Only Time: Deja Vu

Chapter Ten

By J. Marie


Warning!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Nakago and Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi. It is rated NC-17. Ah, am I already to Chapter 10? Wow. This is officially the longest thing I've ever written. Something was mentioned to me about characterization, and people being OOC in here. Well, I'm trying my damnedest to keep everyone in character here. But please keep in mind, due to being reborn in the real world, sometimes in different circumstances, various characters personalities may be slightly different (i.e. Nakago is not a sociopathic megalomaniac), but I try very hard to keep them basically "themselves" (i.e. Nakago is still a cold, arrogant jerk). And I'm also trying something called "character development", which means I'm trying to have the characters grow and mature like real people. Revolutionary, eh? And in the case of Tamahome Jr., he's NOT Taka, or the original Tamahome. He's Miaka and Tamahome's son, with his own personality and motivations. Huh? What was that you asked? Oh, yes. I'm defensive, didn't you notice? No offense meant to anyone who never flamed me. ^_^;;


Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time
And who can say
If your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time

Who can say
why your heart sighs
as your love flies
- only time
And who can say
why your heart cries
when your love lies
- only time

Who can say
when the roads meet
that love might be
in your heart
And who can say
when the day sleeps
If the night keeps
all your heart

Night keeps all your heart

And who can say
If your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time
Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time

Who knows - only time

Who knows - only time

-- "Only Time" by Enya


This was insane.

Those were the thoughts of Miboshi as he jimmied the window of the Yuki residence open. But he would sooner die than give up before he touched the book in his dreams.

Of course, as high up as he was, that wasn't an entirely discountable notion.

Miboshi was more relieved than he cared to admit when the lock of the window opened for him. The pink-haired boy gratefully climbed inside, finding he was in a large bedroom, with it's own sitting area. He had climbed in by the bed, where a handsome man with honey-colored hair slept. Miboshi tiptoed past the bed and towards the sitting area. On the couch slept Chiriko, his long, sandy hair unbound and spread out across his soft, pretty face. On the coffee table in front of the couch sat an old worn book.

The Book.

As Miboshi crept closer, the book began glowing a soft, blue light, growing brighter with every passing second, waking the sleeping occupants of the room. The light seemed to reflect in Miboshi's lavender eyes, and he walked towards the book slowly, entranced. Not even Chiriko's cry of surprise or Keisuke's shout of "Freeze!! Or I'll shoot!!" gave Miboshi pause.

After all, Seiryu was calling him.


"Keisuke, put the gun down."

Keisuke blinked at the commanding tone of Chiriko's normally cheerful voice. It echoed in his head oddly, and without thinking, Keisuke dropped the gun from his trembling hands. He had bought the gun for protection, but never had Keisuke imagined he would ever use it, much less on a boy. Keisuke wondered if he had dropped the gun out of his own free will, or because Chiriko told him to do so.

Miboshi slowly approached the glowing Book of the Universe of the Four Gods, as if he was underwater. The pink-haired boy only had eyes for the book, and was heedless of the drama taking place around him. Keisuke trembled, terrified of what was about to happen. But Chiriko wasn't himself, his green eyes were flinty in the blue light, and his seishi symbol glowed brighter on his foot than Keisuke had ever seen.

Something Important was Happening.

"It's inevitable, you know. Seiryu has summoned him. And even though Miboshi possessed my body, forcing me to kill myself to save my Priestess, I have no desire to take his life as he is now. His soul was corrupted in his past life, but in this life he has been freed of his evil. My knowledge must be tempered by Miboshi's wisdom. Miboshi, seventh sichiseishi of Seiryu, must touch the book," Chiriko said, his voice echoing around and inside Keisuke's head.

Keisuke was terrified, and stared at Chiriko in wonder, even though it was Miboshi who should have been the focus of his attention. Chiriko had been but a child in his past life when he died, most of his powers latent and locked, waiting for Chiriko to reach his seishi prime. But Chiriko was a child no longer, and his powers were being unleashed. In his voice, was a command few had the willpower to resist, and even now secret knowledge flowed into his mind. For all the seishi were warriors, and knowledge, as sharp a blade as it could be, was not Chiriko's only weapon.

Miboshi finally stood before the book, and Keisuke's attention returned to the pink-haired intruder. The Seiryu seishi's eyes saw nothing in this world. Keisuke covered his mouth in fear and fell to his knees as the pink-haired boy reached out.....

... and touched the Book of the Universe of the Four Gods.


Yui Kajiwara woke up screaming.

Tetsuya was startled to wakefulness by the blonde woman's shrieks and turned to his wife. "Yui! Yui! What's wrong, Yui!" he cried, shaking the hysterical woman.

"Miboshi! Miboshi's waking up! I can feel it!!" Yui screeched, her dark blue eyes clouded with fear.

Tetsuya paled, and all he could think of was his sons.....


Miboshi's small body flew back into one of Keisuke's chairs, arching and writhing. Blue currents of electricity coursed through and around his body, and his mouth was open, but no sound issued forth. The boy's eyes burned blue, and on his neck, his seishi symbol, "Basket", glowed a bright blue.

