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A New Beginning

Chapter 5 - Making a Quick Escape

By Sapphire17

Lee kept sighing repeatedly to himself as he graced various parts of the room, suitcase in hand, gathering his things. The rooms were still darkened with only a hint of light gleaming through the rain drenched windows at this time. It would be dawn soon, in less than two hours, and the rain had started up yet again.

Kazuya sat silently on the leather couch as Lee gathered his things, not once taking his eyes off of him whenever he was in the main room and in his view. Chaolan was silent the whole while, and he had noticed that Kazuya's gaze never once left him, for every time he glanced up at him, Kazuya's eyes met his. He chose to ignore this though. Lee was still nothing short of overwhelmed by all of this. It was like a dream, or as if it just wasn't quite reality. All of those years ago, he had gotten over the tournament, over his broken life and past, over Kazuya's death. It took time, but he had simply forgotten it all. He'd forgotten his past, the art of fighting, his so-called 'father', and of course, Kazuya all together... But now, it was all swinging back at him, like a tidal wave he couldn't escape.

Lee was kneeling down on the floor as he quickly folded his clothes and placed them neatly in the suitcase, glancing up at Kazuya as their eyes met again.

"You know, you don't necessarily have to pack everything in here." Kazuya smirked.

Lee just sighed yet again in response. "Oh, so are you really in that big a hurry? I myself would have figured you to be the kind to 'wait' a little bit longer." Lee spoke in a shallow tone as he looked away and continued packing.

"I already explained to you once." Kazuya simply replied, in a tone devoid of any expression.

Lee's glance shot up as he harshly slammed down the lid to his suitcase and stood up. "No, Kazuya, you didn't explain to me." Lee hissed through his dark purple tendrils.

Brief silence took account of them as the room was filled with a brief flash of lightning from outside, until Kazuya decided to speak up once more.

"No, Lee, what you mean is, why didn't I inform you."

Lee was silent. Of course that's what he meant. But would he admit this, or would his arrogance get in the way just as it always had his whole life? Lee brought his unrelenting gaze up from the floor and back to Kazuya as he was about to speak, until Kazuya suddenly held his hand up, instructing silence.

"What is it?" Lee asked, a bewildered expression on his face.

Kazuya remained silent for a few more seconds, until- "Someone's coming."

The elevators doors parted, as a few soldiers stepped out, guns in hand. The Tekken Force was on their way to none other than the exquisite penthouse at the end of the deserted hall.

"This is it." One of the men silently whispered. "121B."

Another one of the men stepped toward the door. "Ready, one, two, three!" He kicked the door wide open as they rushed in to fill the room, only, it seemed deserted. It was completely silent, and nearly pitch dark within the confines of the room.

"Maybe he's not here?" One of the soldiers suggested.

"You heard Heihachi's orders, we have to search the entire premises before we can be sure."

The six of them began to spread out within the dimly lit penthouse. Two of them then entered to search the confines of the bedroom.

"Hey Chun?" One of them asked as he fumbled with the light switch. The other man turned.

"What is it?"

"Why the hell are none of the light switches working, and look at this." He turned toward the lamp that neighbored along side the bed and lifted the shade. "There's not even a bulb in here."

"Weird." The other man replied. "We can't be too careful though, you remember what happened to the others over at G-Corporation a few months back."

"Oh yeah." The other nodded in remembrance. "That was supposedly when one man brought down over twenty people."

"Yea, but 'old' man Heihachi still got em' in the end, huh?" The man mockingly laughed as he paced over, flashlight shining brightly in hand as he reached out to open the closet door. "Hey, didn't ya-." The soldier had turned around to see none other than Kazuya Mishima, who had apparently just trampled the other member of the Tekken Force to the ground in that split second. The man's eyes widened in fear. He knew who this was.

"You're-." But before he could say anything more, the closet door behind him swiftly flung open as Lee Chaolan launched a fierce kick from the inside of the pitch black closet. He sent the man flying clear across the room, as Kazuya slammed him down to the floor with his raised fist before the soldier ever had a chance to hit the opposing wall. Lee then stepped out.

"You were supposed to let him open the door!"

Just then, the rest of the present Tekken Force, who had no doubt heard the loud crashes and raised voices from the neighboring rooms, began to enter.

"Great." Lee rolled his eyes as the four men entered.

The man in front glared straight at Lee. "You're coming with us 'Violet', or should I say... Mr. Lee Chaolan!" He spoke mockingly, but then noticed the other man standing further back in the darkened room.

"Holy shit, its Heihachi's other son! They're both here!" He then raised his gun in the air as an evil smile crept to his face. Heihachi would have to give them all a large sum of cash after this. "Hands up now!"

