Only Time: Deja Vu

Chapter Six

By J. Marie


Warning!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Nakago and Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi. It is rated NC-17. Poor, unsuspecting Tasuki... *giggle* Oh yes, I'm an evil ecchi yaoi hentai. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. But don'cha just love evil ecchi yaoi hentai girls? And don't worry. It's not like the whole story is smut. Only part of it. *smirk*


Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time
And who can say
If your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time

Who can say
why your heart sighs
as your love flies
- only time
And who can say
why your heart cries
when your love lies
- only time

Who can say
when the roads meet
that love might be
in your heart
And who can say
when the day sleeps
If the night keeps
all your heart

Night keeps all your heart

And who can say
If your love grows
as your heart chose
- only time
Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows
- only time

Who knows - only time

Who knows - only time

-- "Only Time" by Enya


Nakago was feeling rather randy at the moment.

Nakago sat up, and carefully removed his boxers, noting that he was already partially aroused. Nakago turned to the sleeping Tasuki, ignoring the bit of drool that was seeping from Tasuki's open mouth. It was almost endearing. Nakago hooked his fingers into the waistband of Tasuki's boxers, gently sliding them off. Tasuki began to stir as his boxers were removed, so Nakago knew he better act fast.

Now, there was an art to seduction, as far as Nakago was concerned. He had already seduced many men and women in his seventeen years. Sometimes he needed to be charming, particularly with women. Other times, being forward, particularly with men, would work. Often, Nakago used a combination of charm, his natural beauty, and his arrogance to convince people to sleep with him.

But now he was feeling particularly horny, so he settled for quickly insinuating himself between Tasuki's legs, spreading them slightly to give him better access when he bent down and took the redheaded boy in his mouth. Tasuki woke up with a start, realizing his hardening erection was in Nakago's warm mouth.

"What the-?!?!" Tasuki started to say before Nakago began sucking on him. His sultry voice was cut off in a sharp intake of breath, his hands moving down to tangle in Nakago's soft blonde hair. The last thing he had expected to wake up to was Nakago sucking him off.

Nakago was very skilled, bringing Tasuki to full arousal by rolling his tongue against the tip of the redhead's penis, stimulating Tasuki beyond any of his wildest imaginations. Nakago used his tongue expertly, and it didn't interfere with the incredible suction he was applying to Tasuki's shaft.

"Aw, fuck....." Tasuki cursed softly, tugging on Nakago's long golden hair. The blonde placed his hands around Tasuki's slim hips, preventing the boy from thrusting into Nakago's mouth. Nakago had Tasuki's entire length in his mouth, his nose buried in the curly red hairs of Tasuki's pubic area. He could taste the redhead leaking precum into his mouth, and smiled mentally. Tasuki wouldn't stop Nakago from having his way now, even if he wanted to, which he didn't.

Tasuki was almost frustrated by the inability to move his hips. He gasped when Nakago's tongue rolled against the underside of his shaft, his fingers entwining in golden hair. What Nakago was doing to him was maddening. He had imagined sex many a time, but experiencing it was quite different than masturbating to a yaoi doujinshi. He was lost in a haze, and it felt like all his senses were focused on his throbbing cock. He never thought anything could feel this good.

Nakago increased the suction, growing more aroused himself at the sound of Tasuki mewling in pleasure. Nakago had never taken this much personal pleasure in performing oral on anyone else. It was almost like Tasuki was an aphrodisiac personified. He even tasted good to Nakago, a sweet, tangy flavor that made Nakago suck even harder to drain the redhead of his seed. Tasuki was arching, obviously frustrated by being prevented from thrusting his hips, which would have interfered with Nakago's ministrations. He settled for squeezing his thighs around Nakago's head, and yanking gently on Nakago's hair.

Tasuki cried out loudly, his body stiffening, his orgasm exploding into Nakago's mouth a few times before subsiding. Nakago greedily swallowed what he was given. The moment seemed to last forever to Tasuki. It felt like his entire body had exploded. He sagged back on his bed, breathing heavily, his mind slowly clearing from the haze of pleasure. He felt the warmth of Nakago's mouth withdraw slowly from his cock, the coolness of his room making the wetness on him cold in comparison. He whimpered slightly, wanting Nakago's mouth back where it was.