Chiriko's symbol flickered and then faded, the young man replacing the Suzaku warrior. There was more fear than determination on his face, but he never wavered. Chiriko never gave his decision a second thought, for he knew this was meant to happen. Chiriko fought his fear, as he had many a time before, as a scared child thrust into a battle meant for men. The sandy-haired youth waited patiently for Miboshi to finish waking.

And then Miboshi began to scream.


Amiboshi giggled at the familiar feel of his twin brother's hands seeking him in the middle of the night. Suboshi kissed his twin tenderly on the lips, climbing into his brother's bed and laying beside him.

"I love you so much, Amiboshi. I never ever want to be apart from you," Suboshi whispered, emotion filling his voice. Nightmares often plagued the twins, nightmares of being separated by their mother, Yui, and by Amiboshi himself. Only in the nightmares, Yui was not their mother, but the woman that Suboshi had fallen in love with, forsaking the bond he shared with Amiboshi, for Amiboshi had left Suboshi first, to find his own way. It left both Amiboshi and Suboshi with a feeling of betrayal, and a desire to never abandon his twin again. For Amiboshi and Suboshi would be incomplete without the other.

Normally, Amiboshi would happily return the sentiments, and returned the gentle kiss. But both twins' eyes burned blue, and they fell silent and still, as if in a trance. On Amiboshi, the symbol of High Spirits on his right shoulder glowed blue, and on his twin, Suboshi, the symbol of Horn on his left shoulder glowed blue.

They reacted to nothing in the outside world, not even when their father burst into the room, to discover his twins embracing each other....


"........ I........."


Ashitare enjoyed the late shows on television.

He hooted and hollered at every joke, and clapped his hands excitedly at the end of every performance. His parents had long since given up trying to keep Ashitare away from the television late at night, or at making him keep quiet. They had just got used to it, and learned to sleep through the noise.

But tonight, Ashitare had grown strangely silent.

For the wolfish-looking boy's eyes glowed blue, and on the lower right side of his back, the symbol of Tail glowed blue.


"...... will......"


Soi sat by her bedroom window, staring out at the stars, her face forlorn.

She loved Nakago with all her heart and soul. But now her heart had been broken twice. She didn't know why it was twice, but she felt it. Soi would die for Nakago if need be, but it was something he took for granted. Yet Soi knew that Nakago was not without emotion for her. He cared for her, it was obvious. But he did not love her.

And the fact that Nakago did not return her love, was the girl's greatest sorrow.

Soi held the razor carefully in the palm of her hand, studying it. To live without Nakago's love........ She couldn't bare it. But Soi was unsure about whether she truly wished to take her own life or not. She wanted to die, but yet, she hoped.... Not so much for Nakago, who was a lost cause, but for love. She hoped she was worthy enough to be loved. But she feared she wasn't.....

In the end, the decision was taken out of her hands. For the razor slipped to the floor, and Soi's blue eyes glowed brightly. On her upper left thigh, the seishi mark of Tassel glowed blue.

Soi would not kill herself this night.


"...... destroy....."


Tomo slept, though his dreams caused him to toss and turn.

His long, glossy black hair was spread out across his pillow, damp with his own sweat. Tomo's beautiful face was covered in sweat. His body writhed, as if he was in pain, and he mumbled incoherently. Tomo was in the depths of a nightmare, and in the nightmare he was a small boy, cast aside by his own parents, unworthy of his own name. He could see them, his parents, nothing like the ones he had now, but yet, he considered them mother and father. And they left him, sitting by a tree, completely alone. He could hear his mother sob, but his father pushed her along, and away from him. They were so young, his parents. Far too young to raise a child.

Tomo ran to them in his dream, but he was small, and he was weak. And he couldn't reach them. And he was alone. So alone. It was dark, and he was small, and alone. He was so scared he laughed. He laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. And then Tomo saw his own face, painted white, for all the villains in the Chinese opera painted their faces white. And he was a villain after all. Because villains are never left alone.

And if they are left alone, they never care.

The dream ended then, abruptly, and Tomo's sleep became fitful, and still. Behind his eyelids, his hazel eyes glowed blue, and on his right hip, the symbol of Root glowed.

The nightmare had only just begun, after all.


"...... you......"


Tasuki gasped as Nakago pinned him to the bed, thrusting deeply inside him.

This was the third time during the night Nakago had awaken, only to awaken Tasuki for sex again. Tasuki was already sore, and had a feeling he was going to be really sore tomorrow. But Nakago was a skilled lover, and was already making Tasuki forget his soreness, to revel of the feel of Nakago inside him. Soft moans escaped Nakago's lips as Tasuki thought to gently fondle Nakago's balls as he thrust inside the sexy redhead, and Tasuki panted, thrusting against Nakago's stomach.

