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A New Beginning

Chapter 3 - 22 Years of Waiting for What?

By Sapphire17

"That's right, Lee."

Lee instantly froze at the sound of the intruding voice as he felt his breath catch. He knew that voice. However, before Lee had a chance to react, he felt hands gripping at the back of his chair on either side of his neck right before spinning him around to in fact verify his guess.


Kazuya didn't say anything, and just stared back into Lee's still wide eyes.

"But, but it can't be." Lee spoke unbelieving, right before he heard a smirk escape Kazuya's lips.

"Oh, but it is, Lee." Kazuya replied

"But, how is it possible?!" That came out a little louder than Lee had meant for it too. Kazuya still didn't change his expression though, and decided to answer Lee's question.

"Isn't it obvious? I was resurrected, brought back to life by G- Corporation's research. I was the key they needed to complete their work."

Kazuya was getting a little tired of the wide-eyed look that Lee couldn't seem to get off of his face.

"Oh, so you're saying that after seeing Bryan Fury and Yoshimitsu, you still don't believe?" He was in fact right though. Kazuya wasn't exactly the only fighter at the tournament who had been at least some-what engineered."

At this point, Lee didn't really know what to say or what he was feeling. Was it surprise, happiness, anger, fear? Perhaps all four. He just had so many questions, that he couldn't think of where to start. What are you supposed to say to a guy that's been dead for 22 years? He just went a head and sprang free the first thing that came to mind.

"Ok, why then? Why have you kept this a secret from everyone for so long?"

However, Kazuya still didn't answer.

"You heard me, Kazuya! Why have you been hiding like this?...."

"Why have you?" Kazuya spoke in a tone devoid of any expression, right before gesturing his glance up a bit toward Lee's hair, and then to the large sunglasses placed next to his laptop on the rosewood desk.

Lee got the picture, but that obviously wasn't the answer he was looking for, and Kazuya knew it. "I changed my identity for two weeks. Two weeks so I wouldn't be recognized by the Zaibatsu or Heihachi just to enter the tournament. You've apparently been alive for a pretty damn long time, and just let the whole world go on and continue thinking that you were, in fact, dead! See the difference?!"

Kazuya's eyes narrowed slightly. He didn't hear that tone of voice directed to 'him' too often. It already seemed to him that Lee apparently hadn't changed much in the past years. He still seemed to be just as arrogant and insolent as ever. The thing was, he looked like he had hardly aged at all. Lee should have been 48 by now, but he still appeared to be merely in his mid to late 20's. But, as a matter of fact, Kazuya didn't look like he had put on much, if any age himself. He was now 49 and still didn't look a day over 30. He had an excuse though, and that was all of the reconstruction that had been done to his body, and of course, the devil gene. But what was Lee's excuse? Was it the same as Nina's, perhaps? Kazuya had done some research of his own in the meantime, and now knew a lot more information than most would give him credit for.

"I think I'd watch my tone of voice as well as choice of words if I were you, Lee."

"Excuse me?!" Lee exclaimed as he rose from his seat to where he was also standing up. He was just short of enraged. "I think it's you who owe me an explanation! Not the other way around! So tell me then, why now? Why have you come here to see me now at this time?!"

Kazuya's eyes softened a bit, but they were still narrowed. "I came here because I want your help."

"My help?" Lee said with a puzzled look.

"I need your help in finding my son, Jin."

In an instant, Lee's brows furrowed once more. Did Kazuya wish to hurt Jin the way Heihachi had?

"What do you want with him?"

Kazuya no longer had an angered look on his face, but a serious expression. "I know that he hates me and possibly fears me too. I-I tried to kill him at the tournament... However, it wasn't me that did so."

"What do you mean?" Lee knew there was no need for this question though, he already knew the answer was most likely the devil gene..

"I was enraged at our father as I still am. I let my hatred for him and the anger of revenge consume me as it always had before. I was determined to finish him off once and for all this time. G-Corporation had everything set in place to make me the ultimate being of power, but before it could be completed, Heihachi sent his men to break into the facility to recover my body for his own research, and stole ours in the process. I killed them all. The whole tournament was nothing more that a set up, Lee. A set up to lure my son and I to him so he could attempt to gain the devil gene for himself. Upon the end of the tournament, I was drawn by my son to a small dojo out in the woods. I walked in to see that Jin had been chained to the ceiling. The devil spoke to me, told me that Jin was the key to unite our power. However, I didn't know that Jin would have to die for this, so I tried to stop it, but, I couldn't. It asked me 'what was I doing?' The last words I can remember before my body was taken over was 'now you will become a part of me.'"

Lee was speechless. He didn't know what to say. Did he care?

"Jin won, didn't he? Jin's the one who really won the tournament, huh?"

Kazuya nodded. "He defeated both me and my father. He had the chance to kill both of us, and no matter how much I wish he had of, he didn't. When I woke up, I had regained control. I don't want to hurt Jin, I never did. I just want my life back."

God how Lee had said those exact same words more times that he could remember. Kazuya hadn't exactly been known well for being very trustworthy in the past, so could Lee really believe him? Especially after all of this time? He didn't know why, but for some reason, he did.

"Ok then. I'll, I'll help you."

Kazuya's expression still didn't change, but the subject did. "I think we need to get out of this hotel as soon as possible."

Lee arched a brow. "And why is that?"

"I know that father didn't recognize you at the tournament, and I don't think anyone else did either. I actually think he would have though if he hadn't been so concerned about finding me and Jin at the time. Anyhow, I know he has been going through the records of the tournament along with the pictures and backgrounds of every competent to see if they have any connections to us. Not to mention, he did have cameras at every location. He's sure to figure out who 'Violet' really is."

Lee didn't know for sure if he agreed or not. "And what makes you think that he'd recognize me?"

"Because I did."

Lee didn't have a response to this; he hadn't even gotten around to how Kazuya knew who he was, of how he knew where to find him in the first place for that matter. "You know, I was planning to reveal my identity to him in the end."

"But that's not the case now. I can already guarantee you that he'll be watching that tape of the match between you and Jin in the finals. He's anxious to learn a method against Jin's new fighting style. I'm pretty sure he'll recognize your technique." Kazuya followed this with a smirk. "Not to mention how you kind of gave yourself away with those back-flip kicks of yours, considering you are one of three fighters who's ever been able to do them, and I didn't see Anna anywhere. Not to mention the 'infinity kick'."

Damn, Kazuya was right. Lee didn't realize that he had made it that obvious until now. "But even if he does, what makes you think that he'll even give a damn either way?"

"Because you betrayed him before. It was I who prevented him from killing you in the first place." Kazuya stated with his arms crossed

"What do you mean?"

"According to the schedule of the second tournament, you were supposed to fight Heihachi the match before you fought me."

Lee couldn't believe this. "You mean, you changed the order?! But you're not allowed to do that!"

"I was the champion and the host of the tournament, was I not? I had the rights to do whatever I saw fit."

Lee didn't know why, but talking about this in particular had made him somewhat, uncomfortable. Not to mention, he was still pretty damn shaken up sorely from the fact that Kazuya was even alive in the first place. "I, I guess we should go head and leave this hotel for somewhere else then." Lee muttered as he stared at the floor as he ran a hand back through his now dark purple hair.

Kazuya noticed the quick change of subject, but decided to let it slide. For now.

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