But Nakago had his own ideas, as Tasuki soon discovered. He'd barely been able to recover his wits before he felt Nakago's own erection pressed against him. Nakago was whispering something about lubrication, but Tasuki couldn't focus enough to listen. Tasuki squeaked, realizing that Nakago had every intention of penetrating him. He clenched and backed away quickly, his eyes wide in fear and disappointment.

It wasn't suppose to be with Nakago! His first time wasn't suppose to be with this cold, arrogant blonde, who'd probably forget about Tasuki the moment Nakago fucked him. Maybe it was stupid for a man to be so romantic, but Tasuki didn't want to be fucked when he was half-asleep, by a boy he barely knew, and what little he knew about him wasn't pleasant. Tasuki knew he'd never be with Tamahome, but he wanted his first sexual experience to be with someone he cared about, and someone who cared about him.

Nakago blinked, his blue eyes narrowing in the dark. He hadn't expected Tasuki to back away, denying him pleasure. He had given Tasuki pleasure, now it was only fair that Tasuki reciprocated. He had already promised to be gentle, since it was obviously Tasuki's first time. What more could the redhead possibly want from him? Nakago reached out and grabbed Tasuki, his stronger grip dragging the boy back towards him. Nakago was aching in need, his sexual endorphins ruling his actions. Tasuki struggled, but Nakago had size and strength, and was in the best position to use it against Tasuki.

In the dim light of the stars, as Nakago pushed Tasuki down into his own bed, Nakago caught the look on Tasuki's face.

It stopped him.

It wasn't a look of fear, or of playing hard to get. It was a look of sadness. Tasuki's golden eyes were heavy with sadness, as if a part of him, somewhere buried deep, had expected no better from Nakago. Nakago paused, staring into Tasuki's eyes. The boy had not screamed, and had stopped his struggle. He just looked sadly at Nakago.

"Would you really whip me until I bled? Would you kill me if I didn't betray my friends?"

Nakago blinked, remembering Tasuki's earlier question about his morals and his ethics. He felt torn. Part of him wanted to have his way, and fuck Tasuki until he bled. But the other part.... The real part..... Nakago didn't want to hurt anyone. He felt like he'd done enough of that already. And he didn't want to hurt Tasuki. Tasuki was different than anyone else he'd ever met. And the thought of making the redhead sad, or hurting the redhead didn't sit well with him.

Nakago sat back, removing his weight and hands from Tasuki. If it had been anyone else, Nakago might have kept on. That thought disturbed him. Was he really as bad as Tamahome and his friends thought? Would he really rape someone? Would he really kill someone?

What sort of monster was Nakago, really?

Nakago turned his face from Tasuki. The sadness had disappeared the moment Nakago had let go of him. The sadness had been replaced by relief. And the relief on Tasuki's face made Nakago feel worse than the look of sadness. Even Tasuki believed Nakago would rape him. Hell, Nakago believed it, too.

Nakago laid down on his back, as far away from Tasuki as possible. He turned his face away from the redhead, trying not to think about anything or anyone. He reached down and grabbed his still aching erection, stroking it madly. He would settle the problem entirely by just satisfying himself.

Tasuki was half-sitting, half-lying on his bed. He swallowed hard, wondering exactly what had happened. For a moment, it seemed Nakago was almost going to force himself on Tasuki. And then as fast as the moment came, it went. Tasuki hung his head, listening to the dry gasps from Nakago as he stroked himself. It was partially his fault. Nakago had given him pleasure, but Tasuki had denied it back to Nakago. The redhead licked his lips, feeling slightly guilty. He didn't understand what had just happened in Nakago's head.

Tasuki laid down against Nakago, his warm body stretching out by Nakago's. The blonde was startled into stopping his angry masturbation by the contact. Nakago felt Tasuki's hand wrap around his cock, pumping him gently.

"Tasuki......" Nakago whispered, surprised that Tasuki would even look at him, much less touch him after what had just happened.

Tasuki said nothing, but rested his head on Nakago's chest, listening the blonde's rapid heartbeat. He stroked Nakago faster, as he would himself, trying to give Nakago at least some pleasure. Nakago's dry gasps became quiet moans of pleasure, and Tasuki felt Nakago's hand rest gently on the redhead's thigh, squeezing gently.

Nakago closed his eyes, enjoying the pleasure of Tasuki stroke him. Even inexperienced, Tasuki was quite skilled. Tasuki felt Nakago almost claw his thigh when Tasuki grazed his thumb over Nakago's tip. Tasuki repeated the movement, listening to Nakago's breath hitch, and the moans become more frequent. Nakago was quiet, very quiet, but Tasuki was lying on his chest, and could feel the vibration of Nakago's soft moans.

