Love and Freedom

Part 5 - Ye Gods, the Blushing

By RagnarokSkurai

There was nothing Jack loved more than when Will blushed. It covered his whole face, and if he was especially embarrassed, even his whole body. How the boy could still be embarrassed about anything was a bit beyond Jackís understanding. He thought he had taken care of that by their first week together. Not that he was complaining, really. There was the faint flush, the rush of blood to Willís cheeks and the little frown that would appear between Willís eyebrows. Jack termed it Ďabsolutely ravishingí, since the next best thing he could come up with was Ďadorableí and heíd be damned before he called anything over five and without curls Ďadorableí.

Though Willís hair was rather curly...

The first time Jack had kissed him, Will had blushed from the top of his head to his toes. And being so absolutely ravishing, Jack had had to kiss him again. The boy was a walking temptation, whether he knew it or not. There were a lot of things that Jack lovedĖ there was that blasted word again Ė about Will, but the blush was definitely one of his favorites.

Letís see if he couldnít wring one out of the boy now, hmm?

Jack slowly lowered the sheet. Will shivered as the night air touched his skin, but calmed once Jack slid onto the bed beside him.

Just that simple action was something in itself. Will sleeping beside him was something Jack treasured. As a pirate, he knew that you were never as vulnerable as when you slept. You were defenseless, residing in an unseeing, unhearing dreamland. He could do anything to Will, like this, and Will would be powerless to stop him. At least until it was too late.

Not that he would ever do anything to Will! It was... it was the principle of the thing. :snicker: Yes, that was it. Will trusted him. And that... bloody hell, that meant something. Trust was something more precious than gold.

Jack placed a soft kiss on Willís neck, inhaling the musk scent of Will. This boy... was his...

"Mmmm... Jack?"

"You were expecting someone else?"

"Not with that big of a... mustache." The overly dramatic pause was enough to tell Jack that Will was teasing him. And the grin playing on the edges of the boyís lips wasnít obvious in the least, either.

"You wound me, lad." In truth, if anything Jackís own smile grew wider in turn. A month ago Will wouldnít have been able to make that sort of wisecrack. Maybe even a week ago. And certainly not without blushing. Huh. No blushing. Guess Jack would just have to up the ante then, eh?

He kissed the side of Willís neck one more, then began trailing kisses down Willís spine, and felt the shift of Willís hips beneath his hands.

"Jack..." Will protested groggily. Jack was sure had meant to sound annoyed, but he only sounded as if he were on the edge of a blush.

"Yes, love?" Soft lips and sharp teeth continued downward, intent on one thing.

The muscles in Willís back flexed. "Ah, I..."

Yes, that simply had to be a blush.

Jack abandoned his search for treasure for the moment, and rolled Will over until he was facing him.

"Blushing again?"

His only answer was another rush of blood to Willís face and Willís fingers digging deeper into Jackís hips. Rather hard, maybe a little too hard, but Jack didnít care and he figured that Will didnít even notice what he was doing.

"You know, love..." A wet mouth trailed along Willís jaw line and dipped to the neck. "You looked so... delectable, like this. I could simply... eat... you... up..."

Will mumbled something and arched into Jackís touch. He was apparently quite awake now.

Jack reached down and impatiently ripped the sheets away, nearly growling when Willís body came into full view. There were no clouds tonight, and the moonlight was streaming through the window almost as bright as day.

Holding Willís squirming hips in his hands, he stroked the indentation where leg met hip with his thumbs and lips and tongue. Willís skin tasted like Will scent; like musk, and slightly like honey, something he was never quite sure how Will managed. Will always tasted like that.

Warm hands settled on his shoulders, tangled in his loose hair.

"Jack... do you think, perhaps, you could have on a little less clothing?"

Willís voice had taken on that rough edge Jack knew so well. The voice that said he was totally aroused and enjoying it. Willís voice, period, had kept Jack on the very edge of sanity when this adventure had started. Because William Turner had been vehemently against pirates and arse over heels in love with the beautiful Lady Swann. That had soon changed. But even then - ye gods, that voice. Smooth as silk and as cutting as the blade its master wielded.

When they had first crossed swords Jack had been impressed at the courage (or perhaps sheer, blind stupidity) of a simple blacksmith who would dare challenge a pirate at swordplay. When Will had turned out to be his match, heíd been quite impressed. And slightly panicked. So, yes, heíd cheated. Pirate, after all. Will was lucky Jack had only tried to escape and ignored his first impulse, which was to jump the boy then and there. Especially once Will had spoken. His voice had sounded like absolute innocence, but coupled with the fire and sensuality Jack had seen in his fighting...