Their bodies were lost to bliss, their minds clouded by pleasure. And then Tasuki felt Nakago still above him, but did not feel Nakago come. Tasuki looked up at his blonde lover, his own movements stilling at Nakago's sudden pause. Above him, Nakago's face had slackened, lacking the seductive smirk Nakago usually wore during sex. Nakago's eyes burned bright blue, and on his forehead, the symbol of Heart glowed blue.

As if Tasuki was going to forget losing his virginity, he would certainly not forget this night now.

The redhead trembled in fear.



Miboshi screamed wordlessly, his body writhing, and then stilling. He collapsed into the chair, his eyelids fluttering as the blue lightning faded away, and the room returned to normal. The sound of Keisuke's breathing filled the room, and once again, the older man thanked God that he had sound-proof walls.

And then Miboshi sat up.

The screams Miboshi had been ranting about filling Keisuke's mind, the honey-haired man grabbed the gun by his knees, and pointed it at the pink-haired seishi, who stood up slowly, trembling.

"Put down the gun, Keisuke," Chiriko said in his odd echoing voice. The question of Chiriko's full powers became a little closer to being answered as Keisuke found himself placing the gun back down, against his own will. Keisuke glared at Chiriko, wondering if the Suzaku was under Miboshi's sway again, for Miboshi had just screamed that he wanted to destroy them all.

As if his mind was being read, Chiriko answered Keisuke's question. "Miboshi was experiencing the last moments before he died, and his final thoughts. Do not begrudge him of these. He will not harm us. Look at him," Chiriko commanded.

Keisuke swallowed and his eyes fell on the pink-haired boy's face. Miboshi was crying. Tears poured down his pretty face. Keisuke was speechless.

Miboshi fell to his knees, sobbing. "Oh, dear Seiryu... What have I done...? What sort of man am I...? All those children....." he cried.

Chiriko looked at Miboshi sadly. "You have done nothing wrong in this life, Miboshi. Your past incarnation did all those things. As for what sort of man you are, only you can answer that question," the youth said sadly.

Miboshi looked up at the final child whose life he had robbed. "I am me. Me. Myself. I would never hurt anyone, much less a child. I... I am so sorry, Chiriko..." Miboshi whispered. The boy's grief and guilt were sincere, even Keisuke could see that.

"Then make it up to me by helping me solve the riddles of the book we come from. Help me save our world, Miboshi. I can't do it alone, as I thought. We have to do this together," Chiriko said, holding out his hand for Miboshi.

The pink-haired boy nodded, smiling slightly, although sadly. "Together," Miboshi agreed, and clasped Chiriko's hand.


Tasuki stirred to the sound of an alarm.

He groaned slightly, and put a pillow over his head, attempting to drown the noise out. Beside him, Nakago grunted and reached over to turn his alarm off. Nakago sat up and sighed. He looked over at his red-haired lover, who was hiding his head underneath the pillow, with his knees tucked under his chest, and his ass up in the air. Nakago smirked, and licked his lips, thinking that Tasuki had chosen a wonderful position. And then he sighed, realizing he had no time for sex this morning.

Nakago slapped Tasuki on the ass, causing the boy to jump up, and his pillow went flying. "Hey!! What's the big idea!?!" Tasuki demanded, rubbing his already sore ass, and giving Nakago a golden glare.

Nakago smirked. "Wake up. Time to go to school. Seiryu only knows you need to show up for school as often as you can," Nakago said sarcastically, standing up and stretching, wondering if he had enough time to at least shower with Tasuki.

"Who only knows??" Tasuki asked, staring at Nakago in confusion.


"Who's Seiryu?"

Nakago paused, and blinked. The statement had seemed so natural to him, but Nakago had not the slightest idea of who Seiryu was. "I... don't know...." he said softly.

Tasuki was silent for a moment, staring at Nakago in concern. "Your forehead glowed blue again last night," he finally said.

Nakago studied the redhead. "Did it? Is that why you wouldn't let me finish having sex with you?" he asked bluntly.

Tasuki shrugged. "Glowing blue characters on people's foreheads tend to ruin the mood, I expect," he said quietly.

"Hmph. Well, you should talk, because not two days ago, your arm started glowing red. But no matter now. We need to get ready for school," Nakago sighed. He headed off to his shower, thinking it best to shower alone after all. Tasuki was probably still not in the mood.

"Hey...." Tasuki said, almost shyly, looking at Nakago from beneath his red lashes.

Nakago paused and turned to Tasuki. "Yes?" he asked, a little haughty.

"Can I, um, take a shower with you......?" Tasuki asked tentatively.

Nakago smiled. "I thought you'd never ask," he purred.


Tasuki had always sat next to Chichiri on the bus ride to school. Always. Ever since they started going to school.

But today, as Tasuki and Nakago climbed into the bus, laughing together, Tasuki passed Chichiri's seat without even glancing at the blue-haired boy. Chichiri frowned, slightly hurt by this. His brown eyes followed the laughing redhead who was gesturing emphatically to the tall blonde who sat next to him. The genuine smile on Nakago's face, and the silvery sound of his laugh caused Chichiri to blink.

If he didn't know better, he'd say Nakago was enjoying Tasuki's company, and vice versa.

