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A New Beginning

Chapter 1 - One Puzzle, Four Pieces

By Sapphire17

Jin stood there, towering over his grandfather once again, ready to finally end his life. His raven-like wings spreading from his back as he did. As he raised his fist back, he suddenly stopped, dropping Heihachi to the floor. He had felt the presence of the mother's spirit; he knew he couldn't do this. If Heihachi was to die, it would not be at his hands, for he had been taught better than that. Jin simply gave a sly smile before stepping a few feet away from the traitorous man. He then spread his massive wings, and flew away, breaking right through the Do Jo's roof. The black feathers flung down from up above as they slowly fell to the floor, leaving behind one white feather in the midst, as the moonlight beamed down.

Heihachi was weak, but found the energy to stand. "Damn!" He exclaimed as he rose to his feet. Jin had defeated him once again, and made practically the same departure he had two years before. It was at this moment that he remembered Kazuya. Jin had already defeated him first. Maybe Jin had gotten away, but he wasn't about to let Kazuya escape now too. As he turned to where Kazuya's unconscious body had lied, his brows furrowed as he saw that he too, was now gone. When most would probably figure that Heihachi would be up roaring in anger by now, instead, he just let out a devious smirk as his lips curled.

"Bravo. I have indeed produced a powerful blood line. But no won will ever know the true outcome of it all. Neither of you will escape. I will find you both. End the end, I always win."

Heihachi did have a point about one thing, and that was that indeed no one would know the true outcome of the tournament. He wasn't going to tell. He would just declare himself the winner. He knew very well that Jin wasn't stupid enough to tell anyone. Jin knew that he would have to be watching every second for the Tekken Force, assassins, and any one else who would blow his cover or kill him for a hefty amount of well-paid of cash. He didn't desire the Mishima Zaibatsu, either. Jin had just wanted revenge. Heihachi also figured that his son Kazuya would try to seek him out too, if not to kill him he didn't know why, but he knew one thing and that was that he would have his research completed and the devil gene would be his.

He then turned toward the door as he gathered his train of thoughts on his next move. As he opened the double doors and walked out, he let out a laugh. He would capture not one of them, but both Kazuya and Jin now. He knew it may take time but if there was one thing he was, it was patient.

The doors slammed shut as he strode off through the forest.

Meanwhile, Kazuya had made a rather quick escape himself. He was already more than half way back to the city. He may have been weakened from his fight with Jin, but not enough to slow him down apparently. He knew that his father had also been defeated by his son. He wouldn't have missed that in a million years. But while Jin was making his departure through the ceiling, he had made his way out too through the back door. But there was one thing different now.

Kazuya felt lifted; he felt like he was back in control of his body. He was glad he had lost, that this damn devil had been defeated. Gods, he didn't want to kill his son. He knew the devil had a special plan for uniting their power to make them the ultimate being, but he hadn't known that Jin had to die for it. Was the devil gone though? No, it couldn't be, or he'd surely be dead by now. Kazuya wouldn't let it take control again though. This was his body and his alone. At least, he wanted to believe so.

He knew he had to find his son, had to explain to him, explain everything. He wasn't going to turn into a replica of Heihachi, that's what he had wanted for Kazuya. No, he was going to make sure that his evil father never harmed his family again. And by the way, that brought him back to another. Someone who had stayed in the shadows of the tournament, like himself, and the rest of his forsaken family. He may have fooled everyone else there, but Lee Chaolan didn't fool him.

Back in the tournament, Kazuya had lurked in the shadows, not watching many fights besides his own, there was no need to anyway. He didn't need to observe any "techniques" for he had nothing to worry about, or so he had thought. But during the finals, he had watched several of the fights. Unknowingly to any of them, of course. Among some of the ones he had seen were his son, Nina Williams, a cocky redhead, and of course, Lee, or should he say "Violet."

Kazuya didn't buy that disguise very long. He'd have to be utterly stupid not to recognize the fighting style, the graceful speed, the slender waist, or any of his other beautiful features that were so plainly evident. He had actually chuckled at the simple fact that Nina didn't recognize him. After all, they had been "together" before in the past. He didn't get a good enough look at Lee to see how much age had done for him, but Nina didn't look a day over 20. He knew that his father was probably behind that too. Him and his damned experiments.