Lee stepped forward, his fist raised, as Kazuya began to stomp forward himself. As the men's eyes briefly turned toward Kazuya, this was the distraction Chaolan needed to get the soldier in front of him with a lightning-fast low sweep, sending him to the floor beneath them. Kazuya had reached the others by this time, and as two of them raised their guns in the air, ready to fire, Kazuya took his hands and grabbed both of the guns by their ends, swiftly jerking them up toward the ceiling as they went off.

In no time, Kazuya had sent both of them into laying unconscious on the floor, as Lee who was a few feet away, did a couple of his well-known silver whips and soon had the other two soldiers down in no time flat also.

Lee turned around toward Kazuya as he motioned dusting off his hands. "Piece of cake." Kazuya grinned ever so slightly as he shook his head.

"We need to hurry and get out of here before more of them arrive."

Lee arched a brow beneath his thick dark tendrils of hair. "And what makes you so sure that there are more of them on the way at this moment?"

Kazuya then kneeled down and forcefully jerked one of the fallen soldier's helmets off and held it in the air, as he simply pointed toward the small camera engraved in the material.

"Damn." Lee spoke as he heard this. "It looks like- Ah!"

It now appeared that one of the soldiers lying on the floor that Lee had just fought, wasn't quite out as he had believed him to be. The soldier in turn, got a nice shot at the back of Lee's calf with a small dagger he held in his grasp.

It wasn't terribly bad, so Lee hastily turned around in less than one second later, and stomped down right on his face. He then looked up at Kazuya. It wasn't concern he saw in his dark brown eyes?.. But before anything could be said, Lee quickly spoke up.

"Come on, this is our chance to get out!"

Kazuya nodded in response. Lee in turn grabbed no more than his lab top, a small bag, and his keys off of the rosewood desk before sprinting straight out (Or should he say over), the door as Kazuya followed close behind. Lee sure was glad that the halls were clear of people at this time as he headed down the end of the hall toward the elevators. Before he could press the down button, however, he suddenly felt Kazuya firmly grasp his wrist to stop him.

"What are you doing?" Lee asked as he tried to free his hand.

"We're taking the stairs." Kazuya spoke before leading Chaolan toward the door which led to the stairs. Kazuya did have a good point though; the elevators wouldn't be the best idea due to the amount of people, and possibly more of the Tekken Force, that would be in the lobby. So yes, the stairs was definitely the better alternative. Kazuya was leading the way now, as he and Chaolan both made their way down the long flights of stairs and to the first floor.

Heihachi Mishima sat timidly in front of the monitors. He had seen the whole thing. He would have sent more men into the hotel in the first place, had he of known Kazuya would be there. Though, now Heihachi felt rather absent minded in not considering how likely it really was in the first place. Just then, one of his Tekken Force generals walked in with some more reports.

"I have more of the reports on the fighters here sir." The man spoke as he handed Heihachi the folder. Heihachi accepted it before instructing the general to look up at the monitors.

"Look at this. Absolutely despicable!" Heihachi spat in his face. "I can see that I made need a better, tougher force to take care of my 'two' sons."

The general almost gulped at the sound of harsh sternness in Heihachi's voice as his brows furrowed at the same time. He had only heard of one son, which was Kazuya. Everyone in the force knew who he was by now, and Jin. But he had never seen the other man before.

"Two?" The general asked.

"That's right. Lee is actually my 'adopted' son. Beautiful, isn't he? That's why I picked him. To create even more of a burning hatred within Kazuya than was already present, along with jealously. I spoiled Lee in giving him everything he ever wanted, while Kazuya was cast into the shadows and endured nothing but pain and suffering. Little Chaolan also had the most beautiful girls swarming all around, while I don't think Kazuya was even spoken to by one. But, even though Lee did well in fitting his purpose of igniting even more hatred within my son, I think he may have ignited something else along with it at the same time." Heihachi grinned as he said this.

The general was well, still rather puzzled at all of this, but he chose not to say anything. One wrong word to Heihachi could be your last.

Heihachi took the folder in hand as he went over to sit down once more at one of his many desks. "You may go now, and await my orders until further notice."

As he opened the folder, he began to think that maybe it would be his day after all. It was photographs of the subway where an ambush of some sort had taken place earlier around two. There was pictures of dead military officers, as well as a massive dent up in the ceiling. Heihachi figured it was Jin, due to the fact that he had already determined that Kazuya was already with Lee at this time, so it couldn't have been him. He just didn't expect this of Jin Kazama. What could possibly have driven him to do this? He knew that was had before was to avenge his mother's death whom had been the only one he ever loved. Was he perhaps, avenging someone else? Heihachi looked at even more of the photographs to see the fallen bodies. However, he came across one photograph which had a small pool of blood that stained the floor, however no body laid anywhere near it.

