Only Time: Deja Vu

Chapter Nine

By J. Marie


Warning!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Nakago and Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi. It is rated NC-17. Someone mentioned something about table manners in Japan to me. I apologize if something doesn't quite jive with Japanese customs, as I don't know all of them. I try my best, but, well, I'm an American, sadly enough, and my American customs will replace Japanese ones if I don't know the Japanese ones. And as for Tasuki's table manners, he's rude with slurping, even by Japanese standards. There is polite slurping, and then there is Tasuki, in all his glory, slurping things as loudly as an elephant. And he chews with his mouth open. Even Japanese people would find him rude. Well, that's how I explain that. ^_^;; Sounded good, eh? Oh, and I'm introducing my take on Miboshi in here. Please don't email me to say that could never be. We know nothing of Miboshi, or his background, so I'm filling it in as I see fit. Deal with it.


Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time
And who can say
If your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time

Who can say
why your heart sighs
as your love flies
- only time
And who can say
why your heart cries
when your love lies
- only time

Who can say
when the roads meet
that love might be
in your heart
And who can say
when the day sleeps
If the night keeps
all your heart

Night keeps all your heart

And who can say
If your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time
Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time

Who knows - only time

Who knows - only time

-- "Only Time" by Enya


Keisuke almost didn't want to wake him.

Chiriko looked so sweet sleeping, with his head resting on his arms on the coffee table. Chiriko's sandy hair spilled across his face and shoulders, and he snored as lightly as a child. He looked younger than 16 at that moment, which made Keisuke feel bad about the untoward thoughts he often entertained of the youth.

"Chiri-chan. Time to wake up. Don't you have to be at school today?" Keisuke said, gently shaking Chiriko's shoulder.

Chiriko blinked his bright green eyes, yawning and stretching like a cat. "I do. But I've been up all night reading the book, so I think I'm going to skip. It's not like I'm going to fail," Chiriko smiled.

"So your dad was okay with you sleeping over here?" Keisuke asked a little nervously. The last thing he needed was Chiriko's surprisingly large father thinking Keisuke was molesting his son.

"Oh, I doubt he would have said yes if I said I was sleeping over here. So I just told him I was sleeping over at Tamahome's house, because Miaka said she'd cover for me. He's kinda peevish about you," Chiriko shrugged.

Keisuke fidgeted. Chiriko was a petite boy, built like his small mother. But his father was a giant. Chiriko was two when his parents moved to Japan for business reasons, and his father was of hardy British stock. Keisuke was envisioning his demise at the hands of Chiriko's meaty father.

"Wh-why is th-that?" Keisuke stuttered. How could Chiriko's father possibly know that Keisuke was attracted to his son?

"Because you're smarter than he is. He hates that," Chiriko shrugged, and stood up.

Keisuke visibly relaxed. "Oh, is that all," he said in relief.

"Well, I'm going to go sneak home and take a shower. My parents are at work, so they'll never notice. Then I'll come back here and study the book some more, okay?" Chiriko asked brightly.

"Alright. See you later," Keisuke waved as the boy left. Keisuke felt lonely almost immediately.

He went to take his shower, never noticing the dull blue glow the book gave off.


Tasuki sighed happily and squeezed his pillow tighter, nuzzling his head against the cloth.


That was skin.

Tasuki opened his eyes, realizing he was snuggling against Nakago. He looked up at the handsome blonde's face, and realized Nakago was staring down at him. Tasuki grinned sheepishly, unwrapping his arms from around Nakago, and sat up. Nakago's arms slipped away from around Tasuki, making the redhead feel suddenly cold without their warm presence.

"Good morning," Nakago rumbled.

"Morning....." Tasuki said in odd voice, and then turned his face. Sleeping next to Nakago had felt so nice.....

"I suppose we should get ready for school. I'll have to stop home to get my uniform," Nakago said calmly, not moving from his spot.

"Yeah..... I suppose we should," Tasuki agreed glumly. He turned away from Nakago and went to slip out of his bed.

Nakago grabbed him suddenly and pulled Tasuki against his naked chest, causing the redhead to cry out in surprise. Nakago's lips rested against Tasuki's ear, kissing the tip of it gently. "Or we could skip class and hang out at my house all day long," Nakago whispered seductively.

Tasuki squirmed slightly. "And do what? And wouldn't your parents be upset?" he asked suspiciously.

"My parents are gone for a week, and even if they weren't, they wouldn't care. And we could do whatever we wanted. I have a pool," Nakago suggested.

"I hate swimming," Tasuki sighed, not wanting to admit he couldn't swim at all. Large bodies of water frightened him.

"I have a tennis court, a racquet ball court, my own gym, a 3 foot by 4 foot TV screen, a huge anime collection, a great stereo system, a huge CD collection, a high-speed computer, my own servant, a stocked kitchen, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and a large bed," Nakago chuckled.

"I like how you waited until the end to bring up your bed," Tasuki said sarcastically.

"It's an option, but you don't have to take it. But I obviously have a lot of other things to tempt you with, that I can guarantee are more interesting than school."

Tasuki sighed. Nakago had been almost understanding last night. And going to school was not exactly something he wanted to do. "Alright... But that doesn't mean I'm going over there to have sex," Tasuki said without confidence.

"Excellent," Nakago purred, "now let's sneak out of here before your sister notices."

"You know, my sis would probably let us skip over here. She's cool like that," Tasuki offered, slightly nervous about going to Nakago's house. He didn't have Nakago's ability to make himself at ease anywhere he went.