Whatever their discussion, it was lively, especially on Tasuki's part. His golden eyes were wide, and dancing over some joke. Instead of the customary scowl, or cruel smirk on Nakago's face, there was a soft smile. This gave something for Chichiri to mull over. He couldn't pinpoint why he was so distrustful of Nakago, but somewhere deep within him, Chichiri loathed Nakago. And the dreams... The dreams of Tasuki's death, and it somehow being Nakago's fault did nothing but add to Chichiri's uneasiness.

Soi got on the bus at the next stop, and when she got close to Nakago's seat, she realized her customary seat was now taken by a certain redhead. Chichiri watched as a dark shadow of pain and jealousy cross the girl's features, and Chichiri knew that inadvertently, Nakago and Tasuki had wounded Soi deeply. Though he had never really liked her, Chichiri felt for her. The blue-haired boy went to offer his seat to her, but she turned away, and instead sat with Ashitare, who was sitting alone, as for some mysterious reason, Chiriko and Miboshi were sitting together, and whispering amongst each other. Nuriko plopped down to Tomo, who usually sat alone, and stared forlornly at Hotohori, who was doing a wonderful job of ignoring the pretty purple-haired boy. The seating assignments were beginning to disturb Chichiri.

Mitsukake found his seat next to Chiriko taken by Miboshi, who smiled slyly at the large black-haired youth. Mitsukake, by nature rarely perturbed, moved on, and found Chichiri sitting alone, so sat next to the smaller young man.

"Is it just me, or are people beginning to form relationships that I never suspected?" Mitsukake asked calmly, raising a sculpted eyebrow. He was the picture of masculine handsomeness, and his square face was sculpted into hard lines that always reminded Chichiri of Superman.

"Oh, you mean Tasuki and Nakago laughing together, no da? Or Chiriko and Miboshi whispering amongst themselves like they have a secret, no da?" Chichiri asked lightly.

"I was actually referring to the way Tamahome was glaring at Tasuki and Nakago, but those are also excellent examples of what I was speaking of," Mitsukake said in his deep monotone.

Chichiri blinked at turned his attention to the raven-haired Tamahome, who was staring directly at Tasuki and Nakago, and giving both the most hateful glance Chichiri had ever seen on Tamahome's beautiful face.

"I'm the future doctor, you're the future psychologist. Any theories?" Mitsukake asked.

"Tamahome's not gay, if that's what you're asking. That's not why he's jealous, since that's obviously what he's suffering from, ya know. I swear, his eyes are glowing green, ya know," Chichiri remarked.

"Ah, well, I didn't think so, either. Then why does he look like that?"

"Oh, well..... Do you find it flattering when people take a liking to you?"

Mitsukake shrugged. "I suppose. I know that Tamahome thoroughly enjoys being the object of everyone's desire."

"Well, there you go, ya know. Tamahome may not be gay, and may never reciprocate any of Tasuki's feelings, but at the same time, he likes being adored, ya know. And Tasuki does adore him, ya know. Tasuki will go with him anywhere, do anything with him, ya know. Tasuki makes Tamahome feel wanted and special, ya know. And I bet if Tasuki was a woman, they'd have hooked up, ya know," Chichiri said with a small smile.

Mitsukake nodded in understanding. "It makes perfect sense. And now Nakago is Tamahome's rival for Tasuki's adoration. Tamahome probably doesn't even realize that's he's jealous. He's probably thinking that Nakago is trying to steal one of his best friends. Speaking of which, are you sure that's not the reason why you've been having bad dreams of Tasuki dying because of Nakago? Jealousy?" Mitsukake observed.

Chichiri frowned. "Well, I won't say that I'm not jealous, because it'd be a lie. Tasuki seems completely absorbed by Nakago for the moment, and is ignoring all his real friends. But I don't know... I can't be sure. I just get a bad feeling about this," Chichiri sighed, his "ya knows" and "no das" disappearing as he began to think seriously.

"I'm sure once he gets his sexual fill, Tasuki will notice us again," Mitsukake shrugged.

"You see, that's part of the problem, Mitsukake. Tasuki, despite what you may think, is not the type who could just have sex with someone without any sort of emotional attachment. Tasuki's a very emotional guy. I'm more afraid that he'll get way too attached to Nakago," Chichiri said, frowning deeply.

"I still don't see a problem. Even if he develops feelings for Nakago, their relationship will stabilize, and Tasuki will notice us again. Right now, it's obviously in the beginning stages," Mitsukake predicted.

"And there's the other problem. Relationship? With Nakago? C'mon, we're talking about Nakago. Soi is his steady girlfriend, at least I think she is. And Nakago is completely ignoring her for Tasuki. You see, Nakago is the type to not develop feelings for someone he sleeps with. For Nakago, Tasuki is a minor sexual diversion. Once Nakago has had his sexual fill, he'll leave Tasuki," Chichiri said.

"You're afraid Nakago will break Tasuki's heart. I understand how you feel."