Tasuki was enraptured by the feeling of another man's cock. Nakago was bigger than he was, but that didn't really bother Tasuki, who knew he had an endowment to be proud of as well. But it was just the different texture, the feel. To know that he was giving someone else pleasure. He had his head resting on Nakago's chest, gazing at what he had in his hand in the near dark of his room.

Nakago gripped Tasuki's thigh, lulled into the haze of pleasure by Tasuki's hand. It was not what he really wanted, but it was more than he deserved. He gasped and thrusted up, releasing himself, his seed falling back on his stomach. Tasuki's hand had milked him well, and slowly relinquished it's tight handhold on him. Nakago sighed in physical satisfaction, but he wondered why Tasuki had done it.

The redhead's finger dipped into the puddle of semen pooling on Nakago's rippled stomach, and brought the white liquid to his lips, his tongue snaking out to taste Nakago. Nakago held his breath in surprise. Tasuki apparently found Nakago's taste pleasing, and he stuck his whole finger in his mouth, sucking the semen off it. He sat up and bent over Nakago's stomach, licking the rest of it off the blonde. Nakago purred back in his throat, smiling slightly. It was something of rush to him. It passed quickly, however, leaving Nakago lying on Tasuki's bed, questioning himself for the first time in his life.

Tasuki turned back to look at Nakago, chewing on his bottom lip. Whatever moment Tasuki had been under, had also passed. Tasuki looked as if he wanted to say something, but couldn't find the words. For his part, Nakago knew he should say something, but didn't know what.

Tasuki rolled back over to his side, his back to Nakago, leaving the blonde to his thoughts while he drifted back to sleep.

They fell asleep in the exact same position they were in before their sexual encounter.


Tasuki woke up to the unwelcome presence of sunlight on his face. He groaned and pulled his covers over his head. He heard the sound of rustling in his room, and sat up angrily.

"Godammit, Junko!! Stay outta my room, and give me some sleep on a bleedin' Saturday, will ya?" he hollered, before realizing the rustling sound wasn't coming from his sister.

Nakago was getting dressed, and paused, glancing over at Tasuki, who went silent as he remembered what they had done last night. Even though they hadn't had sexual intercourse, it was still Tasuki's first sexual experience, and certainly the first sexual experience that left Nakago doubting himself. Nakago looked away from the confused golden gaze of his study partner, and finished dressing silently.

Tasuki licked his lips, his mouth dry as Nakago grabbed his backpack and headed for the door, not saying anything. Tasuki didn't know what to think or feel at the moment.

"Nakago....?" Tasuki asked quietly as the blonde's hand rested on his doorknob.

Nakago paused, unable to even look at the pretty redhead sitting in the bed. "I'm sorry about last night, Tasuki. I was out of line. I'll speak to Hanako-san on Monday, and try to get her to switch me with Soi. Tomo's really very clever, and he'd be able to help you on your studies," Nakago said in a strained voice and left, quietly closing the door behind him.

Tasuki gaped after the blonde, even more confused than before. Nakago had said he was sorry. Nakago, the most remorseless person he had ever met, had apologized to him.

Tasuki wondered what he should do.


"It's warm."

"Huh?" Keisuke asked, looking up from the blank scroll in his hand to his best friend, Tetsuya.

"The book. It's warm to the touch," Tetsuya said calmly. Yui was out shopping for new clothes with their sons.

"Yeah. It was pulsating all the different colors all last night. Green, yellow, red, blue. They were flashing madly. I don't know what's going on...." Keisuke sighed.

"And the scroll's now blank," Tetsuya matched his friend's sigh.

"Yep. Hey, Tetsuya....." Keisuke grinned, looking impish.

"What?" Tetsuya grumbled, rereading the first paragraph, trying to understand it.

"You know how Suboshi was in love with Yui in his past life? Think he still is?" Keisuke said innocently.

Tetsuya glared up at his friend, his brown eyes flinty. "No. He loves her as much as he did before, but as a son should love his mother. Anything romantic about their relationship died when he died," he growled. It was a sensitive subject. Tetsuya sipped at his tea, glaring hatefully at Keisuke for bringing it up.

"That's what I thought. So, do you think Suboshi and Amiboshi are fucking each other?" Keisuke asked in the same innocent tone of voice.