"Yes, but she's nosy. I don't feel like having some female peeking in on us. There's complete privacy at my house," Nakago said as he quickly dressed.

"Fine, fine," Tasuki sighed, putting on his school uniform, just to keep his sister from asking questions.

The pair headed out the room, past the kitchen and to the door, where Tasuki grabbed his coat. Tasuki felt a tap on his shoulder and spun around quickly.

Junko stood behind them, an impish grin on her face. "Don't forget your backpack again, Tasuki. You need it to make your escape more believable," she said smugly, as Tasuki numbly took his bag from his sister's hand.

Junko turned to Nakago, who was sweatdropping, and handed him a a few condoms. "Just in case he changes his mind," she grinned, and sauntered away.

Tasuki was turning beet red, while Nakago turned blue. "See what I mean?" Nakago said quietly.

"I need to check my room. I think she's got it bugged," Tasuki grumbled.

"No, I just have really good hearing!" Junko called from the kitchen as she disappeared into it.

"She acts like I have diseases that I'm going to pass onto you," Nakago grumbled, placing the condoms on Junko's coffee table, and storming out. Tasuki followed on his heel.

"Um, you don't have any, right?" Tasuki asked, casting a nervous glance back at the coffee table before he closed the door.

Nakago favored him with a dirty look. "I'm a top, Tasuki. And I've only been with four men, all of which I assure you are clean," he sighed.

Tasuki looked interested now. "Really? Who? Tell me!"

Nakago shook his head. "The first was Tomo. I was his first, so I know he was clean. Then there was an upperclassmen whose name escapes me, but he was clean, because I think he was a virgin too. And Suboshi and Amiboshi, who almost count as one person, and who'd only been with each other. Feel better now?" he sighed.

"They're really... doing each other???" Tasuki asked incredulously.

Nakago snickered as they got in the car. "Since puberty, I imagine. My first threesome actually. Any other details of my sex life you can't live without?" he asked sardonically.

Tasuki sniffed. "Just curious. But yes, actually. What women have you been with?" he demanded.

"Soi, of course. She's the only one I remember. Women are so much harder to remember than men. There's been so many....." Nakago shrugged, starting the car and beginning the short drive to his house.

"You're kidding," Tasuki dripped, almost jealous.

"No. I'm perfectly serious. Women are far too easy for me to get in bed. They're not even a challenge anymore, which is perhaps why they bore me. But I can attest to them all being clean, because I'm very picky about who I fuck. And I wear protection with them."

"But not the men?"

"I don't normally worry about getting men pregnant. Should I start? I detest wearing condoms, but with women it's a necessity. The only one I don't wear one with is Soi, because I know she's taking birth control pills, and because I'm the only man she's been with."

"Doesn't she get jealous?"

Nakago suddenly went quiet, staring out his windshield. "Yes. But she's not my girlfriend. She's not my lover. I guess she's my friend. A friend I have sex with. I know she wants more, but I don't......." he trailed off.

"You don't do commit?" Tasuki asked tactlessly.

Nakago gave Tasuki an imperceptible look, and drove into his garage. Tasuki marveled at the size of Nakago's house. It was the biggest on the block, truly a mansion.

"Can we not talk about Soi?" Nakago finally said.

"I'm even less likely to sleep with you, if it means you're gonna cheat on her with me. And I'm not gonna be rebound anything, and I'm not gonna be the reason you break up with her," Tasuki retorted angrily.

Nakago was quiet for a moment. "I don't love her. But I care about her. But she loves me. And I actually feel bad about not being able to give her what she wants, because she deserves it. Out of everyone, Soi deserves to be loved. Is that what you want to know?" Nakago said hotly, and Tasuki realized he'd just seen a human side to Nakago. A piece of Nakago's heart, which apparently was not made of ice.

Tasuki stared down at his hands. "I'm sorry. It must be rough for both of you. Why don't you try to make it work?" he asked softly.

"You can't make yourself love someone," Nakago snorted. "I'm not the type that falls in love with anyone."

Tasuki frowned. Suddenly, he felt a sort of sympathetic connection to Soi. She was like himself in many ways. She loved someone who would never love her back. She had been rejected, just like he was. Their whole lives, whenever Nakago's gang had paired off against Tamahome's gang, it had been Tasuki who would fight and squabble with Soi. Despite his loathing of women, Tasuki suddenly felt bad for all the mean things he'd said to Soi over the years.

"You're on her side, aren't you?" Nakago said with thin, bitter smile.

"I just understand how she must feel," Tasuki said quietly.

Nakago swallowed. "I'd understand if you wanted to leave," he said, sitting in his car, staring forward. Nakago suddenly looked so vulnerable, waiting for Tasuki to leave him.

Tasuki stared at him. "You say I act like I want you, then I don't. Well, you act like a cold asshole, and then you act like a human being I can understand. I like the human side, because the asshole you makes me want to bash your face in. I don't know what to make of you, Nakago," he said honestly, brutal as ever.

Nakago smiled. "Well, it seems you have the rest of the day to learn about my human side, if you so desire," he offered.

Tasuki smiled. "I'd like that, Nakago."


Miboshi woke up with a start.

He'd had a very odd dream.

The young man slid out from his bed, rubbing his eyes, trying to shake the dream away, but it refused to leave the forefront of his thoughts. He stumbled into his bathroom, washing his face, but the dream was still there, waiting for him to interpret it.