Kazuya knew that he would have to pay his brother a visit, too. He had actually longed to speak to him at the tournament, but after all of this time, he didn't know what he was up to. He obviously had a motive behind the ridiculous disguise, but was it just to hide from his father or could he be helping him again? During the first tournament, Lee had betrayed him and joined Heihachi, only to end up siding back with him at the second tournament. Did Lee even know he was alive? No, he couldn't have, could he? Kazuya didn't quite know what to think at the moment, but he would find out soon enough. He would put the broken pieces back together. No matter what.

At this time, Jin was making his landing back at Tokyo, in a desolate area, of course. He landed on top of a three-story story parking lot outside of some business and he just stood there, as his wings retreated back. He had finally learned to control the devil gene and even make some use of it, even though the truth was he would rather be without it. He looked up into the clear, starry sky. "Thank you, mother," he whispered as he gazed up. But what was he to do now?

The past eight years of his life had been based solemnly on revenge. What was he suppose to do now? Seek out his remaining family and kill them? Of course not. He decided he would try to live a normal life now. Something he had never been permitted to have. And his father, Kazuya? He didn't really care what had become of him. For all he knew Heihachi and Kazuya could have killed each other the moment he'd left. He wasn't necessarily saying that this is what he had hoped for, but he knew it was a definite possibility. They were both evil, power-hungry men with no souls to reckon upon. But even so, he still couldn't kill them, even though he had sworn he would at the tournament.

He still knew they would both be after them. He didn't even have to think about it, he knew. His father would still be after him for this damn devil gene as well as his grandfather. Why did it have to be this way? Why did it all have to be so fucked up? Why him?... Those were questions he had asked himself for years, but he decided they were pointless to ask when there was nothing he could do. He couldn't change the past.

Jin now went over to the elevator. He would make his way back to the hotel where he was staying, gather his things, and get the hell out of this place once and for all. Or so he hoped. He knew he would have to be careful though. Heihachi's men would be all about the premises within the hour, and he especially needed to change into something that would at least hide most of his face. He would go back to Brisbane, for now. He had an apartment, and a job there. No friends though. The few people Jin had talked to didn't even know his real name. God, how he longed for someone. Just someone to talk to, a friend, or even someone to be with. He was tired of being along. He wanted this to change, but could it?

As the elevator doors parted, he began his walk, a rather fast-paced one, back to the hotel.

Lee Chaolan was at his own hotel. He was still in disguise though. It wouldn't be safe any other way for him until he made it back to his resort in the Bahamas. He may have lost the tournament, but he had gotten his experimental droid Combot to work rather well. And after all, he had made it into the finals. He had lost to Jin Kazama though, like so many others. It was actually quite painful to see Kazuya's son like this. His nephew. Lee could practically see the vengeful rage burning in his eyes, just like it had in Kazuya's all those years ago.

He didn't want to think about this though. The memories were too painful for even him to bear. The memories still haunted him after all of these years. That dreadful day at the end of the second tournament.

"Why didn't you listen to me?.."

Lee had spoken this line more times that he could remember.


There Kazuya and Lee were, just after their fight. Lee had lost, and was down on his knees in front of Kazuya after a heavy blow and blood trickled down from his lip.

"You lost, Lee. Now I'm going to kill our father, and this time, I'll make sure he's dead."

Kazuya began to turn away and walk to the Zaibatsu for his final match. He didn't have to ask who his competitor would be, he knew it would be Heihachi, and that was how he had wanted it.

"Don't do it Kazuya. Please. He'll, he'll kill you." Lee spoke weakly as he tried to rise, stumbling to his feet.

Kazuya turned back toward Lee when he heard this, a look of anger on his face.

"You know, Lee, you are lucky I didn't kill you or put you in the hospital like most of the others. Are you asking for that to change?" Kazuya spat as he narrowed his eyes.

"Have you even seen him fight yet? He is much stronger than he was before. Stronger and more full of rage that he's ever been. I'm not saying I don't have faith in you, but is this "revenge" of yours really worth putting your whole life at stake? Damnit, Kazuya, think of the Zaibatsu and all that you've accomplished, you have your title, think of Jun..."

Kazuya's eyes softened up a bit, but were still narrowed.

"I will not lose. Father will die, and if you get in my way, you will die as well."

"The same thing you told Jun I see."

"Leave her out of this."

Lee limped over to stand right in front of Kazuya, blocking him from going any further

"Ok, then. Kill me." Lee spoke, almost as if he was demanding it.