Tetsuya sprayed his tea all over Keisuke. "Just what are you trying to insinuate about my sons???" he cried out.

Keisuke made a face and wiped the tea of his face. "They were kinda tight in the book. I wonder if they still are. When we read the book, we both thought they were incestuous. But you have carefully avoided that subject since they were born," Keisuke said simply.

Tetsuya narrowed his eyes. Then he sighed. "If they are, I don't want to know about it. Can we leave it at that?" he asked quietly.

Keisuke nodded. "I can respect that," he said.

"So, are you fucking Chiriko?"


"I said-"

"I heard you. And no," Keisuke said with eyes narrowed.

Tetsuya was grinning now. "Keisuke, I know you're gay. You can hide that from me all you like, but I know. And you've been studying your ancient history books with Chiriko since the kid was thirteen. Almost three years now. Chiriko's cute. He's smart. You're smart. And you've been milking any info about his past life you can out of him. Are you sure you're not fucking him?" Tetsuya said, eyes impish.

Keisuke's face was rigid, and his jaw worked. "He's young enough to be my son," he said darkly.

"I thought gay guys in their thirties liked teenage boys," Tetsuya shrugged.

"I'm not fucking him," Keisuke spat.

"But you want to," Tetsuya said simply.

"That's not the point."

"Does he want you to?"

"I have no idea. To be honest, the kid is so wrapped up in his books and his studies, I doubt he's even discovered to masturbate yet."

"Oh, I doubt that. He's not a baby anymore. Sixteen is old enough. You should try," Tetsuya grinned. Keisuke had been without a lover for many years, and Tetsuya knew one of the reasons Keisuke was so obsessed with the book was from loneliness.

Keisuke sighed and sweatdropped. "So you're encouraging me to seduce a minor?" he asked with a twitch to his eyebrow.

"Basically. I think you need to get laid. I think Chiriko needs to get laid. Then both of you might get a life," Tetsuya smiled.

"Why do you think Chiriko needs to get laid?" Keisuke asked in confusion. Tetsuya rarely saw any of the reincarnated Suzaku seishi, except for Tamahome, who was the son of his wife's best friend.

"Because he's Tamahome's new study partner, and that kid is starting to cop some serious attitude around everyone. Yesterday, Chiriko and Tamahome were studying with Suboshi and Amiboshi while me and Yui were talking to Miaka and Taka. I didn't even know Chiriko had a temper. But that kid took one of my vases and broke it over Suboshi's head for making fun of him. And then he hit Tamahome with a book, because Tama was insisting that Chiriko be his sidekick. And then Tamahome ran after him, and I heard them talking. Seems Chiriko is frustrated with people below his intelligence level. He looks forward to your study sessions with him."

Keisuke grinned. "Really?"

"Yeah. I think he could learn to like boys, too. He doesn't seem interested in girls, at least. I think it's funny how many of the seishi are turning out to be gay. More than I even thought." Tetsuya said, sounding amused.

"Maybe Taiitsukun's a yaoi fan," Keisuke shrugged.


In another world, an old woman's haggard face darkened and her jowls jiggled in anger.

"I am not a yaoi fan!" she growled.

"But we are!" a chorus of cutesy voices said loudly in her oversized ear.

"Damn nyan-nyans!!!!" the old woman screamed and punched a few of her cute little green-haired creations through the roof of her dojo.


"Hello?" Tasuki mumbled into the receiver of his phone.

"Hey, Tasuki!! It's Chichiri, ya know!"

"No da," Tasuki said sarcastically.

"Oh, you're in a good mood. Anyways, the lot of us are going over to the woods to have a picnic. By the train tracks, ya know. Want to come?" Chichiri asked brightly.

"Sure, I guess," Tasuki said glumly. His mind kept replaying Nakago's apology.

"Is something wrong, no da?"

"No. I'm fine."

"Well, come to the picnic. We're starting at 2 pm. It'll cheer you up, ya know!"

"Sure. Fine. See ya later," Tasuki grumbled and hung up, not in the mood for Chichiri's painful optimism.

It was almost noon. Tasuki stumbled out his bed, scratching his balls as he headed towards the bathroom.

"That's attractive."

"Shut up, Junko," Tasuki growled as his sister entered the room with a basket full of clean clothes and clean sheets. Tasuki narrowed his eyes in suspicion as she calmly changed the sheets. Did she know?