He'd dreamed of a dragon. A dragon who wanted him to find a book. But once he found the book, Miboshi would be overcome with a terrible burden. And he dreamed of Chiriko, holding the book. But Chiriko was a child, and he was dying, and it was all Miboshi's fault.

Very disturbing dream.

Miboshi stared into his mirror reflection, frowning. Sometimes he almost felt like it was hard to remember what he really looked like, but there was his face, staring at him. Miboshi felt grateful to be himself, as odd as it sounded. He liked seeing his own face, and not someone else's.

Miboshi could easily pass for a girl. He was quite pretty, with soft, effeminate features. He was tiny and slender, barely 5'3". His curly, shoulder-length hair was a bright pink, which annoyed him. But he never dyed it, because it was his hair, and Miboshi was afraid he'd lose himself if he altered anything about his appearance. His hair also had a habit of falling in one of his eyes, despite any attempt he made to prevent it from doing so. His voice was soft, almost sibilant, like a snake's. Everyone assumed Miboshi was gay, judging him only appearances. It was one of his greatest frustrations. Miboshi was very much heterosexual, and found the thought of homosexuality stomach-churning.

And yet, despite the frustrations of looking as pretty and effeminate as he did, at least Miboshi looked like himself. He was himself. And even if everyone thought he was gay, at least he knew who he was. And in the end, that was what really mattered to Miboshi. Knowing himself.

The pink-haired boy soon got ready for work, and sat down to a quiet breakfast with his parents. He loved his parents for their calmness, and their understanding. They gave him so much freedom to grow as a person, yet all the support he needed to stay himself. He bowed to them before he left, calmly heading to the bus stop, ignoring the jeers of some of his classmates. Ashitare was waiting for him, and hulked over to Miboshi's side, preventing further ridicule.

Ashitare was a large, rather hairy brute of a young man. His face seemed almost a setback in evolution. But Miboshi knew that Ashitare had one of the kindest hearts a person could ever had. Ashitare would do almost anything a friend asked him to, no matter the cost to himself. And his size kept almost every insult behind his back, and gave Miboshi much-needed protection from ridicule. It was one of the reasons they were best friends. Miboshi would lend his clever sort of wisdom to Ashitare, who was not the brightest of souls, and Ashitare would lend his brute strength and kind heart to the frail-looking Miboshi.

They rode the bus to school, whispering amongst themselves about which girl in their class was prettier. Soi usually came out on top, but she was strictly off-limits. Neither of them had any intention of messing with Nakago's girl, even if he didn't seem to care as much about her as she did him. Miboshi had his eye on a pretty girl in another class, who had just started dating Tamahome. Her name was Keiko, and she had the loveliest long black hair Miboshi had ever seen. But of course, Keiko didn't even know Miboshi existed, instead opting for the boisterous, and far more masculine Tamahome.

Miboshi and Ashitare headed to homeroom, sitting at their desks. The rest of the class filed in, and Miboshi took in with surprise the absences of Nakago and Chiriko. Nakago almost always came to school, and almost never got sick. And Chiriko was one of the few souls who actually enjoyed school. Tasuki was also absent, which brought up a few questions. Miboshi had known Nakago had taken some sort of interest in Tasuki of late, and those two's absences could easily be explained. Miboshi made a face at the various reasons he came up with why. He respected Nakago, and even respected Tomo, but their sexual hang-ups always made Miboshi ill.

But the big question on Miboshi's mind, was why Chiriko was absent.

The dream kept nagging at him.

A book, Miboshi thought as attendance was called, I have to find a book. But Chiriko has the book. And Chiriko isn't here. So I need to find Chiriko, to find this book. Why do I need to find this book?

It was important. The dragon had said it was important. And Miboshi trusted the dragon.

Before the teacher called Miboshi's name, Miboshi slipped out of the classroom, noticed by no one except Ashitare.


"How long was the book glowing blue?"

"I'm not sure, Chiriko. I only noticed it a moment before it stopped, right after I got out of the shower," Keisuke sighed.

Tetsuya had arrived before Chiriko, along with Miaka. Yui and Taka had gone to work for the day. Tetsuya cleaned his sunglasses, revealing his handsome face, though only for a moment. Miaka sat primly at the edge of Keisuke's couch, her hands folded in her lap.

Chiriko held the book, and frowned slightly. He was reading one of the pages. One of the blank pages.

"Alright, kid, it's time to spill your guts. Why are you reading a blank page?" Tetsuya demanded.

"Huh? It's not blank. Can't you read it?" Chiriko asked, holding up the second page, which appeared blank to everyone except Miaka. Miaka took the book from Chiriko's hands, and studied the lone sentence.

"How odd. Looks like we're the only ones who can read it, Chiriko," Miaka said thoughtfully.

"It changes, too. Yesterday, it said 'Ice must be tempered by Fire.' Today it says 'Knowledge must be tempered by Wisdom.' It's almost like reading a fortune cookie," Chiriko sighed.

"But what does it mean?" Tetsuya sighed. "I'm not a philosopher."

"Neither am I. I'm a scholar, and a man of facts," Chiriko sighed.

Tetsuya held his tongue on what he thought of Chiriko's "manhood". Truth be told, in Chiriko's past life, at the age of 13, Chiriko was more of a man than most men Tetsuya knew.

"Wait. Don't all the seishi have some sort of attribute assigned to them? Aren't you 'Knowledge'?" Keisuke asked.

