Chapter 11

By The Lizard


"Wait, I've almost done it."

"Jin!" Hissing, sharp whisper, an insistent nudge against his inner thigh.

"Shh, you'll make me lose count!" Dark brows knitted in concentration for a moment, blunt pencil scratching furiously against paper, and then the jab of a finger on the calculator keys.

The foot moved slightly higher, nudging suggestively against Jin's groin, finally causing the Japanese teenager to shift his chair back, exasperated as he utterly lost track of what he'd been about to do. Hwoarang smirked, arms folded on the table as he leaned over, a devilish, satisfied smirk on his face.

"I have to do my homework. How am I supposed to concentrate when you're being so distracting?" Jin tossed his pencil down in the table, leaning back and trying to glare. It didn't work, not when the Korean looked so appealing.

"But you've been working for hours." Came the slightly whiny complaint. It was the truth. They'd been sat in the little café for far too long, and Jin couldn't blame the redhead for being bored. Empty coffee cups were scattered about on the table, along with numerous amounts of plates and bowls swept clean of their contents by an extremely voracious Hwoarang. For someone so slender, Jin was amazed at the amount he could consume.

Jin stared at him for a while, aware that a heavy biker boot was still rubbing at his ankles and calves and trying not to react too much. They were already getting disapproving looks from some older couples nearby, but such things only seemed to provoke Hwoarang into being more demonstrative.

"All right, I'll leave the rest for another day." Jin finally conceded, packing his things away into his bag, taking note of the fact that the Korean was already shuffling about in his seat eagerly. He could be so boyish sometimes that it was plain amusing. Jin leaned towards him, once he'd finished gathering his things, angular jaw resting in the palm of his right hand. "OK, I'm all yours now. What would you like to do?"

"You." Hwoarang reached across, hooking one finger in the collar of Jin's shirt as the dark haired boy blushed. Someone muttered close-by, whispers increased, and the staff exchanged nervous glances.

Jin eased the finger out of his shirt, leaning further forwards, trying to keep his composure and failing entirely. Quietly he clasped Hwoarang's hand between his own, giving him a warning look.

"Would you two mind doing that somewhere else?" A rather gruff voice blurted out from the table next to theirs, a bearded middle-aged man who wore his glasses too far down his nose. Jin was about to apologise when Hwoarang suddenly got to his feet, walked around to Jin's side of the table, and promptly sat down on his lap, looping bare, lean arms around his neck.

"Jin, I want you now!" He cried melodramatically, loud enough for everyone in the café to overhear. The man stared at him, mouth agape, and the Korean gave him a quick wink. He couldn't help but laugh when Jin carried him out of the café, fumbling to keep hold of his bag and open the door at the same time.

Hwoarang was accustomed to Jin's shyness by now. They'd been seeing each other as often as they could for two weeks since the incident in the warehouse. Not often enough in Hwoarang's opinion, but Jin found it a challenge to persuade his Minders to leave him alone for any decent stretch of time, and their dates, if they could be called such, had been restricted to meeting in cafes like the little place they'd just run from, and the occasional wander through the nearby park. This, of course, had also put any more intimate moments on hold, and the Korean was starting to get a little frustrated.

Once outside, Jin set him down, giving a groan of embarrassment and trying to ignore the incredulous stares they were getting through the window. Hwoarang casually slung an arm over his broad shoulders, giving him a little squeeze.

"I'm sorry, couldn't help myself, it was too good an opportunity." He chuckled, noting that Jin was smiling too. He was glad he hadn't reacted angrily, as he'd half expected he would.

"You're going to get us in so much trouble one day."

"I know, it'll be fun. Now where are we going?" Hwoarang grinned broadly. He didn't grin often. Didn't have much reason to, even when he was around his friends. With Jin it was becoming a more frequent occurrence.

"Your place." The answer wiped the grin off the Korean's face, leaving him rather wide eyed. He'd only been semi-serious in the café, thinking that Jin would have to leave before long. When he was actually faced with getting what he wanted, he couldn't help but feel a bit nervous. "That is what you wanted, isn't it? You've changed your mind?"

Hwoarang's lips moved as if he meant to say something, but no sound came out. Instead he reached to Jin's face, cupping his jaw with both hands, fingers brushing his earlobes gently. Finally he cleared his throat and spoke.

"You're sure you want to? You're not going to have to run off home quickly or anything?" He couldn't remember his voice having sounded so nervous before, but the perfect calm on Jin's face helped to soothe him a little.

"I'm sure. I'm staying with you." Jin smiled faintly, feeling Hwoarang's hands slip from his face to trail over his neck and shoulders. The Korean wasn't the only one that had been getting frustrated with the lack of physical contact. "Come on, let's go." He whispered, his hands grasping at that narrow waist, walking him backward towards the waiting bike.