"Your friend left early this morning. I gave him back his shirt. He said he didn't want to wake you, because you were tired. Did you two have fun last night?" Junko asked sweetly, smirking slightly.

She did know. Tasuki's jaw worked. "Why'd you set me up?" he asked in a tired voice.

Junko blinked and looked over at Tasuki. "He likes you. I can tell. I thought it would make you feel better, considering how upset you were yesterday," Junko said seriously.

Tasuki swallowed. "He doesn't like me. He just wanted to have sex with me," he said sadly.

"He likes you. I can tell. You make him smile. A real smile. People who just want sex from someone don't smile like that. Or laugh like that," Junko said.

Tasuki swallowed. Could she possibly be right? Did Nakago actually like him? "I'm going to a picnic with my friends at 2. I'm gonna go shower..." he sighed.

"Wow. I forgot how much jizz teenage boys produce," Junko marveled, staring at a large wet spot on the Tasuki's dirty sheets.

Tasuki turned bright red. "Junko!!!" he cried.

"You should invite him."

Tasuki swallowed. "I don't know when I'll be back, but it won't be too late," he said automatically, heading into his bathroom and shutting the door.

The hot shower did nothing to solve his problems.


Nakago had never been depressed before his in life.

He sat quietly in his tub, the hot water soaking into his body. He was mulling over what had happened last night. It was as if a dam had been broken and Nakago realized that he had his own poisoned river flowing through his soul.

He wasn't an evil person. Cruel, callous, cold, selfish, arrogant, and mean, yes. But not evil. He wouldn't kill anyone. He wouldn't rape anyone. He wouldn't hurt someone bad enough to leave a scar, emotionally or physically. At least he thought so.

Now Nakago wasn't so sure. Would he really do all those things? Why did he feel guilty for things he'd never done? Why did he feel guilty at all?

And most of all, why was the fact that he had probably hurt Tasuki's feelings bothering him?

Nakago sighed and lay back against his bath pillow. He didn't know the redhead very well, but the more he got to know him, the more fascinating Tasuki became. He was complicated and simple. He was adorable, yet seductive. He was immature, yet sensitive. He was tough, but soft-hearted. He was rude, but compassionate. Tasuki was a lesson in contradictions. He was passionate. He was everything Nakago wasn't.

"Master Nakago?"

Nakago opened one of his eyes to look at the old butler who worked for his parents. "Yes, Jiles?" he asked in proper English. Jiles was from England and had taught Nakago the language.

"You have a phone call. From a young master Tasuki. I told him you were bathing, and he told me to tell you he was on the phone right away. He was rather obscene, and crude in his language. But I wanted to check with you before I put him on call block," Jiles said calmly. Nakago smirked at the thought of Tasuki cursing and yelling at the stuffy butler.

"Get me the cordless, please," Nakago said calmly, enjoying the twitch of Jiles' eyebrow.

Jiles said nothing, to his credit, and swiftly produced the cordless, leaving Nakago to finish his bath.

"Hello?" Nakago asked.

"Hey, um, Nakago. It's Tasuki," came the redhead's gravelly voice.

"So I gathered. What did you want?" Nakago asked. That had come out all wrong. He didn't mean to sound cold.

There was a pause on the other end, and Nakago could almost hear Tasuki gathering his nerves. "MeandmyfriendsarehavingapicnicandIwonderedifyouwantedtocome," Tasuki said quickly.

Nakago blinked. "Say that again. Slowly."

"Me and my friends are having a picnic and I wondered if you wanted to come."

Nakago blinked and he heard Tasuki's breathing. He wondered what had urged Tasuki to invite him. "Of course. What time?" he said calmly, pleased that he didn't sound shocked or surprised, or even confused.

"Um, be at my house by 1:30 pm, and I'll take you to our spot, okay?" Tasuki said, relief and surprise flooding his voice.

"Excellent. I'll see you then," Nakago said arrogantly.

"Alright... Bye, then."

Nakago was smiling when he hung up the phone.


Nakago blinked when he saw Junko outside if her house, working on her motorcycle. It went with her whole tomboy act.

"Why do you try so hard to be tough?" Nakago asked idly, stepping out of his blue Porsche.

Junko fixed a baleful glare on Nakago. Then she turned away. "Do you ever get scared? Do you ever feel like you're going to drown in someone else?" she asked quietly.

That brought Nakago up short. "I didn't realize you and your boyfriend were that close," he said uncomfortably.