"Yes, I'd already thought of that. And Wisdom is Miboshi. And I'm not sure what to make of the statement. And I want nothing to do with Miboshi. I disliked him before, but you'll forgive me if I have half a mind to throttle the bastard," Chiriko said, a little hotly.

"And we agreed not to awaken the Seiryu seishi, and I don't even want the rest of the Suzaku seishi awakened. Leave them their innocence," Miaka sighed, and handed the book back to Chiriko.

"Well, what little I've been able to come up with is this: The new paragraph refers to the most powerful seishi, who are also the favored of their God. There's four of them, obviously. It's not even hard to guess that one of them is Nakago. At first, I thought Keisuke was off his rocker about Tasuki, but upon reflection, I don't think he is at all. Now, I wasn't there, but I do remember Chichiri telling me the story of what happened when you went to go rescue Tamahome from Kutou, Miaka. Nakago used one of his life-force blasts on Tasuki. After Tasuki received a beating from Tamahome, because from what I heard, he didn't use his fan on Tamahome at your request. Tasuki survived, without any immediate healing. Everyone else who got Nakago's ki blasts died. Even Tamahome died, until he came back for you, Miaka.

"And another thing in Tasuki's favor is his fire blasts from his tessen. They were tied to his ki. If his ki was never fully explored, then it's no wonder they weren't able to do as much as they could have. But do you remember when Tasuki was under Hikou's spell? He not only freed his own mind after Taka confronted him, and you, Miaka, explained how much you loved Taka, but released the full blast of his ki from his tessen, and damn near destroyed that whole building! And he was concentrating it on himself! And he survived that as well! And we all forget how fast he really is. Very convincing, really....."

Miaka was blushing at the memory what Tasuki had nearly done to her when he was under Hikou's spell. "You have a point....." Miaka sighed.

"Now the question is who are the most powerful of the other seishi? I have reasons to believe Tokaki is the most powerful of the Byakko seishi, from what I read on the notes about his abilities, but I have far too little information on the seishi to say. It's the same for the Genbu seishi, but my money would be on Hikitsu. Now as for what the sacred power is, I have not the faintest idea. Sacred is another word for 'holy', so it might be referring to the gods' divine powers themselves, but I don't know. As I said, I'm a facts man, and I don't have enough to even really theorize," Chiriko sighed.

"Well, it's a little more than we had before, and a little more solid. I know you'll need more time, and have more questions," Keisuke said after a moment.

"That would be appreciated," Chiriko sighed, sitting down before the book again. It glowed blue for a few minutes, and then faded, leaving Chiriko to his studies. Miaka sat beside him, silently offering her support. Keisuke and Tetsuya went back to their notes.

And as Chiriko went back to focusing on the book's past to unlock the book's future, he wondered idly who Seiryu was trying to reach.


"This isn't such a bad set-up," Tasuki mused as he set down his tennis racket on Nakago's bedroom floor.

Nakago made a noise that sounded like a cross between a snarl and a snort. He was still irritated that Tasuki had actually beat him at tennis. The little redheaded devil was a lot faster than anyone Nakago had squared off against. And Tasuki had been insufferably smug about it.

"So, where are your parents, anyways?" Tasuki asked as Nakago began to strip off his sweat bands.

Nakago's jaw worked slightly. "I have no idea. Probably on another vacation to America," he said glumly.

Tasuki blinked. "Vacation? Why don't you go along with them?" he asked.

Nakago snorted and headed over to the sitting room beside his bedroom, collapsing on the couch, and turning on his television. He had worked up a good sweat with Tasuki most of the day, between tennis, running, racquetball, and basketball. Nakago would have preferred to work up a different kind of sweat with the redhead, but he had to admit he was having fun. It was especially amusing to watch Tasuki throw a temper tantrum when he lost the basketball game.

"Well? Aren't you going to answer me?" Tasuki pressed, sitting down on the couch as well.

Nakago sighed and shrugged. "I wasn't invited. I never am," he said, flipping channels with his remote control.

Tasuki was silent for a moment, digesting this information. Little by little, he was piecing together why Nakago was the way he was. "Don't they ever get worried about leaving you alone?" Tasuki asked quietly, never one to leave things alone.

This line of questioning seemed to make Nakago work his jaw. "I have Jiles, so I'm not completely alone," was his answer.

"Why didn't your father come to the hospital the other day?" Tasuki kept on.

"Because he was busy."

"Too busy to visit his own injured son? To check up on him? What about your mother?"

Nakago turned to look at Tasuki. His blue eyes were filled with pain. "You really want to know about my parents, Tasuki? Well, here you go: For my father, as long as I'm not dying, he's too busy. If I do well, get good grades, do the family proud, then he leaves me alone. If I do poorly, he grounds me and revokes my privileges, and yet still manages to leave me alone. And as far as my mother is concerned, I have no uses outside of a show prize at her socialite parties. If I'm not part of her wardrobe, I'm not part of her life. Would you like any more details?" Nakago hissed angrily.

Tasuki said nothing.

"When you get up every morning, Tasuki, you should thank God that you have your sister. Junko loves you. She cares about what happens to you. She supports you, and she teaches you things. She's there for you. And don't you ever take her for granted," Nakago spat. A tear threatened to spill from his eye, but he wouldn't let it. Nakago cried for no one, not even himself.