Jin recognised the street Hwoarang lived on, the run-down neighbourhood. He'd been there before of course, only not as himself. For the briefest of moments, he felt some hesitation, the memories making him shiver and wind his arms more tightly around Hwoarang's lean, muscled torso, but it was so brief that he banished it to the back of his mind automatically. There was no way he was backing out now; he'd wanted this for too long.

They pulled up outside a tatty looking block of apartments, chipped paint on the window frames, stained brickwork and weeds snaking their way through the paving slabs. None of that mattered though. This was where Hwoarang lived, and so it was fine with Jin. No sooner were they off the bike, than they were tangled in each other's arms, the tight embrace stirring memories of that night in the warehouse. It was with some difficulty that the Korean tore himself away long enough to dig his key out of his jeans and struggle with the lock. Up the stairs they went, taking them in twos, Jin's eyes locked on that lean ass as he followed his lover, resisting the urge to reach out and squeeze. Finally reaching Hwoarang's apartment, Jin gave in to temptation, and before the other boy had chance to tackle the lock with his shaking fingers, he found himself pressed up against the wall tightly, the Japanese teenager drawing him in for a bruising kiss.

"Jin, unless you plan on doing things out in the hallway." Hwoarang murmured with the smallest of smirks, eyes closed, breathing heavily against those full lips. Jin got the hint, but paused before drawing away long enough to allow the Korean to open the door, fingers brushing at his waist, clasping his hips as the stiff lock hindered them.

Finally they were inside, Hwoarang kicking out with one foot to close the door behind them as Jin grabbed him around the waist and lifted him off the floor, eager to find somewhere suitable. The redhead loved how decisive he could be sometimes, surprisingly dominant beneath that quiet exterior, and yet just as easily manipulated into giving in to his partner's desires.

Due to the ridiculously small size of the apartment, it was no great challenge to find the bed. If it could be called a bed. Yet another reminder of that night two weeks ago, a mattress on the floor, only this one covered in a tangle of pillows and thin sheets. Upon it they fell, Hwoarang stretched out beneath the slightly heavier form of Jin, hands sliding beneath unwanted clothes to clasp smooth muscle, bruising in their rush to explore, lips only parting for the shortest of moments to allow for ragged breaths to be taken.

"Hwoarang!" Jin's needy whisper caused the Korean to moan loudly. The feel of heated kisses against his throat making him squirm, legs snared in the sheets as his feet fought for some stability. He felt one of Jin's hands slip between their bellies, sliding down his abdomen until it found the hard length trapped beneath tight denim. Hwoarang's slender hips shifted, pressing upwards against the firm palm that had begun to rub mercilessly.

It wasn't good enough. Both wanted the contact of skin on skin, and they abandoned their caresses for as long as it took them to strip away each other's clothes. Hwoarang's black wife-beater tore as Jin tugged it away in frustration, but neither cared. Buttons ripped from the dark haired youth's crisp, white school shirt and went bouncing across the bare floor. Ridding each other of their pants was irritatingly slow, and Jin cursed quietly as he struggled with the buckles on Hwoarang's chaps, and then had to pry away form-fitting jeans as the Korean wriggled to help ease them down.

Jin stopped and stared. Hwoarang wore nothing in the way of underwear, in fact now he wore nothing at all save for a lazy, feline grin as he propped himself up on one elbow. He already knew he was impressive, in more than one way, but he never tired of seeing the reactions of others when they finally had him stripped free of any clothing. Nevertheless, he didn't let himself savour that expression on Jin's face for too long. He was too impatient to have the Japanese boy in a similar state of undress, and hastily he reached for the zipper of Jin's pants. A hand clasped his wrist before he could, and Hwoarang looked up with a slight frown, wondering what was wrong.

Jin looked, for lack of better words, ravenous, his eyes dark and so full of obvious lust that Hwoarang felt himself harden further, a slight wetness on his stomach as a few drops of precum leaked from his member. When Jin let his fingers trail in that liquid, bringing it to his lips and lapping it away, the Korean thought he might spill his load there and then, and had to bite his lip harshly to distract himself, flopping backwards on the bed with his eyes closed.

He heard the rustle of material, knew that Jin was ridding himself of the rest of his clothing, and then felt warm hands gliding over the taut, muscular planes of his lower abdomen, over his prominent hip-bones and lean, lengthy thighs.

"I want you." Came the deep whisper against his ear, dark hair tickling his cheek as Jin leaned over him. Hwoarang's almond-shaped eyes slipped open a crack as reached with one hand towards Jin's manhood, noting almost immediately that his long fingers barely managed to wrap around its girth. He swallowed noisily, feeling some hint of fear. As experienced as he was, he'd never been taken by another man. He had always, without exception been the dominant party. Jin's size, coupled with his virginity of sorts, meant that there would almost certainly be pain involved. So why then, did he feel himself parting his long, muscular legs and drawing them up on either side of his lover as if he hadn't the slightest worry? There was a simple answer; he wanted Jin too much to care.