When he learned of Willís lineage later the next day, everything had clicked into place. Bootstrap would have been unable to take more than precious little time to teach Will how to swash-buckle with the best of them, but the boy must have taken what lessons heíd had to heart. Heíd inherited his fatherís argumentative spirit as well. Will never missed a chance to mouth off. Oh, heíd been a polite lad - incredibly so - but once Will reached a certain point there was no stopping him from saying what he wanted to say.

Now he could hear that voice whenever he wanted. Whether Will was muttering brokenly in his sleep or talking to Anamaria or singing softly to himself as he fixed the rigging. On occasion that voice would whisper shockingly arousing things to him. Will was not above passing Jack on deck and making a comment that was guaranteed to completely wreck Jackís train of thought. Will, Jack thought fondly, was the worst and best sort of tease, because Jack knew that while Will would always follow through with what he had promised, he wouldnít until the sun had gone down. One of the few rules they had. Anamaria was constantly trying to catch them in a compromising position, and Jack suspected some of the other crew members were as well. So as appetizing as the thought of having Will out on deck was, it wasnít going to happen anytime soon. Because Will was no oneís but his.

Practiced hands began unbuttoning Jackís shirt and pushing it over his shoulders. Callused hands, blacksmith hands, and now pirate hands as well. Hands that had never been meant to live in luxury. In truth, the thought of Will as a Ďgentlemaní was utterly ridiculous. It was like Elizabeth being a pirate. It was a pipe dream, the kind not meant to last, just to be enjoyed for a time.

"If you donít mind me saying," Jack continued, his voice as steady and serious as possible for him, "These trousers are much too tight to stay on much longer."

Willís laugh was breathy and knowing. "If you donít mind me saying, I think I want you out of them more than you do."

"I highly doubt that," Jack grunted, lifting up his hips so Will could slide the fabric down. He kicked his feet impatiently, sending the clothing flying across the small cabin.

He pressed down onto Will, groaning loudly. He needed this. Soft skin and hard muscle underneath. It was ridiculous, this lack of control heíd had lately. Heíd gone weeks without sex before, stuck on a ship with nothing more appealing than his hand. And now he needed Will two, three times a day. Night. Whatever.

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. And truthfully, Jack didnít give a toss.

A hand wrenched in his hair, pulling him down for another bruising kiss. Will was still blushing, Jack noted idly. But he wasnít as embarrassed so much as incredibly aroused. Jack couldnít help but love it either way.

"I am going to make you scream my name," Jack suddenly swore. "Scream it so loud the whole shipíll hear it, so bloody loud that you wonít be able to look any of the crew in the face for a week, and youíll walk around blushing..." God, he wanted Will to sob for want of him. He wanted more. Sometimes skin to skin was enough, sometimes just sleeping next to Will was enough. But tonight, it seemed like nothing was enough.

At that moment, he would have gladly signed over his freedom for the love of this man.

Despite his earlier moments of indecision, Jack now knew what he wanted. Will. He wanted Will. Forever. Knowing that didnít help anything, unfortunately. Appealing images of keeping Will locked in this cabin forever aside. Will may have been pretty, but he was no pushover. Every day Jack watched Will change. Watched his skin grow darker, his hair grow longer and lighter, his step surer. Jack watched Will grow into himself, become his own person. And as happy as that made Will, and in turn Jack, he couldnít help but worry that one day Will would go back to Port Royal or settle in that little Irish town heíd found so charming, or maybe get a ship of his own. For pirates, things tended to be either without end or damningly short.


He could only hope that at the very least this was somewhere in the middle. Jack didnít think he could take it if Will was only his for awhile. As Anamaria had once been. That had been painful enough. Sometimes he thought that this could destroy him.

But he wouldnít think of this now. Not with Will writhing and begging beneath him. Not when he still had Will. Not when he was so close. Not when they were both so close. Not when Ė

Face buried in the crook of Jackís neck, Will screamed.


It was later, when Jack and Will were lying side by side, arms and legs entangled and hair spread out over the pillows that Will began to chuckle.

"I screamed like a bloody girl."

"I noticed." A blinding grin. "Sure you arenít one?"

"Not the last time I checked. Or you checked, for that matter."

"Letís check again, then!" Cheekily, Jack reached over to pinch one of Willís nipples. "If youíre a girl youíre certainly a flat-chested one. Even Anamarieís got more than that." No, Will was no girl.

"Iíll be sure to tell her you said so," Will countered lazily.

"You wouldnít." So much for teasing Will about being a eunuch. Anamaria would have his parts in a jar...

"I would. But, of course, I might be persuaded to keep my mouth shut."

Jack began to grin again. Bollocks, but this was ridiculous. He was seriously considering cutting back on the amount of rum he was drinking. "And what would you be desiring, my William?"

Because I would give you anything.

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