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Sensus Contact File // Cid Kramer
Sensus Special Archives : Contact File

± Vital Statistics ±

designate ::   Cid Kramer
origin ::   Unknown, R-FFVIII
gender ::   Male
eye color ::   Slate Blue
hair color ::   Brown
occupation ::   Headmaster of Balamb Garden
affiliation ::   Sorceress Edea and GARDEN, R-FFVIII
special status ::   YES [click to view]
weapon ::   Unknown
personality ::   Cid Kramer is a self-admitted coward. He runs away when things become too stressful, and leaves Squall to deal with the Sorceress. He is a kind-hearted man (much too nice to be an effective Headmaster, much like Principal Fluty from 'Buffy: the Vampire Slayer'), and wants the best for the students and SeeDs at Balamb Garden.

± Personal File ±

history ::   He met and married Edea, knowing that she was a Sorceress and became her Knight. When Edea came up with forming SeeD, it was Cid who was the most enthusiastic about the idea. He doesn't seem to have had anything personally to do with the management of Edea's orphanage, leaving the care of the orphans to her.

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