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± Vital Statistics ±

designate ::   Dr. Odine
origin ::   Unknown, R-FFVIII
gender ::   Male
eye color ::   Unknown
hair color ::   Black
occupation ::   Head scientist of Esthar
affiliation ::   Science?
weapon ::   None
special status ::   YES [click to view]
personality ::   Like most extremely devoted scientists, Dr. Odine has very few qualms or morals regarding his research. He only shows interest in people if they show a characteristic worth studying, or if they can somehow directly affect his research. Because of this he comes across as almost callous, immoral and inhuman. Odine was also whimsical, and none of his many projects really occupied his attention for long.

± Personal File ±

history ::   Dr. Odine is probably the most important scientist in recent history. With the assistance of an unknown Sorceress, he discovered GF and therefore Para-magic (the ability for normal people to use magic through junctioning a GF). Also with her help, he developed ways to suppress a Sorceress' powers; one of these methods was developed into the Odine Brand jewellery. The more permanent manifestation of this aspect of his research was the creation of the Sorceress Memorial, where a cryo-freezing unit was used in conjunction with other methods to suppress the Sorceress' powers permanently.

As well as developing various other technical wonders and inventions in the highly technologically advanced Esthar, Odine was in charge of the research on the Lunatic Pandora which was excavated out of Centra. He was studying the effects it and the moon-rock housed inside it had on the Moon and the monsters which live on the lunar surface.

Odine quickly lost interest in the Lunatic Pandora when a new aquisition by Adel came to his attention: a child named Ellone who possessed unusual abilities. He quickly aquired Ellone from Adel and began researching her abilities. From his research he developed a machine which simulated Ellone's powers, and it was this which ultimately caught the attention of Sorceress Ultimecia in the future.
spoiler ::   The machine he invented had the ability to send people's conscienceness back into the past like Ellone could, and it was this machine which Ultimecia uses to send herself back to possess first Edea and then Rinoa (there's also the likelihood that she also possessed Seifer). If Ultimecia hadn't known of the machine's existence - and Odine had never developed it in the first place - it's unlikely any of the events which took place would have happened.

Odine does have some redeeming qualities: it was his idea to seal Adel, and comes up with the techinical how to do it, not just Laguna's 'we do this, then that, and yeah! that should work'. Of course, his only real concern is that Adel will lope his head off and especially cut his funding when she finds out he's let Ellone go. Oh, well.

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