Kazuya quickly grasp Lee by his silver hair and pressured him toward his face, to where he was only an inch away.. Lee let out a small gasp at the painfully tight grip on his hair, but besides that, spoke nothing. He just stared back into Kazuya's eyes, figuring that he was going to kill him.

"If only I could." Kazuya whispered before raising his fist up unknowingly to Lee behind his head.

They had both just gazed into one another's eyes, as if they were unable to break eye contact. Kazuya then leaned in even closer, to what could be considered too close. Lee was pretty confused at this time, but he still said or did nothing. But before he could remember what had happened next, everything went black.

Kazuya had knocked him out.

By the time he regained consciousness, it was already too late..

*End Flashback*

Lee walked into his room, trying to flood the memories from his mind. He needed a drink and a cigarette now, he needed to take his mind off of all this at least until he got back to his home in the Bahamas. He still wasn't leaving for a couple of days. He still had many things he wanted to know and would at least try to find out. He wanted to know if Jin was safe, his father's true motive behind holding the tournament, and even the truth behind G-Corporation's huge stock sell off. He had linked it back to the Mishima Zaibatsu. But what was Heihachi had stole that what so important? Whatever it was, it had apparently put the whole corporation in a current state of turmoil. Lee had a feeling that all of these questions had one answer, and whatever it was, he would make sure he found out..

Hwoarang had just left a nearby bar and was now on his way to, well, he really didn't know. The only place left to go now was back home to Korea, but he would probably be arrested the minute he set foot off the plain. He still wasn't completely sure that the military wasn't here somewhere for him right now. He had to watch his back. One of Hwoarang's buddies in the Korean Army had apparently blabbed about Hwoarang's plans for the tournament, so they were sure to be here by now. He knew he couldn't go to the nearest airport, that would be too risky. He would have to locate another one.

He began his way back to the motel where he had been staying as he cursed over his loss in the tournament again and again. Sure, he had made it to the finals, but he hadn't even gotten to fight against Jin Kazama, he had lost to that whoever the hell that damned Violet was. If he just had of beaten him, he would have gotten to face Jin instead. Hwoarang had still stuck around long enough to find out the outcome of their fight, of course Jin would have to win. This made Hwoarang feel even worse.

Something troubled him though. On the top of the charts after this fight, were Jin, Heihachi, and some other guy that had never given his name. The thing was, he still didn't know the final outcome of the tournament. He had even heard rumours that Jin never made it to the final matches and that this anonymous guy had won by Jin's default. This bothered Hwoarang. He didn't want it too, but it did. Jin wouldn't have just dropped out. What if his grandfather had done something to him, he heard that he had tried to kill Jin after he won the last tournament, but why? What if Jin was already dead?

No, Hwoarang didn't want to think about this, he shouldn't be. He kept telling himself over and over that he didn't give a damn, but he knew it was a lie. What was it about Jin Kazama? Why would Hwoarang even care about what happened to him? He honestly didn't know, but he did care, he did give a damn.

Hwoarang decided to he would take the subway back to the other side of the city. Then, he would gather his things, get on his Harley, and figure out where to go. It was already after two in the mourning, so he figured there wouldn't be that many people, if any, there. Especially on a Sunday. He would probably have felt safer if he wasn't wearing something that had his name right on the back of it, but there wasn't much he could do about that until he reached the motel.

As he walked down the stairs to the station, it appeared that he was right and there wasn't really anyone there besides the ticket salesman. "Shit." He cursed. He had apparently just missed the subway he was supposed to take. He then walked over to the ticket salesman.

"How long til' the next one?" Hwoarang asked.

"At least an hour and a half." The salesman replied before giving him a rather odd look of suspicion.

Hwoarang just ignored this and decided he had nothing better to do, so he would go head and wait. He bought the ticket before walking over to the other side of the station where the restrooms were. As he walked in, he cursed himself yet again for running so low on cash.

Once he was done, he strode over to exit and walked out to a rather unpleasant surprise..

There stood at least six officers that plus two generals from the Korean Army.

"Lieutenant!" The lead general spat out to him. Hwoarang recognised this guy from back home. God how they hated each other.

"So, it only took you three months, I'm really impressed!" Hwoarang replied in a rather sarcastic, rude tone of voice.

The general just glared at him as he raised his hand signalling the other troops to raise their guns.

"Give yourself up soldier!"


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