"I don't think Tasuki could take another rejection. If his heart breaks once more time, he may never be able to piece it together..." Chichiri said, his voice trailing off oddly.

" 'Another' rejection...?" Mitsukake asked, glancing sharply at Chichiri.

Chichiri blinked. "I don't know how or why, but I just know Tasuki has had his heart broken several times before. Call it weird, or whatever you want, but I trust my instincts," Chichiri said firmly, looking Mitsukake in the eye.

"Deja vu. I know what you mean. I get it a lot. Especially lately," Mitsukake said in the same odd voice.

"I just hope my instincts about Nakago are wrong..." Chichiri muttered, nodding in agreement.

Both young men's eyes caught on Tasuki and Nakago.


Tamahome drummed his fingers, glaring hatefully at Nakago's back.

They were in the last period, history, and were working in their pairs about the project. Chiriko kept mumbling to himself, and seemed completely disinterested in the project, giving half answers to Tamahome. But Tasuki and Nakago were sitting together, apart from both of their friends. Nakago was scratching things down on a notepad, as absorbed in Tasuki's comments as much as Tasuki was by Nakago's.

The whole day, Tasuki had barely said hello to any of his friends. His eyes never seemed to leave Nakago for very long. He'd sat by Nakago in every period, and they had their own, intense, and private conversations, which never involved anyone else. Tasuki had smiled and waved at his friends as he passed them, but never stopped to talk. It wasn't that he seemed to ignore his friends, so much as forget about them. Tasuki had sat with Nakago at lunch even, apart from his friends.

Chiriko lapsed into studying some notes that had nothing to do with the project, mumbling to himself again about prophecies, vicious old sand witches, annoying little girls, and gods' powers. Tamahome continued to glare at Nakago.

Tasuki was his friend, not Nakago's. What was wrong with them? Why did they both seem to forget about him? How dare Tasuki ignore Tamahome for Nakago of all people!! Why were they so close all of a sudden? What was going on between them? And why the hell was Nakago being nice to Tasuki? And vice versa?

Tamahome growled underneath his breath. He felt grateful to Nakago for saving his sister, but he just couldn't reconcile himself to actually like the arrogant blonde. Nakago was too cold, too overbearing, and too mean for Tamahome to like. And stealing Tamahome's friends was really pissing Tamahome off. It was fortunate for Tasuki that Tamahome was not as observant as many of their friends, and hadn't noticed that Nakago and Tasuki's hands had disappeared into the other's lap at various intervals during the day, or when they stole kisses in one of the stalls in the boy's bathroom. And it was also fortunate that Tamahome never stopped to wonder why the pair had been late for fifth period.

The bell rang, and Tamahome was finally free. Tamahome was so irritated, he didn't even notice when Chiriko and Miboshi started walking together, talking amongst each other in whispers. However, Miboshi and Chiriko's sudden friendship was noticed by everyone else. Ashitare mewled softly to himself, wondering why his best friend was ignoring him for the one guy Ashitare thought Miboshi hated. Mitsukake frowned slightly, a little hurt, as he was closest to Chiriko.

Tamahome started after Nakago and Tasuki, who were walking together closely. Tamahome was so irritated, he didn't even notice how their hands brushed together as they walked. Tamahome heard their discussion, which seemed to be about Tasuki's sister.

"Hey, Tasuki!" Tamahome called loudly, forcing himself to smile as the redhead turned to him.

"Heya, Tama! How's it hanging?" Tasuki asked brightly. He acted as if he hadn't practically ignored all his friends the whole day, and in his own mind, he hadn't really noticed.

"Great, great...." Tamahome said, watching with satisfaction as Nakago backed away a few steps from the conversation, watching Tasuki with a guarded expression. Nakago's blue eyes glanced at Tamahome every now and then, and he studied the raven-haired youth like Mitsukake would a germ culture.

"So, what's up?' Tasuki blinked, turning his head back and forth as Nakago and Tamahome coolly glared at each other.

"Well, my dad just enrolled me in a martial arts tournament for this Friday. Wanna come watch me fight?" Tamahome asked, turning his attention back to Tasuki.

As always, Tasuki's face brightened when Tamahome asked him to go somewhere with him, blushing happily. He looked thrilled, and opened his mouth to speak, the excitement of being invited to go watch Tamahome, the boy of his dreams evident across his face. Tamahome grinned in victory, knowing Tasuki's answer before the boy even opened his mouth. After all, Tasuki would always be there for Tamahome, supporting and adoring the young martial artist, like he always had.

Nakago scowled once, and then his face reflected nothing but cool disinterest. Tamahome thought he almost saw icicles form across Nakago's brow. Tasuki's eyes caught on the look on Nakago's face, and the joy and excitement of Tamahome's invitation faded almost instantly.

"Oh.... Friday...." Tasuki said uncomfortably, as Tamahome blinked in surprise. Since when had Tasuki never not jumped at every chance to be close to Tamahome?

