn't very nice weather, though. I mean, back in Arizona, it was always sunny and nice...."

"And hot, and sweaty." Jin frowned. "The sun it like some monster breathing down your back that just won't stop chasing you no matter how much you run." Jin closed his eyes and leaned into the windowsill. "Isn't this peaceful?"

"Jin... I was going to invite you back to Arizona with me..." Julia felt tears coming on. "But... if you are going to act like this, it makes me think that you might be losing interest in me. What is it that you have lost interest in?"

Jin regarded her for a moment before a smile came to his face and he pointed out the window. "I would always leave sunshine for the hail." Jin stood and left the room; finally realizing what needed to be done.

It was a foggy morning when the two boys met on the street and embraced. The Korean with tears in his eyes, and the Japanese with his strong, desperate embrace. Ignoring the strange looks of bystanders, the two kissed as if there was no tomorrow. Their future was hard to determine, as there was no light to guide them down their path. Still, if given the chance, they would gladly leave the sunshine for the fog.

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