But Tasuki cried for him. Tears poured down his face as he realized what Nakago's life was really like. Outside of the privileges of being adopted a wealthy family, Nakago had nothing. When he was a little boy, there was no Junko he could run crying to when he skinned his knee, and whose bed he could sleep in when he had a nightmare. As a teenager, there was no Junko to convince him he was a worthwhile human being when he got depressed, or to teach him that what he did or said would hurt people.

Nakago reached over and wiped the tears from Tasuki's face. His face was set in ice again. "Don't. It's not worth it. It could have been worse. It could have been a lot worse. Stop crying for me. I don't want your pity," he said, almost angrily, and turned his face away, pretending to study the television screen.

Tasuki bit his bottom lip. He could see who Nakago really was now. Nakago was not a smug, arrogant rich boy. Nakago was an unloved, neglected rich boy. He was as human as anyone else, and when he hurt, he found ways not to get hurt the same way, by pretending it didn't hurt, until he actually believed it. Nakago covered his heart in ice, so it wouldn't bleed anymore. Nakago used people before they could use them. Nakago thought only of himself, because no one else did. Nakago loved no one, because he couldn't even love himself. And it broke Tasuki's heart.

Tasuki impulsively leaned over and kissed Nakago softly on the lips. They had never kissed before, and Nakago didn't seem the kissing type. Tasuki closed his eyes, feeling the softness of Nakago's pink lips, so warm, despite the chill of the blonde's expression. Both their lips seemed to move of their own accord, slowly moving against the other's. Tasuki felt Nakago's tongue slip into his mouth, surprising him slightly. Tasuki slid his tongue against Nakago's letting the soft flesh entwine in his mouth. Tasuki had never kissed anyone before, and it felt electric. He felt warm and tingly, especially when Nakago wrapped his arms around Tasuki, pulling the smaller redhead against him. Tasuki tried to pour all of his sympathy and passion into the kiss, trying to give Nakago what the blonde didn't possess.

The kiss broke off eventually, as all kisses do. Tasuki slowly opened his honey-colored eyes and found himself staring into Nakago's deep azure orbs. The ice seemed to be melting, if nothing else.

Nakago felt odd. He'd never felt anything like that before. He felt alive, and warm. He felt like tiny currents of electric sensation traveled down his spine. He'd never thought a simple kiss could ever feel like that.

"What was that?" Nakago asked, his voice husky.

Tasuki smiled at him, baring his fangs. "It was a kiss, baka," he said simply.

"Do it again," Nakago commanded.

It was a command Tasuki had no qualms about following. Their lips met again, hungrier this time, almost intent on devouring the others. Tasuki thought Nakago would steal his breath. Tasuki felt shivery in his entire body, the warm, tingly sensation intensifying. Nakago drew Tasuki down beside him as he lay down on the couch, refusing to break off their kiss. Their forms stretched out, pressed against the other's. As they stretched out, the remote control was dropped to the floor, and the screen filled with static at the random pressing of buttons.

Neither boy noticed, and if they had, they wouldn't have cared.


They had been kissing for hours.

Well, upon reflection, it couldn't have been hours, but to Tasuki, it felt like it. Regardless of time passage, it had been a very long time. Tasuki was curled up beside Nakago, the blonde boy breathing deeply, half asleep. Tasuki reached up and curled a lock of Nakago's golden hair around his finger. Nakago really was beautiful beyond comparison.

Nakago opened his eyes, glancing down at Tasuki. Tasuki felt Nakago's hand run through his red hair. Tasuki looked up at the blonde, having made his decision.

"Nakago...?" Tasuki asked shyly, his fangs barely peeking out.

"Hmmm...?" Nakago mumbled, still drowsy.

"Do you still... want to.... you know...?" Tasuki asked, trying not to sound nervous and failing.

Nakago blinked and narrowed his blue eyes. "I don't want pity sex, Tasuki. That wasn't why I told you-" he began, until Tasuki put a finger to his lips.

"It's not pity sex, Nakago. I wanted it to mean something, and now it does, at least to me. It may sound stupid, but I think I understand you now, and that's all I really wanted. To know you were human, too," Tasuki said quietly, looking into Nakago's eyes.

Nakago smiled slightly, and kissed the finger that was pressed against his lips. "I'm not used to asking this, but for you, I will. Are you sure?" the blonde asked gently.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Just go easy on me, okay?" Tasuki grinned, although a little nervously.

"I'll do my best," Nakago smiled and then suddenly lifted Tasuki in his arms, standing up as he did so. Tasuki squealed slightly.

"Hey! I'm not some damn broad! You don't gotta carry me like one!" Tasuki protested.

"Fine. I'll carry you differently then," Nakago said smugly, and then flipped Tasuki over his shoulder, heading back for his bedroom.

Tasuki sighed loudly. "That wasn't what I meant! Put me down!" he protested, but not too loudly.

Tasuki was soon dumped on Nakago's bed, and Nakago was over him, smirking down at him. Tasuki wondered for a moment if Nakago had somehow planned this all out, until he noticed it was a playful smirk on Nakago's face. Tasuki grinned back. Nakago bent down and kissed Tasuki before pulling back and peeling his shirt off, revealing his muscular chest to Tasuki. Tasuki unconsciously licked his lips.

Tasuki moved to take off his own shirt, but Nakago was one step ahead of him, and was already sliding his hands underneath Tasuki's shirt, stroking the skin. Tasuki gasped when Nakago brushed his nipples, then forsook Tasuki's chest to rip Tasuki's shirt off.

"I have to know. Why is your skin so soft? And your hair?" Nakago murmured, bending down to kiss Tasuki's collarbone.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Tasuki asked, squirming slightly under the feel of lips on his collarbone.