"Yeah, Friday. We could go catch some burgers afterwards... My mom'd let you sleep over if you like. She bought me a new videogame we could try out....." Tamahome offered quickly. Tasuki's eyes lit up, and Tamahome knew he had Tasuki on a hook.

And then Tasuki glanced at Nakago's cool expression, the light fading from his eyes again, and the redhead frowned. Nakago was glancing at his watch, the picture of frostiness. Tamahome frowned as well. What was going on?

"Me and Nakago had made plans....." Tasuki started, looking at Nakago, not Tamahome. Nakago acted like he couldn't care less, and shrugged.

Tamahome frowned. "This is a big tournament, Tasuki... I want you there to cheer me on! Nakago's just your study partner. I'm your friend. Break your plans," he said firmly, crossing his arms.

Tasuki glanced at Tamahome a little hotly, his eyes narrowed. The bossy tone Tamahome had just taken with him did not sit well with Tasuki at all. And then he glanced over at Nakago, who had invited him out on Friday, and now acted like he didn't care what Tasuki did.

Tasuki was torn. On one hand, Tamahome was urging Tasuki to go spend time with him, the boy Tasuki had yearned for since Tasuki was thirteen. On the other hand, Nakago, the boy who had taken Tasuki's virginity, was offering to go out with him. Tamahome was Tasuki's close friend, and Nakago was the class bully. Tasuki had known Tamahome since kindergarten, and had only just got to know Nakago over the past week. But Nakago expressed desire and interest in Tasuki, and Tamahome was unforgivably heterosexual. And despite Nakago's cold exterior, Tasuki had seen that Nakago was lonely, and Tamahome wasn't.

Tasuki took a deep breath, and wished Nakago could at least act like he wanted Tasuki to go with him, instead of coolly backing off. At even the slightest chance of Nakago getting hurt, the blonde just froze over.

"I... already promised Nakago I was going with him, Tamahome. I'm sorry. I really want to go, but I know you can dreg up the rest of the gang to cheer for you. And you should really be asking your new girlfriend to go with you, not me," Tasuki said, almost sadly. Nakago glanced at Tasuki in surprise, the ice melting slightly.

Tamahome gaped at Tasuki. Tasuki had never been able to say "no" to Tamahome. Their whole lives, whatever Tamahome wanted from Tasuki, Tasuki gave it to him. Tamahome narrowed his lavender eyes, a little hurt, and a lot angry.

"I see how it goes.... You just forget all about your friends for a new rich one. Well, fuck you too, Tasuki. Who needs ya anyways!?! You‘re just a stupid loser, and I was just asking you because you follow me around anyways!!" Tamahome spat angrily and stalked away. Tasuki opened his mouth, but no words came out. He watched Tamahome stalk away from him sadly.

Nakago had full expected to be abandoned for Tamahome, and blinked. He knew how much Tasuki liked Tamahome, yet the redhead had actually chosen Nakago over Tamahome. He actually felt relieved. Instead of growing bored with Tasuki, Nakago found that he was growing more intrigued by the redhead every day. And the fact that Tasuki could have run off with Tamahome actually bothered Nakago.

A tear sprang to Tasuki's eyes, and rolled down, and the redhead quickly brushed it away, angry at himself. Nakago put a hand on Tasuki's shoulder.

Tasuki turned to Nakago, looking near tears. Tamahome's angry outburst had really hurt his feelings. Nakago suddenly felt inept. How was he supposed to comfort someone? He had not the slightest clue. And then he realized he did want to comfort Tasuki. It bothered Nakago to see the redhead sad or hurt. It didn't seem right for someone as irascible as Tasuki to look so close to crying. Nakago was bewildered with himself.

"I... uh... am glad you.... wanted to come with me?" Nakago said slowly, racking his brain to say something to make Tasuki feel better.

"It wasn't because you're rich," Tasuki said, his voice wavering.

Nakago frowned. "I know that.... He was just angry," Nakago shrugged.

Tasuki wiped at his face again and nodded his head. "I know. It's just... Never mind. I better get home...." he sighed.

Nakago nodded. He stood by Tasuki silently, wanting to ask to go with Tasuki, but unable to pick the right phrasing. He knew if he just went about things like he always did, Tasuki would get angry and stalk off.

Tasuki was quiet for a moment, before a small, mischievous smile appeared on his face. "Wanna come..?" he asked slyly.

Nakago grinned. "Yes, to both meanings of that question."


"Teenage boys..." Taiitsukun sighed in irritation.

The haggard old woman blinked as her sitting room became flooded by her nyan-nyans, who bounced around in agitation. "They're coming, they're coming!!" they screeched excitedly.

The old woman blinked and looked back at her mirror. Tasuki and Nakago were just reaching Tasuki's house. "How can they be coming? They're not even naked yet," Taiitsukun grumbled.

And then Taiitsukun's doors were thrown open, and four heart-breakingly beautiful men stormed in. Even in their human forms, the Four Gods wore the majesty of beasts.

Suzaku caught what Taiitsukun was watching on her mirror and grinned wickedly. "I thought you weren't a yaoi fan," he said slyly, putting an arm around Seiryu, who wrapped an arm around the red-haired god's waist.

