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Sensus Contact File // Raijin
Sensus Special Archives : Contact File

± Vital Statistics ±

designate ::   Raijin
origin ::   Unknown, R-FFVIII
gender ::   Male
eye color ::   Dark brown
hair color ::   Black
occupation ::   Student at Balamb Garden | Member of the Disciplinary Committee
affiliation ::   Seifer Almasy
weapon ::   Staff
special status ::   None
personality ::   Raijin's rather thick. He has a nice friendly personality, despite his dullness, and his loyalty to Seifer Almasy is unquestionable. He also has a speech characteristic like Fujin, and tacks on a 'ya know' with or without the question mark somewhere in almost all of his sentences.

± Personal File ±

history ::   Not much is known about any members of the Disciplinary Committee, besides its founder Seifer Almasy. All that's really known about Raijin is that if he's there, Fujin will be nearby, or vice versa. That, and he really likes fishing. He's loyal to a fault, and blindly follows and supports Seifer in anything he does. In the end, it's Fujin who has to tell him to stop.

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