"We aren't. It's not him. I just... I sometimes have dreams... Dreams of being devoured. That I'm not strong enough to stop it. So I...." she sighed.

Nakago blinked. It sounded all so familiar. "I understand. So you're trying to make up for the weakness in your dream," he said calmly.

Junko fixed a whimsical smile on him. She really was quite pretty. "I'm going to be strong enough this time. I have to be," she said, as if that explained everything.

"I have dreams, too... Strange dreams, where I'm a monster," Nakago said in an odd voice, staring off into the sky absently.

"What sort of monster?" Junko blinked.

"The worst kind. The kind that dwells in the human heart," Nakago said, his voice growing stronger as he snapped himself out of his odd reverie.

"I see..... Well, this is really all very philosophical, but I think my baby brother is waiting for you inside," Junko said.

Nakago nodded and headed towards the door. Junko's voice paused him before he went in.

"If you break his heart, I'll break your neck," she said simply, then went back to wrenching a part on her motorcycle.

Nakago hesitated for a moment, before letting himself in. He didn't doubt her statement either. But he wasn't entirely sure what she meant. How could he break Tasuki's heart, if Tasuki barely liked him?

Tasuki was in the kitchen, mixing something in a bowl. He greeted Nakago with a lopsided grin. "Hey, blondie! Miaka-san has made most of the food for the picnic, but Junko made some chocolate cake, and I'm mixing some potato salad. Junko also made some barbeque burgers. Since you got a car and everything, do you mind stopping by the store to pick up some chips, dip, and drinks?" he asked brightly, as if nothing had happened last night. In fact, he seemed more friendly than he ever had.

"Sure... Why are you being so nice?" Nakago asked, kicking himself mentally for questioning Tasuki‘s happiness towards him.

Tasuki favored him with a dark look before turning away and finishing mixing his potato salad. "Why are you here, then?" he asked somberly.

Nakago was silent for a moment. Good point. Why had he been so eager to come? "Do you want the top?" he asked.

Tasuki sweatdropped. "Look, uh, just because we, uh, you know, last night, doesn't mean that I called you over here for-"

"I was referring to the top of my car. Do you want it on or not?" Nakago asked calmly, sweatdropping as well.

Tasuki blushed and covered the food, putting it in the cooler. "Uh, sorry. No. It can be down. It's warm outside," he said in a small voice.

Nakago grinned, and grabbed the other end of the cooler. "Besides. I'm the top. You're the bottom. That's how it works with me," he said impishly, making Tasuki's blush deepen.

They walked outside and into Nakago's car. Tasuki marveled over how nice it was. Junko waved at them as Nakago pulled out. "See ya later guys!! Remember to use condoms!!" she said brightly, making Tasuki slink down his seat, blushing even deeper.

Nakago cast an amused glance at Tasuki. "I never thought I would see the day when your face would be redder than your hair."


"What's taking Tasuki so long?? Can't we eat without him??" Tamahome whined.

Chichiri glared at the raven-haired boy. "Tasuki's getting more chips and drinks, and bringing some more food. And no. We can't eat without him. That's rude, ya know," he scolded.

"As if it wasn't bad enough that my mom made me bring Yuiren," Tamahome snarled. His little sister sat primly on the blanket, setting out the dishes.

"I had an interesting dream last night," Yuiren said dreamily. "I dreamed I was in love with a beautiful man, who was so kind and gentle...."

"Oh, please. Spare me the sappy romance story," Tamahome sighed, collapsing back on the blanket in exasperation.

"And I made a wish for us to be together forever... But it didn't come true, and we were separated," Yuiren frowned, her hazel eyes sad.

Before anyone could say anything, they heard a car pull up, and Tasuki stepped out of the passenger side. He waved at his friends, dragging a large cooler behind him. The group headed over to the car.

"Hey, did your sis get a new car?" Tamahome asked brightly, admiring the sleek blue Porsche. "And I thought her favorite color was green, not blue."

Out of the driver's side, Nakago stepped out, a small smirk on his lips. "Hello, Tamahome," he said in cold voice.

"Um, I brought Nakago with me. He's gonna eat with us," Tasuki said in a small voice, feeling his friend's disapproval.

"Why?" Tamahome asked hotly, turning his lavender gaze on Tasuki.

"Because I asked him," Tasuki said in the same small voice, but he met Tamahome's gaze.