Taiitsukun narrowed her eyes and the mirror went blank. "I'm not, so shut up, feather brain. Now, to what do I owe the displeasure of seeing the four of you? And all at once?" she asked amicably.

Byakko fiddled with his headdress and yawned, flashing sharp tiger teeth, even in his human form. He took out a file and filed his nails sharper. "A heart-warming welcome from the goddess of personality and sunshine, of course," the Tiger God said sarcastically.

"I really don't see why you let her bother you, Byakko. She's all bark and no bite," Suzaku grinned, a moment before Taiitsukun flash-fried him.

"Don't forget who created you divine louts," she grumbled, as Suzaku cleaned himself up, still grinning at Taiitsukun.

Seiryu sighed. "Alright, Taiitsukun, we have come to ask after our seishi. The four of us rarely agree on any one thing, but Tenkou, and this latest problem are exceptions. We need our seishi," he said. The ever-serious, and brooding Genbu said nothing, and looked dourly at the creator of the Book of the Universe of the Four Gods.

"We all need your seishi. Everything is well in hand. Two of the seishi have awakened, and none are wiser or more knowledgeable of the twenty-eight seishi than Chiriko and Miboshi. But right now, your other seishi are slowly discovering the sacred power, bit by bit," Taiitsukun explained calmly, picking lint form her dress.

"And why must they do it in the other world? We need them here!" Suzaku cried.

"The other world is the best place for them to learn and grow, without your interference, little phoenix. Do not question me about this. I, above you all, know what needs to be done," Taiitsukun said a little hotly. Genbu grunted.

"Oh, eloquently said, Genbu," Byakko said in irritation. He was perhaps the most effeminate of the Four Gods, possessed of a delicate beauty and dressed in colorful baubles. Genbu seemed his exact opposite, as he was the darkest, most masculine of the Four, his beauty harsh. His clothes were simple, and his slim mustache drooped from his lips, twitching in response to Byakko's sarcasm.

"Oh, his mustache twitched. He must be furious," Suzaku said in a worried voice.

"Brothers! We agreed not to fight while we spoke to Taiitsukun! Byakko! Genbu! Stand down!" Seiryu commanded loudly. Byakko, whose tail was twitching in anger, growled slightly at Genbu and then turned away, his yellow eyes flashing hotly at Seiryu for interrupting him. As it was Seiryu and Suzaku turn to be lovers, it was Byakko and Genbu's to be enemies. Genbu had never moved, only his green eyes had focused in on Byakko. His mustache twitched once more, and then fell still. He still remained as silent as a tomb. Provided all the occupants of said tomb weren't undead, of course.

Taiitsukun was drumming her fingernails on her chair, and the nyan-nyans were giggling. "Are the lot of you done? I do have work to do," she said in a strained voice.

Seiryu turned to the creator of their universe once more. "We want to know what this sacred power is," he said bluntly.

"I cannot tell you," Taiitsukun shrugged.

"Can not, or will not?" Byakko asked with a growl.

"Does it matter?" the old woman asked rhetorically. Genbu's mustache twitched again.

"Very well," Seiryu went on," but what about our seishi? You have bonded many of them in odd ways, changing certain circumstances of their lives. For example, you gave Miboshi understanding parents, Ashitare loving parents, yet gave Nakago uncaring ones. Why? And Suboshi and Amiboshi as my Priestess' sons???"

"And I still don't understand how Tamahome is involved when I already have Taka, who is Tamahome. Or is it the other way around? And why is Nuriko a boy again?? Did you screw up again??" Suzaku asked in irritation.

"And Subaru and Tokaki are brother and sister, instead of husband and wife. And Byakko no Miko is still so young....." Byakko asked, his black-striped white tail fluffing in irritation.

Genbu grunted, his mustache twitching.

Taiitsukun sighed. "Alright. Seiryu, your seishi were the most difficult to place. I not only have to find bodies compatible to their souls, but bloodlines that coincide with their bodies, allowing them to use their powers. Nakago's birth mother loved him dearly. I can not control their lives after I reincarnate them, and much to my sorrow, and his, his mother died, and he was adopted. This was not my doing, and believe me, it does upset my plans. But thankfully, Tasuki has befriended him, which means everything. In their past incarnations, as you well know, your seishi's souls were corrupted by the terrible anguish they suffered in their lives. I tried to eliminate this with all of them. Nakago was my one failure, yet even with unloving parents, he managed to be salvageable. And perhaps Tasuki will finish what I started as he already has begun to do, most unwittingly. And it was necessary that Suboshi's feelings be resolved for Yui, and I did that rather simply by reincarnating him as her son. Now Suboshi and Amiboshi can complete the other...

"As for your seishi, Suzaku, Tamahome, as in Taka and Miaka's son I mean, is most necessary. Taka is a normal human being, and well past his seishi prime. Tamahome, Taka's son, holds the power of Suzaku in his body, waiting to be awakened. To go into further detail would take too much time, and only serve to confuse your feather-lined head more. Think of Tamahome the son as the reincarnation of Tamahome's body, while Taka as the reincarnation of the soul. And yet again, Nuriko was reborn into the wrong gender. This concerns me more than Taka's plight, as it is necessary that Nuriko be female, as she is meant to be, not male. I'm working on the solution.