Hwoarang's shift in position was as obvious a signal to move things on a step as a starting pistol would have been to Jin. Sliding one arm beneath the small of his back, he lifted him slightly, just enough to slip a pillow beneath him and raise his hips. He couldn't stop staring. Hwoarang looked so perfectly sensual lying there, his vibrant hair damp with sweat and slightly fanned across the mattress, every sleek muscle luring the touch of his eager fingers

Preparation was minimal. Neither had the patience to hold back any longer, or move away from each other for long enough to search about for lubricant of any sort.

Hwoarang braced himself as he felt the insistent press of Jin's member against his entrance, winding his fingers around the sheets tightly and taking a deep breath. Then there was nothing but pain, pain and more pain, stinging and hot and causing his muscles to clench tightly around that thick shaft. He seemed to hear himself cry out, his jaw aching as he clenched his teeth together, then they both lay still, and Jin's lips were demanding his attention again. At first he turned his head away, desperate for air, but those damp, silken tiers were too irresistible, and he began to return the kisses gently, their tongues lashing like duelling serpents.

The ebbing of the pain was gradual, and the Korean was grateful for Jin's patience, noticing that he had kept his hips perfectly still, not attempting to begin any kind of rhythm until they were both ready. After a while, he let his hands slide to his lover's hard ass, tugging him down a little whilst raising his own hips, inviting him to continue.

Slow and deep were Jin's movements, withdrawing almost to the point that he was no longer within that tight sheath of muscle and then sliding smoothly in again until he was buried to the hilt. Hwoarang's body was so perfect to Jin that it seemed like a thing to be both worshipped and ravaged. The tightness, the heat, everything seemed designed to drive him wild, coax him into the kind of rough lovemaking that was purely selfish. But he couldn't do that to Hwoarang. For him he kept some restraint.

For the Korean, the pain was now laced with distinct pleasure, not only from the constant rub of Jin's stomach against his erection, but also from the frequent rub against his prostate. It was a sensation he'd never felt before, more intense than any other union he'd had, and he strained to meet Jin's hips with each thrust, moving in unison, bodies slick with sweat.

"God, Jin it hurts." Hwoarang's voice was rough with passion, deliciously husky. Jin smiled softly. The Korean's words weren't focused on unpleasant pain, but the kind of pleasure that is so overwhelming that it seems unbearable. In response he made his thrusts sharper, more violent, each one bringing a hoarse cry from Hwoarang's parted lips until finally, he orgasmed, spilling himself over his own stomach and chest.

Tight muscles clenched in spasms around Jin's shaft as the man beneath him found release, and it was almost enough to send him to the brink at the same time. Again there was that impossibly strong restraint, and he held himself back, staying still until the trembling of Hwoarang's body ceased, and he lay there breathless. At that point Jin finally let himself go, grabbing those lean legs, pushing them wide apart and further up before mercilessly plunging inside him, slamming his hips against that lean ass with a quiet growl. Hwoarang gave a startled cry, not only because of how tender he was, but because it was already beginning to make his soft member harden again, and he'd barely recovered enough to breathe steadily. He reached out to grip Jin's broad shoulders, the springs of the old mattress creaking noisily beneath them.

When Hwoarang reached the stage where he thought he would pass out from exhaustion, Jin finally came, his nails biting into the backs of the Korean's thighs, his head thrown back as he cried out his lover's name, and then sank down heavily on top of him.

For a while, Hwoarang lay there silently, enjoying the crush of the heavy body on top of him, the feeling of sweat slick limbs entangled, and the hot breath against his shoulder. Jin peered up at him, his eyes open at half- mast, threatening to close at any moment, his hair in disarray and a slightly worried look on his fine features. Hwoarang brushed his fingers against his cheek lightly, smiling in that same lazy, contented way he had when Jin had first stripped him.

"Are you all right?" Jin's deep voice was full of concern, dark eyes searching for any sign of pain or regret. There was none. Hwoarang only nodded, brushing his fingers through his hair and leaned in to kiss him. Jin deepened it, distracting him slightly as he pulled out of the redhead's body. He heard a slight hiss of sharply inhaled breath between teeth, and then a soft sigh.

Shifting onto their sides facing each other, they lay silent for some time, brows pressed together, lips close enough to allow for a gentle kiss every few moments. Words were difficult. Neither knew what the other was feeling, both were scared to hear anything from the other, and when Jin made a faltering, and potentially embarrassing attempt to speak, Hwoarang pressed two fingers against his lips, silencing him gently and shaking his head.

"Sleep with me." The redhead murmured. Jin was too tired to argue, too content in Hwoarang's arms to want to do anything else, and within the space of a few minutes, both were fast asleep.

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