"Hmm." He thought to himself before picking up the telephone placed neatly on his desk. "Hello, you're still there right? Good. I'm looking at one of the photographs I was sent. The number is 352. Yes, that's the one. I want a blood type analysis and the results of it as soon as possible." Heihachi then slammed down the phone as he smiled, evilly. before looking once more up at the monitors.

He saw the way Kazuya was looking at Lee, and the way Lee was looking at Kazuya for that matter. He had actually noticed this many years back. If his suspicions were proven to be right, maybe this could be of use to him. Even though Lee was an outstanding fighter, he would be much easier to capture than Kazuya himself. Maybe Lee could be use as an efficient tool later on in capturing the one whose devil gene he desired so. Yes, he would order the Tekken Force to temporarily let them escape for the time being, and see what unfolds later on. Heihachi snickered to himself.

"Lee may now know the truth of how Kazuya switched the matches all of those years ago so it wouldn't be he who fought me. But, I doubt Kazuya let him know that the one Lee was in fact switched with, was none other than Jun Kazama..."

"This way." Kazuya said as he opened the nearest exit to reveal the fancy underground parking lot to their eyes. Kazuya then began to run again, obviously knowing what he was heading for to be running that fast. He was heading toward Lee's red interior white Honda parked over at the wall toward their left in the massive lot. He kept running, but noticed that Lee had begun to gradually slow down since he had started. No less, they both made it to the car in one piece.

Lee looked up, a little short of breath. "How did you know. that this was my car? And where it was parked. for that matter?

Kazuya merely smirked. "I knew where to find you, didn't I?"

Lee didn't feel like arguing over this for the time being, so he simply sighed as he got out his keys and headed over to the drivers side, which when it came to his car, was on the left. But before he could even reach to unlock the door, Kazuya stepped in front of him.

"There's no way you're driving like that." Kazuya spoke both sternly and seriously.

Lee saw that Kazuya was gesturing his glance down toward the cemented floor, so he did the same. There was blood seeping from the interior of his dark leather pants and onto the ground. The cut had gotten him a little better than he had originally thought.

"It's nothing. Now move out of the way."

Lee waited a few more seconds for Kazuya to move, but he didn't and just folded his arms, this time gesturing his glance back over Chaolan's shoulder to where they had just come from a moment ago. Lee went a head and turned around, only to see that he had left a small, speckled trail of blood behind him. Before he could turn back around, Kazuya snatched the keys straight from Lee's left hand, and unlocked the door to sit down in the drivers seat for himself. Lee immediately turned back with a disapproving eye..

"Fine! But I sure hope you know what you're doing." Lee spoke sternly as he went around to the passengers' side and got in. "Damn, now this is going to stain."

Kazuya half-smiled as he turned his glance toward Chaolan. "Lee, the interior's 'red'."

'Smart ass.' Lee thought as they pulled out of the driveway. Lee also figured that Kazuya didn't have too much experience behind the wheel. He knew he himself hadn't for a while. They had both been brought up and gotten use to limos.

Lee sighed, slightly in pain as he turned his gaze toward Kazuya once more. "So, where are we going now?"

Kazuya looked back, and then down. "You know, you really need to do something about that."

Lee sneered in response. "Why, it's not like you give a damn anyway. Now answer me, where are we going?"

"To another hotel that's not here, I would think." Kazuya said sternly as they exited the parking lot and made it out to the main streets. A woman at the exit had instructed them to stop, most likely for payment, but Kazuya did no such thing and just exited the underground lot.

"What are you trying to do, get us killed?" Lee asked as they headed down one of the main streets in Tokyo. Kazuya just stared straight ahead and didn't respond, as Lee sighed yet again. At this time, Lee opened the compartment in front of him to remove some tissue. He then attempted rolling up the leather down at his left leg, but found it harder than he had thought, due to the fact that the pants were a tight fit. As he pressed the tissue, which wasn't too much help, to the cut on the back of his leg, he turned his glance back toward Kazuya's face, as his eyes widened slightly. The sun was beginning to rise, and until now, Lee hadn't realized how scarred up Kazuya really was. His arms, his chest, his face. were covered in them. What had Heihachi done?...

Lee suddenly found Kazuya glancing back at him. The usual serious expression (From what Lee could remember) on his face.

"I don't like your hair like that." He seriously spoke before turning his gaze back to the street a head.

Lee bit back a chuckle at this. Most likely due to the fact that he had begun to miss his silver hair himself.

"I'm going to change it back as soon as I have the chance." Lee said as he stared at him. No matter how scarred, Kazuya was still a vision to behold.

"Good." Kazuya simply replied. "Maybe then we can get started on finding my son..."

Lee smiled slightly. "And my nephew..."


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