"You don't seem like the type to spend time taking care of your skin or hair. You're not vain, like Tomo. So I want to know what you do to make it so soft," Nakago whispered, his fingers hooking around the waistband of the shorts he'd loaned Tasuki.

"I don't do anything," Tasuki giggled, as Nakago nipped at his collarbone.

"What soap and shampoo do you use then?" Nakago continued, and slid Tasuki's shorts and underwear off, chuckling wickedly at the naked redhead.

Tasuki blushed. "Whatever my sister buys me, or whatever smells nice if I'm the one shopping," he said softly, a little uncomfortable to be under Nakago's study. Nakago was so beautiful it was hard to imagine that Tasuki measured up.

"So basically, you're telling me that your skin and hair is naturally soft?" Nakago smirked, sliding his own shorts and underwear off. Tasuki found himself staring at the beautiful blonde, feeling instantly inadequate. Sure, Tasuki had seen Nakago naked in the locker room, but he'd never been this close in the light to Nakago. Nakago was disgustingly perfect, not a blemish on him. Every muscle was perfectly sculpted, every feature perfectly chiseled. He was like a living statue.

Tasuki shrugged. "I guess. I don't pay much attention to that. Why does it matter?" he asked.

Nakago was sliding Tasuki up along the bed, so his head could rest on the pillows. Tasuki lay back, staring up at Nakago, who was staring down at him. "I don't know. I just wondered. I like how soft your skin and hair is. And I like those fangs, which can never seem to stay in that mouth of yours," Nakago purred, bending down to kiss Tasuki's lips.

Tasuki was surprised. Nakago liked the way he looked? Nakago found him desirable? "You do...?" Tasuki asked in surprise.

"Hmmm. And I like your lips. Very kissable. And your eyes, which seem so small most of the time, but sometimes, like now, they almost seem to grow in size. Very interesting. Need any more ego boosting?" Nakago chuckled, kissing Tasuki's throat.

Tasuki blushed. "I just... I don't know. You're so beautiful......"

"Thank you," Nakago purred, moving his hands up to caress Tasuki's chest again. The redhead had strong muscle tone, though it didn't show as much as it did on Nakago. "And you shouldn't underestimate your own beauty."

Tasuki smiled nervously, gently stroking Nakago's silky hair. He was suddenly in over his head. He sighed. Talking seemed to help. He wondered why he, unlike most teenage boys, was so nervous about sex.

"I dunno. I just figured someone like you would go for some great beauty like Hotohori," Tasuki sighed.

Nakago paused, noting how Tasuki was tensing up. "One would have a hard time trying to compete with Hotohori himself for Hotohori's affections. He's so in love with himself, that he sees people as only how they relate to him. Not even I'm that stuck on myself," Nakago said gently, waiting for Tasuki to relax.

"I know. I feel bad for Nuriko...." Tasuki sighed. He was overwhelmed now. He felt inadequate, and unsure of what to do. He wanted to please Nakago, and was frightened of upsetting the blonde.

"Do you want to stop?" Nakago asked gently. He wondered why Tasuki was so tense.

Tasuki closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I... I don't know what to do..." he confessed, feeling foolish.

"That's alright, Tasuki. I do. Just relax and listen to me, okay?" Nakago whispered, meeting Tasuki's lips with his own again, drawing the redhead into it. Tasuki seemed subdued again, as he always did when things were serious. His passion had not dwindled, only his level of obnoxiousness. Nakago appreciated the fact that the redhead was not acting silly, or obnoxious at the moment. He wasn't in the mood for it, and he sensed that Tasuki wasn't either.

Tasuki was perfectly content kissing Nakago. Nakago tasted good, and he felt good. It made Tasuki's body shiver in delight. But apparently Nakago wasn't content to just kiss this time, and Tasuki felt Nakago's hands slide across his body, gently massaging his chest and hips, causing Tasuki to shudder.

Nakago smiled into their kiss. Tasuki was very easily aroused. Nakago moved his hands up, and found Tasuki's nipples, and rolled the brown flesh in his fingers gently, hardening them under his touch. Tasuki gasped, his hands gripping Nakago's shoulders in surprise. Nakago chuckled and moved his lips to Tasuki's ear.

"I want you to touch me, Tasuki," Nakago whispered, nibbling gently on Tasuki's ear.

Tasuki blushed deeply. He still felt so nervous, the kind of nervousness that comes from lack of experience. He had no idea where to put his hands. Well, he had an idea, but Tasuki felt foolish doing it. He tried sliding his hands down Nakago's muscular back, massaging the strong muscles there gently. Tasuki really wanted to feel Nakago's ass, but was scared Nakago would be upset with him if he did.

Nakago sighed, snaking a tongue out to lick Tasuki's ear. Tasuki was tense again. Nakago knew where Tasuki's hesitation came from, and had even been prepared for it. Nakago liked breaking in virgins.

"You can touch me wherever you like," Nakago offered with a purr, moving down slightly to kiss Tasuki's pale throat. Nakago suddenly wondered what Tasuki would look like with a tan. Tasuki had an almost orange-tint to his skin, that could give him a beautiful coppery tan, if done right. And Nakago wanted to trace tan lines with his tongue.

A thought for later.

