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Vital Statistics  
[designate] GF Bahamut
[summoning] Mega Flare
[translation] No translation
[classification] Guardian Force
[magic stats] Non-elemental magic | Hits the opponent with five non-elemental 'fireballs'

Basic Information  
[aquired from] When you get the Ragnarok about mid-way through Disk 3, go to the Deep Sea Researach Center. He's waiting inside.
[game wise] He's a huge blue dragon ^_^ Nah, that's an understatement. Bahamut is known as the king of dragons, and is seriously cool looking (although I think he looks best in FF9). I think the first thing you see when you summon him, is the full moon hanging low in the sky, and tons of cloud cover. Then Bahamut appears slowly from the clouds, rises up, and then blasts the opponent consequetively five times.
[real world] Much thanks to Freya for her input on this matter. According to her all-high-and-mighty whose details are sketchy but something nonetheless... Bahamut is a fish supposedly from Christian Religion. The entire universe is on the back of a cow which is on the back of Bahamut the Fish. He swims through an infinite ocean... for one reason or another. If it's wrong, blame Freya! ;p

[special abilities] He's the only GF with the Abilityx4 ability, which lets you junction four extra abilities to a character. He also has the Forbid Med-RF which lets you refine elixirs and other nifty stuff from items.
[aquiring] Well, he's pretty tricky. And even getting the chance to fight him is hard enough. When you enter the room with the glowing pillar, and everyone's done talking, start heading towards the pillar, and do NOT move when ever the spinning lights appear. If you do, you'll get into a random battle with an Anacondour, Dead Soul, and Bomb. After awhile Bahamut'll say 'You perceive the resonance', or something. Keep heading towards the right of the pillar, and when you're up beside the pillar, hit okay, and dialogue will happen.
I can't remember the right responses, but if you read what's there it should be pretty self-explanatory. After each choice you'll get into a fight with a Ruby Dragon--kill it ASAP before it can Breath you. If you're lucky, Odin will help. After the third Ruby Dragon fight, the hidden option should be available after the last option in the response list. Choose it, and you'll be fighting the big guy himself.
Just keep hitting him with Renzokuken, and it's a pretty simple fight. Of course, if you're like me and are messing around with someone elses game, trying to draw 300 Full-Lifes from a pissed off Dragon, you're gonna get hit by Mega Flare quite a few times. He also casts Tornado, and Stop (and I can't remember, but I think he might cast Death and Quake), but if you're just here to get him, and not draw, it's easy.

[final fantasy legacy] Dunno about before FF7, but he was pretty big in that epic. He had three forms: Bahamut (which looked like a grey version of the Bahamut in FF8), Neo Bahamut (a red, version with a more bird-like head), and Bahamut ZERO (which was so big, it appeared from behind the moon, had six wings, was silvery pale green, and a had very pointy head). I liked Bahamut ZERO. His summon spell also changed for each version, Tetra and Giga Flare, or something like that.
In FF9 he's the first GF you see in FMV, was big, black and grey with purple highlights, and was damn nifty ^_^ He didn't have eyes in FF9, and instead had two great dark gold horns sprouting from where they should have been. Wierd thing was that the gem you learn Bahamut from was garnet, and yet Bahamut was the one who destroyed a lot of Alexandria. I think it was meant to be ironic.