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Sensus Contact File // Fujin
Sensus Special Archives : Contact File

± Vital Statistics ±

designate ::   Fujin
origin ::   Unknown, R-FFVIII
gender ::   Female
eye color ::   Red
hair color ::   Silver white
occupation ::   Student at Balamb Garden | Member of the Disciplinary Committee
affiliation ::   Seifer Almasy
weapon ::   Pinwheel
special status ::   None
personality ::   Fujin is a very cold and aloof person. She doesn't speak much but when she does, she's hard to miss. Her trademark manner of speaking in short one to two word sentences, with a harsh abrupt tone, mark her as a coldly aggressive person.

± Personal File ±

history ::   It isn't known whether or not Fujin has any surviving relatives; she probably doesn't, considering that the Garden seems to be where most children orphaned by the Sorceress War eighteen years ago, end up.

Fujin seems to spend all her time around Seifer Almasy as a member of his posse, and makes up the last third of the DC at Balamb Garden. When Seifer becomes the Sorceress' Knight, she and Raijin join him without question.
spoiler ::   Fujin can actually speak 'normally'! Under extreme duress, of course. When she and Raijin finally realise that Seifer is being controlled by the Sorceress, and it's her they're really taking orders from and not Seifer, Fujin tries to talk Seifer out of continuing with his plans. He doesn't listen, being Seifer, and Fujin and Raijin leave the Lunatic Pandora and Seifer to face Squall and his friends alone... That struck me as pretty slack.

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