Tasuki licked his lips, deciding to be bold, and slid his hands down to grip Nakago's toned, muscular ass. Tasuki smiled slightly. Nakago felt smooth and hard under his hands. Nakago purred, almost like a cat, at finally receiving some attention, and rewarded Tasuki by licking one of the redhead's nipples, causing Tasuki to gasp and jump a little in surprise.

"Don't be so jumpy, Tasuki. This is supposed to be pleasurable, not painful," Nakago purred. He gripped Tasuki's slim hips, and took Tasuki's nipple into his mouth, suckling gently, eliciting a soft moan from Tasuki. The redhead's entire body almost seemed to melt under Nakago's grasp.

Nakago moved to the suckling the other nipple, smiling to himself as Tasuki's moaned again. Tasuki moved his hands up to fondle Nakago's nipples, wanting to return the favor. Nakago lifted his head and looked into Tasuki's eyes, smiling.

"You learn fast," Nakago rumbled, kissing Tasuki on the lips again.

"You purr like a cat," Tasuki giggled, grinning through his fangs.

"Do I now? Well, let's see if I can make you mewl like one," Nakago said with confidence, grinning impishly. Tasuki opened his mouth to question Nakago, but before one word escaped his mouth, Nakago was bent between his legs, and taking Tasuki's length in his mouth.

Tasuki's open mouth formed a round "oh!" without a sound escaping. Nakago was gripping Tasuki's hips firmly, sliding his lips over the sensitive shaft, his tongue rolling against Tasuki's tip. Tasuki gripped the bed sheets to either side of him, bunching the soft silk in his fists, his eyelashes fluttering. Tasuki was utterly lost to the overwhelming pleasure that Nakago was immersing him in. His cock quickly hardened to full erection in Nakago's mouth, and the blonde was gently suckling on Tasuki, with the leisure of experience.

Tasuki was indeed mewling, his lower body desperately trying to thrust into Nakago's mouth, but the blonde was having none of that. Nakago withdrew, licking a trail of precum from Tasuki's underside as he did so. Tasuki mewled again, but in frustration. He half sat up, looking desperately at Nakago as the blonde sat up with wicked grin.

"Don't stop.... Please don't stop," Tasuki whined, his cock visibly throbbing.

Nakago placed a hand on either side of Tasuki's head and leaned over him, forcing the redhead to lay back. "Poor little Tasuki. I'm only starting, not stopping," he purred, before getting off the bed.

Tasuki was utterly confused, and he desperately wanted Nakago to finish what he started. His mind was already clouded in pleasure, and Nakago's sudden abandonment almost made him want to cry.

To Tasuki's relief, Nakago returned in a moment, a small vial of something in his hand. Tasuki grabbed the blonde as soon as he was in arm's reach, kissing him passionately, and trying to coax one of Nakago's hands down to his aching cock.

"Not yet," Nakago whispered, pulling his hand away, and pushing Tasuki back down on the bed and climbing on top of him.

"Na-ak-a-a-go-oo!" Tasuki whined, baring his fangs. He stretched out each syllable of the handsome blonde's name like a child. Tasuki's golden pupils were small and his lids narrowed. His bottom lip stuck out, and he looked as petulant as a three-year-old being denied ice cream.

"So kawaii," Nakago chuckled, drawing Tasuki into another kiss, and running his tongue along Tasuki's fangs. Tasuki was going mad from neglect. The redhead tried to pull away and complain about the lack of attention, but Nakago had him pinned between the bed and Nakago's larger, more muscular body.

Tasuki tried to reach down, and satisfy himself, but with one hand, Nakago pinned both of Tasuki's arms above his head. "Patience is a virtue, Dollface," Nakago chuckled, and while holding Tasuki pinned, he maneuvered his hands so he could pour the contents of the small vial onto his fingers.

Nakago's chest was right above Tasuki's head as Nakago maneuvered around, and the redhead nipped at one of Nakago's nipples in frustration. Nakago used his thighs to spread apart Tasuki's, and stayed maddeningly away from the part of Tasuki that so desperately needed some attention.

"Nicely, Tasuki. Play nice," Nakago chuckled. Tasuki sighed and reached his mouth up to lick Nakago's nipple, his tongue lapping at Nakago's chest.

Nakago moaned softly. "Good boy," he whispered and pulled one of his hands away, although one arm was quite enough to keep Tasuki pinned.

Tasuki was still pouting, when Nakago's face was placed over his. Nakago smiled infuriatingly, and slipped a well lubricated finger inside Tasuki's entrance all of a sudden. The redhead yelped in surprise, but Nakago released Tasuki's arms to place a hand flat across Tasuki's smooth belly. Whatever Nakago had on his finger made Tasuki's flesh tingle.

"Don't move. Just relax, and let yourself get used to it," Nakago whispered gently, massaging Tasuki's flat stomach.

Tasuki closed his eyes and turned his face to the side. He did his best to relax, his desperation forgotten at the sudden, and rather foreign feeling of having Nakago's finger inside him. Just when he got used to it, Nakago slid another lubricated finger inside Tasuki, stretching him slightly. Tasuki's breath hitched, and he couldn't hear what Nakago was whispering to him. He hurt, but he didn't. Nakago was coating his opening well.

And then the pain was forgotten when Nakago pressed his fingers into a certain spot, which caused Tasuki to gasp loudly. Tasuki's lower body was alight with pleasure again, and the redhead arched into the touch. Tasuki felt Nakago's lips again on his throat, and almost welcomed the third finger inside him, barely noticing the discomfort of being stretched. Then all of Nakago's fingers withdrew, leaving Tasuki feeling empty.