"Why?" Tamahome pressed, his eyes narrowed and he glared at Nakago for a moment before returning to giving Tasuki the third degree.

Chichiri, however, was far more sensitive than Tamahome. And he knew Tasuki well. He glanced at the handsome blonde, and wondered if Tasuki had realized how futile it was to like Tamahome and replaced Tamahome with Nakago. He sensed no animosity between Tasuki and Nakago. Tasuki was blushing, and opened his mouth to defend himself, but Chichiri stepped in.

"Because he wanted to. Why does it matter? We have enough food, ya know. Stop being so greedy, Tamahome," Chichiri said brightly, and grabbed the other end of Tasuki's cooler. Tamahome's jaw worked, and he stalked over to sit on the blanket, glaring hatefully at Nakago. Chichiri wondered if maybe part of Tamahome had realized that Tasuki had a crush on him, and was now jealous of Nakago. Even if Tamahome didn't like men, there was always something flattering about being the object of someone's affections.

"He just hates to share food, is all. Nice of you to join us. It's something of a surprise," Chichiri said in a friendly voice. Nakago gave Chichiri an odd look.

"There's no need to lie, Chichiri. There's no love lost between Tamahome and myself," he said haughtily. The rest of the group was looking at him suspiciously. It was one thing to study with them, but this was a friendship outing. And Nakago wasn't their friend.

"Hello, Nakago-san!" Yuiren said brightly, realizing the handsome blonde had joined her brother's friends.

"Hello, Yuiren. You are looking very pretty today. Yellow is quite fetching on you," Nakago said pleasantly, gracing Yuiren with a charming smile. She blushed and fiddled with her little yellow sundress.

"Out of curiosity, Nakago," Chiriko asked, trying to break the ice, "Why do you ride the bus to school when you have a car?"

Nakago looked over at the petite boy. Chiriko's long, sandy hair was always up in a ponytail, which used to stick straight up as a boy, but now flopped over onto his shoulders. His green eyes were filled with intelligence.

"If you had a car as nice as mine, would you take it to school, if you were me?" Nakago shrugged, sitting down beside Tasuki, who was unpacking the food.

The rest of the group was also sitting down, and Tamahome's dislike of Nakago was disappearing before Junko's chocolate cake. "Of course not. But most people aren't as smart as you and me. Like Tamahome for instance. He'd take it to school," Chiriko said brightly.

Nakago favored the small youth with dragon smile. "So would Tasuki. Don't feel so bad. We both got stuck with partners who think with their stomach," he shrugged.

"Whassat supposed to mean?" Tamahome said through a mouthful of chocolate cake. Tasuki ignored the insult because he was too busy piling his plate with food.

"Tamahome! You weren't supposed to eat that yet, ya know! And you put your hands all over it, ya know!" Chichiri cried. Tamahome had grabbed the cake with his bare hands and was shoving it into his face.

"And his mouth," Chiriko said in disgust.

"Fear not, my friends! My sis made that cake for Tamahome, and another one for the rest of us. It's still in the cooler," Tasuki grinned, watching Tamahome gobble the whole cake fondly.

Nakago didn't miss the fond look on Tasuki's face. He didn't miss how small Tasuki's voice had gotten when Tamahome was questioning him. He didn't miss how Tamahome could do no wrong in Tasuki's eyes. Nakago felt his jaw work. He didn't understand why Tasuki had invited him, or why he had accepted. But he did understand that Tasuki had a crush on Tamahome. And Tamahome knew it. And while Tamahome would never reciprocate Tasuki's feelings, he was quite content to be the center of Tasuki's world. And it bothered Nakago.

And then a strange thought occurred to Nakago. Was he jealous of Tamahome?


Miaka Sukunami giggled as she walked out of the clothing store, her arm wrapped around her husband's. Taka favored her with a smile, a shopping bag filled with clothes and some lingerie in his other hand.

"It's actually nice to come to the mall without the kids sometimes. I'm glad I convinced Tama to take Yuiren with him," Miaka smiled seductively.

"So am I. Want to go to the food court and eat before a movie?" Taka grinned. He and Miaka rarely had any quality time since Yuiren was born.

"Sure!" Miaka said brightly, grinning at the thought of eating. Taka shook his head, and let his wife drag him through the mall.

He was rather surprised when she stopped before reaching the food court. "Is something wrong, Miaka?" he asked lightly. She was standing in front of a jewelry store. Maybe she found something she wanted.