"Byakko, most of your seishi have turned out fine. As for why I made Subaru Tokaki's sister, it was necessary to divert his affections. Tokaki is a lecherous fool, but Subaru was the only woman he loved. It is necessary that I reshape the love he held for Subaru into that of a brother for a sister. Trust me on this. As for your Miko, Byakko, I have that well in hand. She is young, but strong-spirited. All it means is that Tatara will have to wait a few years before he can have her.

"And as for you, Genbu, well, Hikitsu is no easy problem. He is as strict and austere as you, but I need him to learn to let go. I know you dislike the idea of Hikitsu being with Tokaki, but they have chosen their own path. I did not cause them to develop a relationship. And as for your own Miko, the Priestess of Genbu was well-placed, I think. She has grown stronger in this life. The Four of you should learn to trust me. I really do know what I'm doing," Taiitsukun finished.

Genbu snorted.

"When are they coming back, then?" Seiryu asked.

"When they are ready, my sweet little dragon. When they are ready...." Taiitsukun purred.


Chiriko sat frowning at the book in his lap.

He was home, in his own bedroom. Miboshi had stayed for a few hours, before returning to his own home. Even together, the various and subtle meanings of the lone paragraph baffled them. Instead, both had agreed on discovering what made the Universe of the Four Gods work before moving on. To learn something, one must always start at the beginning, Miboshi had said. Chiriko was glad for Miboshi's wisdom, for without the pink-haired boy's advice, Chiriko would be wracking his brains still over what the "sacred power" was.

The pair were working on exactly what the "hundred year cycle" was. Chiriko wondered if this was a fruitless research, and Miboshi was leading him astray. Part of him would forever mistrust the Seiryu seishi. Yet, Chiriko knew that Miboshi now was nothing like the Miboshi who had possessed his body in their past lives. When Chiriko tried to press for information, Miboshi claimed he couldn't remember his entire life, as if it was blocked. It made Chiriko suspicious, even though Miboshi had given him no true reason in this life to mistrust him.

Maybe if he understood why Miboshi had done what he had done..... If he could view Miboshi as human, and not the evil summoner he and his fellow seishi had battled against, then Chiriko wouldn't be so uneasy around him.

There were two Miboshi's, as Chiriko saw it. One was the clever, sly youth Chiriko had grown up with. That Miboshi, while lacking scruples, and his wisdom more bending towards manipulation, was basically a good person. A person with faults, but everyone had faults. The Miboshi Chiriko knew in this life cared deeply for Ashitare, his best friend, and would do anything to protect Ashitare from being hurt, emotionally or physically. That Miboshi would never intentionally hurt anyone.

And then there was the wicked demon summoner, who callously possessed and wasted the lives of children. Who hated children so much he attacked them with relish, reveling in their weaknesses. That Miboshi, Chiriko knew nothing of, and what little he knew frightened him.

Chiriko sighed, and tried to clear his mind for the studying. This was a different life, and Miboshi had been given a second chance. It was not Chiriko's right to begrudge the boy of it. He knew Miboshi was sorry for his past sins. Chiriko felt the sincerity in Miboshi's guilt.

But it did nothing to quell the nightmares.





Watch out, Tasuki!!!

Before Chichiri could grab Tasuki, the redhead leaped across the chasm, jumping over Nakago, running towards someone as fast as he could. Nakago wore the armor of a shogun, with dragon raiments, and a cruel smile twisted his lips. His eyes burned blue, and the symbol of Heart glowed brightly on his forehead. He raised his hand, and blue-white light exploded violently from it, bursting through Tasuki's body.

Chichiri screamed without sound.

Tasuki pitched forward, his sightless eyes staring at Chichiri. He was dead, but he was looking right at Chichiri, and Chichiri felt anguish at the loss of his friend, and fellow Celestial warrior. As Chichiri's heart burst in sorrow, Nakago seemed to change from the cruel shogun, to that of a sobbing, scared, wretched youth.

The younger, pathetic Nakago cradled Tasuki's corpse in his arms.

Chichiri sat up suddenly, tears pouring down his face. He wiped his face, glancing about his room, assuring himself he was in reality. He calmed himself down, wondering why the dreams of Tasuki's death replayed in his mind. Was it really some psychological manifestation at the jealousy of losing his best friend's attentions to Nakago? Or did it meant something?

But Chichiri knew one thing. Regardless of his dreams, Tasuki was stubborn. If Chichiri tried to pull Tasuki away, Tasuki would only pull farther away from Chichiri and closer to Nakago. Which meant that Chichiri could do nothing to save Tasuki, but to sit back, watch, and keep an eye out for the headstrong redhead.

And Chichiri feared that he was not up to the task, and Tasuki's life would be forfeit.


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