Tasuki mewled and opened his eyes, looking up at Nakago with lust-clouded eyes. Nakago kissed him again, and Tasuki felt the small vial being placed in one of his hands. "Put it on me, Tasuki," Nakago whispered.

Tasuki nodded, and poured some of the strange liquid onto his fingers. It felt like oil, only it was warm, and made Tasuki tingle wherever it touched. Tasuki looked up at Nakago and met the blonde with a kiss as his hand tentatively touched Nakago's erection. It pulsed with desire, and Tasuki noted that Nakago was already fully hard. Tasuki gently rubbed the oil onto Nakago's shaft, and was pleased to hear a few soft moans escape Nakago's lips.

"Mmmmm, enough, Tasuki," Nakago whispered, grabbing Tasuki's wrist and pulling the boy's hand gently away. Nakago joined hands with Tasuki, and eased the sexy redhead back against the pillows, kissing Tasuki on the lips, face, and throat.

Tasuki sighed contentedly, knowing to relax without even being told. He felt the tip of Nakago's erection press against his opening, and let his body go limp. Nakago was murmuring mostly inaudible comforts into Tasuki's ear as he slid inside Tasuki. The redhead arched slightly, his virgin entrance stretching to accommodate Nakago's considerable size. Tasuki bit his bottom lip at the mild pain and focused on Nakago's face, which hovered over his. Nakago had a blissful expression as he fully entered Tasuki, his blue eyes half-closed in pleasure.

Nakago reversed his thrust and slid almost out of the redhead, before sliding back in, readjusting himself to press upward. Tasuki cried in pleasure as Nakago exploited the delicious sensation of pressing against Tasuki prostate. Nakago closed his eyes, delighting in the warm tightness around his cock. He was impressed that redhead had been able to take him fully inside, and didn't even so much as squeal in pain.

Nakago began a slow rhythm, rocking his hips into Tasuki, thrusting into the boy's hot spot every time. Tasuki mewled in pleasure, his honey-colored eyes staring into the rich blue of Nakago's. Their hands remained joined, their fingers interlocking. Nakago almost felt like he was on another world. Everything seemed so slow, and deep. He'd never had sex like this before. But he liked it.

Tasuki was begging Nakago to thrust harder, and faster, his need aching. Nakago obliged the redhead, and reached down to take Tasuki's bobbing manhood in his hands, stroking it gently. Tasuki was crying out loudly, and his legs closed around Nakago's waist, his calves resting comfortably on the curve of Nakago's ass.

Tasuki's body was demanding the pace to be set faster and harder, and Nakago rocked hard into Tasuki with each thrust, not sparing the demanding redhead even a little, his hand pumping Tasuki's leaking erection. Tasuki was moaning and gasping, mewling at the top of his lungs, his muscles clenching around Nakago as he grew closer to orgasm. Soon even Nakago added to symphony of moans, lost in waves of ecstasy.

Tasuki had never felt pleasure so intense, and would have traded anything to be lost in this moment forever, with Nakago filling him with pleasure more incredible than Tasuki could have even guessed. But he felt the familiar burn of pleasure as the hot liquid of his body demanded to be released. Tasuki cried out and Nakago's mouth closed over his own mouth, kissing him deeply as he came, his seed spilling onto both their abdomens, and all over Nakago's hand in several bursts.

Tasuki tightened his muscles as he came, and Nakago let himself go, crying out into Tasuki's mouth as his own orgasm burst forth inside Tasuki. Nakago thrust once more inside Tasuki, his body emptying itself completely after several times. Their kiss ended as Nakago collapsed beside Tasuki, stretching his long body against the smaller redhead's.

Tasuki almost mourned the absence of Nakago's manhood inside him, feeling empty again. The redhead turned to curl against Nakago, relinquishing his hold on Nakago's hands to wrap his arms around the blonde's shoulders. Tasuki buried his face in Nakago's neck, and a sudden thought of fear entered his mind, as he considered the distinct possibility that Nakago would grow bored of Tasuki now that he'd bedded him and cast the redhead aside.

Tasuki felt hands stroke his back and hair and looked up to see Nakago smiling down at him. Nakago kissed the redhead on the forehead gently, before resting his head, obviously preparing to drift off to sleep.

"Good night, koibito," Nakago whispered softly, and rested his head on the pillow, closing his eyes for sleep.

Tasuki, drowsy himself, smiled at the statement, and found himself cuddling closer to the handsome blonde. Perhaps he wouldn't be forgotten or discarded after all.

"Good night, koibito," Tasuki whispered back.


Miboshi stared up at the window above him.

After careful investigation throughout the day, Miboshi had discovered Chiriko was staying over at his mentor, Keisuke Yuki's, home for the evening. It took some sly questions, particularly of Tamahome, when Miboshi discovered Chiriko's parents had been misinformed of their son's real whereabouts. Miboshi was actually quite proud of himself. Tamahome never spoke easily to Nakago's friends.

Miboshi sighed. It was the middle of the night. Knocking on the door would get him nowhere. But the whole day, the nagging feeling that he needed to touch that book had not left him. It was driving Miboshi, like an obsession.

He grabbed onto the trellis, and began climbing up to the Yuki residence's window. Nothing would stop him. Miboshi had to touch the book. The dragon had told him to.

Unbeknownst to the slumbering Keisuke and Chiriko, the book of the Universe of the Four Gods began glowing a steady blue, beckoning the intruding seishi to it.


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