Miaka didn't answer, but stared absently inside the store, her jaw hung open. Taka followed her gaze, and his jaw followed suit.

Just inside, looking at a case full of rings, were two rather familiar figures. One was a tall youth with gray hair, looking to be around eighteen or so. His eyes were gray as a storm cloud, and he was handsome, albeit in harsh way. He stood with casual confidence. Beside the gray-haired youth, giggling over some of the rings, was a young man around seventeen, whose white hair gleamed silver in the light. His eyes were a yellow, and his smile was wide. His face was elfin, and he was very pretty. His hair was cut short, but two strands of his hair hung long. It was the smaller, white haired boy that gave Taka pause.

"Master Tokaki!" Taka said in a loud whisper.

"And Hikitsu of the Genbu Seven!!" Miaka said in the same loud whisper.

The two boys walked out with a pair of rings. They walked closely together, whispering and chuckling amongst themselves. Miaka's eyes bugged when she saw Hikitsu put a casual arm around Tokaki's waist, and squeeze his butt. Taka turned a little green, but said nothing as the pair disappeared around the corner.

"They're lovers???" Taka asked in a strained voice. What he remembered of Tokaki, his martial arts master in his former life as Tamahome of the Suzaku Seven, was of a lecherous, perverted old man who hit on any beautiful woman that breathed. And he only saw Hikitsu's ghost when they sought the Shinzaho. The thought of them being lovers, if that's what they were, was completely at odds to his heterosexual sensibilities.

"They've been reincarnated!! We have to tell Keisuke!!" Miaka said excitedly.

"Now?" Taka asked.

"After we've eaten!" Miaka said brightly, and dragged her husband to the food court.

Miaka made it to her favorite food chain, and stood in line, practically dancing in delight. Taka's thoughts were still on Hikitsu and Tokaki.

"Excuse me, but do I know you?"

Taka spun around and saw Tokaki standing behind him, with Hikitsu right beside him. "Master Tokaki?" he asked.

"Huh? Master? I'm no one's master... And how do you know my name?" Tokaki asked, his bright yellow eyes narrowing.

"He's not Tamahome. He's old enough to be Tamahome's father. Maybe he is Tamahome's father. Are you Tamahome Sukunami's father?" Hikitsu asked in a calm, even baritone.

Taka blinked. "Yes... Yes, I am. This is my wife, Miaka," Taka said, reaching back to grab Miaka, but she was already at the food counter, ordering enough food for ten people.

"Heh. Nice tush," Tokaki smiled, his yellow eyes glinting ecchi as he admired Miaka's backside.

"Oh, you're Tokaki, alright," Taka smiled, as Hikitsu favored the white-haired boy with a dark look.

"Of course, I'm Tokaki. Now how do you know my name?" Tokaki asked, his voice as cocky as ever.

"Uh... Tamahome told me all about you?" Taka tried desperately, praying he had enough money with him to afford Miaka's meal.

"Really? He's a nice kid. As much of a pig as his mother, but he's pretty cool," Tokaki said with a smirk, watching Miaka walk away happily with plates full of food.

"So you two know each other well?" Taka asked, wondering why he'd never heard anything about Tokaki from Tamahome.

"Not really. I was his upperclassman mentor earlier this year. I'm a senior. Tama's only a junior. We all had to show the new kids around. I got Tamahome. Hikitsu here wound up with a real gem. What was that kid's name again?" asked his somber friend.

"Tomo. His cackle made my eye twitch," Hikitsu sighed.

"Well, anyways, you look so much like Tama, I thought you were him. That's freaky, man. You two are like younger/older clones of each other...." Tokaki grinned.

"We have to go, Tokaki. Your sister is going to have a cow if we don't make it to her party," Hikitsu said, pointedly looking at his watch.

"I'd like to see Subaru have a cow. That could be interesting," Tokaki grinned, grabbing Hikitsu's arm. "See ya later, Tamahome's dad. Tell him I said hi!"

Taka watched the pair walk off in shock. It was them. It was really them. He sat down beside Miaka, who had been so busy eating that she hadn't noticed he was talking to Hikitsu and Tokaki.

"Taka? Why do you look like you're gonna pass out?" Miaka asked her husband, noting the sweatdrops form.

"I'm just hoping Subaru wasn't Tokaki's sister in his past life. Yuck," Taka said absently.

Things were starting to get interesting in the real world.


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