Love and Freedom

Part 6 - Back to Port Royal

By RagnarokSkurai

"Jack, what are you doing?"

"You think youíd have figured out what I was doing by now." Jack smiled down at the top of Willís head, his fingers nimbly working away at the tie around Willís hair and the front of Willís shirt. "The rest of the crew is in town, drinking and whoring and gambling. Thereís no one on the ship but you and me. And thereís a certain image of you and me on deck thatís been playing through my mind lately..."

"Jack Sparrow!" That couldnít have been anything less than a blush.

"William Turner!" he mocked tipsily. There, finally got the blasted tie off! "And thatís Captain to you." That was better. Will refused to keep his hair loose all the time, despite Jackís best efforts to convince him otherwise. So a tie was always knotted around it, the locks pulled back and out of the way, only to be let down again in the cabin. Only in the cabin. Probably why Jack liked Willís hair down. Untied hair equals cabin equals ravished Will. Or in this case, soon-to-be-ravished Will.

"And itís such a pleasant fantasy, love. The original idea was about bathing in sunlight, but at least these days I no longer find moonlight quite so frightening." Half a snicker from Will at that. "Now all we have to do is get you naked."

"And then?"

"Then I proceed to ravish you. Several times. In rather imaginative ways, if I do say so myself."

"No rum?"

Silently, Jack cursed his lack of foresight. Rum would have been a nice touch. "Ah, but Iíd take you over rum any day, lad."

Instantly, Will stiffened up. Jack the muscles under his hand tighten, and he absentmindedly began to stroke them until he again relaxed.


After another moment, Will shrugged and twisted halfway around to look at Jack. "Coming from you thatís a rather meaningful statement, is all."

"Well, I meant it. Would make it meaningful, I suppose." Jack tilted his head and looked down at Will curiously. Bollocks. It was too effing dark to see anything, much less exactly what was shining out of Willís eyes. "Although any pirate worth his salt would never say no to both."

After a pause that was just a moment too long, Will looked up at Jack and grinned. "Then I believe thereís a certain tavern in town where we can have both? Then later, maybe the deck."

As always, Jack couldnít help grinning in return, but he was left with the distinct feeling that something was off. Something was wrong.

Earlier, Anamaria had asked where they were shipping off to next. Jack briefly wished for Caribbean islands and sugar plantations, because he had a sudden, sinking feeling that it would instead be Port Royal.




Ack! Iím sorry for the shortness and/or crappiness of this chapter! But people wanted to know if I was still updating, and, if so, when I was updating. So... here! throws chapter at rabid reviewersMore soon, I promise!

Really, I love you all ;). Naked Jacks and Wills and drinks all around!

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